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St. Peter Julian Eymard on the importance of assisting at Mass March 4, 2013

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St. Peter Julian Eymard, the great Saint of the Blessed Sacrament, strongly recommends assisting at Mass more than the required once a week.  What a far cry from the practice of so many self-described Catholics, who rarely or never go to Mass!  If you are a faithful Catholic, but are pressed for time and normally only assist on Sunday, perhaps this Lent could be a special time to try to increase your attendance to more than once per week?  Latin Mass on Monday nights might fit into your busy schedule!  But whatever your schedule, might it not be possible to fit in an additional hour of Mass per week, if not more?  Perhaps on a Wednesday or Friday? Or, if you already assist at Masss more than weekly, how about trying to add another day or two per week?  We all have many responsibilities, but the spiritual benefits that come from Mass cannot be overstated.  Mass is truly the Source and Summit of our Faith, and if there is a reverent Mass near you, I cannot recommend strongly enough your prayerful presence, as often as possible!  From the 2nd volume of the Eymard Library, Holy Communion:

Hear Mass daily! It will prosper the whole day. All your duties will be performed the better for it, and your soul will be stronger to bear its daily crosses. The Mass is the most holy act of religion; you can do nothing that will give greater glory to God or be more profitable for your soul than to hear Mass both frequently and devoutly. It is the favorite devotion of the Saints. [And it has infinite power to transform our lives. I don’t think there is any single act one can perform that is more strengthening to their practice of the Faith]

The Mass possesses, in fact, and applies to each one of us the full power of the Sacrifice of the Cross; it is the same Sacrifice, the same Victim, the same Priest; it is Jesus Christ immolated, by an immolation which, though unbloody, is nevertheless real and efficacious. Oh, if you could but see the mystery of the altar as it really is after the Consecration, you would see Jesus Christ on the Cross, making oblation to His Father of His Wounds, His Blood, His Death, for the salvation of your souls and of the whole world. You would see the angels that are prostrate around the altar, astonished, almost appalled, at so much love lavished upon indifferent and ungrateful creatures. You would hear the Heavenly Father, as He contemplated His Divine Son, speaking to you as He spoke on Tabor: “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased; adore Him, love Him, and serve Him with all your heart.” [How glorious that we are allowed to partake of this infinite source of Grace!  But so many treat Mass as a boring duty, as something to be gotten through, instead of participating with their whole mind, heart, body, and soul, offering numerous intentions AND themselves as an oblation in union with  the re-presentation of the only Sacrifice acceptable to God!  This is the greatest treasure in the world, and it is so painful to see many people just going through the motions, distractedly talking or texting or whatever during Mass!  Lord, have mercy!]

In order to comprehend the value of the Holy Mass, you must remember that this sublime act is in itself greater than all the good works, virtues, and merits of all the Saints together, the Blessed Virgin Mary not excepted, form the beginning until the end of time. For each Mass repeats the Sacrifice of the God-Man Who, dying as man and as God, raising His death to the dignity of a divine action, gives it thereby an infinite worth.

—————–End Quote——————-

All of the above certainly applies to a reverent, orthodox Mass.  It applies as well to ANY valid Mass, even a Mass with much abuse present or unorthodox presentations of the Faith made.  But in the latter case, the experience can be tremendously lessened. Instead of being a source of joy and Grace, an abuse-filled Mass can be a source of dissatisfaction and sorrow.  It can even scandalize one.  One could even surmise that there is a form of the Mass that is so conducive to these abuses and so problematic theologically that it dramitically reduces the extrinsic Grace that flows in the Mass, and is thus much less efficacious.

So, strive to find as holy a Mass as you can.  I strongly recommend the Traditional Latin Mass for this reason.  But get to Mass!  More tomorrow, God willing!



10 reasons why Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be the next Pope March 4, 2013

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Well, this probably finishes him, but I’m fully on board with a Burkean Papacy.  And as much as I respect Taylor Marshall, I can’t help but see a great deal of personal interest and wishful thinking in the reasons given below, but Ill play along.  From Taylor’s blog Canterbury Tales, 10 reasons why Cardinal Burke will be the next Pope (my comments, emphasis in original):

1. Burke is an open advocate for using canon law in defense of the sacraments and God’s honor. He’s a hardliner against pro-abortion Catholic politicians. He has openly spoken out against American and Irish Catholic politicians who advocate abortion, homosexual unions, etc. As Pope, he would back cardinals who have difficult decisions to make back home. [Well, that would be a start……..]

