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Very important Vortex video on the homosexual cabal in the Church February 27, 2013

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The video below is really, really important.  You really should watch it.

This issue should be – should be – the dominant issue of the next papacy, or at least it’s early years.  But such an involved problem, that has taken decades to develop, won’t be unwound in a few years. It will take decades of very dogged, determined effort to root out the extraordinarly harmful – I would say diabolical – influence of homosexuals in the priesthood, and especially in the episcopate. And there are many, many of them there. I don’t know how many, I don’t think anyone does, but it’s a lot.

In the video below, Michael Voris notes that ChurchMilitant.tv has taken a great deal of heat for refusing to “play ball” and ignore this root crisis in the Church.  He also notes that certain Catholic media outlets – including one with T, N, E, and W in it’s name – have totally ignored both the recent cardinalatial report to the Holy Father about the homosexual cabal in the Vatican and the many tentacles of this monstrous entity choking the life out of so many corners of the Church.  Michael is right, and those desiring to keep this horrific scandal bottled up are dead wrong – the Church will never be reformed until those occupying the most important roles stop a)committing acts that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, or at least, b) consisting of so many individuals with a fundamentally disordered psycho-sexual nature.

Michael seems to share some new revelations here. He seems to confirm that the cardinal’s report to the Holy See is valid, and that it does make mention of this homosexual clique. I also note that Michael has high level contacts in the Vatican who may be able to flesh out some of these crises behind the scenes, confirming reports, as it were, as well as pushing ChurchMilitant.tv to continue getting the word out.  It is very possible a certain very orthodox, traditionally-minded prelate desperately wants this information to get out. I really don’t know, but it’s certainly possible.

Finally, I’d like to note that any student of Church history, especially recent Church history, cannot fail to note that periods of mass apostasy are invariably accompanied by sexual depravity run amok among the clergy and hierarchy.  I don’t think it is even a slight coincidence that the stealth – and then open – growth of modernism and pseudo-modernism in the Church in the mid-20th century was accompanied by a massive influx of homosexual men into the priesthood.  I’m not stating anything radical here, the Church’s own records of homosexual abuse of pubescent males show this to be true.  The large influx began in the 30s and 40s, just about the time that modernism was coming back to life under terms like “nouvelle theologie,” “liturgical renewal,” and “pastoral reform.” Heresy – or even theogical/liturgical/philosophical radicalism barely within the bounds of orthodoxy – is almost invariably accompanied by some grave sin, most frequently sexual.  Those lost in sexual sin have a natural “reason” to despise the Church and seek to change her beliefs, to justify themselves in their sins.  They also have a tendency to recruit like minded individuals, both the continue their work of undermining the Faith and to give them partners in crime, so to speak.

Lack of diligence, zeal, and true care for souls has allowed this problem to fester for decades, until now it can no longer be hidden.  It is a cancer eating away at the Church with a virulence never before seen in 2000 years. And it must be stopped, now.  Any further delay will only make the crisis more intractable, and more painful to remove. We, the laity, must at this point use our voices to hold our shepherds to account, demanding they fulfill all the aspects of their God-given office. We may even have to seek recourse against those who won’t fulfill that solemn duty.

It’s 3 minutes to midnight.  We’ve got to start now. For one, pray like mad.  Secondly, keep your eyes open, and start challenging things that you know are wrong.


1. cori - March 1, 2013

Wow! It would explain a lot. Hope they get called out, right away.

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