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Modern ecumenism and the preceding Magisterium March 21, 2013

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One of the most problematic areas of development in the Church in the past 50 years has been that of “ecumenism.”  Ecumenism, it must be stated at the outset, is not a doctrine. It is not a teaching.  It is a conglomeration of efforts designed to achieve…….something.  Closer connection between the Church and separated sects, perhaps.  According to some more disturbing statements, the culmination of ecumenism will be some “future church” that will contain the the Catholic Church but also all the separated sects, and most problematically, will also contain all “truth,” implying that the Catholic Church does not have possession of all Truth today.  There are many angles to this ecumenism, both with regard to how Vatican II addressed the subject very differently from how it had been addressed by the preceding Magisterium, and how that ecumenism has played out in practice. For one, we hear today many prelates, including the writings of the Pope Emeritus before he was Pope, claiming that the ecumenical movement has rendered obsolete the Church’s previous approach to separated sects, with Ratzinger referring directly, several times, to the “outmoded ecumenism of the return,” meaning, the Church no longer seeks to convert separated sects.

This is all radically different from what the Church proclaimed as true prior to Vatican II.  Going back a thousand years and beyond, even to the earliest days of the Church, it was always maintained that those who adopted heretical or schismatic views must repent and do penance before they could be re-admitted to the Faith, and that such readmittance was the only way for them to achieve salvation – thus, stressing Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, or outside the Church there is no salvation, a true Dogma of the Faith. In fact, the modern “ecumenical movement,” which was founded by protestants rapidly drifting into indifferentism, was specifically condemned by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Mortalium Animos.  I wanted to share some bits of that with you, to hopefully provide some enlightenment on how the Church, for the vast majority of hits history, approached this topic (my emphasis and comments):

This undertaking [the ecumenical movement] is so actively promoted as in many places to win for itself the adhesion of a number of citizens, and it even takes possession of the minds of very many Catholics and allures them with the hope of bringing about such a union as would be agreeable to the desires of Holy Mother Church, who has indeed nothing more at heart than to recall her erring sons and to lead them back to her bosom. But in reality beneath these enticing words and blandishments lies hid a most grave error, by which the foundations of the Catholic Faith are completely destroyed……..And here it seems opportune to expound and to refute a certain false opinion, on which this whole question, as well as that complex movement by which non-Catholics seek to bring about the union of the Christian churches depends. For authors who favor this view are accustomed, times almost without number, to bring forward these words of Christ: “That they all may be one…..And there shall be one fold and one shepherd,” with this signification however: that Christ Jesus merely expressed a desire and prayer, which still lacks its fulfillment [meaning, they don’t accept that what Christ was referring to here is that we should all be one under the sovereign Pontiff, but that maybe one day in the future Christ will bring all the sects and Churches back together into one future super-church, with a different set of beliefs from what Catholics have always held – with a heavy emphasis on protestant beliefs being promoted as “true” ….Although many non-Catholics may be found who loudly preach fraternal communion in Christ, yet you will find none at all to whom it ever occurs to submit to and obey the Vicar of Jesus Christ…..For if, as they continually state, they long to be united with Us and ours, why do they not hasten to enter the Church, the Mother and mistress of all Christ’s faithful? [Because they do not seek to be Catholic, but to make Catholics acceptable to protestants] (MA, #’s 4, 5, and 7)

……And so, venerable brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics; for the union of Christians can only be promoted by promiting the return to the one true Church of those who are separated from it, for in the past they have unhappily left it…….Let them therefor return to their common Father, who, forgetting the insults heaped upon the Apostolic See, will receive them in most loving fashion.  (MA, 7, 10, 11)

——————————End Quote—————————

Without making this post too long, I don’t think one has to look very far or think very hard to find that there are many recent examples in the Church which run rather counter to the spirit presented above.  Several events in Assisi come to mind.  This belief regarding how Catholics should view separated Christians was hardly unique to this one encyclical – as I said at the beginning, there are numerous examples, too many to cite, of precisely the same mentality presented above. Indeed, the Code of Canon Law of 1917, which was replaced by the 1983 version, made very clear that not only was it not licit for Catholics to participate in protestant church services or ecumenical hootenannays, but that it was postively sinful to do so.  The early Church Fathers were clear, the Scholastics were clear, many, many popes were clear: “ecumenism” for the vast majority of the history of the Church meant repenting of error and returning to the Church.

