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Catholic Relief Services confirms it is funding two more pro-abort groups February 21, 2013

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No debate this time, even Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has confirmed they are funding these Mexican pro-abort groups, but CRS is making the rather amazing claim that just because these groups have called for more liberal abortion lawas in Mexico, that doesn’t make them pro-abort:

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the U.S. bishops’ international development agency, has funded at least two organizations in Mexico that LifeSiteNews has verified as opposing pro-life constitutional amendments and supporting the provision of abortion by the government.

The funding of the groups has been confirmed in an e-mail received by LifeSiteNews.com from CRS Director of Communications John Rivera.

The two pro-abortion groups that have received CRS backing in Mexico are the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Center (FRAYBA), and the Center for Reflection and Action on Labor Issues (CEREAL), both of which are currently advertised as “partners” on CRS’s own website.

However, when asked by LifeSiteNews.com, Rivera refused to answer whether CRS was funding other pro-abortion organizations in Mexico, such as the “All Rights for Everyone” National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations (TDT).

He also refused a request asking for a complete list of organizations funded or supported by CRS in Latin America and worldwide. [Now, why in the world would a Church charity funded by donations from pious souls refuse to allow those souls to know how their money is being spent?]

Rivera admitted to LifeSiteNews.com that CRS has known about the two groups’ signatures on a declaration advocating the legalization of abortion since 2009, but continued to fund them at the time, because they claimed that “they neither advocate for nor condone abortion in any way.” Rivera did not say, however, if the groups admitted promoting the legalization of abortion and its provision by the government, as well as opposing pro-life state constitutional amendments, all of which LifeSiteNews.com has documented.

There is much more at the link.

How many pro-abort or pro-contracept groups is CRS funding?  It’s well over a dozen now, isn’t it?  And I’m sure that is just the tip of the iceberg – as LifeSiteNews notes, CRS is now trying to hide the identies of those they fund.  Such forthrightness!

As I’ve counseled for years, I would not give one dime to either Catholic Relief Services or Catholic Charities.  Give to the Cardinal Kung Foundation, instead.

How modernists operate(d) within the Church…… February 21, 2013

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 ……and what some of their leaders believed.  In getting into some real red meat in Roberto de Mattei’s The Second Vatican Council: an unwritten story, he explains how the modernist movement went underground after it was condemned by Pope St. Pius X in 1907, either moderating public beliefs just enough to be acceptable, or camoflauging their activities by moving out of theology and into areas like liturgy and the study of Sacred Scripture.   They definitelyvideordm formed a semi-secret cabal with leadership in given areas, disciples, programs to recruit new members, meetings, agendas, etc – everything one would expect an organized body to have.  They laid low for 10-15 years after Pascendi – the document used by Pope St. Pius X to condemn the modernists – and then just gradually came back into the open, but this time there was no Saint with the charity, the fortitude, and the faith to oppose them.  They gained more and more power and influence, until, during the Pontificate of Pius XII, in many respects the real, orthodox Church was just a fragile veneer over a seething cauldron of modernist heresy. At least as far as academics, leaders of many religious orders, and other individuals of more than usual influence in the Church were concerned.  All that heresy needed to explode and run rampant in the Church was a spark, and while I haven’t gotten that far in the book yet, I’m sure de Mattei will argue that Vatican II provided that spark.

Two questions I’ve personally had, and that I get asked a lot, is why don’t people who flat out admit to disbelieving even such elemental things as the Incarnation and Resurrection just be intellectually honest and leave the Church, and what do “modernist beliefs” really mean?  To answer the first, here is a quote discussing how the modernists themselves described their operation:

An “insider” [of the elitist, academically-linked modernist cabal] like the French ex-Benedictine Albert Houtin, in describing the plan of modernism, foresaw that the innovators would not leave the Church, not even if they had lost the faith, but would remain as long as possible to propagate their ideas. “It is in this sense that it was agreed around 1903 and was still written in 1911, that no true modernist, whether layman or priest, would be able to abandon the Church or cassock, because otherwise he would then cease to be a modernist in the lofty sense of the term;” “at the same time as the Delenda Cathargo [‘Carthage must be destroyed’, an ancient Roman political slogan], why not carry out the Dissolvenda [‘It [the Church] must be dissolved’]?”

