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Miami Archbishop Wenski: US on the way to totalitarianism May 1, 2013

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He diagnoses the disease, but I’m not sure he gets the cause.  Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, handed one of the most tragically morally corrupt dioceses in the nation, has something of a reputation for orthodoxy, at least as orthodoxy goes in the hierarchy. He spoke recently at a Red Mass for Miami’s lawyers, Bishop Thomas Wenskiand had strong words for state recognition of homosexuals simulating marriage, and the creeping totalitarianism of American society (I add emphasis and comments):

Miami’s Catholic archbishop, Thomas Wenski,  said establishing “gay marriage” would corrupt the natural setting for  rearing children by a mother and a father, and further spread “moral  relativism,” one of the signs that democracy is “on its way to  totalitarianism.”

The state has always recognized and favored heterosexual marriages  “because such marriages best provide the optimal conditions for the  raising of future generations of its citizens,” said Archbishop Wenski  in an Apr. 24 homily at the Red Mass for the Miami Catholic Lawyers  Guild. “And all honest social research as well as anecdotal evidence  shows that children are ‘hard-wired’ to be best raised by a mother and  father who are married to each other in a low conflict relationship.” [Isn’t this just fact shown by elemental reason?  Why the burning desire among those who deliberately engage in sterile relationships to have children?  There is something fundamentally perverse about that]

In other words, he said, “it’s about what’s best for children. Only  in the marriage of a man and a woman can ‘two become one flesh’ (Genesis  2: 24) and thus create a conjugal society – or family – which provides  that the individuals who give life to children should be the ones to  raise them in a bonded and enduring relationship.”

[This is key…..]The push for “so-called same-sex marriage, if it prevails,” said the  archbishop, “will fundamentally change” the mother-father-children  family and “open a Pandora’s Box of unforeseen and, to be sure,  unintended consequences – as the more permissive no-fault divorce  legislation did some 40 years ago.” [I think this radical redefinition of marriage will make all the others – contraception, no fault divorce, even abortion – pale in comparison in what it does to a formerly Christian nation.  The US is not like Europe. We have only comparitively recently fallen into an increasingly socialistic, atheistic mentality.  Europe has been sliding into such for over a century. So when radical things like homosexual marriage happen there, the effect may be somewhat muted. I think in the US, it’s going to be a profound, and very disorienting, shock.  I don’t know what will come, but I suspect it won’t be good, because there is still a very significant part of the US populace that just won’t accept this travesty, unlike northern Europe or Canada]

“[T]he proponents of so-called same-sex marriage would now redefine marriage for all as existing solely for the gratification of two (and why just two?) consenting adults,” said Abp. Wenski. [This is the second bishop to use this argument of late, and I am glad they are. Marriage has, historically, been oriented towards the protection of women and children from the basest instincts of men. We see in our present culture what happens when that protection is removed, or subsumed by overweening societal concupiscence. It produces devastating effects.  But social disorder is what the left thrives on. It’s all good to them.]

The archbishop, who represents 1.3 million Catholics in 118 churches  in South Florida, said the push for same-sex marriage is just the  logical consequence of the moral relativism found in Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood,  which “virtually establishes a new secular religion based on the ‘right  to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe,  and the mystery of human life.’” [It’s about a post-Christian culture, a culture that rejects God, and hates His Presence. It’s a culture of profound narcissism, the same narcissism that always say “Non serviam.”]

That is “moral relativism,” he said.

“When a democracy bases itself on moral relativism and when it  considers every ethical principle or value to be negotiable (including  every human being’s fundamental right to life), it is already, and in  spite of its formal rules, on its way to totalitarianism,” said Abp.  Wenski. “The might of right quickly becomes might makes right.”  [Indeed. And that, I am afraid, is precisely the point.]

In ending his homily, the archbishop noted that America’s founding  fathers established a society upon a  “vision of freedom” in accordance  with “ordered liberties” that are evident in the natural order, such as  the complementarity of man and woman, and the right of children to a  mother and a father – in short, as he cited from the Declaration of  Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident ….”

