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Communion, the Sacrament of Unity May 1, 2013

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From the 2nd volume of the Eymard Library, Holy Communion, pp. 144-8.  St. Peter Julian Eymard (I add emphases and comments):

God’s union with us crowns the divine work of rehabilitation accomplished by Communion. Communion! The very name is significant! It is not a moral union, a union of sentiment or of friendship, no, it is a union of substances, approaching more nearly than any other, excepting the divine maternity, to the hypostatic union. eymard.jpg

By the Incarnation human nature was united to the divine nature in unity of person, so that one who saw the Body of Our Lord saw God. Now Jesus Christ, God and Man, enters into us and enacts a mystery similar to the one wrought in Mary’s womb. St. Augustine, speaking of the awesome dignity of the priest, exclaimed: “O awesome dignity of the priests, in whose hands as in the womb of the Virgin the Son of God becomes Incarnate!” By the hands of the priest, the Eucharist passes into our bodies and, uniting with us, prolongs, extends the Incarnation to each of us separately……Communion is the perfect development, the full unfoldment of the Incarnation, as it is likewise the completion fo the sublime Sacrifice of Calvary, renrewed each morning in the Mass. It is in order to be united with His priest and the faithful that Jesus Christ descends to the altar at the Consecration; withoiut Communion, the Sacrifice would be incomplete. [My dominant thought when reading all this, aside from my amazement at the glorious Act God permits us to partake of, is how can the Blessed Sacrament be distributed and received in such a casual manner when what is being given is the Gift beyond measure, upon which our Salvation depends.  It is the principle source of Grace that flows into us in our daily lives!  How can it be received with so little reverence?!  How can those who receive with so little reverence in the hand and, I will say it, standing, truly comprehend the infinite blessing that is being given them?  Once I became cognizant of just what the Blessed Sacrament really is, I felt a total compulsion to always receive kneeling and on the tongue, and I always have, since then]

Thus the Body of Jesus Christ is united with our body, His Soul with our soul, and His Divinity hovers over both….How wonderful is this incorporation of a glorious, resurrected Body with our miserable nature! And this sight is enjoyed by God and His angels; our earthly eyes do not see it. It is a heavenly spectacle.

When two lumps of wax are melted together by the action of fire, they coalesce and are one; yet the elements of both are still present and could be separated. In Communion, the union is the same. We lose the corporal presence of Christ when the Species are consumed; but, if sin does not drive Our Lord away, our body continues to participate in the virtues of the Body of Jesus, receiving its force, Grace, integrity, and morals……Do you not feel after Communion that your passions are weakened, that peace reigns in your members? Just as ice reduces hot fevers, so Jesus heals the fever of our concupiscence by the purity of His virginal Body……….The Blood of Jesus Christ flows in our veins. We are changed into Him……..0802Eymard-thumb-244x351.jpg

It is Our Lord’s desire to communicate Himself to us as abundantly as possible. But each one receives HIm according to his capacity and preparation. To the soul that is well prepared, He gives a strength of life, a generous resolution that causes it to vow eternal fidelity to its Spouse. [We must prepare ourselves to receive the Blessed Sacrament worthily!  Much more Grace will flow if we approach with great love but also fear of our unworthiness to touch Heaven in this manner] Henceforth it studies His wishes, tries to find ways of pleasing Him. It receives from Our Lord that delicate sense by which He discerns the things that are to His Father’s glory, the faculty of judging everything from the divine viewpoint. A soul that lacks this delicate perception seeks itself in all things and, even in receiving Communion, thinks only of the sweetness it may draw from Our Lord’s presence. Delicacy of feeling is the flower of love.

To a soul so finely attuned Jesus Christ gives, moreover, the grace of self-forgetfulness and entire self-surrender. A soul that receives Communion must come to the point of loving our Lord for Himself, must be able to to give itself without asking what it will receive in return. He loves little who demands a recompense for everything he does……

Oh, can one fail to marvel at the way our happiness, by Our Lord’s wisdom, is bound up with the glory of His Father?!  Who can comprehend the Son’s marvelous love for His Father and for us?!

Then let Communion be the center of our life, of our actions. Live in order to receive Communion and receive Communion in order to live a holy life and give glory to God within you. He will one day give you glory beyond telling in the blissful eternity that is His.

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And that last bit, is the whole point of it all.

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