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How dare Cardinal Turkson speak the truth! February 25, 2013

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What kind of a world do we live in, where some – obviously – religious bigot can speak the plain, unvarnished truth?  Doesn’t he know there is no truth if it isn’t on the approved list of the evolved, constantly evolving sexular pagan agenda Mk. MMMDCCLXXXIX?

Cardinal Turkson made some comments regarding homosexuality and priest sex abuse and rapidly went from the liberal darling (due to his skin color, and yet conservatives are racist) to the latest subject of the 2 minutes hate (I know this is the Daily Mail, but these comments have been reported/verified elsewhere):

The African cardinal widely tipped to be the  first black pope in modern history faced a firestorm of criticism last night  after he laid the blame for clerical sex abuse crises at the feet of gay  priests.

Cardinal Peter Turkson, who comes from Ghana,  told an American journalist that similar sex scandals would never convulse  churches in Africa because the culture was inimical to homosexuality.

‘African traditional systems kind of protect  or have protected its population against this tendency,’ he told Christiane  Amanpour of CCN.

‘Because in several communities, in several  cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes  of the same kind, are not countenanced in our society,’ he continued.

‘So that cultural taboo, that tradition has  been there,’ said Cardinal Turkson, 64. ‘It has served to keep it  out.’

Now, some are questioning whether Turkson’s comments are really correct, or if sex abuse of children is just less reported in Africa. But that’s not the main point – the main point is the reaction the homosexual lobby and their sexular pagan allies:

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall director of public  affairs, [a homosexual lobby group] was among those to swiftly condemn his remarks.

‘Cardinal Turkson’s comments show a  surprisingly callous disregard for the human rights of millions of people  worldwide,’ she told the Times.

They then quote something from SNAP, spouting the usual Church-hating nonsensical diatribes they’ve devolved down into.  The final quote comes from a National Health System psychiatrist:

But one NHS psychiatrist who has researched the  field of clerical sex abuse agreed with the cardinal that homosexual abuse of  adolescent males rather than paedophile attacks on children characterised the  problem.

‘I would say he is correct,’ said the doctor,  who asked not to be named in fear of reprisals – including the loss of his  job.

‘Where the research has been done – for  example in the United States and Australia – in the region of 80 per cent of the  victims of sex abuse by priests are adolescent males rather than  children.’

So, two incredibly revealing statements here: one, a member of the homosexual lobby denouncing Cardinal Turkson for stating what the available data has revealed to be exactly the truth – the “Church sex abuse crisis” is really a crisis of gay male priests abusing pubescent boys – twinks, which are very popular in the gay community.  What is being shown here is that anything that doesn’t play to the gay lobby’s narrative of a suffering victim class of people “just like you and me” will be viciously attacked – perhaps especially if true.   The homosexual lobby can’t have this valid data become common knowledge, it would be terribly destructive of their narrative, which is why they put so much pressure on the USCCB to water down the correlation between gay priests and the abuse crisis. That there were likely many active homosexuals in the USCCB to fight their battle from the inside, I have little doubt.

Secondly – my God, look at the terror the radical sodomite lobby has put into the minds of people, even medical or scientific professionals. This psychiatrist, merely quoting widely available data, is afraid to use his name for fear of reprisals (some of which have been violent, especially in Britain, where the law abiding are at the mercy of the criminals).  But I thought the Christofascists were the ones who hated science and wanted to keep people scared and ignorant?   Please.  If the world thinks it’s seen tyranny, wait until this crowd gets in charge.  If current trends continue, there will come a time in the not so distant future that daring to state what the Church has always believed will land a person in jail.  Oh, wait, that’s already happened.

Brave new world, indeed.


