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New HHS Mandate “compromise” still terrible, must be rejected February 4, 2013

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I received the following statement from Human Life International regarding the latest “compromise” from Nobama:

Although many questions remain about what these proposed (not final) rules mean and how they will be
implemented, we see no evidence that the Obama administration has any intention of listening to dissenting voices.

“The proposed ‘compromise’ seems to amount to small changes on the margins, most likely destined to send the problem to the courts rather than simply acknowledge the basic right to religious freedom enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. While it appears that some additional entities may be provided relief from the unjust mandate, others, such as for-profit business and not-for-profits whom the administration deems insufficiently religious, are still subject to coercion. It is not clear that Human Life International and similar organizations will be protected from being
forced to participate in actions that we find morally abhorrent.

“Most importantly, the more fundamental problem with the Affordable Healthcare Act (also known as ‘Obamacare’) remains unaddressed. HHS Secretary
Sebelius has almost unlimited power to make any changes to the rules as needed, with little oversight from Congress, and massive new bureaucratic structures that both strengthen and hide the laws’ many anti-life aspects. Under this administration, this means that abortion will be free – paid for by taxpayers, despite assurances to the contrary; yet many life saving treatments are not free, and coverage is not nearly as universal for the most poor, as we were led to believe.

I’m gratified that HLI pointed out that the root problem of this persecution is Obamacare. This “mandate” is just one of what will become many vehicles for persecuting the Church and all those who adhere to traditional Christian morality.

I also note that EWTN plans to continue their lawsuit against the Administration on this issue, as do a number of other Church and private organizations. While this latest compromise expands the “religious exemption” a trifle, it is still an egregious affront against the rights of the Church and the right ordering of government – which must always proclaim, support, defend, and propagate the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church. Quite the contrary, Obamacare will be a constant weapon to bludgeon the Church out of the public square, and constant attempts to drive Christ (further) from men’s hearts.

Many other complaints are listed here.  Any “compromise” with this doctrinairre leftist will be illusory, at best, and more likely a pathetic joke.

Pray for our Church and our bishops!



Cardinal Zen denounces Vatican appeasement of Red Chinese February 4, 2013

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Cardinal Joseph Zen, the former Archbishop of Hong Kong, has described the Vatican’s approach to the heretical, not-in-union-with-Rome Patriotic Church of China as an attitude of appeasement which has wreaked great harm on the underground Church still in union with the Holy See. For those who don’t know, the ChiComs have created a “patriotic Church” which is ostensibly Catholic but frankly gets their orders from Beijing and not Rome.  The Chicoms actively and severely persecute the faithful Catholics of the underground Church (I add emphasis):

At 81 years old, the bishop who once led hundreds of thousands through the streets of Hong Kong — defying Beijing, demanding democracy and an accountable government — is not holding his tongue.

Hong Kong’s retired Cardinal Joseph Zen warns of an impending schism in the Chinese Catholic Church and blames the Vatican for allowing Communist Party officials to run roughshod over China’s bishops.

“For years they (the Communist Party of China) had everything their way. The Holy See adopted a policy of appeasement and compromise,” Zen told The Catholic Register while in Toronto to deliver an early February address to Convivium magazine subscribers. “So they were happy that they could control more and more the Catholic Church, and they could make slaves of the bishops.”

Chinese Catholics on the mainland are split between the underground Church and officially registered churches, while the Chinese government interferes in the appointment of bishops. There is a serious risk of a Chinese schism, said the cardinal.

Do you know what I write to the Holy Father?” Zen asked. “I say it is only because of your kindness that the official Church is not called schismatic. It is actually schismatic without being named. It’s risking being a schismatic Church with the blessing of the Holy See, because the Holy Father cannot command that Church. The whole command is in the hands of the government.” [That is a horrible statement to read: a schismatic Church with the blessing of the Holy See. I shudder at that]

Zen is aware his warnings lack prudence.

“For a long time I have abstained from talking about the Holy See,” he said. “But I think that is unfair. We must be fair to everybody. They (Vatican officials) should take the responsibility.”

The Catholic Church in both Shanghai and Wuhan have recently faced off with Chinese government officials.

In Shanghai the coadjutor Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin was relieved of all public ministry and had his episcopal appointment revoked by the Chinese episcopal conference — a body not recognized by the Vatican. At his ordination last July, Ma caused government panic when he announced he would step down from his position with the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association to concentrate on his pastoral ministry as bishop of Shanghai. Faithful in Shanghai’s cathedral greeted the announcement with extended applause, but Ma was immediately sent away on a retreat, sequestered in Shanghai’s seminary. In December the Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church of China revoked Ma’s Shanghai appointment, which would have seen him eventually become bishop of Shanghai. The bishops’ conference also let it be known that for all future appointments “a pledge of loyalty” would be required.

It’s obvious that the bishop’s conference is controlled by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, which also founded the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association in 1957, said Zen.

“You can see all the presidents and vice presidents, both in the patriotic association and the so-called bishops’ conference — they are all slaves of the government,” said Zen. “There are some illegitimate, some legitimate (bishops), but they are all on the side of the government.”

