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Pope Pius XI on ecumenism January 23, 2013

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I’m out of time for today, so one final quick post.  Pope Pius XI gives the classic, constant Catholic position on ecumenism.  Do I even have to wonder how he would judge Taize?

pius xi

And another picture of Giuseppe Sarto/Pope St. Pius X, because he’s so awesome:


Ah, what the heck, one more:


What is the Church belief on gun control? January 23, 2013

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The 100% bona fide, official Church Dogma on gun control is…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

It doesn’t have one. There is no doctrine and certainly no Dogma regarding gun control.  The Church has always maintained that the state has the power of the sword and the individual always has the right to defend his life and property, even up to the point of use of deadly force if necessary.  There is no doctrine that says lay people aren’t allowed field artillery or armored vehicles – if such use is proportional to the crime or moral assault perpetrated against them.  In the case of the armed robber breaking into one’s home at night, it would be hard to justify the extreme examples I cited above.  But ohhhh, very skerry “assault weapons”, those can be easily justified.  Unfortunately, under the influence of the passive-aggressive pacifist culture of Europe and, I would hope, some very bad advisors, recent Popes have made statements damning what they call “the arms trade” as well as various types of weapons, from nuclear devices to land mines.  In reality, this is an area the Church has no special competence.  The Church can, should and does lay down moral guidelines, but as far as taking those moral guidelines and turning them into specific policy prescriptions, that is the realm of the laity.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped very politically motivated individuals in the Church from taking advantage of recent events to advance their preferred political views.  Two recent statements – one from Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi and one from the very problematic Bishop Stephen Blaire of the USCCB Justice and Peace Commission highlight the fact that Church leaders should really stick to their areas of competence.

First, Fr. Lombardi.  He appears to wholeheartedly endorse ANY gun control policies implemented by the Obama Administration, and even goes so far as to equate the “US government” with Obama:

The initiatives announced by the United States government in view of limiting and controlling the diffusion and use of arms are certainly a step in the right direction

As Phil Lawler notes at the link, Fr. Lombardi’s statement is problematic in numerous respects. It’s vague. He doesn’t make clear just which potential limits on legal gun sales he’s talking about.  But in a broader sense, is Fr. Lombardi, an Italian, an expert on US constitutional law, the federal system, separation of powers, the role of the courts, established gun control legislation (which is voluminous), or any of the factors which weigh on any action Obama may take?  In short, does he have any idea what he is talking about (does he have any special competence)?  I’m afraid the answer to all the above is no.  Fr. Lombardi is simply taking what he’s read or heard on TV – which in Europe is likely terribly biased and distorted – and giving his opinion that it sounds very nice indeed.  From the standpoint of Church Doctrine and how this weighs on your or my Catholic conscience, however, his words are totally meaningless. As I said, he has no competence to guide Catholic souls on such matters.  The correct response would have been to say nothing at all.

Closer to home, Bishop Blair, in a very ecumenical effort, has signed on with various other liberal/progressive/leftist nominal Church entities and separated sects to demand a universal background check for all gun – and gun accessory – purchases (my emphasis and comments):

Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, chairman of the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has signed a letter calling for “immediate legislative action to accomplish the following: every person who buys a gun should pass a criminal background check.”   [why on earth should law-abiding citizens be forced to submit to such an invasive “background check?”  Such detailed records have been prone to abuse before.  This is not in keeping with the 2nd Amendment – the courts have made clear such universal requirements are unconstitutional.  I find the arrogance of such a demand, and the callous disregard for the rights of citizens, breath-taking]

“Preventing dangerous people from getting firearms has to be a top priority. Universal background checks via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) should be utilized in every gun sale, including guns sold online, at gun shows, and through private sales,” the letter continued.   [In none of the mass shootings this year would such a background check have made the slightest difference, as none of the perpetrators were convicted felons. What this is, is an attempt to make gun buying and selling onerous, personally offensive, and difficult.  It’s also an attempt o wipe out small-time gun sellers and traders, who account for a large percentage of gun sales]

