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Help a woman achieve her vocation! February 6, 2013

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I’ve met a woman online, an older vocation, who strongly desires to enter a Carmelite monastery and has been accepted to a monastery in England. But, she carries some debt, and cannot enter until that debt is paid off. It’s not a great amount – about $2000. I cannot say I know this woman terribly well, but she’s commented here a few times and I decided to help her relieve some of that debt. If you feel like you might want to help, you can visit her blog here. Even if you don’t want to donate, it’s a very nice blog on Carmelite spirituality! It’s going on my blogroll! The pictures you see below came from her.

Mary Therese, the woman in question, has applied at some more local Carmels but things didn’t work out. Because she’s an older vocation, there is no help available for debt relief like there is for younger religious with things like college debt.  This is just “life” debt. So now that she’s been accepted to this Carmel in England, all she needs is some help! God bless you for your consideration! You can also see her Facebook page here.






If you’re like me, and have such an admiration for cloistered women religious, I know you’ll enjoy these pics!  They made my day!

Guidance for Lent February 6, 2013

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All faithful Catholics know, or should know, that Lent is a time of prayer and penance. But since the practice of penance has so collapsed in the Church in the last several decades, many people are not sure quite what is meant by terms like fasting.  If Ash Wednesday is a day of fast, what does that mean?  No food at all? Missing one meal? What does “one meal and two others that don’t equal the full meal” really mean?

There is a nice little book from Neumann Press called Catholic Life that has much good guidance in this area.  There used to be quite specific guidelines for these sorts of things.  This book was published in 1907 and doesn’t have an author.  Below are some excerpts from its section on Lent:

Lent is a fast of apostolical tradition, which in all ages has been observed throughout the Church of God. It was instituted –

  1. To honor and imitate our Savior’s fast in the desert,
  2. That the faithful might prepare themselves by prayer, penance, and fasting for duly celebrating the adorable mysteries of His Passion and Resurrection.
  3. To consecrate to God by a penance of forty days the tenth of our lives, as an acknowledgment that our whole lives ought to be so spent.

The fast………consists of taking only one full meal, with a collation or other slight meal not exceeding eight ounces of solid food. [that’s good guidance for me. I think I’ve fooled around with the “one big meal one little one” in the past, eating one huge meal and one big one.  Some fast] Custom permits the taking of a cup of tea or broth or light drink and a couple ounces of bread at some other time during the day.

Penance is necessary for all, both just and sinners. It is necessary for the just, as on one can be certain of his perserverance to the end, no one is totally exempt from sin, and everyone is liable to fall. It is necessary for sinner, as a satisfaction to God for their guilt; as a punishment, self-inflicted, to avert Divine punishment; and as a spiritual remedy, healing the wounds of sin and preventing future falls.

Daily Mass, evening devotions at church, [oh how I long for Vespers led by priests in all our parishes!  As it is, there is Compline tonight at Mater Dei!] and family night prayers said in common, should be the special practices of this holy season. All should prepare for the worthy reception of the Sacraments. In fine, all should endeavour to reap a spiritual harvest by making such a provision of graces and virtues as may last the whole year. The Stations of the Cross ought to be made once a week. Our alms ought to be more generous than usual, as it is the spirit of the Church that part of what we save by abstinence should be given to the needy.

—————————End Quote—————————

I pray you find the above useful!

It’s the “new springtime” all over again! February 6, 2013

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Or, just what the heck is going on in the hierarchy?  We’re seeing divisions like the 1960s all over again.  I knew this 50th anniversary “celebration” of Vatican II would lead to havoc.  Several reports below from Rorate Caeli (confirmed in numerous other places):

German Cardinal says yes to “morning after” abortion pill in Catholic hospitals: This is the Cardinal Archbishop Joachim Meisner of Cologne: “If, after a rape, a supplement is used with the intend of preventing fertilization, that is in my view justifiable.” Heckley [The Cardinal’s spokesman] reiterated once again, however, that everything which is abortive in nature is not allowed.

My comment: there is not a morning after pill known that “merely” blocks implantation. They all have abortive properties if implantation takes place, and it is impossible to know just when that occurs.  This is an enormous and dangerous shift. I would expect a quick rebuke from Pope Benedict. I pray such, but as the below shows, he has a great deal on his hands right now.  Wow, a radical German Cardinal causing massive damage, who could imagine it!

Yes, this is Cardinal Meisner

Yes, this is Cardinal Meisner

The bishop of Geneva Charles Morerod says it’s just fine for protestants to use Catholic parishes for their services: this includes Anglican, Orthodox, calvinist, and lutheran services.  The bishop made a point of stating the SSPX could NOT use diocesan parishes.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, has seemingly endorsed gay civil unions, and says he would fight against any criminalization of homosexual activities: “While the church opposes recognizing gay unions as ‘marriage,’ he said, it affirms the full dignity of homosexual men and women. ‘If a country outlawed homosexuality, I would work to overturn it,’ he said, adding that he believed there are still ’20 or 25 countries’ that define homosexuality as a crime.”