It’s this last bit where I must disagree with Bishop Wenski a bit. Maybe. He doesn’t exactly endorse the vision of the founding fathers, but perhaps he’s just laying out what it was. For I would argue that it is the very disordered notion of liberty proffered by the founding fathers that is ultimately at the root of the societal collapse we see before us.  I don’t want to get into what is an enormous subject in this post, but the simple fact of the matter is, the protestants and deists (I know, John Carroll, but that’s just one Catholic) who founded this nation did not found it upon Christ the King and place Him as the cornerstone of the edifice of state.  I fear that without that very visible recognition of the Kingship of Jesus Christ as the foundation for all authority, any government is doomed to eventually fail.

I may get to see if I’m right about this in my lifetime.

Still, a sterling speech from Archbishop Wenski. Oh, to see such words from our own ordinary.

“Life On The Rock” Inexplicably Picked Up For Yet Another Season May 1, 2013

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Eye of the Tiber nails it again:

Birmingham, AL––The EWTN program Life On The Rock was inexplicably picked up for yet another season this week, baffling many of its viewers as well as network CEO Michael Warsaw. A source at the network announced this week that “for absolutely no good reason whatsoever” they have decided to pick up the show for teens and young adults for another season. “To be honest, I haven’t the faintest clue why we keep doing this to our viewers,” Warsaw said, laughing. “It started out years ago as an April Fools joke, and for some reason or other it just stuck.” Warsaw went on to say that, though the program is painful in itself, that it has had some good effects on its “Catholic Militant viewership.” “From the outset of each program the viewer is made to watch and listen to the theme song, which can be used as a means to purge the soul of sins, so we believe.”

There is more at EOT.  Check it out.

I used to enjoy EWTN quite a bit. It was very helpful at times when I was first growing in the FaithBut as I’ve grown weary of it for a number of reasons, but the two key ones are repetitive content, and a discernible decrease in orthodoxy and militancy. And, for various reasons, some of their stalwart schedule-fillers have had to be dropped or dramatically decreased (Corapi, Fr. Benedict Groeschel).  Mother Angelica’s reruns are still solid and generally worhtwhile, but I just find so many of the newer programs so-so at best.  It is very difficult to keep the original fire and zeal of an apostolate once the inspired founder passes on. This is true in any climate, not just religion.  Many businesses that grew to great wealth and influence collapsed after the death of the founder.

Pentagon to court martial soldiers who share Christian faith? May 1, 2013

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What about muslims sharing their faithiness?  I bet they get a total pass.  Well, at least red martyrdom will dramatically shorten time in Purgatory, if not eliminating it all together:

The Pentagon has released a statement confirming that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith: “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense…Court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis…”.

The statement, released to Fox News, follows a Breitbart News report on Obama administration Pentagon appointees meeting with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein to develop court-martial procedures to punish Christians in the military who express or share their faith.

(From our earlier report: Weinstein is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and says Christians–including chaplains–sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military are guilty of “treason,” and of committing an act of “spiritual rape” as serious a crime as “sexual assault.” He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are “enemies of the Constitution.”)

Being convicted in a court martial means that a soldier has committed a crime under federal military law. Punishment for a court martial can include imprisonment and being dishonorably discharged from the military.

So President Barack Obama’s civilian appointees who lead the Pentagon are confirming that the military will make it a crime–possibly resulting in imprisonment–for those in uniform to share their faith. This would include chaplains—military officers who are ordained clergymen of their faith (mostly Christian pastors or priests, or Jewish rabbis)–whose duty since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of troops who come to them for counsel, instruction, or comfort.

This regulation would severely limit expressions of faith in the military, even on a one-to-one basis between close friends. It could also effectively abolish the position of chaplain in the military, as it would not allow chaplains (or any service members, for that matter), to say anything about their faith that others say led them to think they were being encouraged to make faith part of their life. It’s difficult to imagine how a member of the clergy could give spiritual counseling without saying anything that might be perceived in that fashion.

This actually seems unusually strident and ham handed.  Obama has to know how all these anti-Catholic actions and persecutions he is taking look (he may fully understand this, he just may not care).  I have to wonder if this isn’t one of many little bonehead things the Pentagon does every day, which in terms of practical effects is nil?  Still, it’s troubling.  I think we can all see where society is headed, and it’s a place where Christians will not be welcome.

More local Catholic art May 1, 2013

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This one is kind of scary!  I think if we knew the reality of spiritual warfare, we’d die of fright:


A detail of the above:


Very cool. Many thanks to Santos Lozano for sharing these!

