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Pope washes female feet March 28, 2013

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Two pairs of ’em, one of them a muslim!  So very sweetly ecumenical and PC. That ought to buy Pope Francis at least another 2 weeks of glowing secular media coverage.  You had to be blind not to see this 7-engine Union Pacific coming down the track.  Story in Italian here. Thanks to Rorate Caeli for their diligence. Many sites are not carrying this huge story.  The schoolmarms at CatholicCulture have a post about the sermon but not the novel act of having women in the Mandatum.  Brick by brick man isn’t discussing it. At least not yet. I have a feeling we’re going to see a whole lot of “out with the old, in with the new” with Pope Francis.  Some of that new may be extremely disconcerting and run counter to much Sacred Tradition.

I know many blogs have gotten pounded for saying as much, and maybe I will, too, but many early signs indicate Tradition doesn’t mean a great deal to this pope, and that he is prepared to jettison elements of it he finds distasteful or counter to his rather ideosyncratic brand of humility.  This could be very destructive, as we saw the after-effect of VII was destructive.

He does still give a good sermon.  Much more accessible than  his predecessors.

We’ll see.  I shall strive to pray even more. I have no more time to comment now.


Holy Week schedule at Carmelite chapel in Dallas March 26, 2013

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Again, thanks to MJD:

600 Flowers Ave. Dallas, 75211
5:00 PM Holy Thursday – no washing of the feet; chapel will be open after Mass for adoration and prayer.
3:00 PM Good Friday Services
8:30 PM Holy Saturday – you may take home Easter Holy Water; bring your own container
7:00 AM Easter Sunday Mass
All Masses above are Novus Ordo vernacular, offered Ad Orientem, most likely by Carmelite priests.

Blogging will be light to non-existent over the next several days, while I deal with my family health problems and devote my time to Holy Week. I pray this glorious week may be a source of enormous Grace and spiritual reward for you.


Pray for my dad, please! March 26, 2013

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My dad is in surgery as I write for his very badly injured leg.  It’s going to be quite an involved surgery. His full recovery is not assured. Would you would, in your charity, pray for his recovery and after that, conversion, it would be a most appreciated spiritual work of mercy. 

Deo Gratias!

Father Mitch Pacwa at Our Lady of Lebanon in Lewisville this Holy Week March 26, 2013

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The Maronite Rite is quite beautiful. I’ve not been to Our Lady of Lebanon, but I understand it is quite nice, too.  Eastern Rite Mass might be a nice alternative for those seeking a more reverent Mass during this most blessed and holy time of the great Liturgical Year.  I know many parishes like St. Mark in Plano are doing special devotions like 40 Hours, etc. This is the week of the year when so very much Grace flows into the Church. Be sure to take advantage of it! Thanks to MJD for the info.

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church 
FOR A COMPLETE SCHEDULE http://ourladylebanon.com/?page_id=908
972.436.7617 phone for information
 Invites you to a Holy Week Mission
With Special Guest
Fr. Mitch Pacwa
“Living the Year of Faith”
March 23 -31, 2013
Holy Week Mission Schedule
Saturday, March 23 Hosanna Sunday, March 24
5:30 pm  8:30 AM 11:00 AM
Mass & Blessing of the Palms Mass & Blessing of the PalmsMass & Blessing of the Palms (Decorated candles will be available at all the Masses in the lobby. Donations accepted – Money goes to Church.)
Tuesday, March 26
9:00 AM

Wednesday, March 27
6:30 PM
Mass/Rite of the Lamp/Anointing with Oil/Confession The purpose of the Rite of the Lamp is to plead to the Lord to receive the contrition of the faithful repentant and to grant health to the sick as well as the healthy ones.

Holy Thursday of the Mysteries, March 28
7:00 PM
Mass and Washing of the Feet
8:30 PM Adoration and Confession (all night)
Great Friday of the Crucifixion, March 29 (No Eucharistic Adoration)
7:00 PM  Confession after service
Fast and Abstinence per our Catholic FaithPre-Consecrated Mass Burial of the Lord (Flowers will be available in the lobby for the Burial). Rosary and Confession after the service.
Great Sunday of the Resurrection
March 31
8:30 AM 11:00 AM


Biden receives Communion from Cardinal Dolan March 25, 2013

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It doesn’t say he received it from Cardinal Dolan’s hands (I’m sure there were EMHCs for that!), but he did receive, and they went out for coffee afterwards. Joe Biden, radical pro-abort and Catholic in good standing:

Vice  President Joe Biden attended mass and received communion on Sunday at St.  Patrick’s Cathedral in New York where the mass was celebrated by Cardinal  Timothy Dolan.

At a time when the administration is being sued by  Dolan and the Catholic Bishop’s Conference over the Obama health care provision  on birth control, the meeting was seen as an attempt to create a new  dialogue.

An  Irish American Catholic, Biden receiving communion was also seen as  significant. Dolan’s predecessor Cardinal Edward Egan refused to give communion  to those who differed with the church on the abortion issue.

Biden says he is pro-life but will not seek to  impose his views on others. [Please……..]

