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On the radio tonight February 7, 2013

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Well, I had a guest planned but they fell through! So, I’ll go solo again. You can listen live here or anytime after the fact. Bring your universal translator, though, for tonight’s episode will be entirely in Swahili. Hey, maybe I can interview Uhura!

Uhura looks a little stonesd. Well, it was the 60s.

Uhura looks a little stoned. Well, it was the 60s.

I’m gonna be sick……pre-school turned into freewheeling den of sexual hedonism February 7, 2013

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And, strangely enough, not be adults abusing kids, but by kids abusing others. In this case, an apparently already abused kindergarten girl seducing……..the fact that I have to type that makes me want to chop my handws off…….4 and 5 year old boys.  At least, that’s what’s being reported.   If you watch the video at the link, apparently, full-blown scenes of debauchery to make Caligula blush were taking place on school grounds in the bathrooms, on the playground, and at naptime. Extreme content warning!  If you’re a sensible soul, skip this!

 At least six parents have sued a Carson preschool following revelations that their children were allegedly involved in sexual acts with each other on school grounds.

Attorney Greg Owen filed the lawsuit Tuesday against First Lutheran Church of Carson School on behalf of the parents, who claim staff members failed to supervise the students and allowed them to engage in the inappropriate behavior.

Richard McCarthy said his 5-year-old son was molested in an unlocked bathroom in Oct. 2012.

“A teacher opened the door and saw this girl performing oral sex on my son,” he said.

The sexual misconduct reportedly occurred multiple times in the bathroom, on the playground and during naptime.

Owen said the girl who allegedly had contact with McCarthy’s son was molested by another child last year and school officials didn’t do anything about it.

Somewhere, this almost certainly started with an adult.  An adult destroying a child’s innocence, forever.  And now little children are doing it to each other.

I have read, anecdotally but in several places now, of this kind of behavior becoming more and more widespread among young elementary-school students, and, now, pre-schoolers!  Has such always been going on, and we never heard of it?!?  I’ve followed the news pretty closely, very closely, all my life, and I can’t recall this kind of thing happening between little children until recently.  It is known, that behaviors like this tend to trickle from older kids to younger ones, however they start.  A lot of child sex abuse is committed by somewhat older children.  Now, the original child that starts the trend is often abused themselves, but just general childhood promiscuity is growing. And it’s getting younger and younger.

Then again, perhaps some kids have stumbled across their parents porn collection and had their innocence destroyed in that manner. Perhaps they followed one of the links on dad’s laptop.  Who knows.  It’s danged disturbing, though.

The mainstream media is finally starting to figure out that low birth rates are very bad February 7, 2013

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Via Jill Stanek, a California newspaper runs a story on the states rapidly declining birth rate.  The secular media is finally starting to figure out that the population explosion propaganda they’ve mindlessly regurgitated for decades is not only no longer operative, but it’s the complete opposite of what’s going on.  What is going on, in almost every nation on earth, is a collapse of birth rates unseen in recorded human history.  This birth rate collapse could well be the harbinger of general societal collapse if it is not arrested and reversed, as economies require human beings to make and buy things, and the modern socialist wealth transfer policies all share a massive built in assumption: constantly increasing population, especially among the young. The fact that this assumption no longer holds true, and hasn’t held true for 4 decades, is the prime reason why virtually every advanced nation faces unsustainable debt and the possibility of economic calamaties of epic proportions.

If you peruse the data at the bottom, you’ll see that there is a very strong correlation between more liberal states and the lowest birth rates, and a concommitantly high rate of birth in the most conservative states.  This trend, if it continues, will rapidly become untenable, as the federal government, through government force, will soon be transferring more and more wealth not just between classes, but between different regions of the country.

Good luck with that.


A couple other factors.  The states with the lowest birth rates have some of the highest abortion rates, especially New York and California.  In addition, the dropoff in birth rates began in 2007, before the economy imploded, but right about the time that hispanic immigration began to fall off.  As I have pointed out in other posts, widespread acceptance of contraception in nominally Catholic, hispanic countries has led to thier birth rates collapsing to the point that they no longer have the huge excess populations to export to the United States.  The immigration issue is in the process of resolving itself naturally, and the US bishops will have to find another way to get the Church growing again.

Does anything turn a youth off more than a patently square oldster trying to be hip? February 7, 2013

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Such a worldly approach. They. Just. Don’t. Get. It.  I have never, ever subscribed to the belief that in order to “reach out to the youth,” we must stoop to their level. This mentality has led to the horrific, baby-ish catachesis that so dominates in the Church today.  It not only insults the intelligence of the youth it is directed at, it frankly bores them to death. So, they walk away from the experience with the impression that the Church has little to offer them, is boring as all get out, and is more than anything else, passe’ or “uncool.”

Members of the Pontifical Council for Culture have assembled for a conference devoted to “Emerging Youth Cultures.”

The conference opened with a performance by The Sun, described in media accounts as an Italian Christian punk rock group. “We will have our cardinals, bishops, and consultors, these highbrow intellectual men and women of culture, engaging with the youth through the language of music,” said Richard Rouse, an official of the pontifical council.  [maybe if these “highbrow intellectuals” had a little less intellect and a little more zeal for the Faith and lost their hatred of Tradition they might have a bit more success.  I say hatred of Tradition……have you ever tried to tell your local Novus Ordo parish that you use the Baltimore Catechism to instruct your children?  The horror!]

Rouse told Vatican Radio that Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the pontifical council’s president, “has been trying to engage with the music of [the late English singer] Amy Winehouse [Gee, Cardinal, do you spend much time talking about how Winehouse drank herself to death? Such a glorious example for our youth!] in the last few days, and he’s very interested in finding out what are the expectations of the youth, what is their language, what is this desire, this very strong passionate emotional will to participate in life and the drama of life, but at the same time it’s not engaging with the Church.”  [Well, if you try to present the Church in secular terms, you’re bound to fail. If you present the Church as something eternal, spiritual, unworldly, and grandly mysterious, you’ll have a much greater chance of success.  That’s what finally brought me in…..not all the banal homilies and insipid folk hymns, but the sense of mystery and the transcendent regarding the Blessed Sacrament.  That, and lots and lots of prayers by my wife.  In a word, Grace……Grace brought me into trying to fully engage myself in the Faith]

Rouse added, “Why is there this breakdown in the transmission of the faith? Why are we not able to talk to them in a language that they can understand?”

Indeed. Just where is that breakdown?  Is it because they Church hasn’t sufficiently prostrated Herself before the youth of today and the mores of a fallen world?  Or could it be that so many in the Church today very apparently lack that zeal that is so attractive and irresistible, and can’t transmit the glory of the Faith to others because they lack it themselves?  How many ardent sinners did St. Catherine of Siena convert?  How about St. Padre Pio? How about just your average holy, devout priest? Did they work these miracles of conversion by being worldly?  By “finding the youth where they’re at?”

Ugh, it’s just so revealing!  The desperation and the complete inability to even imagine what the problem might be, and the constant recourse to all the same, tired, failed programs that have led to 80% of young people leaving the Faith as adults.

And the tragedy is, the solution is soooo simple.  Have the Faith yourself, love it, cherish it, witness that love publicly, and you’ll attract souls young, old, and in between by the score.  The Church used to know this.  Evangelization is not easy, but it’s simple as all get out. Be faithful.  Demonstrate true zeal and charity. Have the courage of your convictions.  Be informed. Be able to answer all the world’s questions and it’s assumed “answers” against religion, which have been refuted a thousand times by the Church.

Uff da, well, good luck with your new program.