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Lenten Mortification Project February 15, 2013

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As a challenge to your charity, I ask if you can pray for this  woman who apparently hates the Church:

I had a request to delete the pic, as it was too distracting. Your wish is my command!

Uff da.

Anyway, this woman, Joan Carol Oates, wrote several tweets (if that counts as writing) indicating her great depth of liberal tolerance:

Cruise-ship disasters, like scandals in the Catholic church, make us wonder why anyone in his right mind would be willingly involved

She then linked to radical sodomite Benedict-bashing bear Andrew Sullivan’s most recent catharsis of hate:

Beautifully written & persuasively argued critique of the Pope yet for non-Catholics the issue is baffling: why be Catholic?

Then this, which I’m still trying to figure out:

Even a woman not so very interested in fashion would, if elected Pope, redesign the Papal costume for a more “contemporary” look.

I guess that means she hearts womynpriestesseses. Or lesbian wicca/druid love goddesses.  Same thing.

It is true, God does gift us very differently.  Some of us are given larger crosses to bear.   Oates was given enormous gifts of writing apparently – I’d never heard of her until today, I don’t think, but apparently she’s written dozens of novels, many of which have been very well received by all the right kinds of people. The same kinds of people that for 2000 years have held the Church in utter disregard.  And especially the very low, very impressionable sorts that must make up any body like the Church.

I should note that this is a woman who was raised in the Church, according to her bio. She now describes herself as an atheist.  Having skimmed some of her very writings, I would tend to imagine Oates is the very sensitive sort, who was scandalized out of the Church when she found It wasn’t perfect. Or, more accurately, that the people within the Church weren’t perfect, for the mystical, spiritual aspect of the Church is Perfect in its being the Body of Christ.

So while she may be unappealing on so many levels, perhaps you could offer up some prayer for Ms. Oates.  I’m going to try to make this a sort of Lenten project – to pray for Ms. Oates conversion and for a huge infusion of obviously badly needed Grace.  People who hate the Church shouldn’t be hated. They should be pitied.

Pray 30 day St. Joseph Novena February 15, 2013

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Reader/commenter MJD sent me this and asked me to post this.  It’s supposed to be a very efficacious 30 day Novena of the Holy Cloak of St. Joseph.  I’ve got to say, I’m a bit confused as to how it works, other than that it starts today.  The link is here, but I’m uncertain if you’re supposed to pray everything at the link for the Novena (that would be quite a lot), or just some of it.  MJD, or anyone else with familiarity with this Novena, please explain in the comments. I’ll update the post if we get clarity.

But I always encourage devotion to good St. Joseph. He has always been there for me.


Join world-wide Rosary crusade for Papal Conclave February 15, 2013

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Around the world, faithful Catholics are offering daily Rosaries for the upcoming Papal Conclave.  Nothing real specific, just prayers for the greater good of Holy Mother Church and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary in the world.

If you want to add any more specific intentions regarding the departing Holy Father, his successor, or anything related, feel free.

I heartily recommend this effort.  If you already pray a daily Rosary, perhaps you could add on for this specific intention?

Dominus vobiscum!

I don’t often engage in blogfoolery….. February 15, 2013

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……..which I define as internecine conflicts between Catholic blogs, castigating other Catholic bloggers for being wrong.  But I have to take issue with Catholic Culture’s complete refusal to carry the Holy Father’s stinging condemnation of the “Spirit of Vatican II” and his description of the horrific fruit the last council has born.  Catholic Culture’s main news page Catholic World News carries only one brief article on the Pope’s stunning address to the priests of his Diocese, which doesn’t mention the Pope’s most accurate, most telling description of the state of the Church since the Council in the slightest:

Pope Benedict XVI offered an extemporaneous recollection of his experiences at Vatican II, as he met on February 14 with the pastors of the Rome diocese.

Greeted in the Paul VI auditorium by a long and loud round of applause, the Pope thanked the clerics for their support and especially for their prayers. He promised that he would continue to prayer for them after his retirement. “Even if I step down now I am always close in prayer and you will all be close even if I remain hidden to the world,” the Pope said.

Confirming his plans to remove himself from the public scene, Pope Benedict said that he would be “hidden to the world” after his retirement.

