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Method of Hearing Holy Mass by Meditating on the Passion March 6, 2013

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My last post on Peter Julian Eymard was well received.  Often times, the posts I do, quoting some great Saint or holy book, seem to be ignored. But this time, Pewsitter picked it up, for which I am very grateful, and many people (I pray) read what the great Saint of the Eucharist had to say.  Hoping that lightning will strike twice, here is a further excerpt from St. Peter Julian Eymard’s Holy Communion, the 2nd Volume of the Eymard Library, Method of Hearing Holy Mass by Meditating on the Passion.  Because this chapter is long, it will be broken up into segments with posts to follow on the succeeding days, God willing (I add emphasis and comments):

For as often as you shall eat this Bread, and drink the Chalice, you shall show the death of the Lord until He come (1 Cor 11:26)

In order to hear Holy Mass with profit, meditate on the events of the Savior’s Passion which it so wonderfully renews.

PreparationLook upon the Church as the most sacred and awe-inspiring place in the world, as another Calvary. The altar stone contains the bones of the martyrs; the burning candles are  the symbols of faith, hope, and charity; the linens covering the altar represent the winding-sheet in which our Lord’s body was wrapped; the crucifx shows Him dying for us.

See Jesus Christ in His priest, clothed in the habiliments of His Passion. The amice represents the piece of cloth with which His captors muffled the Savior’s eyes. The alb is the white robe with which the lewd Herod derisively vested Him. The girdle recalls to us the rope with which the jews bound Him in the Garden of Gethsemane in order to lead him before His judges. The maniple represents the chains with which He was fastened to the pillar to be scourged; the stole, the rope by which He was dragged beneath His Cross through the streets of Jerusalem. The chasuble symbolizes the purple mantle cast about His shoulders in the praetorium, or else the heavy Cross laid upon Him.

In short, the priest in his sacred vestments appears before us as Jesus Christ Himself on His way to the suffering of Calvary. He teaches us, besides, the dispositions we msut bring to the Holy Sacrifice.

Modesty and recollection are signified by the amice, which is worn at first on the head, then on the shoulders; purity is expressed by the white alb and the girdle; contrition by the maniple; the robe of innocence by the stole; and love of the Cross and ofthe yoke of the Savior by the chasuble.

The priest enters and goes to the altar, bearing the chalice. Behold, Jesus going to the Garden of Gethsemane to begin his Loving Passion; follow Him with the Apostles, but watch and pray with Him. Reject every distraction, put aside every thought that does not pertain to the august Mystery. [Don’t be like the Apostles, and fall asleep!  Or get distracted!]

The priest prays at the foot of the altar and, bowing low in deep humility at the thought of his own sins, says the Confiteor. In the Garden Jesus, casting Himself face downward upon the earth, abases Himself for sinners, taking upon Himself all our sins and the bitterness of them. A bloody sweat, pressed forth by His immeasureable suffering, stains His garments and falls to the earth. With the priest, make confession of all your sins, humbly ask pardon for them, and receive the absolution, that you may participate with purity in the Holy Sacrifice. [The Most Blessed Sacrament MUST be received with a clear conscience! You cannot have any mortal sins on your soul, and even deliberate venial sins can and should be mentioned in the Confessional.  Make certain you are aware and involved during the Confiteor, and ask absolution for your venial sins!]

Without doubt, this one consideration would be enough to occupy you for the entire duration of the Mass! If you enter into the intentions of Jesus in His Agony, if you find yourself held fast by Grace at His side, remain there. Otherwise, pass on to the other events of His Passion…….

————————————End Quote——————————-

Thank you Lord, for great Saints like Peter Julian Eymard!  Thank you for the Blessed Sacrament, the Source of infinite Grace!  All we must do is cooperate with it!  Do that, and you shall be saved!

Dominus vobiscum!


Yikes! Brazilian cardinals in cahoots with media to pump their nominee….. March 6, 2013

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…..while the American cardinals act like giddy schoolchildren with a new toy, in this case, big-name media attention!  Oh, look at me, LOOK AT ME!

