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Pro-abort Girl Scout CEO receives award at Mass from Cardinal Dolan April 24, 2013

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I have written, fair readers, numerous times over the past 3 years about the great problem of the Girl Scouts, and their relationship with so many Catholic parishes.  The Girl Scouts have become yet another formerly wholesome organization that has been permeated by radical feminist ideology, with close ties to Planned Barrenhood and with training programs for young girls that not only expose them to, but seem to idealize the rampant promiscuity so prevalent among young people today.  I could go on and on beating you down with links, but just search girl scouts on this blog if you want to see much, much more.

The current head of the Girls Scouts USA, Anna Maria Chavez, is a nominal Catholic with strong ties to numerous pro-abort politicians, and served as an apparatchik for the democrat party for many years.  She has campaigned repeatedly for pro-abort politicians.   And yet, in spite of the massive problems with the Girl Scouts overall, and their current CEO in particular, Cardinal Dolan saw fit to bestow an award on Ms. Chavez, the “St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal.”  From a press release regarding this most august event:

The Cardinal also presented Ms. Chávez with a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal, an award that recognizes her outstanding contributions to the growth and development of young women in Girl Scouts of the USA.

“The Girl Scout Law calls upon girls to, on their honor, ‘serve God and my country,’ and to help people at all times,” continued Ms. Chávez.

Excepting, apparently, those millions killed in the womb.

Read the CNA article, and it becomes clear that Chavez is a pro-abort ideologue who has constantly “admired,” worked for, and looked up to such women as Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy Pelosi.

So, yet another scandal involving Cardinal Dolan.  Since this was a “Scouting Mass,” did Chavez receive the Blessed Sacrament, as did pro-abort VP Bonehead Joe Biden?  At the very least, giving this woman an award – and named after St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, no less, who suffered mightily to raise her children alone, while converting to the Faith and facing great hostility – exhibits extremely questionable judgment.  But it’s increasingly par for the course for Dolan, whose endorsement of the unchaste activities of a radically homosexual parish in NYC, his PR event with Obama right before the election, his persecution of traditionally-minded priests, and his failure to defend marriage in New York to even a slight degree are just the highlights of his problematic leadership of one of the most prestigious diocese in the world. And yet there are many in the Church who still apologize for him, and refer to him as a stalwart, orthodox bishop.  Please.

To think this man was considered “papabile.”  It shows where we’re at, as a Church.

The broader scandal is the continued relationship between the Catholic Church in this country and the increasingly radical Girl Scouts USA, and their even more extreme parent organization, the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guys Guides.  Sorry, had a slip there.  The documentation demonstrating just how radical at least the leadership of the Girl Scouts has become (but it is increasingly filtering down to the rank and file, as it is intended to) is so comprehensive as to be very much beyond the scope of a single blog post. I could do a week of features on nothing but the Girl Scouts, and only begin to scratch the surface.  In addition to the many posts on this blog, there are many other good resources on the descent of the Girl Scouts into leftist agitprop.  Some of the very best come from former Girl Scouts, who know and understand just how far the organization of their mothers and grandmothers has fallen. These include:

  • Girl Scouts Why Not: documents especially the relationship between Girl Scouts and Planned Barrenhood, and other pro-abort groups
  • Honest Girl Scouts: documents all the wider problems with Girl Scouts, in addition to the extensive Planned Barrenhood links.  Really documents how radical feminists have taken over the leadership of GSUSA
  • Speak Now Girl Scouts: has links to former Girl Scouts speaking out

There are many more.

Many faithful souls have questioned pastors, bishops, the USCCB, and other Church leaders as to why the Catholic Church continues to have such a strong association with the Girl Scouts. The responses, especially from the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers, have generally been denials of a problem and obfuscation, although a few weakly worded warnings have been made to the Girl Scouts to back off the agitprop.  But as in so many other areas of the Church involving scandal, little of substance is done.

I think, regarding Cardinal Dolan at least, we can see more and more clearly that these scandals aren’t deviations from a standard of orthodoxy, but are par for the course.


1. Dismas - April 24, 2013

Perhaps this could be regarded as cynical, and I certainly do not intend this in the larger sense, because in the larger sense it is awful to see these sorts of things occurring within the hierarchy of Holy Mother Church, but things being what they are, in certain ways it is helpful to simply allow these gentlemen to advise us of where they stand. Certainly we should pray fervently for these unfortunates. By their fruits we are allowed to know who they are.

robert hill - April 25, 2013

Jesus ate with REPETANT sinners, not unrepentant priests of a neo-pagan cult of promiscuity, which has engaged in human sacrifice on an unprecedencted scale in order to achieve its goals. The liar from the beginning is cunning, but there is no excuse for failure to see his hand in the destruction of the girl scouts and of the Canadian Boy Scouts. They teach that evil is good! (If you have a girl, enroll her in the America nHeritage Girls, lest you associate yourself with a wicked cause and put your child’s soul in needless peril.

2. ubipetrusest - April 27, 2013

Yes, Cardinal Dolan seems to be outdoing himself. His actions get worse and worse. The US Girl Scouts have been pro-Planned Parenthood for years. Dolan is the main clerical supporter in the US for the cause of Marxist Dorothy Day. As the other commenters have observed, by his fruits we will know him. The blog “Dorothy Day Another Way” contains additional information on Dolan’s rapid reversal of his role as shepherd and teacher to that of politically correct politician with a miter. See http://dorothydayworker.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-faith-takes-licking-his-eminence.html for details.

3. Harry - April 28, 2013

Here is Dolan yet again positioning the USCCB as the champion of Obama’s agenda. Why does Obama need to destroy the Catholic Church when they have Dolan doing such a good job on his own? The blood of millions of murdered babies is on his hands for his proud championing of abortion. Cardinal Dolan you are disgrace to the fine old See of New York and a disgrace to the Church!!!!!!!

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