Introducing his reflections on Vatican II, the Pope referred to the effects of aging that had prompted him to resign. “For today, given the conditions of my age, I could not prepare a great, real address, as one might expect,” he said. “But rather I thought of chatting about the Second Vatican Council as I saw it.”

And that’s it. No mention of how Pope Benedict described the Council’s effect as “cataclysmic.”  No mention of how he described a liturgy devastated, religious life gravely wounded and almost wiped out in many orders, priesly vocations collapsed, nothing.  Just a grand silence. I have observed that other mainstream Catholic news sites like Zenit have similarly embargoed this amazing news development.  It’s like it didn’t happen.

Why would that be?  Why would Catholic news sites choose to ignore one of the most critical and damning sets of comments made by this Pope in his entire pontificate?  I think you can imagine why.  Because, while it is very possible to argue that Pope Benedict is scapegoating the media to preserve the sanctity of the Council and his participation in it, these are comments that cut far too close to the bone for those who are constant apologists for the Council.  I have personally engaged with theologian Dr. Jeff Mirus offline on some issues related to the Council, and I think I can state rather accurately that he steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that there could be even the slightest deficiencies in the documents of Vatican II.  But when the Pope points at the media, the immediate questions leap to mind: did the media develop the Novus Ordo, did the media impose collegiality, did the media force religious orders to rewrite their constitutions – most of them written by great Saints –  in a radical manner, etc., etc?  And from there, it’s a easy to develop a very powerful argument that says “Look, the Pope himself has said the fruit of the most recent Council is rotten.  More and more Catholics are acknowledging or strongly suspecting the same.  Now, was it really the media that caused this calamity, or is the problem the documents themselves?”  This speech points at places a certain type of Catholic reporter/blogger simply does not want to go.  And so, the whole meat of the speech has been embargoed.

It is rather ironic, because I have personally read Mirus castigate the media for slanting coveage of matters related to the Church.  In fact, he does so regularly.

None of this is to say that the media wasn’t incredibly influential at the Council. It was for that very reason that Pope Pius IX barred any access to the media at Vatican I, on pain of extreme penalties. He knew the media had the potential to influence the minds of Council Fathers tremendously.  At Vatican II, however, with the worldly concept of aggiornamento, the liberal media had incredibly intimate and influential access to all kinds of prelates, especially those on the progressive side. And the progressive side was very good at using their media contacts to push their agenda.

But it is also true that both during and after the Council, partly through pushing the progressive agenda (and driving it), and partly in going well beyond even that, the media did create in the minds of many Catholics the idea that the Council was some extremely radical departure from the past and that everything prior to Vatican II was obsolete. So, that much is true.  But it’s going to take years and many ardent prayers and penances to get future Popes to start the process of either realizing Vatican II in the light of Tradition, or simply ignoring it more and more and moving on.  As I’ve said before, I expect the latter to be the far more likely alternative.

But even that’s going to be a mess.  Do you imagine, for instance, that national episcopal conferences and local ordinaries are going to be willing to give up any of the bureaucratic empires they’ve created since Vatican II?  And therein lies so very much of the problem.  Vatican II will prove resistant to change or diminshment, because so very many people in the Church have a vested interest in seeing there be no true “reform of the reform.”  Or demolition of the auto-demolition.


Non sequitur but SWEET – CVW-8 F-18 video February 15, 2013

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Great video.  But it breaks my heart how empty the flight decks on our carriers are nowadays. 15-20 years ago there would have been twice as many aircraft.  Even though defense spending went up tremendously under Bush, almost all of it was frittered away on pointless wars and equipment like UAVs which have almost no utility outside the most permissive, lowest threat environments.  Global Hawk, Predator – they’re useless in a fight with a peer or near peer competitor.

Oh, and the soundtrack is awful.  Why is it that so many fighter pilots (except for Lex, RIP) have such crappy taste in music?  It’s all like Danger Zone.  Please.

Watch it in hi-res.

The aircraft are F-18Fs  from VFA-103 Jolly Rogers. I thought they were with CVW-7, but apparently they’re back with Carrier Air Wing Eight.

Interesting the pilot is wearing an old-school bone dome in high-visibility white with no Joint Helmet Mounted Cuing System.