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Mary’s humility May 8, 2013

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For this month of May, Mary’s month, a reflection on our Blessed Mother’s humility from Divine Intimacy:

“If you cannot equal Mary’s absolute purity,” says St. Bernard, “at least imitate her humility. The virtue of chastity is admirable, but humility is essential. A simple invitation calls to the first: ‘He that can take, let him take it’; for the second, we have an absolute command: ‘ Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ Chastity, therefore, will be rewarded; humility will be demanded. We can be saved without virginity, but not without humility. Even Mary’s virginity would not have been pleasing to God without humility. Mary certainly pleased God by her virginity, but she became His Mother because of her humility.”

The greatest qualities and gifts, such as the spirit of penance or of poverty, virginity, the call to the apostolate, a life consecrated to God, even the priesthood, are sterile if they are not accompanied by sincere humility. Furthermore, without humility, they might be a source of danger for the soul. Lucifer was pure but not humble and pride was his downfall. [And how many souls fall into the pit today because of pride, pride that says they, or the world, know better than God what is right and true!  Tragically, many souls given enormous Grace through ordination or consecration to the religious life are so afflicted!  Amazingly, even bloggers have fallen into this trap!] The higher the place we occupy in the Savior’s vineyard, the higher the life of perfection we profess, and the more important the mission which God has entrusted to us, the deeper we need to plant the roots of humility. Mary’s maternity was the fruit of her humility: humilitate concepit, she conceived in humility. Even so, the fruitfullness of our interior life, of our apostolate, will depend on our humility and will always be proportioned to it. Only God can accomplish great things in us and by us, but He will not do so unless He finds us completely humble. Humility alone is the fertile ground in which God’s gifts fructify, while it is always humility which draws down upon us Divine Graces and favors. “No queen,” says St. Teresa of Jesus, “forces the King of Heaven to give Himself, as does humility. It was humility that drew Him down from Heaven into the Virgin’s womb.” (Way of Perfection, 16)

“O Virgin! glorious stem, to what sublime height do you raise your corolla?! Straight to Him who is seated on the throne, to the God of Majesty. I do not wonder, since you are so deeply rooted in humility. Hail, Mary, full of grace! You are truly full of grace, for you are pleasing to God, to the angels, and to men: to men, by your maternity; to the angels, by your virginity; to God, by your humility. It is by your humility that you attract the glance of God, of Him who regards the humble, but looks at the proud from afar. As Satan’s eyes are fixed on the proud, so God’s eyes are on the lowly.” (St. Bernard)

our lady of humility

The hideousness of evil – 4th Live Action video captures abortionist comparing baby to “meat in a crock pot” May 8, 2013

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LeRoy Carhart is one of the most notorious late term baby murderers in the country.  He is probably the most notorious since the death of the demented George Tiller. Live Action caught their great white whale by capturing Carhart on camera, using the kind of language you’d expect from a man who has spent decades tearing children limb from limb, inches from life, while they fight and struggle with all their helplessness can muster.  The moral enervation such heinous crimes (in truth, there are no words…..) cause is readily apparent in the video below:

Some exerpts, courtesy Jill Stanek:

In LA’s video Carhart describes the late-term dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion procedure in the most vulgar of ways. Explaining that the investigator’s 26-wk-old baby would be “mushy” at the time of delivery due to the fact s/he had been dead for 2 to 3 days, Carhart graphically expounds (beginning at 4:45):

Carhart: It’s like putting meat in a crock pot, okay? It gets softer. It doesn’t get infected or–

Woman: OK, so the dead baby in me is like meat in a crock pot.

Dr. Carhart: Pretty much, yeah, kind of much – in a slow cooker….

Woman: But if we run into trouble … for some reason, I’m not able to deliver, you’ll be able to get it out in pieces.

Carhart: Take it out in pieces…..

Woman: What do you use to break it up? Just–

Dr. Carhart: A whole bunch of–

Woman: You’ve got a toolkit.

Dr. Carhart: A pickaxe, a drill bit, yeah (laughs).

