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Best video I’ve seen on the March for Life yet January 29, 2013

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From the guys at Tradition, Family, and Property:

I see much to recommend in this group, but I guess they are controversial?  Especially in Brazil?  Their founder thought society would be better off with an aristocracy, or something like that? Anyone know any reason not to support this group?  I met some at the March for Life in Dallas, and they seemed like very good guys, very faithful Catholics, very traditional.  They were from Tyler.

Thanks for any insight you can provide, on or offline, for those who have my super-secret hidden identity e-mail address.

I love the South Vietnames flag.  Awesome.

One error in the replies to “how will we end abortion?”  No one mentioned contraception.  So long as widespread contraception use exists, there will be mass abortion in this country. Even if by some miracle Roe v. Wade were overturned, demand for abortion would remain, if much less than today, so long as contraception use remains rampant. That is the change of heart that really needs to be made.


1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - January 29, 2013

“How will we end abortion?” Answer: Push for Texas Nationalism. Leave the Union and in one fell stroke, end all federal laws and ties to all unconstitutional agencies. We may not be able to save all babies but we could at least try to save our Texas children.

2. skeinster - January 29, 2013

Don’t have the super-secret e-mail, so will put it here. TFP is very controversial- google their founder. A lot of very iffy stuff under an orthodox Trad veneer, which is how they got under the guard of faithful families starved for such during the last few decades. Very elitist, and I don’t think any of them believe they’ll be downstairs in the servant’s hall, come their cultural revolution.

One of those groups that if you showed up with their stuff, Father wouldn’t let you put it out.

tantamergo - January 29, 2013

Oh, thanks very much. I did see one strange thing where a long-time MD parishioner refused their literature with a strange look on their face. Like…..what are YOU doing here? I’ll talk to Fr. W about them.

3. Elizabeth - January 29, 2013

@skeinster: Could you be specific? I don’t know much about TFP, although I’ve heard of them. What do you find troubling about them?

4. skeinster - January 29, 2013

The near-deification of their founder, for one thing. With the corresponding elevation of his mother to near-B.V.M. status
I think some people, especially in South America, see them as an antidote to liberation theology. A sort of “not only will you not have to give up any of your stuff- you deserve more stuff b/c you’re the elite”. There’s a lot of emphasis on “good family”, chivalry, decorum: all of which can be good things, but not in the service of some of their goals. They also had a reputation for anti-clericalism- don’t know if that’s improved.
There is a good bit on the net about them- again, just google.

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