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Bishop Farrell gives rare interview February 5, 2013

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Some bishops, like Chaput, seem to be in the press all the time.  Others tend to be more low key. I’d have to say that our own Bishop Farrell, while not being as reticent to speak publicly as some bishops, tends to be one of the less loquacious ones.  Our fair bishop certainly writes periodically in the Texas Catholic newspaper, and speaks publicly on other occasions, but doesn’t give many interviews, per se’. At least not that I see.  So, when Bishop Farrell does give an interview, it’s worth noting. He spoke recently to D Magazine, on the HHS Mandate and the potential change by the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuals (I add comments):

During a charity event at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole Saturday, the Irish-born prelate agreed to answer questions about these two controversial topics. The first dealt with last week’s “accommodation” with religious groups on the free birth-control-part of the Affordable Care Act. Does he like what the administration proposed?

FARRELL: First off, I will preface what I’m going to say, with the fact that I have not read the regulations, and I haven’t had time to study the question at the moment. But it would appear to me that it is —I’m not so sure that it’s so much of a change. I think there’s a lot of, I guess it’s just covering up, or a change of language, the same plan as before, just changing words. I’m not so sure the substance has really truly changed. That’s my first reading of it. I’ve only looked at this I’d say for 30 minutes. I have not studied it. [I would guess – and hope – this is going to be the USCCB’s official response, which I don’t think we’ve seen yet. This is not a substantial change to the mandate, and still poses a grave threat to force the Church to commit immoral acts.  The entire nature of Obamacare, however, is such that threats of this nature will hang over the neck of the Church like a sword of Damocles.  That is why yhou don’t promote socialism, or socialistic policies – the “good” you get from it comes with a price that is beyond exhorbitant. Like, terrible persecution of the Church and a complete blocking of any trend towards the Social Reign of Jesus Christ the King.]

FRONTBURNER: As you know, the Boy Scouts are considering revising their ban on gay scouts and scoutmasters. Do you think that would be a good change to make?

FARRELL: First of all, for me to say anything, I’m arguing a hypothetical. I don’t know if they’re going to enact that or not.

FRONTBURNER: I believe they’re studying it. Do you think it would be a good thing to do?

FARRELL: Well, I’m not so sure that it is the correct course of action to take. But again, I would want to see exactly what it is that they are planning to do. I’m very reluctant to comment on anything that’s just reported in the media. I’d like to read what the document says. [Um, I respectfully disagree, a bit. No, we don’t know what their exact stance will be, or if they will change the policy at all – the announcement, which was thought would come today, has not been made. But, still. In general, I think the proposals have been made clear enough to comment on. Something more than “I’m not sure that’s the correct course of action to take.”  Please, it will be a disaster, and the Church would – should – have to re-evaluate its relationship with Boy Scouts at the parish level. Such should have already occurred with Girl Scouts, for myriad reasons. It is a scandal that it has not]

FRONTBURNER: I believe they are thinking about leaving the decision up to the local chapters.

FARRELL: There’s many different ways of resolving that issue. I think that people of homosexual tendency are to be respected also. Their rights cannot be infringed on. [How does not allowing homosexuals to be Scouts -a private organization – infringe on their rights? What does that mean?]  It’s always been the position of the Catholic Church that we disagree with acting out in a homosexual way, but we don’t disrespect the person as such. [Can’t we just say that it’s a sin?  We don’t “disagree,” we KNOW that homosexual acts are an abomination to God, a fundamental attack on His very ordering of Creation. We also KNOW the homosexual inclination is profoundly disordered, to the extent that gays should be counseled to focus on chaste self-denial to the greatest extent possible, not simply eschewing the final, deplorable acts they do (and there is a link at that link to Fr. Blake’s site – be very careful. That link to the Terrence Higgin Trust site is beyond horrible, it is a fever dream of evil.  That Trust group is a pro-gay lobby in England.  It describes in terrrible detail the things gay males apparently enjoy doing to each other.  You can read the comments at Father Blake’s site, that link is basically hardcore gay porn of the worst kind, masquerading as “safe sex information.”  As if……….don’t read on!……………really, don’t!………….final warning!!………………..anal fisting could be made safe]

But, we’d hate to be disrespectful to people who are into such a thing.

You can see from my prattlings above why Bishop Farrell doesn’t give many interviews!