Some good news for a change! February 25, 2013

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Seems like a lot of bad news to start off this historic week.  Here are some more positive news items:

  1. Father Emil Kapaun of Kansas will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  I wrote about Fr. Kapaun here, but he was an Army chaplain in WWII and Korea and was captured by the communists in 1950.  He was tortured to death in 1951.  There is some work on his cause for canonization.
  2. The Benedictines of Clear Creek now have a sister-house!  No, really, a group of nuns has now been granted status by the good Bishop Slattery of Tulsa as a Public Association of the Faithful, tending towards recognition as a religious institute of diocesan right!  Yay!  Another reason for me to get up there!  Their website is www.clearcreeksisters.org.    It does my heart so much good to see another traditional religious order standing up!  DEO GRATIAS!
  3. My kids are cute.  The twins worked so hard helping me clean the house on Saturday, AND they kept a very positive/fun attitude.  They were great:


The one on the right doesn’t really wear glasses, those are some old broken sunglasses of my wife’s that have no lenses in them.  She likes to wear them for some reason.  She’s also a bird brain:


Some pics which I pray are of our next Holy Father, from Clear Creek:



Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark! February 25, 2013

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Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano. Fr. Hopka as always will offer the Holy Sacrifice.  I thank him for this offering for the past…….almost 2 years!  Wow, time flies. 7pm! God bless you!

Ever feel like this?

Ever feel like this?

Voris on the homoheresy February 25, 2013

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Boy do I agree with the concluding sentiment of this video, that we desperately need a Pope of heroic virtue, a true Saint for the next Holy Father.   I look around the Church and don’t see many Saints – in fact, de Mattei relates in his book that even the Vatican is concerned at the dirth of Saints in the 20th century, especially since around 1940 or so.  Lord give us a great Pope who will steer the Barque of Peter between the twin pillars of the Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and keep it safe!  Please let him expunge all the heresies assaulting the Church from within!

I am gratified to learn that some prelates – even if they are from a faraway land – recognize the crisis.  I pray they are doing all they can to combat it.

I blogged on Fr. Oko’s long document here.


Pope Benedict to require cardinlatial oath of allegiance? February 25, 2013

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Oaths of allegiance by the Cardinal-electors to the Pope they had just elected were once required. I’m not entirely certain when the practice went away, but there is a report in the Phoenix diocesan newspaper that Pope Benedict has changed or is changing the rules regarding such things to reinstate the practice:

Pope Benedict XVI has ordered several changes to the Masses and liturgies that will mark the inauguration of the next pope’s pontificate.

Rites and gestures that are not strictly sacramental will take place either before a Mass or in a ceremony not involving Mass, Msgr. Guido Marini, master of papal liturgical ceremonies, told the Vatican newspaper Feb. 22.

One of the most visual changes, he said, would be the restoration of the public “act of obedience” in which each cardinal present at the pope’s inaugural Mass comes forward and offers his allegiance.

When Pope Benedict celebrated his inaugural Mass in 2005, 12 people were chosen to represent all Catholics: three cardinals, a bishop, a diocesan priest, a transitional deacon, a male religious, a female religious, a married couple and a young man and a young woman recently confirmed. [I much prefer the cardinals making this act of obedience, rather than some trite, oh-so-inclusive “representation of the people”]

Msgr. Marini said Pope Benedict personally approved the changes Feb. 18; they include offering a wider choice of traditional Mass prayers in polyphony and chant, rather than the new musical repertoire composed for the 2005 book[This could be a most positive development.  Don’t hold your breath at seeing a Papal TLM after the conclave, though!]

Pope Benedict has been busy in his last few days, no?

h/t culturewarnotes

No wonder the Church’s evangelical efforts are in such a state……. February 25, 2013

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……and why did I bother to convert again?  As I continue to accelerate through Robert de Mattei’s The Second Vatican Council: an unwritten story, because it’s just really very good, I found an incredible, disheartening  quote.  The quote was of Augustin Cardinal Bea, the hugely influential Secretary for the newly created Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity who was one of the most effective agents of change at Vatican II.  In fact, as de Mattei documents, Cardinal Bea, while still Msgr. Bea, had changed the very staid and orthodox Pontifical Biblical Institute – dedicated to studying Sacred Scripture – into a hotbed of radical interpretations of Scripture and especially the use of the historical-critical method and textualism, both of which have been prime tools used by modernists to undermine traditional understandings of Scripture and even the faith of millions.  thCAZKPGRQ

