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I love these pictures of nuns! February 1, 2013

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Many of them Saints. I found these on the Facebook page of someone who friended me yesterday. I love them! Thanks so much, Mary Therese!







This is similar to the grill at the Dallas Carmel, except there is another row of crosswork metal that makes each opening even smaller

This is similar to the grill at the Dallas Carmel, except there is another row of crosswork metal that makes each opening even smaller

Apparently, some Carmels allow photos!

Apparently, some Carmels allow photos!


Can you name all the Saints?

Can you name all the Saints?

That’s Teresa, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, Therese, Teresa Benedicta a Cruce, St. Teresa of the Andes, don’t know, St. Maravillas, I think Blessed Maria Candida, don’t know.



1. maravillas21 - February 1, 2013

Hi, your FB friend, Mary Therse, here! Love this post! First for the last picture of several Carmelite saints, the 2nd picture from the right is Bl. Mary of Jesus Crucified – http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2010/07/blessed-mariam-baouardy-little-arab-and.html – she had the stigmata, was a mystic, used to fly to the top of trees in ecstacy in her monastery’s garden, etc. The last nun I am not sure about, I’ll have to blow it up larger to see, but the rest you got correct.

As for orders who post pictures – some do and some don’t. Some allow it and others don’t. I read that comment on a Dallas Carmel post I think it was?, well that person was WRONG to write what they did! The MOTHER of the community determines whether or not they want pictures of their nuns posted! Many don’t mind as long as they are used for good purposes – their website or a blog like this, a good catholic one to give them good exposure for possible future vocations or the them to find new benefactors who could donate money, food, work (like plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc) to help defray repair costs. Many orders like Carmel, Poor Clare Colettines, etc. relay either a lot or partially on donations from the lay faithful.

Best thing is the ask the Mother Prioress/Abbess/Superior if they don’t mind you posting pictures on your blog, etc. If they say you can write about postulants, clothings, first professions, solemn vows, jubilees, etc. and post pictures find – or they may say write the text but NO pictures then fine – OR neither! BUT as long as you follow the wishes of the particular order/community NO ONE else has a say in this!

That person is NOT correct in stating posting a picture is “breaking enclosure”! It depends on how the order/community defines “breaking enclosure”. If you get the ok to post them, do so if you like and as you are a good traditional catholic blogger who loves and respects nuns, the religious life, there would be no problem.

I have discerned a religious vocation and have visited many Carmels and Poor Clare Colettine monasteries in the US, Canada and the UK and ALL of them (and the other communities in their order they now – whether in their Association or whatever) vary in their definition of “breaking enclosure” and thoughts on posting photos of their nuns. They say it is up to the MOTHER and NOT some random person voicing their unfounded opinions!

If you called or wrote Mother Juanita at the Dallas Carmel and she said go ahead with an occasional picture fine you can and if she says no, then don’t, but don’t let let some crazy wrongly opinionated person stop you. Perhaps the nuns in Dallas are aware of these posts and pictures and like them as it gives them good exposure and “good press” for vocations, etc.! The decision is only THEIR’S to make, not some commenter!

I am discerning with a very strict, austere, 1990 Carmel and they have only a website as of like 2 yrs ago for vocations only – they don’t update it, they have no blog. Many orders who never had websites and didn’t want them had to use them for such reasons.

Let that person use their outrage for the horrid porn industry using their disgusting actors who dress up like nuns and priests for these movies and try to do something there or on the orders the Visitor from the Vatican came to see who were so liberal and anti-catholic or abortion!

Ok, sorry for long post! Thought I’d give my thoughts and experience on this.

2. tantamergo - February 1, 2013

Did someone leave a bad comment? They don’t allow photos at the Dallas Carmel.

3. FutureCarmeliteJMJ - February 3, 2013

Praised be Jesus Christ! I think maravillas21 was referring to the incidence you referred to here, https://veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/big-doings-upcoming-at-the-dallas-carmel/ I agree with you and maravillas that that was terrible of someone to do. Many Carmels allow pictures, and as maravillas said, it is up to the Prioress if they can be shared or not. Many traditional Carmels under the 1990 Constitutions as Dallas is do allow the occasional picture online, like the one you posted on the link here from Littleton, CO Carmel. http://www.archden.org/index.cfm/ID/8335 and another one here, http://www.archden.org/index.cfm/ID/4938 I could dig up tons of other examples, but it’s pretty late so I better not for now..

As for those saints, the one next to St. Teresa of the Andes is
Blessed Maria Sagrario of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, a martyr of the Spanish civil war. maravillas21 already identified Blessed Mariam of Jesus Crucifed, the “Little Arab” stigmatist and foundress of Bethlehem and Nazareth Carmels .. and then the last one is Mother Maria of Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity (hopefully I translated that right) from Brazil (died in 1966) I’m not sure if she is Venerable yet, but her cause has been opened, http://madremariadocarmo.wordpress.com

Happy Feast by the way! Did you make it for the First Profession of Sr. Mary Veronica today? I didn’t make it down to Dallas for Sr. Teresa of St. Joseph’s a few weeks ago, but I sent her a card and a message through her sister who came all the way from China!!

tantamergo - February 4, 2013

No, because we were at First Friday late the night before and had Candlemas (which also went late) Saturday night, we didn’t make it to Sister Veronica’s First Profession. I wish we could have, we just ran out of time.

Unfortunately, we have things we have to do that aren’t Church related!

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