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A great sermon on the lengths some have gone to for a priest March 18, 2013

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I know a really good, traditional priest, who was raised in a very rural part of the Mountain West.  Where he lived, there was no parish for about 100+ miles in any direction.  A priest made a circuit, visiting somewhere relatively near to the place where this priestwas growing up (about 50 miles) once a month.  So, the people in this very sparsely populated part of the country only received the great blessing of a Mass only once per month.  Talk about suffering, and patience – this experience taught this priest very well.

Earlier on, for huge swaths of this country as it was being settled, there were no priests available at any time.  Below, a great priest gives a two-part sermon on how the “black robes” – the cassocked priests – finally reached the Flathead and other indian tribes of the upper Great Plains or Mountain West, and the length those tribes went through to get a priest, so they could learn about and worship the great God properly.  I found this a fascinating tale of piety, love, patience, and suffering endured. I hope you enjoy this sermon as much as I did, it is very much worth listening to and a half hour very well spent.  My wife has actually taken to just playing sermons from AudioSancto during the day, and she’s found some very good ones:




No one is denied a share in the glory of partaking of Christ’s sufferings March 18, 2013

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From Laudamus Te Traditional Latin Mass Magazine, the meditation for Passion Sunday 2013, by Pope St. Leo the Great (I add emphasis and comments):

To no one, no matter what be the circumstances of his life, dearly beloved, is denied a share in this glory of partaking in Christ’s sufferings, as if times of calm were without their occasions of exercising strength.  The Apostle giveth us warning: All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer perecution. [I think this is so forgotten today. Even by those who are attracted to the Church’s great Tradition in this so very “modern” time.  The sufferings we are experiencing now, or even in the 1970s, are very little compared to what has been suffered in the more distant past] Therefore, so long as godliness is not lacking, neither is persecution lacking. [If the world hates you, remember, it hated Me first…….(Jn 15:18)] The Lord Himself saith in one of His own exhortations: “He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after Me, is not worthy of Me.” [Mt 10:38] And we must not doubt that these words of Christ apply not only to His immediate disciples, to whom He spoke them, but belong to all the faithful and to the whole Church.

For the Church in the person of believers which were present and heard these words, believed and heard on behalf of all them who would afterwards accept the way of salvation in the Church. As then, it is the duty of the whole body of the Church to live godly, so also it is the duty at all times to be a-bearing of the Master’s Cross, and that not only in the Mystical Body in general, but individually in the person of each member thereof, who each and every one supporteth the weight of the Cross in his own way and measure. The one common name for all their carrying of the Cross is persecution, but the manner of suffering is special to each.

Since the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh, the rational mind must be disciplined by the carrying of the Cross on such wise that, albeit the soul is enticed by evil desires, the will refuseth to give consent, by reason of the piercing of the nails of continence and the fear of God.

————————End Quote—————————

An appropriately Lenten meditation, but also perhaps especially relevant in these times. Who knows what the immediate future may hold for Tradition, for the Mass of All Ages, for the Church in general?  But we do know that, eventually, Christ will triumph, but only after much suffering and anguish in His Body.  Instead of lamenting that suffering, perhaps we should rejoice in the fact that we have been chosen worthy to suffer the lot of the Saints in Christ?  Suffering joyfully born for love of God and His Church is infinitely meritorious of Grace. It is the very stuff of salvation.  But our human will is so weak, our pride so desirous of having its way………..may God have mercy on us!  And may He strengthen us in spite of our fallen nature, or very unworthiness!

I felt compelled to take some pictures last night.  I really felt compelled to get the second photo, of Our Lady of Fatima in the candlelight. We are in the times of Fatima, I fear.  Cling to Our Lady!  Implore her intercession on our behalf!  She is our greatest friend and ally.  In spite of what some modernists thought at the Council, and even today, you cannot have too much devotion to Our Lady.  She always points to her Son.