Biden met with Cardinal Dolan after the mass for  coffee but what they discussed was not made public. [What message, precisely, is Cardinal Dolan communicating to faithful, pro-life Catholics?  That we’re dunces?  That we’re fools to actually believe what the the Church knows to be true?  That nothing matters when it comes to high power politicians, except their friendship?  That 1 Corinthians chaper 11 is for chumps?  What?]

This is somehow worse than Biden receiving at St. Peters, because this has been such a huge issue.  Well, we know where Dolan resides, fool me once (Obama PR event/dinner just prior to the election), fool me twice…..

This is what passes for leadership in the Church today?

h/t Pewsitter


The reality of abortion March 25, 2013

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I have seen certain mill butchers who have an MD after their name, that look like they just came off a three week bender.  I may not have been far off:


These people know what they’re doing.  They see the results of what they do – murder after murder after murder.  I would not be surprised in the least if many if not virtually all abortion butchers and mill staff are either addicts or into some very dark stuff, like satanism. I can’t see how even the most deadened conscience could live with itself without deadening the pain, constantly.  Satan is having a field day, courtesy of the contraceptive mentality, the collapse of religious belief, and the USSC.

Portland teacher being persecuted for opposing Planned Barrenhood March 25, 2013

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That’s the claim, anyways, and from what I’ve seen from 3 articles, it seems he was a teacher in good standing until he opposed the forced shoving of Planned Barrenhood’s incredibly immoral, inappropriate materials down his students throats.  The teacher, Bill Diss, is now on forced leave and is likely to be fired from the very leftist, very tolerant, Portland Public Schools:

An Oregon high school teacher was escorted from the building by police this week over what is believed to be related to his continued opposition to Planned Parenthood’s presence in the classroom.

Bill Diss is a math and computer science teacher at Benson High School in Portland, and has taught at the school for 11 years. Diss has also become known in the school for his opposition to Planned Parenthood since 2007, when he first began organizing efforts during after-school hours to stop the furtherance of the abortion provider in the community.

“I certainly fight Planned Parenthood, which I certainly have a right to do,” he told reporters this week following the incident. “And that was all on the outside, until [last] year when they brought Planned Parenthood [into the school].”

According to reports, last year, Planned Parenthood of Columbia Williamette began promoting its Teen Outreach Program (TOP) at Benson High School where Diss is employed as a teacher. In September, two representatives from the organization showed up at Diss’ classroom as they were hoping to speak to students. However, he would not let the representatives enter and asked them to leave……..

……Following Diss’ refusal to allow the representatives into his classroom, the principal and vice principal of the school paid Diss a visit and temporarily removed him from the class. The next day, he was forced to sit in on a Planned Parenthood presentation.

Later, Diss also took issue with TOP permission forms that were being sent home with some students that had his name on them. His attorney contacted Planned Parenthood and the school demanding that they retract statements on the form that appeared as if Diss approved of the program. They threatened a lawsuit, stating that Diss was being harassed for his beliefs about the organization.

Ever since, Diss says that the school has been sending him regular notes that question his teaching skills and methods. He has been required to attend numerous hearings, and was told two weeks ago that his teaching contract would not be renewed.

On Tuesday, administrators notified Diss that he was being placed on administrative leave “pending a recommendation to the superintendent that you be dismissed from your employment with Portland public schools for reasons that have been discussed with you.” He told reporters that he was given a few minutes to gather his belongings before he was escorted out by police and asked not to return.

That seems a bit odd. Being walked out at gun point, as it were. At least implied gun point.

Now, the school district and school administration, it being Portland and their being professional educators, are almost certain liberal to hardcore leftist. Thus, adherence to traditional morality and especially traditional Catholic belief is not only inexplicable, it is, to them, indicative of near-insanity.  Thus, once he opposed Planned Barrenhood coming into his class (what business would they have in a math/computer science class?), he was labeled as insubordinate.  How many teachers do you think Portland has fired for insubordination over the past 10 years? But I digress.

Then began the steady flow of poor conduct reports, bad performance reviews, etc., all painting the picture of Bill Diss as a renegade extremist, certainly an incompetent, and requiring his immediate dismissal.  Now, there could be side issues here that haven’t been reported, but if the reports are accurate, this is just an early example of what is going to become very widespread, if not omnipresent, over the next couple of decades.  Adhering to the constant belief of the Faith may well start to cost many of us, perhaps first only in certain fields or professions, or in certain regions of the country, but eventually the evil will spread just about everywhere, so long as this culture continues to hate God and do all it can in its pathetic, human attempts to kill Him.  Because there is either God, or Mammon.  We cannot serve both, and around the world, more and more people are making their choice, and I am sorry to report, they ain’t choosing God.

None of this even touches on how wrong it is for an organization like Planned Barrenhood to be given routine access to schoolchildren, but this is Portland.  Sadly, this happens all over the country.

No Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark – WRONG, there IS Latin Mass! March 25, 2013

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Never trust an 8 year old to give you the straight story.  There is Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark, but no scola.

See you there?