I would claim that the numerous statements regarding the errors of protestantism, of modernism, of indifferentism, and of the kind of ecumenism we see today, which were so prolific and so constant for so long, would rise to the level of Doctrine of the Ordinary Universal Magisterium.  And Doctrine can never change.  All the ecumenical acts taken in the past 50 years have been non-doctrinal, non-dogmatic acts.  They have all been prudential acts, the desirability of which are open to debate.  We can thank God that Doctrine can never change.

Yes, I know what I’m writing is quite different from what the 1997 Catechism says.  I’m very aware, indeed.

EWTN interview with Cardinal Bergoglio March 21, 2013

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Quite, quite an interesting interview of Pope Francis has been put out by EWTN, apparently made several months ago, obviously before his election.   He uses Paul VI’s famous quote “the smoke of satan has entered the Church” right from the get-go, then has all kinds of other, at times very surprising, comments. Some highlights:

  • the modern paganism is a “gnostic” paganism
  • stop treating your pets like people (while you support the murder of babies, you WASP misanthropes)
  • The most money is wasted on pets and cosmetics, and these are idolatrous – he goes on and on about this. I actually agree that there is foolish amounts spent on fashion and cosmetics, but I don’t know where he gets his figures that says cosmetics is the #2 source of wasted money in the world
  • he denounces Pelagianism – which denounced original sin and claimed that men could achieve salvation w/o Grace.  I agree that Pelagianism is rampant in today’s society
  • he really does love him some Judaism – he quotes from a 12th century Jewish document – does he know they are not saved?
  • Latin America is teh awesome!  But the modern culture is attacking the Faith in Latin America, which has been glorious, but is weakened now [I would add that it is most wounded by false doctrines like liberation theology and the destruction of ancient traditions]
  • He stands by the strong faith of Latin Americans and think they will ultimately triumph…..but 300,000 Brazilians leave the Church every year
  • He calls the Sanctus the Sanctus!
  • He speaks of prayer
  • He really doesn’t like pets and cosmetics.  I’m going home and shooting the dog. Thank God my wife doesn’t wear much makeup, or I’d have to deal with her, too

Anyway, here is the video:

h/t catholicgadfly


The Unmourned March 21, 2013

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Genius, as usual, from Mark Steyn.  He should really convert, and leave the very lefty New Hampshire:

And so it goes two years on, at “Doctor” Gosnell’s trial:

Medical assistant Adrienne Moton admitted Tuesday that she had cut the necks of at least 10 babies after they were delivered, as Gosnell had instructed her. Gosnell and another employee regularly “snipped” the spines “to ensure fetal demise,” she said.

Moton sobbed as she recalled taking a cellphone photograph of one baby because he was bigger than any she had seen aborted before. She measured the fetus at nearly 30 weeks, and thought he could have survived, given his size and pinkish color. Gosnell later joked that the baby was so big he could have walked to the bus stop, she said.


Notwithstanding Dr. Gosnell’s jest, and the fact that newborns delivered alive are generally regarded as “babies,” the New York Times’ only story on the case is punctilious enough to refer to Gosnell’s victims as “viable fetuses,” and its early paragraphs emphasize the defense’s wearily predictable line that this is a “racist prosecution.” Instead of my Arizona comparison, what about Sandy Hook? One solitary act of mass infanticide by a mentally-ill loner calls into question the constitutional right to guns, but a sustained conveyor belt of infanticide by an entire cadre of cold-blooded killers apparently has no implications for the constitutional right to abortion. As one commentator wondered two years ago:

Does 30 years of calling babies “blobs of tissue” have no effect on the culture?

