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A great sermon on the lengths some have gone to for a priest March 18, 2013

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I know a really good, traditional priest, who was raised in a very rural part of the Mountain West.  Where he lived, there was no parish for about 100+ miles in any direction.  A priest made a circuit, visiting somewhere relatively near to the place where this priestwas growing up (about 50 miles) once a month.  So, the people in this very sparsely populated part of the country only received the great blessing of a Mass only once per month.  Talk about suffering, and patience – this experience taught this priest very well.

Earlier on, for huge swaths of this country as it was being settled, there were no priests available at any time.  Below, a great priest gives a two-part sermon on how the “black robes” – the cassocked priests – finally reached the Flathead and other indian tribes of the upper Great Plains or Mountain West, and the length those tribes went through to get a priest, so they could learn about and worship the great God properly.  I found this a fascinating tale of piety, love, patience, and suffering endured. I hope you enjoy this sermon as much as I did, it is very much worth listening to and a half hour very well spent.  My wife has actually taken to just playing sermons from AudioSancto during the day, and she’s found some very good ones:





1. oldyoungcatholic - March 18, 2013

Ok now I am confused…I thought sermon was a term that baptist or tv preachers used but we as Catholics use Homily. Which is it? Lol….

tantamergo - March 18, 2013

A homily is a brief exegesis based on the Scripture readings at Mass. A sermon is generally longer and is more expansive, covering more ground than a brief discussion or clarification of the Scripture readings.

Catholic parishes long had sermons, before protestants existed.

2. Micah C. - March 18, 2013

The Latin Mass as the life of Christ parts 1 and 2 are incredible. I can’t recommend them enough!

They’re on audiosancto.org.

3. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice - March 19, 2013

Thanks for the tip on those 2 sermons. I used to live up near the Flathead but no little of this aspect of their history. Sounds interesting. AudioSancto is great. Regarding sermons, there are also excellent ones of Fr. Michael Rodriguez at: http://netmarkexpress.info/church/sermonsandaudiofiles/

It’s not as streamlined as AudioSancto for finding what you want, but his sermons are excellent.

4. Annie - March 19, 2013

My favorite audiosancto sermon is Fr. Augustine Marie of the Blessed Sacrament, part 1 and 2. One of the best sermons I have ever heard!

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