But our Bishop is our father…….pray he have true charity for his spiritual children, in addition to true faith, zeal, and courage.

Check out this beautiful Waco parish February 5, 2013

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I know…….Waco!  Who would figure!  This is St. Francis on the Brazos, which is a third order regular Franciscan mission parish.  The parish is modeled on San Jose de San Antonio mission in San Antonio, and, frankly, looks quite good.  The exterior is a dead ringer for how San Jose would have looked when it was in good shape 250 years ago, except there probably would have been colorful designs on the white plaster – plaster long since gone from San Jose de San Antonio.  The portal looks like a very faithful rendition of the HAND-CARVED original!

But for the parish in Waco…….dig it, an altar rail! If you have other photos of beautiful Texas churches, please share!  Leave a comment here or on the about me page.  God bless you!









A really big h/t to the reader who sent these in.  They are great. I love seeing beautiful Catholic art and architecture, especially in the parish setting. The reader tells me this parish was started by Franciscan missionaries in 1924 to cater to the rapidly growing hispanic community.  Hmmm……what could have been going on in Mexico at that time to cause the hispanic community to grow rapidly in Texas?

This parish looks just an absolute wonder.  I’ll have to drop by and see it sometime.

Thanks MF!

St. Irenaeus on submission to the Church February 5, 2013

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I wrote a post yesterday in response to a comment received that expressed exasperation at the fact that I would, as a Catholic……you know………accept and practice what the Church actually believes.  I know!….it’s a totally radical position to take, but in addition to being Mr. Abrasive, I’m also known as Radical Man, or Crazy Tantrum, if you prefer.

Incredibly, actually striving with great effort to accept the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church, and practice it to the best of one’s ability, is a good way to get viewed as someone not quite normal, anymore. At least, you’re one of those icky holy rollers, and who needs them?  Really, who can accept all that way-out stuff about two people of the same sex who lust for each other being disordered, or not frustrating God’s design in the marital embrace, or giving generously to Church and charity, or not looking at porn 5 hours a day.  I mean, good grief, this is the 21st century, man, get over yourself!

I rebuke "21st century man" I condemned the same modernism in my day

I rebuke “21st century man” I condemned the same modernism in my day

But the Truth is the Truth.  It is an unbroken line of knowledge and guidance that has been gifted to mankind by the God made man who was Incarnate, lived, breathed, ate, slept, prayed, and moved among people just like us, then revealed Himself to men in fulfilment of 1000+ years of expectation, and was ultimately put on the cross for all of our sins.  He then rose from the dead, and continues to expiate our sins before the Father, constantly, in the constant re-presentation of the only Sacrifice acceptable to God.The Church went through many struggles and great suffering to establish that one inescapable fact: the Truth IS the Truth, and must be assented to with the fullness of one’s ability.  Tragically, our fallen nature being what it is, that great early struggle was hardly the only one.  Throughout it’s history, the Church has had to fight off those who refuse the gentle yoke of Christ and His Church and have arrogated to themselves a “better way,” a secret knowledge or understanding.  It is the tragedy of our modern times, but probably inescapable, that just as mass education and literacy became available, the unity of belief the Church had maintained for 2000 years would be shattered, and the vast majority of self-described Catholics would develop the view that they could arrogate to themselves what was true, or not, what was scriptural, or not, what was to be believed, or not.  This rebelliosness that stems from our fall, this false pride of which we are really so utterly, totally unworthy, is the ultimate source of all error.  It is what leads men to confute what the Church, always inspired by Christ, reveals as True.

St. Irenaeus, the late 2nd century bishop of Lyons, knew this only too well. After establishing in a lovely litany the history of the earliest Vicars of Christ –

The martyrdom of St. Irenaeus

The martyrdom of St. Irenaeus

Peter, Linus, Anacletus, Clement, Evaristus, Alexander, Sixtus I, Hyginus, Pius I, Anicetus, Soter, and then Eleutherus – this great Latin Doctor of the Church expounded on the source of Truth, and why it must be assented to:

[I elucidate the litany of the Bishops of Rome, because that is…….] the Church which has the tradition and the faith which comes down to us after having been announced to men by the Apostles. For with this Church, because of its superior origin, all Churches must agree, that is, all the faithful in the whole world; and it is in her that the faithful everywhere have maintained the Apostolic Tradition…….