“Until now,” Ernesto Buonaiuti [a major Italian modernist]  explained in turn, “they wanted to reform Rome without Rome, or even against Rome. Rome needs to be reformed with Rome; they have to act so that the reform passes through the hands of those who need to be reformed. This is the true and infallible method……”  [And this is what many critics of Vatican II feel occurred at the Council] (E. Buonaiuti, Il moderismo cattolico (Modena: Guanda, 1943), p. 128). From this perspective, modernism proposed to transform Catholicism from within, leaving intact, as much as possible, the external trappings of the Church. “The external worship,” Buonaiuti continues, “will last forever like the hierarchy, but the Church, as the teacher of the Sacraments and of her sacred orders, will modify her hierarchy and her worship according to the times: she wil make it simpler, freer, and thus more spiritual [hah! Is that what’s happened?] ; that way she will become a form of protestantism; but an



orthodox protestantism that is gradual and not violent, aggressive…….a protestantism that will not destroy the apostolic continuity of ecclesiastical ministry or the very essence of worship” [oops….many feel that “very essence of worship” has been destroyed, or at least horrifically mangled]

“Rome,” [the massively modernist “convert” to Catholicism] George Tyrell had asserted, “cannot be destroyed in a day, but it is necessary to make it fall into dust and ashes gradually and inoffensively, then we will have a new religion and a new decalogue.” [The intent is certainly crystal clear]

[End Quote] So we can see from the above that modernists intended to stay undercover in the Church, and to work to modify the beliefs of the Church not from the bottom up but from the top down, resulting in a top-down imposition of a radically new form of “church,” a church not of the Apostles, mysticism, the Body and Blood, Saints, Angels, Sacraments, etc., but of protestantism.  How can any belief system that so takes advantage of lying, subterfuge, and misrepresentation – as fundamental aspects of its operation – claim Divine Inspiration? What an insidious evil modernism was, and is. Quoting again:

The existence of this undeground stream that flowed into the Church was confirmed in 1978 when a hitherto unknown document was published, entitled dsc04544Out of the Depths: The Testament of Faith of Don Primo Vannutelli, a Roman priest who had died in Rome on April 9, 1945, in the community of the Oratorian Fathers [I’m going to skip a bit and condense: Don Vannutelli was from a well connected family that had produced two Cardinals in the 19th century. He was also completely modernist, but wrote in his “testament” how he had laid low, slowly influencing dozens of young priests and religious, spreading his modernist ideas clandestinely, never being discovered, but being very influential.  He was a mentor of a young Father Giovanni Battista Montini, the later Pope Paul VI, this established in Montini’s own letters published in Italy in 1998 by Xenio Toscani] Quoting again:

Don Primo Vannutelli articulates his profession in the new Church as follows:

“Careful studies………….have shown that according to the older Gospels Jesus did not know that he was the Logos of God, was God with the Father, and had been so before the creation of the world. In those accounts, Jesus never gives himself [sic] those titles. [So, Don Vannutelli jettisons the Gospel of St. John because it is not convenient for his belief system. This is all, entirely, B as in B, S as in S] He was a great prophet, the servant and son of God, sent to do a great work, but was not fortunate like Moses or Muhammad, or Francis of Assisi: when he was alive, his people were expecting a Messiah…It does appear that Jesus himself [sic] considered himself the Messiah: but he never said he was the Logos of God, God co-equal with the 14771440-abandoned-catholic-church-building-on-cat-island-bahamasFather.” [Yes, he did.  St. John’s Gospel is full of such statements: “Have you been with me so long Phillip, and still you do not know that I and the Father are one?!”  This guy just deletes the entire discourse after the Last Supper in St. John’s Gospel, one of the most beautiful, theologically dense, and important discourses Christ left us with. One must wonder how a person holding such beliefs could live in a religious community for decades and not be discovered, unless there was some sympathy for those views which helped keep them hidden, or explained them away as innocuous]

And if someone who reads these pages were to ask me: ‘What remains then of Christianity, if Jesus is not God?,’ I would tell him right away: ‘Very little remains: God, and the longing and joy of the universe.’ ‘But then, what will distinguish a Christian from a Jew and from a Muslim now?’ Would you be saddened if nothing really distinguished us? If in the Father’s love we were all of one mind and one heart? If, with all the causes of discord among men, we did not add what ought to be the cause of love? If the truth, which is one, were to unite us?”

——————-End All Quotes————————

Kumbayyah, my Lord.  One can certainly see how modernist theo-philosophical views align so well with, and very often stem from, left-wing political views.p-043637777 Can’t you see we’re all just brothers?  Forget that part where Jesus separates the wheat from the chaff, and speaks of being a sword of division……he was just speaking extemporaneously, just fooling about!  Actually, to a modernist, that was all made up after the fact, the idea of having to explain that the Blessed Sacrament is not cannibalism being such a natural starting point for any religion.  Sheesh.

The above is not to say that all modernists are quite this radical. Like any belief system, there is a spectrum, but those who were more honest, and more committed, held these types of views. It is amazing that such men could think they were doing good, when in order to exist in the Church at that time they had to lie constantly about who they were and what they believed, all the while working from within to destroy the Faith.  That such men were totally inured to the surely diabolical inspiration for what they were doing is very sad.  The devastated and empty churches of Europe (and those rapidly emptying in other locales like Central and South America) are the heirs of the triumph of modernism.

