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Weekend reading May 3, 2013

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My wife was doing some research and came across some old and sad pieces on abuse crisis that broke in Dallas in the 1990s. This particular piece from D Magazine is a very worthwhile read, to understand the absolutely tragic and nightmarish state of the diocesan seminary in the post-Vatican II timeframe.  Much of what is reported in this article, and much worse, incredibly, has been confirmed to me by men with possibly true vocations who were run out of the seminary by the depridations of the homosexual mafia who ran Holy Trinity in the period from the 70s through the 90s. When I say ran, I don’t necessarily mean the formal administration, but I mean the body of students, especially senior ones, who often made life unbearable for men who did not have their particular pathologies.

I must note this article is not for children nor those with a sensitive conscience.  It reports very frankly on the mass immoral behavior that was widespread in virtually all seminaries for at least a period of 20 years, both homosexual and heterosexual. But you will find amazing statements, made prior to then Cardinal Ratzinger’s clear declaration to the contrary, that there were no endemic reasons to bar men with profound homosexual inclinations from seminary.  Unfortunately, Cardinal Ratzinger’s/Pope Benedict’s guidance has been widely ignored, perhaps not in Dallas?, but certainly around the country and world.

A little excerpt:

“You bitch!” The boy’s screams echoed down the dormitory hallway, punctuated by the crash of furniture splintering against the concrete walls.
“You lying bitch!”
Startled Holy Trinity seminarians poked their heads from doorways. Moments later, dean of students Father Tom Cloherty appeared in his burgundy slippers, black pants, and untucked white undershirt, marching aggressively from his suite toward the commotion. “Everybody, go back in your rooms,” he commanded, as he strode down the hall. Next morning, two chairs were empty at Mass. One had belonged to the young man who pitched the tirade, an 18-year-old freshman from a strict Catholic family in Louisiana. The other seat belonged to the boy’s “particular friend,” a seminary graduate student.
The chapel buzzed with whispers about the latest “midnight retreat,” as such dismissals were known. The problem, everyone knew, was that the freshman believed it was love, while the older student knew it was just sex.
That was in 1980 at Holy Trinity Seminary, where the Catholic Diocese of Dallas makes its priests.
Once a citadel of Catholic orthodoxy. Holy Trinity mislaid its moral compass in the mid 1970s.

When, I might add, a very orthodox had of the seminary was run off by those who felt he didn’t implement the heterodox “spirit of Vatican II” with sufficient vigor. It was all down hill from there.

Another piece here from the Boston Globe in 2002 examines the abuse scandal in the Diocese.  I don’t have a particular point for either of these links, I just found them interesting.

Voris in rare form May 3, 2013

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Archbishop Gomez continues to disappoint.  He has become little more than a shill for the no borders immigration mafia.  His attempted humbling of Mahony backfired mightily when he cravenly backed down.  And that’s only the beginning of just the most recent episcopal failures we’ve seen just in the past week or two:

American Patriotic church. I love it.  A play on the disastrously schismatic Chinese Patriotic Church.  When will the Vatican finally declare that radically disobedient, heretical sect schismatic?  Ah, but the “nice” post-Vatican II Church doesn’t believe in such declarations.  Such statements give progressive Catholics, in the hierarchy or not, the pearl clutching vapors.

I am so glad Michael mentioned the great watering down of belief that occurs when bishops try to claim every political issue is a matter of vital doctrinal import, whle the steadfastly ignore true matters of doctrine and stand idly by while the Faith of millions continues its pathetic collapse.

He did miss the disastrous “guidance” that precipitated Cardinal Ouellet’s stunning takedown of the English episcopate (one of the most worldly, secular of them all): Cardinal Nichols stated that a future Catholic spouse of an English monarch did not have to try to raise their child in the Faith, in stark contrast to canon law and constant Church belief. It’s good to know the Doctrine of the Faith only applies to us plebes.

The Church will never be restored until the heirs of the Apostles stop acting like worldly wolves in shepherd’s clothing, and start acting like the fervent evangelists and savers of souls they are supposed to be.