For the answer, consider the testimony of “Nurse” Moton — and the clarification by AP writer Maryclaire Dale:

She once had to kill a baby delivered in a toilet, cutting its neck with scissors, she said. Asked if she knew that was wrong, she said, “At first I didn’t.”

Abortions are typically performed in utero.

“Typically.” So, finding oneself called on to “abort” a “viable fetus” in a toilet with a pair of scissors, who wouldn’t be confused as to whether it’s “wrong” or merely marginally atypical?

Gosnell’s murderous regime in Philadelphia reflects on him. The case’s all but total absence from the public discourse reflects on America……..

There hasn’t been a day in my life that there hasn’t been hundreds of babies killed in this country under the demonic lie of a “woman’s right to choose” (to kill her baby).  Every day for forty years there has been at the very least a tacit acknowledgement by most Americans that ripping completely, totally innocent children limb from limb is completely, totally OK.  That the right of ONE person’s convenience over another’s very life is so total that, really, there shouldn’t even be any debate.

And after 40+ years of this rhetoric, of this very reality of demonic sacrifice to satan of live human babies – 3000 times a day! – we can see how deep the evil has spread.  That Kermit Gosnell is a cold blooded murderer I have no doubt. So is every single other baby murdering “abortionist’ in this country.  They know the baby is alive, most admit it, they see the sonograms, they feel the babies fight for their tiny lives……..and yet they go on murdering babies every day. 

No, the real evil in our culture is that probably 200 million of our brothers and sisters are at least somewhat on board with this.  And the sick twisted elitist leftist self-loathing media does all it can to insure this horrid fact remains constant.  The MEDIA can’t be bothered to cover this story, a mass murderer on a scale that it makes all the various shooting sprees lilliputian by comparison, because it doesn’t fit their leftist ideological narrative (more babies are killed in a day by abortion than have died in all the mass shootings of the past 50 years – but for a once a year kind of event, we have to surrender a foundational Constitutional right).  The media can’t have the truth come out, because it will surely undermine support for abortion and reveal the monstrous hypocrisy at the heart of it. 

You see, it’s totally legal and a guaranteed RIGHT for a doctor to do what Kermit Gosnell is now on trial for, so long as its done inside the womb.  There, everything is legal, what should be the safest place in the world for a child is actually the most dangerous, it’s a child-killing free fire zone.  That’s the only difference. What Kermit Gosnell did on the table, or holding the struggling baby in his hands, or in the toilet, is done 3000+ times a day by hundreds of other  murderers all around this country.

And the fact that the large majority of Americans cannot see that, cannot see murder for what it is – including, I am ashamed to say, so many of my self-identified Catholic brethren – is the very reason why this country is damned and going to hell in a handbasket.  People talk about America being “blessed”………for what would God bless this country?  We are under a blood curse, I assure you.  I am so sick to death of this murdering nightmare, I don’t know what to do.  Pray, that’s what I’ll do, but good Lord have mercy on us, your evil fallen murdering people.


Fr. Michael Rodriguez: Pope Francis faces a devastated vineyard March 21, 2013

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I guess the question is, will he help restore the vines and rebuild the walls, or…………?

I haven’t watched the whole video, but it starts with Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophetic vision of the suffering Christ.  There have been many such prophetic visions over the past few hundred years, starting most notably with Our Lady’s apparitions at Quito.  These warnings have accelerated and intensified, and have also come from several very holy Popes – Leo XIII, Pope St. Pius X, and Pope Pius XII when he was still Msgr. Pacelli.

Fr. Rodriguez then stresses the need to make prayer and penance for the sustaining and growth in sanctity of Pope Francis.

Father makes a great point at approx 22:45 about his surprise that the princes of the Church gathered for the conclave failed to make note their sorrow – if they have any – for the current state of the Church.

How many priests or bishops preach Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, a thrice solemnly defined Doctrine of the Faith?  It is a DOGMA.  And yet no one preaches it, and the modern ecumenical effort almost invariably pretends it does not exist.  This failure to defend this Truth extends to the very highest levels of the Church over the past 50 years.