……When, therefore, we have such proofs, it is not necessary to seek among others the Truth which is easily obtained from the Church. For the Apostles, like a rich man in a bank, deposited with Her most copiously everything which pertains to the Truth; and everyone whosoever wishes to draw from Her the drink of life. For She is the entrance to life, while all the rest are thieves and robbers. [here Irenaeus refers to the heretics of his day – the Manicheans, the Gnostics, etc., but the same applies to the millions of apostate souls claiming membership in the Church today]  That is why it is surely necessary to avoid them, while cherishing with the utmost diligence the things pertaining to the Church, and to lay hold of the Tradition of Truth. What then? If there should be a dispute over some kind of question, ought we not have recourse to the most ancient Churches in which the Apostles were familiar, and draw form them what is clear and certain in regard to that question? What if the Apostles had not in fact left writings to us? Would it not be necessary to follow the order of Tradition, which was handed down to those to whom they entrusted the thCAHXKDIIChurches? [Thus St. Irenaeus, perhaps the premiere theologian of the 2nd century of which we are aware, establishes conclusive proofs for the existence of Sacred Tradition as a source of Divine Revelation, in addition to Sacred Scripture. Of the two, Tradition predates Scripture, and Irenaeus alludes to a possible supremacy of Tradition here. That is critical to note given what has occurred in our precious Holy Mother Church in the past several decades]

…….the preaching of the Church truly continues without change and is everywhere the same, and has the testimony of the Prophets and the Apostles and all their disciples…….That in which we have faith is a firm system directed to the salvation of men; and, since it has been received by the Church, we guard it.……..In the Church, God has placed apostles, prophets, and doctors, and all the other means through which the Spirit works; in all of which none have any part who do not conform to the Church.  On the contrary, they defraud themselves of life by their wicked opinion and most wretched behavior. [Please ruminate hard on this last sentence. Who defrauds themselves?  Those who reject the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  What is the constant companion of this defrauding? Wicked (sinful) behavior.  Thus, further confirmation of St.’s Jerome, Augustine, Liguori, de Sales, and Thomas Aquinas – Doctors All –  that sin almost invariably accompanies and/or precedes apostasy]  For where the Church is, there is the Spirit of God; and where the Spirit of God, there the Church and every Grace. The Spirit, however, is Truth.

——————————–End Quote————————–

And thus, wherever the Church is, there is Truth.  Q.E.D.

Or as St. Paul said……..where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (2 Cor 3:17)

Sometimes I feel like Chrysostom, shouting exhortations at the callous Eudoxia

Sometimes I feel like Chrysostom, shouting exhortations at the callous Eudoxia

More fun with Autom February 5, 2013

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I wrote last week about my bad experience with Autom. I tried to order some candles for Candlemas.  They short shipped my order. I called with 2 1/2 weeks to go till Candlemas, and they said they would make the order good. Nothing ever arrived. So, I called again last week, and they said they would finally get my candles to me. However, as I suspected, they arrived too late – I got them yesterday.

But they still didn’t get the quantity right.  Am I still short?  Oh, no.  No, not even a bit.  No, they sent me FOUR TIMES what I ordered!


I ordered one case of two different types of candle. Each case has 4 smaller boxes in it.  In my first order, they sent me one each of the smaller boxes, instead of the case they were supposed to send.  Now, they send me – for some reason – 5 cases!  So now I have 1,872 little votives, and 936 somewhat larger candles.  I don’t really have room for this!  And I cannot accept what I have paid for.  So, now, I have the hassle of having to have them shipped back.

I’m smiling as I write this, because it’s just so silly.

Dr. Taylor Marshall giving a talk on his conversion February 5, 2013

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My fellow parishioner and Chancellor of Fisher More College in Ft. Worth, Dr. Taylor Marshall, is giving a talk on his convesion experience on Thursday night at 6pm. This event is free.  Marshall is a convert from the episcopal church (all the best Catholics are……..heh), where he was in fact a priest!  He writes at Canterbury Tales.

The talk will be held at Our Lady of Victory Hall in the Victory Arts Center at 801 West Shaw in Fort Worth. The zip is 76110.

If you live in Ft. Worth or the mid-cities, maybe you should check it out!  It should be a good opportunity to see true ecumenism in action.