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A note on the comment policy January 29, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, blogfoolery.

Since I’m getting many new commenters, I thought I’d repost this general comment policy.

I generally allow just about any comments on this blog.  I don’t moderate comments a priori.  But I do not allow certain kinds of comments, most of which result in an instant ban:

  1. Cussing in the comments, even relatively “mild” terms.  An occasional exception may be granted to long time commenters on issues of grave emotional impact, but the comment will probably be edited
  2. . Generally, long term or frequent commenters get more leeway

  3. Lewd terms in comments, or “funny” but lewd commenter IDs – instant ban
  4. Being identifiably from SNAP – this is my call, but if you use a bunch of SNAP talking points, gone
  5. Using any generic, hyperbolic, or reflexive attacks on the Church, such as by opening that the Church has no right to criticize X until takes care of its priest abuse problem, apologizes for Crusades, whatever.  Possibility of banning, but this will depend on the case and how the comment is framed

In general, the blog is not a forum.  Folks are allowed to comment and I put few restrictions on those comments, but not everyone has equal “rights.”   In general, if you don’t cuss or use morally questionable terms, you’ll be fine.  I want to keep this blog very family friendly, which is why I pass over a number of stories of a lurid nature. I am happy to report that in over 3 years on this blog I’ve only had to ban a handful of people – maybe around 15 or so. It hasn’t been much of a problem, thankfully.

One other note – if you post a comment with links, it may go in the spam folder. In that case, I have to go dig it out and approve it. I try to do this regularly, but if your comment with links doesn’t show up right away, that is likely the reason. Sorry for the inconvenience.


1. Woody - February 17, 2012

Since you brought it up….generally speaking, it is your blog so you can do whatever you want with the combox. I appreciate blogs that show great latitude in the comments made. I think you do this, if only because it must be a pain to read every comment made and figure out if it fits within your rules. I am not against rules. They are good for us. However, it does irk me when some blog sites shut down their combox because the comments are “too mean spirited.” I don’t like mean comments either but they do give you an idea of what people are thinking and how you can refute their mean comment. Not too long ago, a commenter referred to me as a white trash racist pig. I know he meant it in an unkind fashion but he made me laugh so hard that I actually appreciated the insult. And to show you that that person had a sense of humur, he also said I was illiterate and should figure out how to use a dictionary. Calling someone illiterate in such a media forum. That was a good one. Anyway, you do well in moderating your combox. Keep up the good work. BTW, did I spell commenter write?!

tantamergo - February 17, 2012

I think so. Thanks for the kind words, I really don’t edit comments very much, and have banned very few people over 2+ years – less than 10.

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