  2. Burke thinks seriously. He is theologically orthodox and can spot dissent. If you thought Ratzinger was a Rottweiler, then just look out! Burke once forced the cancellation of a Sheryl Crowe concert at a Catholic hospital…because she’s pro-abortion. He sacked a St Louis Catholic basketball coach for supporting abortion and embryonic destruction. Cardinal Burke isn’t afraid to play ball. [There were some disappointments in St. Louis, too.  Burke is as good a prelate as I know of, but he’s made accomodations at times, too]
  3. His Eminence celebrates and promotes the Latin Mass and a reverent Novus Ordo. This is huge. Cardinal Schonborn’s balloon Mass is not the way of the future of Catholicism. [Lord, I pray that is the case]  All the cardinals feel this. [Ummm…..this is impossible to prove, and rebutted by Cardinal Schoenborn’s own presence at those Masses!  Watch out for Tagle, he is no friend of the TLM or even liturgical orthodoxy. He is a huge fan of “inculturation,” which means everybody does their own thing in practice] Pope Benedict moved us away from all that. Cardinal Burke will continue to carry Benedict’s liturgical torch. Cardinal Burke brings noble dignity to the Holy Sacrifice of Mass.  [Agreed – if he gets the chance]
4. …which leads to the SSPX. As long as Benedict XVI is alive, it will be necessary for the next Pope to bring resolution to this traditionalist soap-opera. The reconciliation of the SSPX would be the greatest possible gift to Benedict’s living legacy. To use baseball terminology, it would equate to a relief pitcher saving the game and earning a “win” for the starting pitcher who got behind in the run count. [I am willing to surmise the fate of the SSPX does not figure in the list of top ten concerns for the Church for at least half the conclave, and probably much more than that.  I’m just guessing, but I bet most Cardinals would rather just see them go away]
  5. Speaking of the Latin Mass, Cardinal Burke has traditional liturgical flare (for example, he wears the cappa magna without blinking an eye). With rumors and scandals floating everywhere, Catholics are desperate to see visual dignity restored to the Holy See.  [This certainly warms traditionalist hearts, but please.  I love that Cardinal Burke does these things, but this is a serious reason he’ll be made Pope?  Color me extremely skeptical]
6. Burke will help the cardinals and bishops do what they know they need to do: discipline dissenting Catholic politicians. Burke called the US Democratic party “the party of death” and accused Barack Obama of being “anti-life and anti-family.” He’s not afraid. The cardinals need a Pope standing behind them who speaks like this.  [As do ordinary bishops and priests.  It’s not just cardinals that figure into this.  But they also need a Pope to lead by example by removing heterodox prelates or those who refuse to implement the Holy Father’s reforms]
  7. Cardinal Burke speaks the minimum languages necessary for a Supreme Pontiff: English, French, Latin and Italian.
  8. Cardinal Burke is the perfect age: 64. Almost everyone is convinced that the cardinals will elect a cardinal in his mid to late 60s.
  9. He is the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. This is a really big deal. The years to come require expertise in canon law, not just theology. Cardinal Burke is already a Vatican insider. He already has experience at the highest canonical authority, second only to the Supreme Pontiff himself.
  10. Most importantly, Cardinal Burke is extremely Marian. He has great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He continues the tradition beginning with Pope Pius IX and extending up to Bl John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. For me, Fatima is the key to everything going on in the Catholic Church. I think Cardinal Burke feels the same way. Moreover, he is close to the Friars of the Immaculate and he helped establish the Marian shrine in LaCrosse, WI……
There’s some good points there, but I think they’re sort of red-blood for traditionalists – and how many Cardinal-electors are traditionalists?  Now, if you want to argue the Holy Ghost will move the electors that way for the good of the Church, I would be willing to join the prayer vigil for that!  And while some of the reasons presented above are good and solid – solid theologian, proven leadership skills, doesn’t crave media interest or cower from criticism, the right age, etc – many of them are just traditional talking points!  I mean, I’d LOVE Cardinal Burke to be Pope, I just don’t think the Church as a whole is real focused how a cardinal dresses at the TLM.
But I will say this – the more the conclave goes on, the better I like Cardinal Burke’s chances. I think this is going to be a very raucous conclave with many competing factions.  I don’t think a successor will be named quickly.  The longer it goes on, the more I think the Holy Ghost can work on the electors and the more I think they may have to settle on the truly best man, rather than the factional favorites.  We’ll see.  But it’s certainly nice dreaming of Cardinal Burke offering the first Papal High Mass in St. Peter’s in 40+ years!


Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano March 4, 2013

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Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm.  As for the below, one day, Lord, one day!


I’m a marked man…. March 4, 2013

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This post is fairly personal, but it does have a broad applicability.  First, a couple of photos:


Oh, it’s a gun with a wood stock, it looks like a hunting rifle, no problem said the progressive.


Whaaah?!?  It’s one of those terrible “assault weapons,” ban it, make it illegal, for shame!  What are you, some kind of psychopath?

Same gun, firing the same round, just with a 30 round magazine installed. In New York, now, they are trying to make such illegal, even making it a felony on the level of child molestation.

Such is the current hysteria over various classes of firearms.  For the first time in my life, I ran afoul of the limits imposed against the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, and I can’t say I’m very happy about the experience.