Both stories below from Rorate.  First, the Brazilian bishops are openly crowing about their collusion with the media to push their own candidate, Cardinal Archbishop of Sao Paolo Odilo Scherer:

A Brazilian reader sends us the following astonishing article published yesterday in the largest national daily, Folha de Sao Paulo: the official chosen by the Brazilian Conference of Bishops (the largest Conference of Bishops in the world) to advise the cardinals of that country in the conclave explicitly asked the media to print supportive articles on Cardinal Scherer, Archbishop of Sao Paulo. He is now clearly in open campaign in collusion with the media.

Rorate then prints a translation of a Brazilian newpaper article discussing the corroboration going on between the Brazilian Bishop’s conference and the media, to openly campaign for their man Scherer. Another name off the list.

Also off the list – pretty much every non-Curial American Cardinal, who have been giving TV interviews as the conclave meets, and apparently have been letting slip some private, secret internal conversations. That’s another big no-no.  Dolan was apparently one of the worst (this is where I get lost, as I no longer have TV):

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, Director of Media Relations of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, had organized daily press conferences with two American Cardinals each day in the Pontifical North American College – and provided exclusive access to American networks to some Cardinals.

 Four Cardinals took part in the suspended press conferences: Cardinals Wuerl and George on Monday, Cardinals O’Malley and DiNardo on Tuesday – with Cardinal Dolan providing an exclusive interview to ABC News also on Tuesday. (Source)
Today, the conferences and interviews were cancelled. Giacomo Galeazzi reports for La Stampa (Italian):

Concern was expressed in the General Congregation about leaks of confidential proceedings reported in Italian newspapers. As a precaution, the cardinals have agreed not to do interviews,” [that] is the succinct communiqué from the spokeswoman of the US prelates, Sister Mary Ann Walsh.

During his briefing, [Father Federico] Lombardi [Holy See spokesman] answered with a certain annoyance the repeated questions on the cancellation of the press conferences of the US Cardinals. “Ask them,” he said curtly.
Regarding the cancelling of the press conferences that some of the American cardinals were giving in these days, Fr. Lombardi observed that “the Congregations are not a synod or a congress in which we try to report the most information possible, but a path toward arriving at the decision of electing the Roman Pontiff. In this sense, the tradition of this path is one of reservation in order to safeguard the freedom of reflection on the part of each of the members of the College of Cardinals who has to make such an important decision.
Was it crazy like this in 2005?  Were American Cardinals (or German, or whomever) giving loud mouth interviews, with whole episcopal conferences openly campaigning for “their guy?”  That’s before  I really started paying attention to Catholic things.  I believe I’ve read about a few Turkson-like gaffes from ’05, where individual prelates made unwise, campaign-like statements in an interview here or there, but I’ve never seen any evidence it was like this.  Am I just ill-informed?  Anyone recall?

A heartbreaking story that reveals exactly why the Church is right…… March 6, 2013

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…….on so many issues like contraception, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, abortion, and just plain ol’ morality.  CNN has a very long story about a surrogate pregancy gone bad.  There are many twists and turns to the story, but I’ll try to encapsulate in briefly here.  A struggling single mom with two kids decides being a surrogate might be a good way to bring in some income. So she signs up, and gets approached by a couple to have their child. The couple already has 3 children from in vitro fertilization that produced triplets. The couple and woman come to terms, and she is successfully implanted with one of the remaining embryos from their own frankenstein baby process in vitro fertilization.  The couple is really supportive, querying the woman how she’s doing almost every day, giving her Christmas presents, etc. But when a routine ultrasound at 4 1/2 months reveals problems, and a follow up reveals the baby has some severe birth defects, the couple demand an abortion.  It seems their three other children were born prematurely (as triplets in an older woman typically are), and were in the NICU for a long time. Some were “still suffering” with health problems.  And they just can’t bear to have this child “suffer,” too. So they get reall adamant – get an abortion NOW.  But the mom carrying the child refuses. Things get ugly in a doctor’s office. The couple tell the woman to be “God-like” and spare the child’s suffering. To which the surrogate mom replies maybe the couple shouldn’t play at being God, being mortals and all.  They are separated, and then the couple offers the surrogate $10 grand to have the abortion.  The surrogacy company is warning her she’ll be sued, the parents have lawyered up and are making threatening statements, and the mom almost gives in. But in the end she decides she can’t have an abortion, she hates abortion, and decides to keep the child.