Friday Funny May 3, 2013

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This is great. Via JP Sonnen:


Love can conquer all May 3, 2013

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Perhaps a message this blog to stand to ponder. I wrote about Bishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Belgium last week, and how he was violently attacked by a mob of shrieking harpies radical feminist extremists.  It seems his calm, prayerful response, and loving witness, won over the hostile crowd he was facing on the issue of blasphemy and homosexual “rights,” and, in effect, utterly defeated the purpose of his crazed attackers (I add emphasis and comments):

In a letter sent to the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium all of Europe’s bishops expressed solidarity with Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, who was doused with water in a violent attack by four topless lesbian activists last week.

The bishops were represented by the Council of Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE).

In the press release announcing the letter, the CCEE called Archbishop Leonard a “victim of an act of religious intolerance.”…….[it was an act of anti-Catholic hatred.  These tragically deranged women have perpetrated many such attacks. They are curiously uninterested in attacking muslim mistreatment of women and hatred of homosexuality.  Because that would be, you know, kind of dangerous and all, and wouldn’t win them the applause they so desperately seek. They also, in spite of all their lesbian, feminist rhetoric, seem to crave the approval of men.  Rather odd, isn’t it?]

…….The incident captured the attention of the worldwide media since, in addition to the topless women, Archbishop Leonard shocked reporters and attendees alike with an astonishing display of gentleness as he remained seated, eyes closed in prayer while the topless women attacked him with shouts and curses and doused him with water.

Even Archbishop Leonard’s debate opponent at the university where the incident took place, despite his vehement disagreement with the Archbishop on his stance on homosexuality, protested the violent actions of the gay and abortion-activist women……..

…..Haarscher [his debate opponent] added that his own support for Archbishop Leonard’s right to express his opinions was noteworthy, “especially since I am in total agreement with [the women] and disagree with Leonard on homosexuality.”

As LifeSiteNews.com reported in its previous coverage of the April 23 attack, it’s not the first time Archbishop Leonard has been attacked for standing up for the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and abortion.

Since 2007 alone, he has been pied, denounced by the prime minister, and brought before courts for his teaching on the dangers of homosexual acts to body and soul. [Why, that all sounds strangely like a formal persecution, doesn’t it?  A Catholic prelate brought up before courts and government officials and threatened to apostasize?  Just burn a little incense for the sexular pagan culture?]

Archbishop Leonard’s calm and prayerful demeanor in the face of the attack won him his audience according to his debate opponent.

Prof. Haascher said that seeing the calm reaction to the attack “immediately attracted the sympathy of an audience that it was not really favorable…as you can imagine.”

Good for Bishop Leonard.  May God bless, his apostolate, and his diocese abundantly.  And may he stand as strong in his witness to the Faith in every area of his administration.  May he be a true heir to the Apostles.

Failure to preach about sin has lead to Mass apostasy May 3, 2013

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I saw the following story, excerpted below, linked from Pewsitter.  You can read a story like this every week.  Some aggrieved, worldly Catholics reject what the Church believes, insist the Church, the 2000 year old institution founded to proclaim the Truth Christ preciously entrusted with Her, must change to suit them and “the times,” and state they will continue to receive the Blessed Sacrament like the good Catholics they are invincibly convinced they are:

Tom Nelson and Linda Karle-Nelson, lifelong Catholics, are the parents of gay adult children who are in committed relationships. [I will note again, that for homosexuals, “commmited” has little relation to “monogamous.”  That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few truly monogamous homosexual couples, but they are exceedingly rare]

At mass Sunday, Nelson and Karle-Nelson received communion.

And they intend to do so again this weekend, even after Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s statements in April that Catholics who support gay unions or marriage should abstain from receiving communion.

“He’s not going to keep me from the Eucharist,” said Nelson, 83, a retired engineer from Farmington Hills, Mich. “Somebody’s got to stand up and say, ‘Enough.’ ” [Enough of what?  Enough tolerance of sin?  Enough blasphemy and sacrilege?  Who are you to tell Jesus Christ that He is wrong, and then re-crucify Him with your sacrilegious receipt of Holy Communion?]

