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Don’t buy those Girl Scout cookies January 24, 2013

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I’ve blogged on the Girl Scouts many times, but if you’re new here, here’s this year’s reminder not to buy those cookies from that adorable 10 year old girl next door. I’d love to buy them. I’d love to help her out. But Girl Scouts is an organization that has wandered very far from it’s founding, and is now, at least at its upper levels, an organization increasingly wedded to agendas of radical feminism, early sexualization of children, promotion of promiscuity, early knowledge and use of contraception, and, support for “reproductive rights.” Girl Scouts gives copious funds to Planned Parenthood, the vicious murder-machine with racist, eugenicist foundations, every year.

Here is a new facebook campaign against buying Girl Scout cookies. I support all efforts to get the word out that not only are the cookies terribly overpriced (which I would overlook under other circumstances), but they also help keep Planned Barrenhood in business.

And here is an LSN article that gives an overview of the problem of supporting Girl Scouts. It is a terrible scandal that so many Catholic parishes still host Girl Scout groups, given how radical the national and international organizations have become.

Here are some stories I’ve done if you want more background:




https://veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/a-bishop-warns-about-girl-scouts/ –  IMPORTANT!  Bishop speaks against Girl Scouts

Lots more, just search the site for girl scouts.

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