If you didn’t know what modernism was before, now you do.  God help us.

Former Convent of Notre Dame, a perfect figure for the impact of modernism on religious life

Former Convent of Notre Dame, a perfect figure for the impact of modernism on religious life

I’m sure I’ll have more from this book in the coming days.

Germany’s wolves in red (and pink) approve morning after pill February 21, 2013

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I guess this has been news for a day or so, but I may as well jump on the bandwagons of disappointment, grief, and condmenation.  What a scandal.  And what usual sophistry – pretending the these magical morning after pills “only” work by stopping fertilization, when even the FDA recognizes that every morning after pill has an abortifacient component, which will prevent implantation after fertilization has occurred. Thus, the German bishops, and by extension the entire Church, are now complicit in murder.  But at least they’ll get applause from the media, and those 5 star dinner party invitations are sure to come flowing in:

Germany’s Roman Catholic Church said on Thursday it had decided to permit certain types of “morning-after pill” for women who have been raped, after two Catholic hospitals provoked an outcry last month for refusing to treat a rape victim.

The German Bishops’ Conference said church-run hospitals would now ensure proper medical, psychological and emotional care for rape victims – including administering pills that prevent pregnancy without inducing an abortion.
Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said a four-day meeting of German bishops in the western town of Trier had “confirmed that women who have been victims of rape will get the proper human, medical, psychological and pastoral care”. [and have their babies killed]
“That can include medication with a ‘morning-after pill’ as long as this has a prophylactic and not an abortive effect,”  [this is impossible. See more ar Rorate Caeli] he said in a statement.  “Medical and pharmaceutical methods that induce the death of an embryo may still not be used.”
That means there is no change to the Catholic church’s ban on the so-called abortion pill based on the drug mifepristone or RU-486, and marketed as Mifegyne or Mifeprex
Just as they were 50 years ago, the bishops of the Germanic countries are out of control.  Schoenbron has done nothing to contain, let alone extirpate, the revolt by hundreds of modernist, heretical priests in Austria, dioceses in Switzerland are eager for protestant heretics to use their facilities for worship at any time, and Germany has refused a direct papal directive to change the words of Consecration from “for all” back to the timeless, accurate, and theologically correct “for many.”  Those are just a few items.  Lord, please give us less of these modernist Germans.  They still haven’t recovered entirely from their 12 year prostration before Moloch that ran from 1933-1945.  1914-1918 wasn’t any picnic, either.

Here’s a question – why should countries like France with fewer practicing Catholics than LA or NY in the entire country merit multiple Cardinals? Why is Boston an Archdiocese, when it is half the size of Dallas? All nominally, who knows how many Catholics listed in these dioceses are actually practicing, but you get my point.

Get your kids out of school. Now. February 21, 2013

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Via culturewarnotes, an article at American Thinker which describes some of the horrific excesses of the public education system in this country.  Private schools, heavily influenced by their public peers and federal mandates, are not significantly better in general, though there are exceptions.  The level of insanity in public schools has reached the breaking point, and the system as presently constructed on and dominated by leftist ideologies hostile to even a semblance of traditional morality is beyond reformation.   I agree with the article, schools are now more prisons focused on indoctrination and containment than centers of what has traditionally been known as “education:”

Has  it really come to this, that a boy with a shovel is a threat to the  community?


There’s  the boy who brought kombucha tea to school  in his own lunchbox.

The  six year old Maryland  boy suspend for making gun-hand gesture and saying … gasp …  Pow!

The Hyannis  School District’s threat to rid themselves of a boy, age five, who made a gun  out of Legos!

The Arizona  high school freshman suspended for being in possession a blankety blank  picture of a gun.

A  Loveland, Colorado 2nd Grader  playing at being hero during recess in a make believe game of saving his friends  by throwing an imaginary grenade into a box.

(take  the blood pressure pill, Geer)

The  five year old suspended  in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania and actually accused of being a terrorist for  playing with her ‘Hello Kitty Bubble Gun’. No, I did not make that up. Wait, I  typed that wrong. Suspended for talking about playing with her bubble  gun.

Melody  Valentin  was searched, harassed, interrogated, chastised, yelled at by school officials,  ridiculed by her classmates and suspended for the crime of having a piece of  paper with her that sorta kinda resembled a gun. Quote: “He [school official]  yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept  telling him it was a paper gun, but he wouldn’t listen.” She was even called a  murderer.

Paper  bullets, anyone? A grown man yelling at a little girl, making her cry in public?  He needs to meet Trace Adkins.