Another massive rally in defense of marriage in Paris March 25, 2013

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Over the weekend, there was another enormous demonstration (estimated variably between 300,000 (by the hostile state) and over 1 million (by independent sources)).  The protest was very peaceful until the protestors wanted to enter the Champs Elysees to protest in front of the presidential palace and other government structures, but the police were not having any of that.  They reacted with typical statist vigor, using tear gas on what had been up until that point a quite peaceful crowd. That a very few in the crowd became rather agitated as a result seems unsurprising. Of course, the homosexual lobby is already trying to spin this as evidence of the violent hatred the million-odd marchers hold for them.

Good on France, I pray this is the beginning of the re-Catholicization of France.  And I pray they don’t give up even as the government shoves this immoral disaster down their collective throats.  The backbone of this movement is the burgeoning traditional Catholic element in France.  The Faith there is not quite dead, in spite of all efforts on the part of the pagan left sexularists and even many nominally within the bosom of the Church.  In a few decades, traditionalists may make up over half of the active, practicing Church in France (and it could even be sooner than that):

The “violence:”

Yes, that mom and her four kids are surely deadly threats to the state.  Don’t you like how the cop sprays mace on the guy walking calmly away from the police line @ 0:31?

Here is a small slice of the crowd – note , there are huge swaths of people on both sides of the police line (see 0:39 – 0:42) and going up the side streets. That is a huge crowd.  They certainly don’t look violent at this point:


Anibale Bugnini, prime architect of the Novus Ordo, also wanted to wreck the Rosary March 25, 2013

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But Paul VI would not let him.

Some time ago, my wife bought Bugnini’s gloating, bloated Reform of the Liturgy at a used book giveaway.  She read little bits, became totally disgusted by the man’s preening superiority, monumental ego, and his constant disdain for the 1500+ year old Roman Rite.  So, she put it down.  But, I picked it up the other day, and in just reading a little tiny bit, found in pp. 874-876 (Bugnini, he loved to talk) that the man who placed such enormous emphasis on “noble simplicity,” eliminating “useless repetitions” and “historical accretions,” also desired to utterly destroy the Rosary.  How did he plan on doing that?

First, he was going to limit the Our Father to once at the beginning of the Rosary. Gone would be the Pater Nosters at the beginning of each decade.  A “public version” of the Rosary would contain only one decade of Hail Marys/Ave Marias.  Not only did he have the incredible gumption to gut a prayer prayed by millions that the Tradition tells us was given directly to St. Dominic Guzman by the Blessed Mother Herself, but he was going to wreck the Hail Mary by removing the “non-biblical” parts. That is to say, everything from “Holy Mary Mother of God” on would be eliminated, so you’d be left with Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb (the word Jesus at the end of this 2nd half of the Rosary would also be eliminated from most Hail Mary’s) and that’s it, 10 times, in the very hip and mod Rosary of Bugnini.  That’s not entirely true, Bugnini – intruding himself into the private prayer lives of billions of Catholics (over time) and modifying one of the cherished, sacred, and efficacious prayers the Church has ever had, if not THE most efficacious, would allow for ONE recitation of the Holy Mary Mother of God part in each decade. So very generous of him.

That “public Rosary” – the traditional Rosary having been such an aggravation to the protestants Bugnini did everything possible to appease (with no discernible success) – would have been utterly unrecognizable as the same prayer, as only one decade of the truncated Hail Mary above would be present, with the rest replaced by passages from Scripture, hymns (and you can guess what kind of happy clappy crap he would come up with), and excerpts from the writings of various modernist exegetes.

Paul VI was actually somewhat sympathetic to the whole notion, but felt that the umbrage of the faithful would be too great to bear.  Bugnini reported on p. 876 that Paul VI replied: “The faithful would conclude that ‘the Pope has changed the Rosary,’ and the psychological effect would be disastrous…”  Amazing that Paul VI would say that regarding the Rosary, but somehow did not see that he was doing exactly the same thing with regard to the Mass.

I am utterly, utterly stupified by the monumental arrogance it would take to say “Hmmm….. that prayer Catholics have been saying for 700+ years, it’s really deficient, and it certainly isn’t ‘ecumenical.’  It really needs to be updated and changed.”  Can you believe that?  Isn’t that simply incredible, that a mid-level Vatican functionary would arrogate to himself the right to change a timeless, glorious prayer?  He couldn’t even point to VII as cover in this case, as the Council never even remotely approached saying anything about attacking and wreckovating such constant prayer traditions.  Thank God.

For some reason, all the above makes me feel compelled to post the following:

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread to offer, which earth has given and human hands have made. It will become for us the bread of life.

Vice what it replaced:

Accept, O holy Father, almighty and eternal God, this unspotted host, which I, Thy unworthy servant, offer unto Thee, my living and true God, for my innumerable sins, offenses, negligences, and for all here present: as also for all faithful Christians, both living and dead, that it may avail both me and them for salvation unto everlasting life. Amen.

I don’t think Our Lady would have been pleased with Bugnini’s update.

I could post this 500 times, I love it so

I could post this 500 times, I love it so