I had been thinking of buying a semi-auto rifle for some time. I actually already own one, but it’s very much a hunting rifle and not one of the skeery ones with a large magazine.  I’ve long been attracted to the Russian-designed SKS, a firearm that was developed and entered service just after WWII and was in production for long after that.  Millions were made in Russia, China, and Eastern Bloc countries, where they served with distinction for decades, even after the widespread entry into service of the “evil” AK-47. They are cheap (or used to be), rugged, reliable, and don’t require a great deal of maintainance, which is good for me, because I’m not someone who wants to spend hours at a time tinkering with a gun.  SKS used to be truly dirt cheap, before the 1994 assault weapons ban outlawed further imports from China, and before Obama was elected, which greatly increased the price, again.

But since SKS had become pretty expensive, even in 2010/11, I started thinking maybe I’d get an AR-15 instead. Right before Christmas, I almost bought one that were on sale at Cabela’s for less than $500.  In the end, I fooled around and missed the sale, and watched with dismay as, in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, threats of draconian gun laws sent demand skyrocketing and prices, as well.  AR’s that were selling for $5-600 before the shooting were well over $1000.  So, I went back to SKS, seeing that, while they had gone up, they were still much cheaper.  But there weren’t any to be had.  Cabela’s advertised an SKS this past week for $300 new from Century Arms (not the best quality, that), and I messed up again, thinking the guns came in on Saturday but they actually arrived on Thursday.  They had 80 people waiting in line before their doors opened Thursday, and all the SKS were gone within an hour.  No luck. I checked a few other big box stores, and none of them had any semi-auto rifles, either – no AR’s, no Mini-14s, no SKS, nothing.

As a flier, I found and checked out a gun store near where I happened to be after my latest disappointment. This was an actual gun-store, not a big box that sells guns, and as soon as I walked in I knew I had made the right choice.  There were a large number of AR’s but also a few SKS for sale.  I picked out the one above and prepared to be happy.

Foolish me.  For while I was happy in the end, I had to wait a loooong time to get there.  Well, not that long, about an hour, but it felt like it standing around a small, fairly crowded gun store with 3 kids.  The reason for the wait?  I have apparently been “flagged.”  The most likely reason is this – because I’ve either applied for some jobs requiring a security clearance, or because I’ve stood as a character witness for friends who have received Top Secret/SCI clearances, the FBI ran a background check on me.  So, in the national “instant” background check system, my name is “flagged,” which means I can’t be “automatically” approved. It means I have to be “reviewed” by someone higher up.  So, when the gun store calls into the check system, they are told I’m flagged, put on hold, and then wait for one of the few reviewers to get to my case.  The guy at the gun store was saying these review waits were taking 5-6 hours just a few weeks ago, but I was “lucky” in that mine only took an hour.  See, no good deed goes unpunished.

Finally, I got my gun.  But ammo was a problem.  There has been a great shortage of ammunition nationwide, and they only had one little box of 20 rounds .  But as luck would have it, a shipment came in just as I was checking out and I was able to get what I needed.  But ammo shortages are being reported around the country, with many folks having a hard time finding much, if any, of their particular needed ammunition.   And many see in the Department of Homeland Security buying billions of rounds of ammunition a stealth attempt at gun control, in buying up the major portion of ammunition made in the country.  Or they’re preparing for Chechnya times 1000, who knows.

Now, the last time I bought a gun, about 10 or 12 years ago, I bought it at a gun show.  There, they don’t do background checks. This is the so-called gun show exemption.  Knowing that I’m flagged for totally specious reasons, that greatly increases my interest in visiting gun shows for any further firearm purchases.  Which I am considering making, given the current president/media complex and their hatred of free citizens who can defend themselves.  I can also add that no small part of my purchase was simply a bit of rubbing it in Obama and the socialist’s faces.

There is a further codicile to this long story.  I went to a local gun range in Rowlett to try out my new SKS.  The place was packed, almost every lane was full, and we had to wait for almost an hour just to get processed and get in.  And then, after all that wait, I find out I can’t shoot my SKS – the City of Rowlett, in their own gun control vigor, has placed a ban on shooting rounds .30 cal and larger at this gun range. The SKS fires a .311, but it’s a very small .311, a 55 grain bullet.  Which is ridiculous, because my .270 shoots up to a 150 grain bullet with about 3 times the powder charge of the SKS round. So, if noise is a concern, the injunction makes no sense, and if safety is a concern, again, a “legal” .270 or 7mm magnum will do way more damage and go way farther than a little 55 grain .311. Oh well,  I’ll have to wait till we go out of town to shoot it.

I’ve always been a Second Amendment advocate, understanding the plain meaning of that very clear portion of the Constitution.  But not a terribly serious one, as “gun control” had never personally impacted me.  It has now, and it’s amazing just how annoying, arbitrary, and silly so much of all this is.  So much of it is just emotional hysterial run wild.  There was even a protest in Atlanta recently where folks were saying that “self defense does not exist,” as if by saying it they can make a fundamental human characteristic we’ve had since we were created go away.  You can see that below (@ 1:00) .  I used to belong to the NRA, which I didn’t enjoy because they never stopped hitting you up for money, but I might re-up again.  I can say this, there is very little logic, and only political agitprop, in all the gun laws passed in the past 40 years.  But I’m sure we’re going to get to “enjoy” even more.