I love to pray by candlelight

I love to pray by candlelight


Non-sequitur – plane pRon March 18, 2013

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Nice video from Red Flag 03-13 which just got underway a few days ago.  There may be no more Red Flags, the most realistic training exercises in the world, due to budget cuts.

Lots of interesting aircraft: USAF Agressor F-16s and F-15s, Typhoon F.2, Tornado GR4, about 1/5 of the entire B-2 force, EA-6Bs, EF-18Gs, a Boeing Wedgetail AEW&C aircraft, KC-135s, of course, a veritable smorgasbord of military aircraft.  This is HD, watch in full screen:

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano March 18, 2013

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You know the drill. 7pm.

Some great news on this bleak Monday! March 18, 2013

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I have some very good news to report to you today, part of which is very personal and over which I have been elated for some time.  First, another woman is entering the novitiate at the Dallas Carmel.  There will be a Mass followed by her entrance ceremony, which will take place this Tuesday on the Feast of St. Joseph Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, at 8 am.   This is very short notice, I know, but the final arrangements were only just made.  Thank God for the fact that a religious order which maintains the traditional observance of the Carmelite rule and spirituality is growing by leaps and bounds!

On another note, a lovely young lady and friend of our family has publicly announced that she will be entering the Carmelites of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Valparaiso, Nebraska on April 20th.  I am so very proud of this young woman.  We’ve actually known about this for some time.  She is a former parishioner of Mater Dei in Irving – another vocation for Mater Dei!  May God bless her so abundantly for following this rapturously beautiful call from the Holy Ghost.  The Valparaiso Carmel and its daughterhouses are well known for their support for Tradition.  I can’t even describe how incredibly proud I am of Phillipa.  She is from a very good family.

This is the photo she chose for her announcement:


May God raise up yet another great Carmelite Saint for His glorious Church!

Disconcerting – Cardinal Mahony is feeling his oats after election of Pope Francis March 18, 2013

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In fact, scanning the progressive wing of the Church – which wing would have been utterly unthinkable, impossible only a few decades ago, well within the lifetime of one man – there seems to be a great deal of expectation that Pope Francis will be very, very favorable to their particular vision for the Church.  But for sheer hubris, as always, Cardinal Mahony – I have so fought to urge to call his eminence cardinal baloney – takes the cake.  I guess his lenten exercises in humility didn’t take very well:


As one traditional priest pointed out in response to these sad tweets, it is a profound poverty to split Christ in two, proclaiming that the Liturgy must be impoverished in order to support the Church’s constant aid to the poor.  What a total rupture this mentality reveals, and what a total lack of understanding of the real nature of the Liturgy as a Sacrifice offered primarily FOR and TO God.

We’ve heard this rhetoric about a “new Pentecost” for 50 years – some Vatican II fathers the hubris to proclaim that the “Vatican II pentecost” would be bigger and better than the true Pentecost.  Sadly, that hubris and rampant pride were very prevalent at Vatican II, as I hope to make clear via some quotes from various council fathers soon.  Mahony, our current-day Bernadin, certainly seems to share that hubris.  How a man who personally saw the results of the mass apostasy and sexual depravity that both helped produce the collapse in the Church and has been its most glaring result could make statements like this is amazing.  And how false his previous statements of “learning great humility” as a result of his being very rightly chastised (but not nearly enough) for his role in covering up the widespread sexual depravity and the destruction of souls it entailed now rings.

I fear for our Church. I tried last week to be very positive about the election of Pope Francis, and I will remain so until events indicate otherwise, but the elation of a man like Mahony (and others of his ilk) at this election is profoundly disturbing. If there were ever a time to re-focus our efforts on prayer and mortification, this is it.  The office of Peter has in the past often transformed the man.  Perhaps our prayers and penance (and additional 5 decades of the Rosary?) might aid in this process often repeated in the past.

And I think many prayers for the conversion of Cardinal Mahony would be great spiritual works of mercy.  That poor, deluded, destructive man……he is truly the heir of his mentor.