The letter, dated January 15, was sent by Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence, a new interfaith organization based at the United Methodist Church’s headquarters. Other signatories included the leaders of Catholic Charities USA, the Catholic Health Association, the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  [In other words, the usual suspects, the usual friends of crushingly oppressive central government and enemies of individual rights given by God – except for sexual license, they’re totally OK with that]

“High-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines should not be available to civilians,” [Based on what premise?  Just your opinion?  Duly noted, and filed in the appropriate place. What do you mean by “high capacity?”] the letter added. “Gun trafficking should be made a federal crime. Currently, prosecutions only happen through a law that prohibits selling guns without a federal license, which carries the same punishment as trafficking chicken or livestock. We must empower law enforcement to investigate and prosecute straw purchasers, gun traffickers, and their entire criminal networks.”   [This is a stinking load of manure. There are dozens of laws against illegal sale and possession of firearms. This new requirement will do nothing to prevent criminals acquiring guns – they already acquire them illegally, for the most part – but will do much to curb the ability of law abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves]

Three days later, Bishop Blaire issued a brief statement on behalf of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in response to President Barack Obama’s executive actions on gun violence.

“The bishops hope that the steps taken by the administration will help to build a culture of life,” the prelate said in his January 18 statement. “The frequent mass shootings over the course of 2012 reflected a tragic devaluing of human life, but also pointed to the moral duty of all people to take steps to defend it.”

The fact this happened in one of their enclaves has just really tripped the left-liberals out, hasn’t it?  They’re out of their minds over this.  I’m not at all into conspiracy theories, but I’m beginning to wonder if this wasn’t a false-flag operation. The timing and reaction is just too impeccable, too organized.

Having said that, once again, we have the USCCB firing off their opinion on pet liberal subjects. Out of the hundreds of such opinions they give a year, the vast majority are not even slightly binding on conscience and only serve to undermine the moral authority of the USCCB when it comes to speaking on issues where they can and should have a say.  All these meaningless, misguided statements, released on myriad subjects, just leads to the few faithful who pay attention to the USCCB to tune them out.  So, when something really important comes up, the laity are left wondering if that’s really important, too.  Again, the Catholic bishops have no special competence to dictate to the souls in their charge what kind of gun control policies – if any – to pursue.  They can remind us of the sanctity of life and the need for law and order, but it is up to the laity to determine which specific policies to implement.

In reality, it’s a distraction from the core mission of the USCCB, which is to save souls.  And it reminds me once again that the USCCB, and all these national conferences, are in reality nonentities in the Church.  They have no binding authority.  Their very bureaucratic nature lends them to be both ineffective in leadership and poorly oriented towards saving souls.  I am reminded of the USCCB’s incredibly equivocating document on pastoral care for homosexuals “Always Our Children,” which on many points undermined Catholic moral doctrine.  That’s simply one example of many.  Cardinal Bernadin was notorious for directing the adoption of dozens of pointless, totally ignored documents with a severe left-wing slant. I am more than ready to be rid of it.  It seems the prime role of all these huge “structures” stood up in the Church as a result of “collegiality” is to provide a haven for apostates to attack and undermine the Faith.  Let us return to the model of authority which  existed prior to Vatican II, and de-construct the structures.

And replace Lombardi, too.  Make him the curate for a nice condo complex full of octogenerian women religious.



It’s been called the Catholic Church since the Year of Our Lord 107 January 23, 2013

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On his way to his glorious martyrdom in Rome before the unholy Emperor Trajan, St. Ignatius of Antioch sent a series of letters to various churches – a sort of last will and testament from the Bishop of what was one of the great Sees of the earliest Church.  The content of most of these letters dealt with the structure of Authority in the Church, with St. Ignatius imploring the Christians of the churches of Philadelphia, Magnesia, Ephesus, etc. to adhere to the Faith passed on to them by their bishops, presbyters (priests) and deacons.  There is also a letter to the Romans which acknowledges – in confirmation of Pope St. Clement I’s Ignatius_of_Antiochearlier letter to the Corinthinas (ca. AD 75-80) – that the Church of Rome is the primatial See of all the world, it’s Bishop the Head of the Church and Supreme Arbiter on all matters of doctrine.