Another aspect of this scandal is that elements of the Church in the United States, such as Maryknoll, Mundelien seminary in Chicago, and progressive portions of the Carmelite Order all do business with the false, patriotic church.  I pray nightly for this aid and comfort given to a schismatic church to cease, but without a formal comdemnation by the Holy See, those groups are free to pretend the patriotic church is in “good standing.”  Whatever that means.

That is why I have pushed for support for the Cardinal Kung Foundation, which supports the underground Church in China, although a commenter claimed he talked to Cardinal Zen about the Kung Foundation and Zen did not indicate they were of much help.  Something tells me there may be a history there, which might have a personal aspect to it, but I don’t know.  Everything I’ve seen, read, or heard about the Cardinal Kung Foundation is that they are very worthy of support.

Is this something? February 4, 2013

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I’ve only read The Remnant newspaper occasionally online (one only has so much time!), but I saw they were starting put out little videos, sort of a bit like the Vortex videos from Michael Voris.  I thought this one on Vatican mis-steps with regard to the issue of gun control in the US was pretty good.  I guess we’ll see if they keep making these videos -they only started last week and their are only 2.  I like their articles in the newspaper/online a lot, but I find them often long and intricate and difficult to excerpt for blog-friendly reading and commenting.  Anyway, what do you think of this?

Sorry, wrong video initially. Corrected.

It’s amazing how when you meet traditionalists or see them, they don’t look or act much like the vicious crazie they are frequently described as. Isn’t that strange?

I wrote on this subject here.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano – 7pm February 4, 2013

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Come one, come all. Novus Ordo Latin Mass at St. Mark in Plano.

No, you won’t quite see this. There will be an elevation, but not Versus Dominum.

Traditional Latin Mass_Jim

Drat. One day soon, God willing.

Heh….this is good February 4, 2013

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Thanks to reader TB

It’s funny because it’s so very true – and yet it was said over 150 years ago. Ever since the French and American Revolutions, the Church has had one main earthly enemy – liberalism.

It is so difficult to explain why error is so terribly wrong to moderns….. February 4, 2013

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…….or, an alternate title for this post might be, I spent a bunch of time on this comment, therefore, I am going to afflict all of you with it.  No, seriously, this is the whole crisis in the Church in a nutshell.

I wrote late Friday, and in a great hurry (numerous typos corrected!), a post quoting an early Church Father on several subjects, one of which was a condemnation of homosexuality.  A commenter dropped by to tell me he did not like what I had to say, no, not one bit:

God, where do I start?  When you condem homosexuals and today’s society towards them, when you condem the priest facing the congregation, I have to ask why?  Why do you leave no room for the Holy Spirit to work?  Why are the words of an obscure man from Antioch from 2000 years ago any more important than the words of Pope John XXIII or more important than the choices of the majority of Catholics today? 

Maybe it is true that the acts of homosexuals in uncommitted relationships is the same empty sadness of heterosexuals in uncommitted relationships, i don’t know.  But, I do know that the acts of love between ANY two persons is a joy to behold. 

I’m sure this post will never see the light of day but I wonder:  why do you think you are right and everyone who disagrees with you is wrong?  Do go pulling the old “its not me they’re disagreeing with, its the the whole church or scripture.”  WE are the Church, ALL of us.  Because you are a learned man, because you have a forum, it seems incumbent on you to embrace ALL the Church and allow the Holy Spirit to work and make things more relevant to those of us living today.  Even if it means the celebrant is on the roof to offer Mass!

My response:

I concur, where to start? Where did I say that Pope John XXIII contradicted St. Theophilius?  As far as I know, he didn’t. St. Theophilius matters, as do the other early fathers, as they establish the unbroken line of Church belief and practice dating back to the Apostles. Sadly, many of our separated brethren are completely ignorant of this constantcy of belief in the early Church. Even more tragically, many self-identified Catholics of today also are ignorant, and apparently, when made aware of such constancy of belief, they’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.

Ummm……I shudder at your equivocation between the acts of a married couple open towards children, an act blessed by God as clearly revealed by the natural order He created, and the sterile, depraved acts of two people of the same sex abusing their bodies and souls in the depths of disordered lust.

“I” am not right. What you read is merely the constant belief of the Church. If you find you cannot accept that belief – especially on a matter such as this which is “de fide,” or “of faith,” a matter of such import that ALL who claim the mantle of Catholics must give their highest, total, religious assent – then I must warn you in charity that you are placing yourself outside the Church. You are denying an important component of what has been held to be true by the Church since its inception. In so doing, you are rejecting the Holy Spirit and claiming that His infallible guidance of the Church is wrong. I would hazard to guess that this (homosexuality) is far from the only area in which you find yourself at variance with the Church.

I regret deeply that you’ve apparently imbibed so deeply the moral relativism and modernist indifferentism of our times. Simply put, as this post makes clear, the Church has always believed, and believes today, that there are Truths that have been revealed that must be accepted in order to count oneself as Catholic. Rejection of these truths constitutes repudiation of the Holy Spirit as stated above, and are hence gravely sinful. I know you’ve probably received a lifetime of modernism from the pulpit of this devastated Church, but what you have been taught, or chosen to believe, is simply terribly, horribly, disastrously wrong. If you continue to adhere to these errors, your soul will be in grave jeopardy. The souls of the shepherds who have so misled you……I shudder to think of the accounting they will be called to.

