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I missed it! Chuck Yeager turns 90 February 26, 2013

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I stumbled across a photo of Chuck Yeager, and it reminded me that his birthday is in February, and that he was turning 90 this year. I haven’t written much about Chuck Yeager over the past 3 years, but prior to my conversion he was definitely one of the very top heroes of my life and remains very significant to me to this day.  He is the individual who sparked much of my aviation enthusiasm, and also who helped give me inspiration – or just danged stubborness – to become an engineer.  I should probably curse him for that, actually…….

There is not much that can be said about Brigadier General Charles E. Yeager, USAF, Ret, that hasn’t already been written.  Even at age 90, he’s still very active and flies regularly.  Apparently, he’s nearly deaf but still has his famous 20/10 vision.  He was at the USAF Academy recently and gave a talk to over 4000 students, officers, and alumni.  He also commemorated his breaking of the sound barrier 65 years ago this past October, when he went to Nellis and flew in the backseat of a 65th Aggressor Squadron F-15D.   So, some photos of that, and then some more historical photos borrowed from the chuckyeager.com website, to salute Gen. Yeager on his 90th birthday:

Cadet Egan doesn't seem that impressed

Cadet Egan doesn’t seem that impressed

YeagerAndBudChuck Yeager with his best friend Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson, USAF, Ret., while serving in combat with the 357th Pursuit Group in England in 1944.


Yeager with the notorious Pancho Barnes (the terrible looking woman 2nd from left) at her hotel/dude ranch/bar/brothel Pancho Barnes Happy Bottom Riding Club.  Hey, it was the only bar near Edwards!


Lt. Col Yeager as commander of the 1st Day Fighter Squadron at March AFB, California in 1957 or 8.  They flew F-100As, and were known as an elite unit.


Gen. Yeager with Bud Anderson (on right) and Brig. Gen. Pete Everest, about whom I blogged about previously here.  The timeframe is the Vietnam War, wherein then Col. Yeager commanded the 405th Tactical Fighter Wing.


Yeager commemorates historic flightYeager at Nellis this past October 14 preparing to go supersonic again.  Apparently, he needed no help getting up the ladder and into the cockpit.  That’s probably better than most 89 y/o’s can do!

Yeager commemorates historic flight

Yeager commemorates historic flight

Quite the life.  Too bad he’s not Catholic.  In fact, Chuck Yeager appeared on the Crystal Cathedral’s “Hour of Power” once.  And that place is now going to be a cathedral.  Soooo……..I have no idea what that means.


The final steps for Pope Benedict XVI February 26, 2013

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There is such an overwhelming sense of denoument and…….I don’t know, ennui……..to all this.  The final details regarding Pope Benedict’s future status have been announced, as well as the details of his transfer out of the office.

-Pope Benedict XVI will be referred to as “Pope Emeritus” or “Pontiff Emeritus”;

-He will keep the style “His Holiness Benedict XVI”;
-He will keep wearing a simple white cassock (as you have seen above in our header for the past few days), with no papal mozzetta;
-The fisherman’s ring, and the lead seal, will be broken. [horror, but what else is to be done?]
The Pope arrives in Castel Gandolfo on Feb. 28, at 1715 (5:15 PM). At 2000 (8PM, Rome local time), the Swiss Guard will leave Castel Gandolfo, since its services of protection are limited to the person of the Pontiff; the security of the “Pope Emeritus” will be assured by the Vatican Gendarmerie.
So, there will be two popes at the same time, one “Pope Emeritus” and one “Pope?”
And he’ll be His Holiness still?
I thought he was to be the Bishop Emeritus of Rome?  That would make more sense, wouldn’t it?
These were matters of ecclesial law that the Pontiff has the power to determine.  So, Rome has spoken, this is the way it shall be.
Unless the next Pope decides differently.

Abby Johnson coming to St. Gabriel in McKinney February 26, 2013

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I originally played this post as it would be represented by a shrieking feminst, but I couldn’t do it. I mean, I could do it, because aping their tired cliches is painfully easy, I just couldn’t do it to you, my gentle reader.  So, here’s a straight post.

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director from Bryan, TX, whose conversion and revelations of the inside operation of the country’s most diabolical supporters of blood offerings to Moloch have made her something of a celebrity, will be speaking at St. Gabriel’s parish in McKinney on Sunday, March 3 at 2pm.  It’s in the community room.

All details are in the .pdf here ——->>>>>AbbyFlyer-FREE(1)

The talk is free.  Kids are not recommended to attend due to the subject matter discussed.

Abby’s is a great story. She’s a wonderful example of conversion.  I hope it’s a well attended conference.

