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Check out Video Sancto! May 6, 2013

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Thanks to reader Terry C, I have been made aware of a sort of “video sancto,” the efforts of a Youtuber who has taken Audio Sancto sermons and added some photos to make a sort of video sancto.  I don’t know about you, but I do have a hard time sitting still and listening to a sermon in pure audio. I frequently will listen to sermons online while performing another task, but in that instance I frequently get absorbed in the task and tune out parts of the sermon. Either way, I wind up missing some.  In trying out this video sancto, it seems the video aspect helps keep my attention focused.  Whomever is doing this has put together many hundreds of videos, some of which are really video captures of sermons given of a priest speaking on camera, while others are like I just described, audio with relevant photos added.  They are to be commended for their efforts, putting these hundreds of videos together was not a trivial task.

Below is a great sermon by a priest you’ve heard here many times before, on holy purity.  We see in our very impure, unchaste culture how women and children have been tossed by the wayside – often willingly and happily by women themselves! – in the terrible culture of sexual license and all the nightmares it has engendered: contraception, divorce, multiple marriages, abortion, and now massive attempts to completely destroy marriage by redefining it into meaningless. The good priest in the sermon explains at great depth the virtue of purity and shows how it relates not merely to the sexual aspect of souls, but to how men and women relate to each other, the action of the Church in the Mass through the priest, and many, many others too comprehensive to describe.

When the priest in the sermon ties purity to the priest’s action at the Mass….wow.

It reminded me of a post Fr. Z had over the weekend, about a Mass where a religious sister pretends to offer it all the way up to the Offertory, with a priest then taking over. As the priest says “cheating on God, betraying his trust and blessing.”  And how.

This same priest gave a sermon at a beautiful nuptial Mass over the weekend that I pray goes up on AudioSancto. I so wish my family had been there to hear it, because the priest established clearly and by great logic the straight line our culture has taken from the former Fr. Luther’s revolt to the present state of abject moral degernacy and destitution that reigns in the culture today.  It is a sermon that should convert any soul reasonably open to Grace.  Given that half those in attendance were protestant (and who were reminded not to approach to receive the Blessed Sacrament, Deo Gratias), it was quite a bold act, a witness to Truth that left me both edified and ashamed of my own inaction in such opportunities to witness.

If I really believe that salvation outside the Church is all but impossible, in practical terms, then I really need to change how I approach many relations in my life.  I have behaved profoundly uncharitably in failing to effectively evangelize others, praying that God would work a miracle of Grace. But God needs vehicles, human vehicles, for that Grace!  And that has been my failure.

I pray you find the sermon moving. The “video sancto” channel is here.

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