The “magisterium of the people” upon which your sentiment hangs only works when those people are in union with the belief and practice of the Church as it was inherited from the Apostles and, hence, Christ Himself. As such, the fact that most Catholics already believed that our Blessed Mother was assumed body and Soul into Heaven without death or illness was instrumental in Pope Pius XII declaring this truth as infallible in his ex cathedra pronouncement of 1950. That’s is how the sensus fidei, or “magisterium of the people,” works. It doesn’t work, at all, by millions of souls falling into sin and error and then dragging the Church down into that. It’s completely impossible that your pet dreams and personal sentiments at variance with the Church ever COULD be accepted as Truth, as the Holy Ghost has in the past, does in the present, and will in the future prevent their acceptance. The progressive or worldly “Catholic” world-view is the ultimate exercise in futility – it will never succeed, as it is literally impossible that error would dominate or destroy Truth – which is Jesus Christ.

God bless you, I pray you convert.

———————-End Quote——————————-

One more thing: there is an inference made above to the effect that the Holy Spirit would lead souls to repudiate the constant faith and practice of the Church.  So, the Holy Spirit is at war with Himself? Did not our Savior tell us that a house divided against itself cannot stand?  This makes no sense. But it is part and parcel of so much of what passes for the Catholic religion these days, when souls arrogate to themselves the right to make Doctrine and tell the Church how awfully wrong She has always been.  It’s amazing how much this mentality derives from protestantism, and how alien it would be to, say, a reasonably devout member of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. In those eastern Churches, sadly separated, the idea that one could repudiate the orthodoxy and orthopraxis received from the Apostles and early Church Fathers and yet still remain “faithful” would be violently repudiated. Since the eastern Churches, unlike the protestants, are a schismatic Church, they serve as a useful point of comparison. They have watched the collapse of Catholic belief and practice with dismay.

John Wayne, Catholic convert? February 4, 2013

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Well, his grandson is a priest and says the Duke converted some time before he died:

John Wayne, for many, was a Hollywood legend who symbolized true masculinity and American values. To Fr. Matthew Muñoz, though, he was simply “granddaddy.”…….

……..“So Archbishop Clavel called Archbishop McGrath,” Fr. Muñoz said, explaining that Archbishop McGrath was the successor to Archbishop Clavel in the Archdiocese of Panama.

“My mom and my uncle were there when he came. So there’s no question about whether or not he was baptized. He wanted to become baptized and become Catholic,” Fr. Muñoz said. “It was wonderful to see him come to the faith and to leave that witness for our whole family.”

Fr. Muñoz also said that his grandfather’s expressed a degree of regret about not becoming a Catholic earlier in life, explaining “that was one of the sentiment he expressed before he passed on,” blaming “a busy life.”

Prior to his conversion to Catholicism, though, John Wayne’s life was far from irreligious……….

……Fr. Muñoz summed up the hierarchy of his grandfather’s values as “God coming first, then family, then country.” It’s a triumvirate he sees repeatedly reflected in his grandfather’s films. He believes those values are much needed in Hollywood today and, if “the Duke” were still here he’d be leading the charge.

“My grandfather was a fighter. I think there would be a lot of things he’d be disappointed and saddened over. But I don’t think he would lose hope. I think he would look at the current time as a moment of faith. People are in crisis and they’re looking for something more meaningful, more real,” Fr. Muñoz said.

So I think he would look at the situation and say – don’t get discouraged! I think he would say get involved. Don’t go hiding in a shell and getting on the defensive from Hollywood. Get involved and be an agent for the good. I think he would do that. That’s what he did in his time.” (my emphasis)

Well, that’s a nice story. I know John Wayne had a strong attraction for the dark haired, Latina-type. He married 3 of them!  Which is not good.  But if he was baptized late in life, all that would have been wiped away.

I have to admit, I like John Wayne. Or, perhaps I should say, I like many of the movies he was in.  In many of his films, I probably enjoy the members of John Ford’s film company at least as much, if not more, than Wayne himself.  I always liked Ward Bond and Hank Worden.

Far and away my favorite Wayne film is The Searchers, although I also like The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance alot. Love Lee Marvin. Quintessential tough guy.

A couple of scenes from The Searchers – the iconic ending, but also a brief but incredibly key scene which establishes that the young girl of the massacred family Wayne is going after is not his niece, it’s his daughter. I know it’s low-key, but the woman, Wayne’s “sister-in-law,” used to be his wife. But when Wayne went off to war and was presumed dead, his brother stepped in to raise his kids. Then one day, Ethan Edwards – Wayne – came back. Ward Bond’s character knows all this, which is never directly stated in the film, but he just acts like he doesn’t. Beautiful, sublime scene. Great looking interior to the ranch house, too. Very rough.

If you can’t find something to appreciate in this scene, you’re not American:

Liberty Valance: