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In other late-breaking Vatican news….. February 11, 2013

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……Vatican officials in negotiations to exchange Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment with the painting above from the Las Vegas Cathedral:

VATICAN CITY––An official at the Vatican Press Office today announced that the Vatican was in preliminary negotiations with Las Vegas bishop Joseph Pepe to swap Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment with the world-renowned painting The Rise of the Sentients located inside Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, Nevada. Monsignor Alexander Bader, a spokesman for the Sistine Chapel, told reporters earlier this morning that The Last Judgment, though exquisite in its own right, had “run its course.” “We do not doubt the beauty of Michelangelo’s piece,” Bader told reporters. “But the fact is that the wonderfully pure artistry and vibrant colors of The Rise of the Sentients, with its images of bare-chested sentients flying up, up and away to heaven or Krypton, call it what you may, lends itself to what the theme of our chapel ought to be…artwork communicating itself on an inner level, found not so much in the painting itself, as it is in the viewer…very much like our faith.” Bader did not disclose many specifics about the trade, saying only that it was officials at the Sistine Chapel that initiated the offer, and that thus far, Pepe has been reluctant to trade the piece. “Who could blame him? All I can say at this time is that Bishop Pepe has indeed denied our first offer. We are currently working on a proposal that could also include the Pieta, and possibly even the Basilica of Saint Mary Major.”

I can well understand Bishop Pepe’s position – certainly, it would be impossible to part with a classic like Rise of the Sentients. And it’s just so perfectly in conformity with the cathedral’s classic rocket-ship A-frame construction.  Such a treasure from the 60s!   Googie at it’s finest. I am certain that hundreds of years from now, this classic of mid-20th century liturgical art will be revered at least as much, if not far more, than anything the renaissance produced.


Oh, I can’t keep it up anymore.  What a disaster.  Somehow fitting for Lost Wages, though.  Apparently, there is a 70 story casino next door that completely dominates the cathedral.  And people put casino chips in the collection basket.


I’ve looked at a bunch of photos of this awkwardly dated structure, and I while the Cathedra is dead center behind the altar, I can’t find a tabernacle anywhere, not even in photos of the attached chapel.  Maybe at far left in the photo below?


They have three vigil Masses!  The earliest is at 2:30!  Isn’t that more than pushing things?

But, they do have Confession before every Mass.  That’s something.


Ohh….found it.  Tabernacle in a  2nd side chapel:

2012-06-27 10_01_26

Ah, yes, nothing says Adoration like staring inescapably at modernist grotesqueries.

I loved the joke about “heaven or Krypton or whatever”………the “rise of the sentients” does look like Superman flying!  Or even more, it looks like Nazi propaganda……like Triumph of the Will……….Triumph of the Sentients!  That’s it!  Especially the image at the top…..like Nazi WWII propaganda.  Wow. What a nightmare.

I don’t have a clue who the next Pope will be……. February 11, 2013

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….so don’t even ask! But I do know who I am praying very hard for!



In case you didn’t get that:


It’s a big news day! Breaking news on this blog! February 11, 2013

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I am sorry to report that Fidelis Radio, on which my little one hour a week radio show has been “broadcast” for the past 8 months, has ceased to exist. It is kaput, no more.  I have not heard from Rebecca in weeks.  I know she was taken ill, from which illness I pray she has fully recovered, but she left a cryptic message on her page at blogtalkradio about not being interested in continuing her radio efforts and her account at BTR has lapsed.  So, there is no more network.

Having said that, Christine Niles had a program on Fidelis called Forward Boldly that she wanted to continue, so she created her own BTR account to keep her show going.  She is offering me the opportunity to continue my show if I’ll assist her with the cost of the “network” account.  It’s a very small amount, about $10 a month.

So, I could continue the show if I want.  But, I must say, I have very mixed feelings about doing so. I have not found the internet radio experience very rewarding.  Perhaps because I’ve been in a “real” studio on a panel type program with others to interact (and enjoy) with, I find talking for an hour while staring at a computer screen, or the ceiling, or whatever, rather unedifying.  I also find it difficult.  But I think the biggest issue is that I just don’t get much sense of reaching people with the program.  Now, part of that is my own fault, I’ve had all kinds of technical issues and I haven’t been very diligent about booking guests – that sort of gets back to my mixed feelings – so I don’t know that there is much of an audience, but just overall, I never get any calls, there are a few folks in the chatroom, which is nice, but I think most of those are carry-overs from Rebecca’s shows which are now gone, so I just don’t get much feedback.  It’s not that I need a great deal of feedback, but I really have no idea if I’m reaching many people, and, frankly, if I’m not, I’d rather spend my time doing other things.  Every hour or whatever I dedicate to a radio show is an hour I’m taking from something else, like my family.  So, I need a good reason to justify continuing it.

Another factor is that I have developed the growing sense over the past several months that I am more of a writer than a talker.  And that’s not saying much!

I do know there are some local folks attached to the blog that listen. I know there are some others that go to Mater Dei that I think listen, too.  So, here’s what I’ll do.  If this post gets a strong response indicating people are interested in my continuing the show, I’ll take that strongly into consideration in determining whether to keep the program alive. If it doesn’t, I’ll assume I’m right, that the program only has limited impact and I’d be better off doing other things.

I am very glad that there are people who enjoy the show, please don’t think I’m not grateful for your listening and support.  In fact, if it hadn’t been for the support I’ve received from local folks, I would have cancelled the show months ago.

