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Another massive rally in defense of marriage in Paris March 25, 2013

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Over the weekend, there was another enormous demonstration (estimated variably between 300,000 (by the hostile state) and over 1 million (by independent sources)).  The protest was very peaceful until the protestors wanted to enter the Champs Elysees to protest in front of the presidential palace and other government structures, but the police were not having any of that.  They reacted with typical statist vigor, using tear gas on what had been up until that point a quite peaceful crowd. That a very few in the crowd became rather agitated as a result seems unsurprising. Of course, the homosexual lobby is already trying to spin this as evidence of the violent hatred the million-odd marchers hold for them.

Good on France, I pray this is the beginning of the re-Catholicization of France.  And I pray they don’t give up even as the government shoves this immoral disaster down their collective throats.  The backbone of this movement is the burgeoning traditional Catholic element in France.  The Faith there is not quite dead, in spite of all efforts on the part of the pagan left sexularists and even many nominally within the bosom of the Church.  In a few decades, traditionalists may make up over half of the active, practicing Church in France (and it could even be sooner than that):

The “violence:”

Yes, that mom and her four kids are surely deadly threats to the state.  Don’t you like how the cop sprays mace on the guy walking calmly away from the police line @ 0:31?

Here is a small slice of the crowd – note , there are huge swaths of people on both sides of the police line (see 0:39 – 0:42) and going up the side streets. That is a huge crowd.  They certainly don’t look violent at this point:


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