Wow, you must watch @26:00 – 27:00+

More comments: I agree, it is so very hypocritical that many Cardinal-electors have decried the “corruption,” error, and sexual depravity in the Curia, when they tolerate exactly the same in their own dioceses.  It’s once again looking for someone else to solve the problems of Faith, like Msgr. Charles Pope’s own admission that he has pursued anullment suits on behalf of people he knows were validly marrying, all the while hoping “Rome” will somehow fix the “broken annulment system!”  If you don’t obey the current system, why would you obey a “reformed” one?  He’s just looking for someone to relax standards or otherwise bail him out.

I think I might fire the show back up and just interview Fr. Rodriguez every week for half an hour, or every week he’s available. I’m serious, I’ve taken a break, but I think I’m going to re-start my show, focused entirely on Father.

@32:00 – yes, we must reform ourselves.  We must do more prayer and reparation before the Blessed Sacrament.  I really think we need to focus on spending more time with Jesus in the Tabernacle!  We don’t need Adoration in the monstrance to visit Jesus, we can do it anytime, in any parish, anywhere.  But I really want to try to encourage more of that at Mater Dei.

@ 34:00 Yes, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus is NOT a cruel or elitist belief, it is a gloriously beautiful Dogma, because it tells us so very clearly where the Truth resides, and where we must go for both that Truth and our salvation.

A critical point begins around 36:00 and goes through the end. Please watch at least this part.

If for some reason you don’t want to go to Youtube for the video, you can access an audio-0nly version of the sermon here.

I don’t know where Father has gotten his Roman chasuble, but, wow, iti s spectacular. I love priests who wear fine vestments for the greater glory of God!

Boy, you can hear that West Texas wind howl in that little church in Shafter.

you should really watch the entire video, the last 20 minutes are fantastic.

I want to extend my personal heartfelt thanks to the faithful of the El Paso Diocese (and others) and especially the crew at JMJHF Productions for making Fr. Rodriguez’ exemplary catachesis, and, really, care of souls available to the whole world.

YOU can help support Fr. Rodriguez’ apostolate and the production of these videos by contributing to the St. Vincent Ferrer foundation.  All proceeds go to help Fr. Rodriguez’ apostolate and the production of these means of disseminating his holy catachesis to the world:

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Umm…..what do you make of this? Pope Francis to offer Holy Thursday Mass in prison March 21, 2013

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Fr. Z is becoming concerned.  Pope Francis is to offer the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at a Roman youth prison.  This is a co-ed facility.  Will there be a Papal female foot washing? (Fr. Z’s comments below in red)


Vatican City, 21 March 2013 (VIS) – On Holy Thursday, 28 March, the Holy Father Francis will celebrate the Chrism Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in the morning and then, at 5:30pm in the afternoon, will go to celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the Casal del Marmo youth detention centre instead of the Basilica of St. John Lateran, where it had been traditionally held in past years.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper is characterized by the announcement of the commandment of love and the gesture of washing the feet. [No, actually, the Mass of the Lord’s Supper is not “characterized” by the washing of feet, because that rite is an option.  The Holy Thursday Mass is not characterized by an option.  It is characterized by the establishment by the Lord of the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders and the beginning of His Passion. I say this even though I am firmly rooted in St. Augustine’s commentary on the Gospel of John, in which the great bishop speaks of the need for ministry that gets down into the dirt.] In his ministry as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio used to celebrate the Mass in a prison or hospital or hospice for the poor and marginalized. With this celebration at Casal del Marmo, Pope Francis will continue his custom, which is characterized by its humble context.

The other Holy Week celebrations will be held according to tradition, as established in a notification by the Office of Liturgical Celebrations.

Pope Benedict XVI also visited the Casal del Marmo youth detention centre, on 18 March in 2007, to celebrate Mass in the Chapel of the Merciful Father.

That last statement almost sounds like a “now, don’t freak out!, Pope Benedict did this too!” statement.

I am certain we shall see other interesting developments in the very near future.  I would look for Cardinal Burke to be returning to the US, soon.