Fingers, friends, and fruit

The classy doctor on sexual activity following an abortion (at 2:15)…

Carhart: And there are no restrictions afterwards. Except for nothing in your vagina for three weeks. As I tell everybody, that includes fingers, friends, and fruit, ok? [laughs]

Do-it-yourself hotel room abortions

If this isn’t cause for an investigation by state regulators in Maryland, I don’t know what is.

After warning the investigator not to call 911 if she senses something amiss in her hotel room, Carhart incredibly states he sets mothers up with self-delivery packs. Completing late-term abortions in hotel rooms must certainly violate all sorts of OSHA and state health and safety laws. And how would hotels like the thought of abortions being completed on their premises? Blood in the bed, babies in toilets, really? Beginning at 7:04 on LA’s video:

Woman: What happens if I deliver at the hotel?

Carhart: Well, we came and helped her clean up the mess, and took the sheets to the clinic, and washed them, and sent her back to the hotel, and she was fine.

Woman: OK, just stay there, or come, we’ll figure this out, OK. But if I do end up going into labor like this woman, you come help clean it up.

Carhart: We’ll come get, yeah, yeah but–

Woman: You’ll take the baby away.

Carhart: Yeah, we’ll come and help.

Woman: OK.

Carhart: We’ll give you, we’ll give everybody a little pack to put stuff in in case it does happen, but as I said–

Woman: A pack?

Carhart: A pack of little drapes and sheets and gloves and all those things, that if you had to do something then you could.

Woman: OK, so if for any reason I did, you’ve given me–

Carhart: You’ve already got the stuff to take care of it.

Woman: A bag to put the baby in, OK.

And so we’ve come full circle, back to the days when women underwent abortions in hotel rooms.

The media will feign surprise at this latet revelation of the incredible banality of this evil which permeates our country.  Or maybe they really have lied to themsevles enough that they really believe abortion just destroys some strange, alien, “clump of cells” proto-human with only the most protean of relations to the human species. If so, the more is the shame.

The fact that we live in a country that tolerates this human catastrophe makes me terribly, terribly ashamed.  Look, Hitler carried on the Holocaust for 6 years and killed 6 million Jews. For that reason, he is very rightly reviled the world over as one of the most demonic monsters humanity has ever produced. But men like Carhart do the very same thing, at the very same rate!  Over a million babies a year are murdered in the womb in this country (or die in toilets, or hotel beds, or have their spinal cords snipped, or…….), so every six years, about 7 million babies are killed.  That’s actually worse than the Holocaust, and yet a large majority of Americans actually want to keep abortion at least somewhat available, in case they, or their daughter, or their grandson, “need” one some day.  We can’t, after all, allow another human being to come along – directly due to the immoral, negligent, or simply selfish behavior of mom and dad! – and ruin all the carefully laid plans we’ve had!  That would be unfair!  Who would want their law school daughter “punished” with a baby?

America, you’re sick, you’re seflish, you’re stupid, and you’re deranged, and I’m having a very hard time not hating  you right now.

Wow! Pope Francis slams the door hard on problematic Congregation for Religious Life May 8, 2013

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I blogged the other day about the foolish statements, almost statements of revolt, made by the Prefect for the Congregation for Insitutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (it’s just easier to say Congregation for Religious Life!) Cardinal Aziz. Aziz complained that the reform of the extremely damaging (and wayward) Leadership Conference for Women Religious (LCWR) here in the US was being done without the involvement of his Congregation (one cand see why) and that his feelings were very, very hurt because of that. Just like the rabid feminists at LCWR, who love to play the poor, mistreated victim when it suits them. That outburst was followed by a joint statement indicating Cardinal Aziz had been slapped down behind the scenes rather hard. The joint statement of Cardinal Aziz and Archbishop Muller, Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, which continued its own investigation of LCWR after it became apparent that a separate investigation led by the the Congregation for Religious Life would be a whitewash, essentially retracted Aziz’ prior remarks and made it seem that all was well, that all were in agreement on the need for reform of the LCWR (I would follow Cardinal Burke’s advice, and suppress them. I think they are too far gone for reform).  It is clear that Pope Francis had informed Cardinal Aziz, in no uncertain terms, that LCWR would be reformed, and that if the Congregation did not obey him, they would be excluded from the process.

