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10 reasons why Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be the next Pope March 4, 2013

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Well, this probably finishes him, but I’m fully on board with a Burkean Papacy.  And as much as I respect Taylor Marshall, I can’t help but see a great deal of personal interest and wishful thinking in the reasons given below, but Ill play along.  From Taylor’s blog Canterbury Tales, 10 reasons why Cardinal Burke will be the next Pope (my comments, emphasis in original):

1. Burke is an open advocate for using canon law in defense of the sacraments and God’s honor. He’s a hardliner against pro-abortion Catholic politicians. He has openly spoken out against American and Irish Catholic politicians who advocate abortion, homosexual unions, etc. As Pope, he would back cardinals who have difficult decisions to make back home. [Well, that would be a start……..]

  2. Burke thinks seriously. He is theologically orthodox and can spot dissent. If you thought Ratzinger was a Rottweiler, then just look out! Burke once forced the cancellation of a Sheryl Crowe concert at a Catholic hospital…because she’s pro-abortion. He sacked a St Louis Catholic basketball coach for supporting abortion and embryonic destruction. Cardinal Burke isn’t afraid to play ball. [There were some disappointments in St. Louis, too.  Burke is as good a prelate as I know of, but he’s made accomodations at times, too]
  3. His Eminence celebrates and promotes the Latin Mass and a reverent Novus Ordo. This is huge. Cardinal Schonborn’s balloon Mass is not the way of the future of Catholicism. [Lord, I pray that is the case]  All the cardinals feel this. [Ummm…..this is impossible to prove, and rebutted by Cardinal Schoenborn’s own presence at those Masses!  Watch out for Tagle, he is no friend of the TLM or even liturgical orthodoxy. He is a huge fan of “inculturation,” which means everybody does their own thing in practice] Pope Benedict moved us away from all that. Cardinal Burke will continue to carry Benedict’s liturgical torch. Cardinal Burke brings noble dignity to the Holy Sacrifice of Mass.  [Agreed – if he gets the chance]
4. …which leads to the SSPX. As long as Benedict XVI is alive, it will be necessary for the next Pope to bring resolution to this traditionalist soap-opera. The reconciliation of the SSPX would be the greatest possible gift to Benedict’s living legacy. To use baseball terminology, it would equate to a relief pitcher saving the game and earning a “win” for the starting pitcher who got behind in the run count. [I am willing to surmise the fate of the SSPX does not figure in the list of top ten concerns for the Church for at least half the conclave, and probably much more than that.  I’m just guessing, but I bet most Cardinals would rather just see them go away]
  5. Speaking of the Latin Mass, Cardinal Burke has traditional liturgical flare (for example, he wears the cappa magna without blinking an eye). With rumors and scandals floating everywhere, Catholics are desperate to see visual dignity restored to the Holy See.  [This certainly warms traditionalist hearts, but please.  I love that Cardinal Burke does these things, but this is a serious reason he’ll be made Pope?  Color me extremely skeptical]
6. Burke will help the cardinals and bishops do what they know they need to do: discipline dissenting Catholic politicians. Burke called the US Democratic party “the party of death” and accused Barack Obama of being “anti-life and anti-family.” He’s not afraid. The cardinals need a Pope standing behind them who speaks like this.  [As do ordinary bishops and priests.  It’s not just cardinals that figure into this.  But they also need a Pope to lead by example by removing heterodox prelates or those who refuse to implement the Holy Father’s reforms]
  7. Cardinal Burke speaks the minimum languages necessary for a Supreme Pontiff: English, French, Latin and Italian.
  8. Cardinal Burke is the perfect age: 64. Almost everyone is convinced that the cardinals will elect a cardinal in his mid to late 60s.
  9. He is the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. This is a really big deal. The years to come require expertise in canon law, not just theology. Cardinal Burke is already a Vatican insider. He already has experience at the highest canonical authority, second only to the Supreme Pontiff himself.
  10. Most importantly, Cardinal Burke is extremely Marian. He has great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He continues the tradition beginning with Pope Pius IX and extending up to Bl John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. For me, Fatima is the key to everything going on in the Catholic Church. I think Cardinal Burke feels the same way. Moreover, he is close to the Friars of the Immaculate and he helped establish the Marian shrine in LaCrosse, WI……
There’s some good points there, but I think they’re sort of red-blood for traditionalists – and how many Cardinal-electors are traditionalists?  Now, if you want to argue the Holy Ghost will move the electors that way for the good of the Church, I would be willing to join the prayer vigil for that!  And while some of the reasons presented above are good and solid – solid theologian, proven leadership skills, doesn’t crave media interest or cower from criticism, the right age, etc – many of them are just traditional talking points!  I mean, I’d LOVE Cardinal Burke to be Pope, I just don’t think the Church as a whole is real focused how a cardinal dresses at the TLM.
But I will say this – the more the conclave goes on, the better I like Cardinal Burke’s chances. I think this is going to be a very raucous conclave with many competing factions.  I don’t think a successor will be named quickly.  The longer it goes on, the more I think the Holy Ghost can work on the electors and the more I think they may have to settle on the truly best man, rather than the factional favorites.  We’ll see.  But it’s certainly nice dreaming of Cardinal Burke offering the first Papal High Mass in St. Peter’s in 40+ years!



