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Some good videos on priests January 31, 2013

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Certainly, what is being presented here is a vision of the priesthood that I think is very close to the Holy Father’s. These videos were produced by the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy.  We’ve been hearing more from them lately about…….how should I say……..bringing the priesthood back to a much more traditional practice.  Much of the practice shown in the videos – scenes from various Masses and Sacraments – is definitely on the conservative side. In the first video, I didn’t see any Communion in the hand, for instance, and many of the vestments, especially early on, were of the more traditional type. As the video goes on, you start to see more polyester 70s/80s style overcoats chasubles.  Ah, well, I suppose it’s going to take some time to get the more traditional practices truly widespread.  I think, and pray, that is the general direction of the liturgy – back to a more traditional practice. Albeit slowly.

I picked these up on Fr. George David Byer’s site.  There’s a great deal of content on the holy Cure of Ars.  I got to say, as the videos went on, there were a few theological propositions made that were a bit dubious, even troubling.  Much better than probably would have come from a video like this made, say, in 1985, but troubling nonetheless.  See if you pick any out.  Still, pretty good videos.



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