From there, things get even more weird, involving a flight to another state to keep the parents from seizing the child at birth and depositing the baby in foster care (warm people, these), a revelation of huge impact involving the 3 kids the couple already had, and finally a family comes to the rescue and takes the little baby that was successfully born.  She’s a very sick little girl, but has a fair chance of survival and even flourishing.

If you read the comments, the surrogate mother who kept the child is treated as a pariah.  One of things about the mother that makes the commenters – many thousands of them – most loathe her is the fact she’s a Christian.  I think we’re at a tipping point, folks.  I think a preference cascade is occurring in the culture against Christianity, and especially among young urban hipster dufuses. They’re certainly vocal, I’ll say that.

But I think how much pain has come from pride, stubbornness and rejection of traditional, classic morality, of all that the Church has taught. I cannot imagine what would ever make a parent, under any circumstance, want to have their child killed.  I’ll never understand that, especially…..especially, among those who have already had children!

What a mess.  Thank God the surrogate stood her ground, but I hope she’s learned her lesson about surrogacy.

Another poll reveals large majority of “Catholics” hold heretical beliefs March 6, 2013

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When will discipline and Doctrine start to be enforced on a wide basis again, so that we can start to bring these people back into the Faith?  While one can quibble with the details of any individual poll, the consistency of the data makes plain the vast majority of people calling themselves Catholics in this country are, undeniably, heretics. They are also, for the most part, protestants, invincibly convinced they have the inalienable right to dissent from Church belief and yet still call themselves “Catholic.”  If that’s not protestantism, I don’t know what is (my emphasis, comments):

Seven out of ten Catholics in the U.S. believe the  next pope should let priests marry, allow women to become priests, and allow  birth control. [Three clear, constant Dogmas denied right there. Those who have received the Sacrament of Holy Orders have never, ever, in the history of the Church, been allowed to marry licitly.  Women priests…..please.  Contraception…….perhaps if our priests could be bothered to give a sermon or two a year denouncing contraception, with much care in elucidating the very well thought out reasons the Church is opposed, that might begin to change]

Nine out of ten want the next pope to approve the  use of condoms to prevent HIV.

Three quarters believe in abortion in some  circumstances  [That’s just very sad, and I can only believe this if many surveyed were “Catholics” who haven’t been to church in years or decades. It is amazing to me, as a former protestant, that there are tens of millions of former Catholics who still insist on identifying as actual, believing Catholics, even if they haven’t practiced the Faith in decades] while six in 10 believe in the death penalty. [Like how they slipped that in there? While listing all manner of heretical beliefs, they try to slip in support for the death penalty as one of them.  Nice try, but fail. The Church has always recognized that the state has the power of the sword, and recent papal prudential statements indicating those pontiffs did not believe capital punishment was warranted anymore do not change that Doctrine one whit]

The survey reveals a congregation far more liberal  than its hierarchy though the vast majority say they are happy with their own  parish priest and continue to donate money to the local church. Over six out of ten approve of gay marriage, a figure higher than the overall  American figure of five out of ten approval. [Again, the figures for those who actually assist at Mass weekly are much different. Still very bad, but better.  Should the Church start communicating to these former Catholics they shouldn’t use the name if they a) haven’t practiced the Faith in years, and b) are manifest heretics?]

