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There is no limit to the damage that is done when a bishop publicly espouses heresy May 7, 2013

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And retired Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, the darling of the aging heretical hippies of the “spirit of Vatican II” generation, has been publicly espousing heresy for decades. Not years. Decades.  And, as far as I know, he has never been formally rebuked, by name, by any ecclesial authority.  The National Apostate Reporter constantly relies on Gumbleton’s assumed “moral” and Church authority to buttress their masses of heresy.  So, when the Distorter writes a piece about how contraception use is wonderful, and how all American catholycs with any sense use it with abandon, they’ll get a nice quote from Bishop Gumbleton, always happy to oblige, especially when he can stab one of this fellow bishops in the back, to help sell their case.  And, uninformed catholycs will conclude that, either Gumbleton’s authority is genuine, and the Church must be OK with contraception (or sodomite marriage, or abortion, or whatever), or, that since there is such a divergence of authoritative positions on the topic in question, it must not be a well-decided issue and therefore grown-up catholycs with their big-kid diapers on can make an “adult decision” about whether to embrace heresy or not.  This is precisely the tactic the Distorter has used for decades to peel catholycs away from the Faith, and keep those already outside the Body of Christ, out.

Never was this more apparent when, after Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit advised those Catholics rejecting the Faith and adopting heretical views, such as two people of the same sex being given recognition as “married” by the state, to stay away from Communion because they are persisting publicly in a state of grave sin, Gumbleton was happy, eager to get in as many press outlets as possible (a fact I am certain has much to do with Gumbleton’s love of heresy) and tell Catholics to keepy re-crucifying Christ by receiving the Body and Blood.  How many Catholics (or catholycs) have been swayed by Gumbleton’s positively diabolical abuse of his office into heresy is known only to God, but I would imagine that over the years he has played a crucial role in leading millions away from the Faith.  I pray he comes to his senses before his death (he’s 83), for I would not want to have to give an account for all those souls led astray.

This situation in Detroit revolves around a Mass offered by Gumbleton at an apostate catholyc college called Marygrove. Dignity, a group that advocates for homosexual rights in a manner in near constant conflict with the Doctrine of the Church, has a weekly depravity-enabling Mass at Marygrove’s chapel, with Gumbleton offering.  Given its specific goal of repudiating constant Church belief, there is no question this Mass is illicit, and it may even be invalid, knowing what is known of Gumbleton’s views (for instance, does he intend to confect the Blessed Sacrament from the bread and wine, or does he see this as a mere symbol?).  This Mass has persisted for decades!  And there is no sign it will be terminated any time soon.

As the woman said, those who reject Church Dogma don’t have a problem the Church, or with Scripture, they have a problem with Jesus Christ. Gumbleton

The fact this Mass exists gets to the heart of the matter. Archbishop can say what he wants, but it is action that really counts. Allowing this Mass to continue is an inescapable contradiction to Vigneron’s own words.  How can it be allowed to persist?  And how can Gumbleton continue to be allowed to speak as an authoritative representative of the episcopacy?  Yes, it would be lovely if the Vatican would intervene, but why can’t Archbishop Vigneron stop these diabolical Masses and the arch-heretic Gumbleton?  He is fully vested with the power to do both.

Ah, but collegiality says no major decision of that sort can be taken without “consultation” with his brother bishops, some of whom are open or secret allies of “justus and peas” men like Barney Gumbleton (I know his name, but he looks like a Barney to me. And what is with that haircut?).  And Barney knows that, better than anyone.  That is how he as managed to operate, directly attacking the Faith, for decades. Which proves, once again, just what a disaster collegiality is, and how it has done nothing to increase a local ordinary’s power and authority, but has in fact fatally undermined it. I pray that the Church will return to that model of Authority that existed prior to Vatican II.


1. David - May 8, 2013

I don’t know why media outlets give Gumbleton air time. After all, he is a “retired” auxillary bishop, and I believe his retirement was a forced retirement. Some of the articles and media coverage from secular newspapers seem to ignore the fact that Gumbleton is “retired”, and I don’t think many Catholics are aware of that. As for publications like the National Catholic Distorter and U.S. Catholyc, those are used for wrapping fish.

I’ve heard good things about Archbishop Vigneron, most notably the house cleaning he did when he became rector in 1995 at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Archbishop Vigneron needs to strip him of all faculties, and I believe he has the power to do just that. I do know that Vigneron issued a statement last year when the American Catholic Conference was held in Detroit, urging Catholics not to attend, because the speakers were known dissenters.

I do know that Bishop Olmsted in the Diocese of Phoenix forbade Gumbleton from speaking in his diocese. I would like to see that happen more often.

tantamergo - May 8, 2013

Bishop Sample when in Marquette did the same. But this man needs to be slapped down, and very hard. I think excommunication or at least interdict is very much in order for the enormous scandal he has caused for decades. People need to know this many is, way, way outside the communion of the Church. He continues to lead souls astray as we have seen.

He is also a publicity whore, he has always loved the spotlight, and will say whatever culturally-approved things he has to in order to get some drops of attention from the media. You are quite right, he was forced out, he was stubbornly resisting leaving office even though well past retirement age. It’s all about Bishop Gumbleton, and his “inspired” call to wreck the Church.

2. TG - May 8, 2013

I saw a show on Saint Anthony last night and made me think of how I wish we had powerful church leaders that would speak with a LOUD voice against these heretics. St. Anthony, pray for the bishops and clergy.

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