1. Lucy - March 4, 2013

We all know this already. As practicing Catholics we want him. Yet our choice may not be God’s choice. We need to pray the cardinals respond to the Holy Spirit.

2. PaterNoster - March 4, 2013

I really pray that he or someone like him is made pope. If we somehow get a flimsy pontiff, I’m not sure the church will be able to make it against the secular onslought.

tantamergo - March 4, 2013

The Church will always survive. But even millions more souls will fall away. And we could be savagely persecuted.

3. David - March 5, 2013

I expressed my views on why I do not think the next pope will be from either Latin America or Central America under the thread “Italian Cardinal Tells Mahony to Stay Home.”

I also expressed my view on why I would like to see Raymond Cardinal Burke be our next Pope. I do think Cardinal Burke would be an excellent Pope. I even wrote a short letter to a national media outlet that said “if an American is selected as the next Pope, I hope and pray that it is Raymond Cardinal Burke.” Like Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Burke emphasizes the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.”

I do like some other Cardinals from America, particularly Daniel Cardinal DiNardo. I once heard DiNardo speak to a group of college students and he is a no-nonsense straight shooter and pro-life. His leadership in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (I visit often since I have family there), has made a difference. I like and respect Timothy Cardinal Dolan, and Edwin Cardinal Frederick O’Brien, but I think Raymond Cardinal Burke would be better suited for Pope.

While I like what I have heard about Marc Cardinal Oulett, and over the last several years stronger Canadian bishops have been chosen (the Winnepeg Statement did significant damage in Canada), I don’t think Oulett will be selected, but he does have a 1 in 115 chance.

I will keep praying for Raymond Cardinal Burke. We need more bishops like him. I am also praying for some strong bishop appointments this year for two dioceses in upstate New York.

Time to step off the Tide.

4. Michael P. Mc Crory - March 5, 2013

Quite a good man it seems but not good enough for me. I am still smarting that no Bishop ( Burke included to my knowledge,) has ever called- out a fellow Bishop nomatter how bad they were . Surely a lack of a missing ingredient there.
The flock need to be warned off from following such bad shepherds. There is too much to lose by not doing so.
Our next Pope? Watch for CDF head Gerd Muller ,who is Franciscan Fr. Regis Scanlon’s pick (Denver). Muller is not even a cardinal. His election would be – what I call – a triple follow-up to Pope John Paul 1’s election
“A hat trick” in soccer.
I think the Holy Spirit has been getting a real kick out of confounding the world’s experts in His recent choices. I expect more of the same.
No way! No flimsy Pope.

5. Elizabeth - March 5, 2013

For awhile I was succumbing to the Burke-wish. Now I think that perhaps we should beware what we wish for. Yes, he’s great in many ways, especially in comparison to others. But we don’t know how he’d be as the Vicar of Christ; the Holy Spirit knows, however. Please, Lord, a lion of a Pope.

tantamergo - March 5, 2013

I’m with you. I’m mostly playing. The blog is one thing, the prayers I say are all about a great Saint for our next pontiff. We so desperately need one.

6. Dan - March 8, 2013

I would be overjoyed if Cardinal Burke is our Pope. But not my will but God’s will be done.

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