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Extremely important document on homosexuality on the priesthood February 20, 2013

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Last week Rorate Caeli posted a translation from the Polish of a text produced by Fr. Dariusz Oko on the grave, very grave, problem of homosexuals in the priesthood, both active and inactive.  I did not take the time to read it last week as I lacked the time, but I have read a good bit of it this week and I think it is a very important document that all concerned/faithful Catholics should read.   It’s so good it’s difficult to excerpt.  I’ll try to give an overview: the sodomite abuse problem did not break as early in Poland as it did in other countries. It’s been a rather recent phenomenon. But if Fr. Oka – and those other Polish Church figures he quotes – are any indication, they’re handling the problem much more seriously, much better, there.  He starts by explaining what the homosexual priest network is, how it works, how it deforms the priesthood, and how they have managed to gain control over levers of power throughout the Church. He then explains how contrary the homosexual orientation (and activity) is with respect to the right function of the priesthood and how terribly disfiguring having even a relatively small, but influential, number of homosexual priests in the clergy is for the Church as a whole.  He also has charitable concern for the souls of those lost in this depravity, while noting those who have fallen so far typically are extremely difficult to raise up again, especially when they have been denying such incredibly powerful lights of Grace through abuse of the Rite of Ordination, Consecration day after day, etc., all the while living a lie.

The document moves on to discussion of how Pope Benedict has implemented reforms – unequally observed, I must add – regarding denying access to Holy Orders for those with a profound homosexual orientation, and how the Church is struggling to overcome this seemingly diabolical plot to destroy the faith of millions, let alone the poor lost priests themselves.  It’s an involved read, I’d guess at least 12-15,000 words, but it’s very worth your time.  I think it might make a very good topic for a certain men’s group I belong to, sometime.

I pray there are many more men (or women, for that matter) like Fr. Oko who are willing to speak openly and forthrightly about this very pressing crisis in the Church.


1. Michael P. Mc Crory - February 21, 2013

Fr.Oko’s article is well worth the time to read.
It really helps one to see the big picture at one swoop.
I have had dealings with many Irish Bishops
( including Magee – here mentioned ) over priest abuses and bad teachings.
In every single case my complaints were dismissed out of hand with an
” How dare you!”
response every time.
Thank you.

2. Richard - February 21, 2013

Not long after the scandals came to light in 2002, I read the book Goodbye Good Men by Michael Rose. There is an entire chapter titled The Gay Subculture. Most of the research took place between 1975 and 1995. This book awakened me into why there have been “lost vocations” throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. The book also covers a few religious orders, who had lost their way.

Many of the dioceses known for strong vocations throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s were ones who screened out those with SSA, and those who opposed things such as the ordination of women. For example, Arlington (VA) had an excellent vocation director and a great bishop from 1985 to 1999, and sent seminarians to orthodox places, As many as 7 ordinations were taking place per year. Today, the average age of a priest in the Diocese of Arlington (VA) is close to 50 years old, where the rest of the country the average age is something like 63.

The Diocese of Lincoln (NE), and the Dioceses of Peoria and Rockford (Illinois) have similar stories about how orthodoxy begets vocations, and like Arlington (VA), these dioceses were saying “what priest shortage?” 15-20 years ago.

One of my favorite vocation stories pertains to the Archdiocese of Kansas City (KS) between 1993 and 2003, and I have another good one about the Diocese of Charleston (SC) when Bishop Robert Baker took the helm, but those are for another time.

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