The formula of faith of Vatican II February 26, 2013

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Yes, that’s it, I’m here to beat you down with more excerpts from Roberto de Mattei’s The Second Vatican Council: an unwritten story.  But, this time, it’s different. Instead of pointing out the efforts of modernists, I will present you with a “what might have been” scenariio.  In late 1961, as various documents were being prepared to form the basis of the Council (all of which save the one of the liturgy, drawn up by progressives, being thrown out at the start of the Council).  One of these documents was a Formula Fidei, or statement of faith, almost an updated Oath to be taken by all priests, and basically combined the

Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani

Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani

Tridentine profession of faith with the anti-modernist oath.  It consisted of eighteen points that reaffirmed traditional Catholic truths, condemning a series of errors such as secularism, the denial of the Catholic Church as the One True Church, the denial of the difference between the universal priesthood of the laity and the hierarchical priesthood, minimalism in Mariology, the abadonment of the doctrine of hell, etc.  It was developed under the aegis of Cardinal Ottaviani, and was such a precise, clear cut statement of truths held and errors rejected that it makes an interesting counterpoint with the much more vague, “pastoral” language of Vatican II (de Mattei, pp. 129-130, this is just an excerpt of the final portion of the Formula Fidei):

I acknowledge with sincere faith original sin, through which all men have sinned in their first father, Adam, as a sin strictly speaking that is transmitted by generation and belongs to each individual. [because rejection of original sin is very prevalent among modernists, to this day]

I acknowledge as absolutely certain signs the external proofs of revelation, and first of all the miracles and the prophecies, through which without any doubt it is demonstrated that the Christian religion has a divine origin, and I maintain that even today it is suited to the human intellect. I also maintain that the Church itself, considered per se, on account of its universal unity, its sublime holiness, its inexaustible fruitfulness in all good things, its marvelous diffusion, and its invincible firmness, is a perpetual reason for belief and an indisputable testimony to its divine inheritance. [Scripture is true, Tradition is true, the Church is our supreme authority in matters of Faith and what she proclaims as true must be given full assent of the intellect and will -religious assent]

AD 1953I sincerely accept the doctrine of faith handed down to us by the apostles by way of the orthodox fathers with the same meaning and with the same expressions. Therefore, even though the Church grows in its understanding of revealed truth, I nevertheless reject as heretical the opinion of the evolution of dogmas which with the passage of time take on a different meaning from the one that the Church taught once and for all.

I hold that the deposit of faith, that is to say, the Word of God, written or handed down by the apostles, is complete. I firmly hold that Sacred Scripture, fre of all error, must be explained with the guidance of the Magisterium of the Faith, according to the norm of tradition and according to the analogy of the Faith. [this specifically rejected modernist biblical exegesis, which attempts to undermine the Faith by casting doubt on the veracity of scripture through reliance on historical-critical methods, textualism, etc.  Many “scientific certainties” regarding Scripture that purported to show how wrong the Church was and how Christ was just a man, which were so dominant in the mid-20th century, have now been repudiated themselves by further “scientific developments.” In a few years, it will switch back again.]ottaviani6

I profess that faith is not just an obscure religious sentiment or just an opinion of the mind, but a true assent of the intellect to the Truth, received from outside by hearing, through which we believe what has been revealed and testified by a personal God, because of the Authority of God Who is supremely truthful, and in believing in Him we offer the full submission of our intellect and will, with the inspiration and the help of God’s Grace. [faith is not a private matter, Christianity is a social faith and our Lord is the Social King of the Universe]

I profess without any doubt all of the other truths defined and proclaimed by the ecumenical councils and above all by the sacred Council of Trent and the First Vatican Ecumenical Council, particularly with regard to the primacy of jurisdiction of the Roman pontiff and his infallible Magisterium, and so I condemn and reject what has been condemned and rejected in those same councils and in the encyclical letters, especially Pascendi and Humani Generis [written by Venerable Pope Pius XII and released in 1950].

This True Catholic Faith, apart from which no one can be saved, [very different from what we get in Dignitatis Humanae?] I now profess freely, and I sincerely uphold it, and I will strive so that it may be preserved whole and inviolate by me and by those who are subject to me, until the final breath of my life, with the utmost firmness and absolute constancy, with the help of God…………

————————–End Quote———————————

Cardinal Ottaviani’s Formula Fidei was rejected by the central preparatory commission of Vatican II as being too “defensive.”  So much for that!  But I, for one, find nothing at all offensive, limiting, or contrary to the right belief and practice of the Faith in those statements above. I think they possess much that should be confirmed and adhered to, especially in our present state of crisis in the Church.  But such formulas, such open, bold statements of Catholic belief, still are not terribly popular in the Church.  I pray for more men like Cardinal Ottaviani!



Video interview with Father Michael Rodriguez February 26, 2013

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The Remnant newspaper did a video interview with the great Fr. Michael Rodriguez of El Paso Diocese. Fr. Rodriguez has been a good friend of this blog and this blog has tried to be a good friend to him. I haven’t spoken to Fr. Rodriguez in some time, and I miss him.  I need to give him a call.

The interview coves a lot of ground, from the TLM and Fr. Rodriguez’ current situation, to the coming persecution and the failure of many shepherds to support, defend, and proclaim the Faith in a meaningful way.  There are some pretty damning statements from Fr. Rodriguez regarding the present status of the leadership of the Church, but I have a hard time finding much or any error in what he says. I think he’s spot on.  It’s an interview quite worthy of your time:

“The Faith has been seriously compromised…….”  Boy, has it.