Seven out of ten believe the Vatican and Pope  Benedict did a very poor job in the child sex abuse scandal, a rise from three  years ago. [The constant barrage of hateful media criticism surely has a great deal to do with that]

Despite that four in 10 had a high opinion of  retired Pope Benedict with only one in ten disliking him and most having no  opinion.

On whether the pope is infallible when he pronounces  on matters of faith only 40 per cent agreed with 46 per cent disagreeing.  [It is painful to see how people cannot think anymore. For, given the other data above, there has to be 10% or more of the people surveyed who profess to believe that both the Pope IS infallible on matters of faith and morals, but that they reject what he proclaims, anyways.  As I said in another post, consistency is not the hallmark of liberals]

When asked what was their top priority for the new  pope the vast majority said it was to modernize the church.

What the survey really shows, is that former Catholics are really liberal and lost.  It also shows that many active or semi-active Catholics are not worthy of the name. By what right they call themselves Catholic, I have no idea.

The sad thing is, the vast majority of these people have never been taught the real Faith, just a pathetic, liberal protestant imitation thereof.  No wonder they’re so lost. It would be a commendable act of charity to pray for their conversion. Or re-conversion.

h/t culturewarnotes

Department of Justice: Children do not need a mother/father March 6, 2013

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In their arguments to repeal California’s Prop 8, the Obama Administration is using garbage science and their general socialist agitprop to claim that children have no need at all for a mother or father when adopted or otherwise obtained by a homosexual couple.  But how often do we read these same left-wingers ring their hands at the plight of “single mothers,” and fret over the fact so many children today have no father in their lives?  But consistency has never been a strong suit of the left:

The Obama Justice Department is arguing in the United States Supreme Court that children do not need mothers.

The Justice Department’s argument on the superfluity of motherhood is presented in a brief the Obama administration filed in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which challenges the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that amended California’s Constitution to say that marriage involves only one man and one woman.

The Justice Department presented its conclusions about parenthood in rebutting an argument made by proponents of Proposition 8 that the traditional two-parent family, led by both a mother and a father, was the ideal place, determined even by nature itself, to raise a child.

The Obama administration argues this is not true. It argues that children need neither a father nor a mother and that having two fathers or two mothers is just as good as having one of each………

…….To support this argument, one of the documents the administration cites is a “policy statement” by the American Psychological Association. This statement claims that some studies indicate same-sex parents might be “superior” to mother-and-father families, but then concedes there is little actual data on the results of raising children in two-father households………

Please, the APA is now so politicized, and only to the left, that their statements are dubious at best, and frequently deserve to be thrown out as nothing but progressive advocacy.   Of course, not mentioned by the government was the best, most thorough done on the subject of how children fair under same sex parents, that conducted by Mark Regnerus last year.  In this, really the only thorough, long-term study done on the effects of homosexuals raising children, showed a number of very negative outcomes, and almost every item measured showed worse performance for those children than in traditional families.  Some of the very saddest data was how frequently the children of homosexual couples are sexually abused by the new partners this depraved behavior tend to include on a regular basis.  The study was so damning, it was viciously attacked, and homosexual radicals now like to pretend it’s been “discredited,” but much of that is simply a self-serving reaction to what the data clearly showed.

It has been shown, extremely conclusively, that children in single parent homes fair far, far worse than those raised by both a mom and dad. Children of divorce, or where a mother or father was never present, have far higher rates of delinquency, dropping out of school, incarceration, STDs, low income levels, general moral decline…….the list goes on.  Pretending that somehow two men or two women can provide the stability and all the various psychological/spiritual subtleties needed to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child is ludicrous.  Theoretically, it could be done, but the data – and plain common sense – indicate that such cases would be rare exceptions.

The Obama Administration, of course, favors the support of homosexual marriage due to ideological reasons, because it plays to their base, and because destruction of the family furthers dependence on the government, and generates more democrat supporters. Think about that – Obama and his cohort are so base, they think nothing of consigning further millions to lives of misery and degradation, simply in order to improve their political position.

Lord, have mercy on us. Please let these attacks on the family, morality, and decency cease.