So they, along with other Catholics who belong to a lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender support group called Fortunate Families, plan to conduct a prayer vigil at 4 p.m. Thursday in front of the Archdiocese of Detroit headquarters downtown. [I have blogged about Fortunate Families and their “outreach” group, Outstretched Hands, extensively. The materials used by this group are pro-homosexual and essentially advocate for the homosexualist agenda.  There is virtually no focus on chastity or abstinence in this group.  It basically endorses the homosexual lifestyle, and still refers to the long-superseded and tragically weak “Always Our Children” document produced by the USCCB as the basis for their program, which was specifically repudiated by the Holy See.  I was saddened to find that St. Elizabeth Seton parish still hosts one of these groups, in spite of their being a “new” pastor there for over a year. I am not surprised at all that people associated with Fortunate Families would apostasize. The group constantly makes light of Catholic belief as a matter of course.]

“We’re not going to change churches,” said Karle-Nelson, 72, a speech pathologist. “We can plant seeds. Our theme has been sharing stories, and sharing stories is a way of changing hearts.” [Sharing stories is a way to make people forget logic and reason and become bogged down in emotion]

…..In an April 8 Free Press article, Vigneron said those who receive communion while supporting gay marriage “logically bring shame for a double-dealing that is not unlike perjury.” A Detroit seminary professor and legal adviser to the Vatican, canon lawyer Edward Peters, also said Catholics who promote gay marriage should abstain from communion…….

And it was a good statement, obviously badly needed.

Several things: first, there are nearly 20 specific condemnations of homosexual acts in Sacred Scripture.  There may be more, but that’s a rough count I’ve communion-3_4_rx340taken. This is one of only four sins described in Scripture as “crying out to Heaven for vengeance.”  Both homosexual acts, and, quite frankly, the lifestyle or orientation itself, are repeatedly condemned. That does not mean we “hate” homosexuals, or treat them badly, but it means we must love them enough to tell them the Truth.  There is a God, He loves you beyond measure, He knows what is best for you, and this lifestyle is not it.  Nothing can ever change that fact.  You wil die, and be judged, one day. Embracing a sinful lifestyle – any sinful lifestyle – may lead to eternal damnation.  We don’t want that for anyone.

And we know from St. Paul that those who receive the Body and Blood unworthily eat and drink condemnation upon themselves, and are even guilty of the Blood of the Lord – they, somehow, recrucify Him?  I fear that Sundays are a very painful day for Our Lord.

But the world, alas, the world, it says so differently.  The world hates the Truth, the world wants to revel in pleasure and “fun,” until that terrible moment when death comes and the fun is over. What then, for those who embrace hedonism?  Often blind panic, stark terror, or reassuring lies.  “All are saved.”  “Don’t worry, hell is just a fairy tale, something a medieval Church made up to control people.”  “When life is over, that’s it, there’s nothing more.”

But how have we gotten to the point where finding Catholics who apostasize is easiest thing in the world?  Could it be that these Catholics have been horribly formed by heretical priests and bad bishops, worldly men who believe the many lies they tell their parishioners, to salve their own conscience? Wolves in shepherd’s clothing, who misrepresent the Faith, also, to make their jobs oh-so-much easier?  Why get people mad at you by telling the Truth?  Why get the bishop mad when contributions drop because you told the many souls in your charge that contraceptive use is a grave evil, and that continued participation in that evil places one outside the Church?  Why cause possible hostile media coverage if you tell souls who constantly embrace error and sin, that they cannot profane the Lord by receiving Him in the Blessed Sacrament?  It’s so much easier just to go along and get along.

I will say this, those who planned and executed the revolution in the Church were brilliant. They knew exactly which issue to choose to peel people away from the Faith. Contraception was a brilliant choice.  It was the perfect balance of seeming innocuousness, “everybody is doing it,” an issue of major gravity in a hugely influential area of life with an immensely powerful driver (sex), and ease of commission. Contraception knocked down the door, and now the vast majority of Catholics embrace a multiplying panoply of sin the better to justify their own, original sin.  Amazing.

We live in a period of mass heresy and apostasy unparalleled in the history of the Church.  There are so few good, faithful leaders in the Faith.  I fear that souls no longer fall into hell like snowflakes, they rain down like a torrential monsoon downpour.  Error, and unwillingness to proclaim uncomfortable truths, is at the root of this ongoing disaster.  May God have mercy on us all. And God bless Archbishop Vigneron for at least being willing to tell this truth.