As head of this secretariat of promoting Christian unity, Cardinal Bea had engaged in numerous efforts to involve other Christian sects, some of which were engaged in without direction or approval from Pope John XXIII.  Bea was a dedicated and enthusiastic ecumenist, who placed surface-level agreements and muddy doctrinal formulations of “unity” ahead of more traditional Catholic positions regarding those claiming the Christian name outside the unity of the Church. He was especially eager to have the involvement of the Orthodox at the Council, for some reason, and set up a deal with an Orthodox metropolitan/KGB agent that would provide for Orthodox participation in the Council as observers if the Church promised not to condemn communism as an evil (this was negotiated most principly by Cardinal Tisserant, but Bea had his own role and met with figures from Orthodoxy along these lines). This was most incredible, as Cardinal Bea had not been given any mandate to make such a deal, and, even more, the #1 concern for the Council as reported by the bishops of the world when they were polled by the Holy See on subjects to address at the Council, was the condemnation of communism and atheistic materialism!  But through Bea’s enormous influence and the sympathy John XXIII and especially Paul VI had towards his brand of ecumenism, Bea was able to squash all efforts to condemn communism at the Council, as well as influencing almost every theological statement that was made at the Council, on the grounds of how it would affect the precious, precious ecumenical effort.

With that background in hand, on August 4, 1961, 10 years and 21 days prior to my birth, Bea gave an interview for France Catholique, stating the following (de Mattei, p. 146):

The protestants who are not responsible for the divisions in the Church can aspire to salvation on an equal footing with Catholics. In some way these people are also united to the Church.

Let me unpack that a bit.  Bea is stating that those born into protestantism, like me, who did not make a conscious decision to leave the Church but were “accidentally” born into a heretical sect, were not only free of guilt for the divisions which so weaken Christianity, but were pretty much the same as Catholics.  In fact, they have ALL the tools they need in their sects to be saved, at least as well as Catholics!bv072_Bea_Informations_3-15-65030

Wha!?!?  Zuuhhh?  Really?  Did he really say that?  Either de Mattei is just totally making this up, which I doubt, as there have been almost no criticisms of the accuracy of what de Mattei has written in this book, or you’ve just read a statement that makes clear why Catholic evangelical efforts over the past 5 decades have been an utter train wreck, with many Church officials seemingly unable to articulate reasons to join the Faith and certainly unable to criticize even slightly the errors of the “separated brethren.”

Reading the above breaks my heart.  When I read that last night, I had to stop for a second and catch my breath.  Then I started to think: “how many things are wrong with this statement?”  Or, what do they reveal about how Cardinal Bea viewed the Faith?

Can such a view be reconciled with what Catholics believe regarding Original Sin?  Does such a view betray a whiff of ‘universal salvation?” Can it be reconciled with what Catholics believe regarding the need for Sacramental Confession, which NO protestant sect believes in or practices?  Can it be reconciled with an understanding of the perfect contrition required of those who commit mortal sin and yet do not have recourse to Sacramental Confession?  Does it relate a Catholic understanding of the Blessed Sacrament and especially John Chapter 6, wherein Jesus repeatedly states that if you do not eat His Flesh and drink His Blood you do not have life within you?  Does it relate even a vague conception of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus?  Does it radically minimize the Church to just one body among many equals?  Does it betray a sense that the Church as now constituted is not “the true church,” which will come into being at some later date, if ever?

Liberal lions - Lienart and Bea

Liberal lions – Lienart and Bea

Those are just a few of the more obvious concerns one can derive from that incredibly troubling statement. The context of the interview was how wonderful the protestant Taize community was.

A further note on Cardinal Bea: he was made a Cardinal at age 80 by Pope John XXIII.  Prior to that elevation, he had been an ailing man, cursed with a stooping walk, who many thought was within a short time of dying.  This appointment to the red hat, and especially his leadership of the secretariat for Christian unity, seem to have surprisingly energized the octogenerian, who became a whirlwind of effort, flying around Europe and the Near East, engaging in meeting after meeting, all the while engaging in combat with more traditional elements in the Vatican and most often, winning, putting an “ecumenical” and decidedly progressive spin on even the period prior to the Council.  At the Council, he was most certainly one of the most dynamic, influential leaders of the progressive, or radical if you prefer, faction.  Many secular reporters covering the Council adored him, and he received flowery coverage in the press, always expressing amazement at his intense energy at such an advanced age.  Even his stoop went away for a while!

After all the changes that could be made, were, he died very shortly after the Council.  Very interesting how he was so singularly rejuvenated.