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“Life On The Rock” Inexplicably Picked Up For Yet Another Season May 1, 2013

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Eye of the Tiber nails it again:

Birmingham, AL––The EWTN program Life On The Rock was inexplicably picked up for yet another season this week, baffling many of its viewers as well as network CEO Michael Warsaw. A source at the network announced this week that “for absolutely no good reason whatsoever” they have decided to pick up the show for teens and young adults for another season. “To be honest, I haven’t the faintest clue why we keep doing this to our viewers,” Warsaw said, laughing. “It started out years ago as an April Fools joke, and for some reason or other it just stuck.” Warsaw went on to say that, though the program is painful in itself, that it has had some good effects on its “Catholic Militant viewership.” “From the outset of each program the viewer is made to watch and listen to the theme song, which can be used as a means to purge the soul of sins, so we believe.”

There is more at EOT.  Check it out.

I used to enjoy EWTN quite a bit. It was very helpful at times when I was first growing in the FaithBut as I’ve grown weary of it for a number of reasons, but the two key ones are repetitive content, and a discernible decrease in orthodoxy and militancy. And, for various reasons, some of their stalwart schedule-fillers have had to be dropped or dramatically decreased (Corapi, Fr. Benedict Groeschel).  Mother Angelica’s reruns are still solid and generally worhtwhile, but I just find so many of the newer programs so-so at best.  It is very difficult to keep the original fire and zeal of an apostolate once the inspired founder passes on. This is true in any climate, not just religion.  Many businesses that grew to great wealth and influence collapsed after the death of the founder.


1. TG - May 1, 2013

Agree with you about the newer EWTN shows. I find them boring. I mainly watch Mother’s reruns since I never saw them the first time. I watched all the Saints Alive and Bob and Penny Lord’s Saints series. I liked the “Does the Church Still Teach That” series but it hasn’t been repeated. I support them because of Mother but there just aren’t any priests or nuns with the fire of Mother or Father Corapi.

2. Michael P. Mc Crory - May 1, 2013

I agree also.
Their shows that ARE good are often gems but those shows are few and far between. It’s just not the kind of channel that you can flick over to hoping to find something interesting,

as eight times out of ten I find that NOT to be the case

-Life on the Rock is an example of the latter.

I just stopped tuning- in, after years of frustration.

They would hold my attention more if they would even repeat their better shows like Journey Home – Lives of the Saints and talks by the good priests there. That way I have not tuned-in in vain.
I have suggested this several times to them but got no response, another major flaw with them, in not taking us seriously.

tantamergo - May 1, 2013

I do love the Boby and Penny Lord shows. Those are great – radio or TV.

I’ve spoken to many who agree that EWTN is slipping, and badly. It seems that Mahony won after all……

3. Nancy - May 1, 2013

FWIW: Mother Angelica isn’t dead…
I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I like Life on the Rock and Doug Barry, as well as the rest of the crew. I think they do a pretty good job

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