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Radical feminist group attacks faithful bishop April 25, 2013

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Hideous photos below (inappropriate for children and sensitive souls), of radical lesbians “empowering” themselves by exposing their skin like a four year old. Nothing says empowerment like base objectification!  These women, from the group Femen that has attacked Christians across Europe in the past 2 years, are about one half step from messing themselves to get attention.

It should be noted that Bishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, the target of the attacks below, is probably the most orthodox bishop in the Belgian hierarchy, which may not be saying much, given Cardinal Daneels and all the grave problems there. But he actually is somewhat orthodox, from what I understand. Which is why he was attacked by this group of very disturbed women. They interrupted a conference on – irony of ironies – blasphemy, spraying water on him from little bottles shaped like the Blessed Mother. Bishop Leonard answered hate with prayer, and then kissed one of the bottles the women had used to humiliate him:




The lie is put to these attention-seeking whores in that they only attack safe targets. Let them attack some mosque in Marseilles, and I’ll start to believe they actually have some conviction.  Until then, their blatant hypocrisy, attacking figures and a religion that poses absolutely no threat to them, while ignoring the religion that hideously maims and persecutes women around the world, treating them like chattel from Jakarta to Antwerp, proves they are just another group of spoiled brats who are desperately seeking the approval of male authority figures. It certainly makes their feminist empowerment rhetoric laughable.

But let us see them perform their topless antics in a mosque, or strut down the streets of one of the many muslim enclaves outside Paris, and see how brave they are. It won’t happen, because these women are the basest kind of cowards.

I am edified by Bishop Leonard’s peaceful, prayerful witness to this unprovoked and dastardly attack.

As for Femen, I pray God may be merciful with their obviously tortured souls.  Look for more of this to come, I fear.

It’s interesting the media were there. I have to believe they were tipped off, I don’t imagine media would cover a little conference on blasphemy.


1. TG - April 25, 2013

Read this on Lifesite News earlier. We should pray for this bishop to persevere.

2. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - April 25, 2013

May the Lord indeed have mercy on their souls. May their hearts be converted…or may they be utterly destroyed.

3. Elizabeth - April 26, 2013

Maybe he was praying Exorcism prayers while this vileness was being unleashed upon him. He certainly seemed to be deep in prayer throughout.

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