More, including seeming support for fornicators and divorced and re-married (but not annuled) couples: The “no” of the Church to gay marriage – Paglia says – is not a religious fact: “The Italian Constitution speaks very clearly, but even before it was Roman law that established what marriage was.” … But this does not mean – the prelate admits – that the rights of de facto couples, even gay ones, should not be recognized. In fact, “it is time that legislators concern themselves with it.” [He really seems to be calling for legislative action in Italy to make civil unions recognized by law, as well as straight couples living together]  Paglia recognizes, moreover, that “non-familial gatherings” are “varied”, and he assures the the Church is favorable “that, in this perspective, solutions of private law and patrimonial perspectives within the current Civil Code be found”. … It is also important to keep watch – Paglia warns – on the discrimination of homossexual persons throughout thw world: “Homossexuality is still prosecuted as a crime in over twenty countries”. [yes, you’ve said that twice now. I am beginning to wonder why you have such a profound concern over this fact, when traditional marriage is crumbling throughout the developed world]

The final sign of incredible tension, even dissent, in the hierarchy/curia, and possibly the source of all of this sudden confusion, newly named Prefect for the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Muller, is opposing the attempts by the Primate of Peru to have the Catholic identity stripped from a pontifical university that went off its trolley decades ago. This university is the home of Muller’s mentor, Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez, the inventor of “liberation theology,” which Muller has repeatedly failed to condemn in the slightest, repeatedly referring to it as misunderstood. It is very probable the university leadership, crowing at this “victory,” is the source of this leak:

A letter from the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to Cardinal Cipriani seems to support the University of Peru’s rebellion against the Pope

Gerhard Ludwig Müller is a Doctor “Honoris Causa” at the former Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). As Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he had stayed out of the conflict between the institution’s authorities, the Archbishop of Lima and the Holy See. But a letter of his addressed to Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani was interpreted as an expression of support for the university’s rebellion against the Pope.

In the letter, Müller asks for an explanation regarding the decision not to renew the ecclesiastical permission to teach at the PUCP of some Professors from the university’s Theology Department. The decision to withhold permission was communicated by the archbishop last December and came as a result of the decree issued by the Vatican last June, forbidding the university to use the titles “Pontifical” and “Catholic”.
Although the content is meant to be confidential, Peruvian magazine Caretas revealed some parts of the text. The Prefect apparently wrote that the university can continue to give theology lectures until the Holy See has fully resolved the problem. If this is true, it would come as a huge blow to the archbishop of Lima who is fighting a legal and ecclesiastical battle to drive home the fact that the university belongs to the Church.
In Peru, the sheer fact that this letter exists was an encouragement to rector Marcial Rubio and his collaborators, who on several occasions refused to reform the university’s statutes to bring them in line with the Vatican’s regulations on Catholic universities, the Apostolic Constitution “Ex Corde Ecclesiae”.
Read the rest at the link. It’s most disconcerting.
I haven’t written much about Archbishop Muller, but I think………I think we’ve had quite enough of Germans in the Curia for a while.

No laity found to bring up gifts, consecration delayed two hours! February 6, 2013

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What a disaster!  Those selfish, selfish people!  Don’t they know the laity presenting the gifts is the “other” source and summit of our Faith?  Just like the Novus Ordo has all those other “real presences?!?!”   What could they have been thinking?!?

Pastor of St. Dwenden [uhhhhhh] Catholic Church in Toronto, Canada Ben Gregory was forced to postpone the consecration for nearly two hours early Sunday morning after lead usher Kevin Sarkosy was unsuccessful in locating anyone willing to bring up the bread and wine for the presentation of the gifts at Mass. “Obviously the presentation is as important to the Mass as the consecration is…everyone knows that,” [Especially Bishop Anibale Bugnini] Sarkosy told Eye of the Tiber as he and three others searched, frantically, for a willing family to present the gifts. “In fact, I go as far as to say that the laity’s role in presenting the gifts is as important as Father Gregory’s is in consecrating it. Without Mary’s Fiat, after all, there is no Jesus to be born; and without the laity’s Fiat in presenting, there is no bread to become Jesus…if you think about like that.” [Yes, truly deep liturgical insight there]  Sarkosy went on to report that everyone was acting very peculiar as he approached them to ask whether they would be interested in participating. “They all had their heads down…like they were praying or something,” [Imagine!  Praying the Mass!  What kind of “active participation” is that?!?] Sarkosy chuckled. “I mean, me and my wife would’ve done it, of course, except that we had the money baskets to carry.

I just can’t even comprehend the selfishness of these people, refusing the chance to take on thier role in the universal priesthood of the baptized and take part in that alternate “source and summit!” What is wrong with the Church today?  How could people pray at Mass like that, when there are so very many important jobs to do?!?  At any Mass worthy of the name, at least half the laity should be running around doing something, anything!  Especially at the kiss of peace, if 2/3 of the congregation doesn’t cover at least half the nave then it’s a bust.  Anything short of a Chinese fire drill is a disaster!  What a denial of the Holy Spirit!

From my understanding, however, this news is actually pretty old. I believe it happened last April 1.

Ohhh, this Eye of the Tiber blog is going on my blogroll. It’s funnnny!

America kills more children before breakfast than died at Sandy Hook…. February 6, 2013

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…..or any other “mass” shooting in this nation’s history. If you added up all the children killed in mass violence in this country’s history, you probably wouldn’t have a count as high as are murdered by abortion in a single day.

So spare me your patently false concern trolling.  Sell your authoritarianism elsewhere.


h/t Acts of the Apostasy