The  war on kids, authoritarian bullies sucking up massive paychecks on our dime, the  impenetrable wall of ideological ignorance married to an intensely juvenile and  callow state of mind fostered and nurtured by American Higher Education has  produced a hell children must not be exposed to. The active propaganda and  literal Pavlovian behavioral  training  that goes on in public schools to force and reinforce a Progressive agenda is  disgusting at best and terrifying in reality. If they know how to rewire a  child’s brain in pursuit of reading skills, do I need posit the next obvious  postulate?

Expelling  a child for supposed gun related issues at 4, 5 even 6 years old is behavioral  modification taken to the level of brainwashing.

Get your children  out  of public schools. Do not sacrifice your children. Get out now. Because John D.  Rockefeller meant it when he  said  “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of  workers.”

Why  do I mention John D.? Because it was John D.’s money through the Trust that  founded the National Education Association. The largest labor union in  America.

In  1936, the National Education Association stated its position, from which they  have never wavered; “We stand for socializing the individual.”

There is much more at the link, including quotes from current NEA officials making plain their very socialist, very authoritarian, very radical ideology.  The NEA feels they have the task of separating children from their parents, inculcating them in socialist doctrine which specifically repudiates Christian morality and the traditional structure of the family, and produces good little leftists.

The corruption and complete disregard for true education has left my sister-in-law, a high school teacher for 15-16 years, totally burned out at age 39.  She is bitter and just about used up, from being told to pass football stars who don’t even know Algebra I, let alone Algebra II, to far more time and effort being spent on containing and controlling students than actually educating them.  The more federal money that pours into schools, the worse the problem becomes.  The system is fundamentally broken, and getting worse, rapidly.

In defense of the edumacator, however, it is true that in many cases they have kids foisted off on them by totally disinterested parents, and are expected not only to teach the kids the regular subjects of school, but also keep them for 12 hours a day or more, teach them basic behavior, deter truly criminal behavior, keep the kids from having sex in the bathroom, etc.  There is often little or no support at home, and these kids can be monsters. But that doesn’t excuse asinine behavior like those listed above- and that was just a small sample of recent atrocities. In essence, though, if you don’t want your child exposed to leftist Christ-hating feminazi radicals, keep them out of public schools.  Many, perhaps most teachers won’t be like that, but some will, and all it takes is one to completely screw up a child.

Pope to advance conclave? February 21, 2013

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It is being reported by the hit or miss Andrea Tornielli of La Stampa that the Holy Father is planning to change the rules regarding when a Papal conclave must be held after a Pope departs his office. The current rule says the conclave must start no sooner than 15 days after the Holy See becomes vacant. I don’t know if this has been confirmed by the Holy See yet, but here is the report:

Pope Benedict XVI will change the rules governing a papal conclave to allow an earlier election of his successor, according to Andrea Tornielli of La Stampa. The Vatican has confirmed that the Pontiff is considering such an amendment.

Tornielli reports that Pope Benedict will issue a motu proprio before his resignation takes effect on February 28, amending Universi Dominci Gregis, the document that sets the rules for a papal conclave. That document currently stipulates that when the Holy See becomes vacant, 15 days must pass before the conclave begins. The Pope will allow the cardinals to change that rule at their discretion, Tornielli says.

Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, confirmed that the Pope is considering a change in the conclave rules, but said that no final decision has been made. “I don’t know if he will deem it necessary or appropriate,” the Vatican spokesman said.

The requirement for a 15-day waiting period was instituted in order to allow time for cardinals to reach Rome after learning of a Pontiff’s death. Since Pope Benedict announced his plan to step down, the world’s cardinals have already had ample time to make their travel plans, and some Church leaders have suggested that an earlier conclave would be beneficial, ensuring that a new Pope would be in place by Holy Week…….

……..Pope Benedict has already made one change in the rules, Tornielli notes. Universi Dominci Gregis, promulgated by Pope John Paul II, allowed for the possibility that a new Pope could be elected by a bare majority of the cardinal-electors under some circumstances. Pope Benedict eliminated that possibility, restoring the requirement for a two-thirds majority.

Interesting. If the conclave had been badly split, it could have resulted in the selection of the next Pope running uncomfortably close to Easter. But, I wonder, will this change apply only to this conclave, or will it be a universal change, if one occurs at all?  In the Middle Ages, there were problems sometimes with Cardinals not being in any particular hurry to select a new Pope due to factionalism and other things.  I thought there was also an outer limit for when the conclave had to begin, to prevent that kind of thing recurring?

This whole resigcation leaves me just rather sad.  I don’t see any great positives in it.

Surprising representation of Dubuque Diocese in Papal Conclave odds February 21, 2013

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Wow, I had no idea Dubuque was so influential.  Even priests of that Diocese are apparently in the running:


I guess that’s just from the Sweet 16 on.  Did I miss the early rounds?   I know the Pope is moving up the conclave, but I’m normally on top of such things.

Just some silliness, folks.