One final note. If I do continue the show, it’s going to be even more hardcore-Catholic focused.  I had one request for “inside baseball,” like internal Church politics here in the diocese and whatnot. I can try, but I really don’t know much more than I’ve already put on the blog.  But, I think the show would focus even more on matters related to traditional aspects of the Faith. For instance, I might have Fr. Rodriguez on more.  We’ll see.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark February 11, 2013

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Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm.  Last week Mass was in the chapel, I think tonight’s is in the church but if not just turn around and enter the glass doors for the chapel, I would guess.

Novus Ordo Latin Mass (Ad Orientem!) at a Dominican convent in California

Novus Ordo Latin Mass (Ad Orientem!) at a Dominican convent in California


Video of papal resignation statement February 11, 2013

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Rome Reports has a video of Pope Benedict making his resignation statement.  Certainly not a joyous occasion. The Holy Father looks tired and resigned.   The announcement is in Latin. It is very likely that Pope Benedict will be the last pope fluent in Latin for a long time:

Another overview:

This announcement is not totally out of left field. Pope Benedict XVI has discussed the possibility of resigning in the past.   There were even some clarifications in Vatican procudure in the event of papal resignation he released some months ago (I’m trying to find these, but can’t at present).  I remember they caused a little flurry of speculation about Benedict resigning which were quickly denied and put down.  And I think the Pope has discussed the possibility in interviews.

On the local level, Fr. Cargo’s talk tonight at St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Plano will now include discussion of Pope Benedict’s retirement. That could be very helpful, I am sure many souls are bewildered and struggling to understand this development.

If my previous post on Pope Benedict XVI seemed too negative…. February 11, 2013

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…..let me say this. Thank you Pope Benedict for all you’ve done, and I pray your decision is made in light of Grace and will work to the good of the Church. I thank you for your tremendous efforts and successes at restoring the Mass and the Faith. I thank you for a very storied life dedicated almost entirely to the Church. Just, thanks.  You have been, from my perspective, by far the best Pope of my lifetime, and the only Pope I’ve really known since I was touched by Grace and came alive in the Faith.  You will be tremendously missed by this Catholic.


Unbelievable news – Pope Benedict XVI resigns February 11, 2013

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Wow. Quite a stunner, huh?  A few incoherent thoughts:

I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit scandalized by this.  There are no indications Pope Benedict has any particularly grave illness, other than old age.  Very, very surprising.  Interestingly, I just had lunch with a friend late last week who indicated he didn’t particularly pray for a long pontificate for Benedict XVI – I do, because from what I can tell, almost all the alternatives out there are likely to be much less orientated towards the restoration of the Faith.  Pope Benedict was a man of many internal contradictions, like we all are, I suppose, but if you look back over the past 30 years, the nascent restoration of the Faith has been almost entirely a one man show.  Certainly, the restoration of the Faith has been the work of the Holy Spirit, but for the Holy Spirit to work, He must find a sould to cooperate with Grace.  That soul has almost invariably been Pope Benedict XVI.

So many things are amazing, surprising about this.  Pope Benedict will be one of only one or possibly two other popes to have truly voluntarilty resigned (there were some rather unvoluntarily “resignations” during the terrible period for the Papacy from ~850 – 1050 or so).  He’s leaving during the great year of faith, which is not coincidentally also 50th anniversary “celebrations” of Vatican II (aka the last big push to canonize the Council).  He’s leaving without resolving the SSPX situation to even a slight degree, something he expended tremendous energy on.  In fact, so many of Pope Benedict’s top priorities – liturgical reform, re-centering catachesis on Truth instead of worldly concerns, many more – are being abandoned, in essence, in a quite nascent stage of development.  I find that surprising, I thought these things meant enough to Pope Benedict to continue on in the Papacy until God determined it was over.

That’s another aspect – as the Pope himself has said, the essence of religious life is obedience.  In essence, God revealed His Will when Pope Benedict was elected. Is this resignation a shirking of that Will? Every Pope for the past 600 years has died in office. They, too, experienced decays in their abilities to function to varying degrees, although some died suddenly. It seems a bit of a rebuke of his calling to resign.

It is disheartening – if not downright disgusting – to countenance Cardinal Mahony voting in this conclave.  But, I guess he voted in the last one.  Crikey.

As to the Pope’s successor – hoo boy, won’t that be interesting.  “Conservatives” have held the Papacy for 35 years……will there be a feeling that it’s time for a change?  Ouellet is being named.  But nobody really knows, these things rarely go the way the prognosticators predict. Few predicted Benedict, fewer still JPII.  I guess we’ll know in a month or so.

In the interim, great focus on prayer would seem very advisable.   Prayer for the new Pope, and old.

Won’t it be passing strange to have a living, retired pontiff hanging around the Vatican?  I think that’s going to lead to all kinds of complications.  Every time the new Pope does something, it will be compared with his still living predecessor.  Yikes…….that could get messy.  In fact, it could prove to be a nightmare should Pope Benedict live for many years. What if he outlives his successor?  Can he then take part in even the conclave following that?

One more thought – I must wonder how much this resignation has to do with Pope Benedict’s own very apparent sense of frustration at not being able to get his will implemented in the Church.  The Pope has been quoted as pointing at the door of his “office” and saying “my authority stops there,” meaning, he can’t get much if anything done in the Church outside his papal apartments. I wonder if the timing has anything to do with +Muller’s seeming rebuke of the man who appointed him – the Holy Father – over this long running battle with the former pontifical university in Lima, Peru.  Perhaps Pope Benedict was really, really looking for a junior version of himself for the CDF head, and so went with a German he thought he could trust. Pope Benedict has waged a serious war agaisnt liberation theology for the past 30 years – he really, totally opposes it. I guess he thought – or was convincingly told – that Muller’s attachment to liberation theology was slight, at best. Oops.  It appears it’s much more than that.  I’m not saying this would be the decisive issue, but perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Who knows!  Just my wild ramblings.