It is interesting, then, that the very first use of the term Catholic Church came in St. Ignatius’ Letter to the Smyrnaeans, most likely written in AD 107.  Here it is in context, in the 6th and final paragraph of the letter (see how many Catholic Doctrines were already established at this amazingly early point):

You must all follow the bishop as Jesus Christ follows the Father, and the presbytery as your would the Apostles. Reverence the deacons as you would the command of God. Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop, or by one whom he appoints. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is there is the Catholic Church………

So, St. Ignatius makes plain, in one paragraph, that there is a Catholic Church, that it exists in those who are united to their Bishop and the hierarchical Authority of the Church, and that even the Sacraments which are the lifeblood of the Church are to be performed either by the bishop directly or those whom he delegates.

In truth, St. Ignatius was using the term Catholic in the sense of “universal,” but isn’t it interesting that the Bishop of Antioch – where the term “Christian” was first used, would also be the first to use the term Catholic (no, Ignatius did not coin the word Christian).

Within 50-70 years, however, the term Catholic Church was being used to clearly delineate those who were in union with Rome, and Gnostics, Manicheans, and other sects which claimed some Christian revelation but were, in fact, very wrong. The understanding of the Authority of the Church, of the Blessed Sacrament, of the sacramental priesthood – all these date from the 1st Century.  Ignatius is confirming them in the earliest 2nd century, but those practices had obviously been in place for some time.

I feel so badly for protestants!  They are so deluded, and have been the subject to a barrage of completely erroneous propaganda.  Unfortunately, the above is known by few Catholics, let alone protestants, many of whom, like dear Pastor Jefferts down there at first baptist in Dallas, still claim the Church is a perversion of Christ’s intent, a semi-Roman “babylonian mystery cult” (his quote) which was taken over by the Emperor Constantine and used for his nefarious purposes, frustrating, apparently, the Almighty and the work of the Holy Spirit.  Constantine was just too much for them.  Then, the Lord the Giver of Life and Source of all Charity allowed His Church to remain mired in complete error and apostasy for 1200 years until the protestant revolt.  It is amazing, but tens of millions believe this, in spite of clear and widely available historical evidence of the total continuity of the Church – in Doctrine, in practice, in Authority, AND in history- which spans the entire 2000 year history of the Church.

Bishop Farrell was calling for prayers for Christian unity this week.  I don’t know what kinds of prayers may be being used by folks, or by parishes in the Diocese, but here are Pope St. Pius X’s original intentions for the Octave of Christian Unity:

January 18: For the return of the “other sheep” to the One Fold of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  •     January 19: For the return of the Eastern Schismatics to communion with the Apostolic See.
  • January 20: For the return of the Anglicans to the authority of the Vicar of Christ.
  • January 21: For the return of all Protestants throughout the world to the unity of the Catholic Church.
  • January 22: That heretics and schismatics may be one, in union with the Chair of Saint Peter.
  • January 23: That lapsed Catholics may return to the Sacraments of the Church.
  • January 24: That the Jewish people may be converted to the Catholic Faith.
  • January 25: That missionary zeal may conquer the world for Christ

As always with the last saintly Pope, that’s the kind of ecumenism I can get behind!



Most vomitous video of the year January 23, 2013

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Some pro-abort group put together a “happy anniversary” love video for Roe v. Wade. This is straight up, not a spoof. There is a ton of backlash today on this, apparently. As well there should be. I could not make it through the whole way:

What is most disgusting is frankly the racial aspect. Black women have by far the highest rates of abortion in America. 40% of all african american babies are aborted. Of course, there are also massive statistics about how black men have abandoned their roles as fathers and providers and the catastrophic impact the collapse of the black family has had on the community as a whole. So it takes quite a bit of gumption to put this video out.

I’m real short on time today, which stinks, cuz I had all kinds of good stuff lined up! I’ll try to post in a bit.