Communion, the Sacrament of Unity May 1, 2013

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From the 2nd volume of the Eymard Library, Holy Communion, pp. 144-8.  St. Peter Julian Eymard (I add emphases and comments):

God’s union with us crowns the divine work of rehabilitation accomplished by Communion. Communion! The very name is significant! It is not a moral union, a union of sentiment or of friendship, no, it is a union of substances, approaching more nearly than any other, excepting the divine maternity, to the hypostatic union. eymard.jpg

By the Incarnation human nature was united to the divine nature in unity of person, so that one who saw the Body of Our Lord saw God. Now Jesus Christ, God and Man, enters into us and enacts a mystery similar to the one wrought in Mary’s womb. St. Augustine, speaking of the awesome dignity of the priest, exclaimed: “O awesome dignity of the priests, in whose hands as in the womb of the Virgin the Son of God becomes Incarnate!” By the hands of the priest, the Eucharist passes into our bodies and, uniting with us, prolongs, extends the Incarnation to each of us separately……Communion is the perfect development, the full unfoldment of the Incarnation, as it is likewise the completion fo the sublime Sacrifice of Calvary, renrewed each morning in the Mass. It is in order to be united with His priest and the faithful that Jesus Christ descends to the altar at the Consecration; withoiut Communion, the Sacrifice would be incomplete. [My dominant thought when reading all this, aside from my amazement at the glorious Act God permits us to partake of, is how can the Blessed Sacrament be distributed and received in such a casual manner when what is being given is the Gift beyond measure, upon which our Salvation depends.  It is the principle source of Grace that flows into us in our daily lives!  How can it be received with so little reverence?!  How can those who receive with so little reverence in the hand and, I will say it, standing, truly comprehend the infinite blessing that is being given them?  Once I became cognizant of just what the Blessed Sacrament really is, I felt a total compulsion to always receive kneeling and on the tongue, and I always have, since then]

Thus the Body of Jesus Christ is united with our body, His Soul with our soul, and His Divinity hovers over both….How wonderful is this incorporation of a glorious, resurrected Body with our miserable nature! And this sight is enjoyed by God and His angels; our earthly eyes do not see it. It is a heavenly spectacle.

When two lumps of wax are melted together by the action of fire, they coalesce and are one; yet the elements of both are still present and could be separated. In Communion, the union is the same. We lose the corporal presence of Christ when the Species are consumed; but, if sin does not drive Our Lord away, our body continues to participate in the virtues of the Body of Jesus, receiving its force, Grace, integrity, and morals……Do you not feel after Communion that your passions are weakened, that peace reigns in your members? Just as ice reduces hot fevers, so Jesus heals the fever of our concupiscence by the purity of His virginal Body……….The Blood of Jesus Christ flows in our veins. We are changed into Him……..0802Eymard-thumb-244x351.jpg

It is Our Lord’s desire to communicate Himself to us as abundantly as possible. But each one receives HIm according to his capacity and preparation. To the soul that is well prepared, He gives a strength of life, a generous resolution that causes it to vow eternal fidelity to its Spouse. [We must prepare ourselves to receive the Blessed Sacrament worthily!  Much more Grace will flow if we approach with great love but also fear of our unworthiness to touch Heaven in this manner] Henceforth it studies His wishes, tries to find ways of pleasing Him. It receives from Our Lord that delicate sense by which He discerns the things that are to His Father’s glory, the faculty of judging everything from the divine viewpoint. A soul that lacks this delicate perception seeks itself in all things and, even in receiving Communion, thinks only of the sweetness it may draw from Our Lord’s presence. Delicacy of feeling is the flower of love.

To a soul so finely attuned Jesus Christ gives, moreover, the grace of self-forgetfulness and entire self-surrender. A soul that receives Communion must come to the point of loving our Lord for Himself, must be able to to give itself without asking what it will receive in return. He loves little who demands a recompense for everything he does……

Oh, can one fail to marvel at the way our happiness, by Our Lord’s wisdom, is bound up with the glory of His Father?!  Who can comprehend the Son’s marvelous love for His Father and for us?!

Then let Communion be the center of our life, of our actions. Live in order to receive Communion and receive Communion in order to live a holy life and give glory to God within you. He will one day give you glory beyond telling in the blissful eternity that is His.

————————End Quote———————

And that last bit, is the whole point of it all.