Adding to the circus, and highlighting how broken the Vatican’s public relations apparatus are (fire Lombardi!), the above joint statement made the ludicrous claim that there was no disagreement at all between CDF and the religious congregation, and that Cardinal Aziz’ comments, which were very harsh and unusual in their tone and content, were being completely misrepresented.  Please.  The Vatican does itself no favors when it issues transparently false statements like this.

All this silliness is taking place with the background of a major conference of religious in Rome.  It was in relation to this conference of the International Union of Superior Generals (good Lord, do we need this bureaucracy?) that Aziz made his initial remarks on Monday. And it was in a speech at the plenary assembly of this Union that Pope Francis today delivered words that should irrevocably slam the door on any thoughts that LCWR might somehow escape their richly deserved “reward,” this time (emphasis from Rorate, I add comments):

“The men and women of the Church who are careerists and social climbers, who ‘use’ people, the Church, their brothers and sisters—whom they should be serving—as a springboard for their own personal interests and ambitions [Do you think he’s speaking directly to the radical, politicize-everthing sisters of the LCWR?] … are doing great harm to the Church.”

Your vocation is a fundamental charism for the Church’s journey andit isn’t possible that a consecrated woman or man might ‘feel’ themselves not to be with the Church. [Exactly.  And I don’t think we can fully comprehend, in this life, how utterly vital for the life of the Church strong, faithful religious are.  They are wellsprings of Grace that immensely benefit the entire Church. The loss of so many hundreds of thousands of religious around the world is, aside from the collapse in the Mass, probably the largest deficit of Grace the Church has endured in the past several decades] A ‘feeling’ with the Church that has generated us in Baptism; a ‘feeling’ with the Church that finds its filial expression in fidelity to the Magisterium, in communion with the Bishops and the Successor of Peter, the Bishop of Rome, a visible sign of that unity,” the pontiff added, citing Paul VI: “It is an absurd dichotomy to think of living with Jesus but without the Church, of following Jesus outside of the Church, of loving Jesus without loving the Church. Feel the responsibility that you have of caring for the formation of your Institutes in sound Church doctrine, in love of the Church, and in an ecclesial spirit.” [Boy howdy!  Take that to your next womyn’s priestessesses fauxrdination and…….well, you know]
Excellent. I pray these firm words are followed with firm actions. Unfortunately, over the past several decades, that has not often been the case. But I have a feeling, perhaps an inkling of Grace, that this time will be different. The LCWR are due for many changes.  I don’t think we’ll see formal suppressions or removals from office, but there will be many subtle changes of tremendous impact. But I suspect many of the worst orders will simply be allowed to die off, they are beyond reforming at this point.
And, once again, Pope Francis affirms that Christ is found in His Church.  So, why all the ecumenism of “equality,” implying Christ is also abundantly present in other groups and sects? I’m totally fine with such ecumenism with the Orthodox, because they are a Church, if a rebellious, schismatic one, but the protestants?  I don’t quite comprehend how Pope Francis understands the Church’s position viz a viz the protestants and “salvation potentiality,” given statements like the ones above.

Non sequitur – Midway Magic and Melbourne mayhem May 8, 2013

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I was browsing the internet last night, and somehow started reading about HMAS Melbourne, the last aircraft carrier to serve in the Royal Australian Navy.  Melbourne was one of many Magestic-class light fleet carriers the British were building at the end of WWII. The sudden end of the war left the British with many nearly complete aircraft carriers they could no longer afford. So the ships of this class wound up serving in many NATO and allied navies: HMCS Bonaventure in Canada, Karel Doorman with the Royal Netherlands Navy, Sydney and Melbourne to the Royal Australian Navy, and I think there were some more.  These were tiny ships.  I mean tiny. Even by WWII standards, they were quite small. They displaced only about 17,000 tons, compared to 27,000 tons for the massively produced American Essex-class.

During the stunning period of post-war military aircraft development from 1945 till about 1960, aircraft speeds and weight went up immensely.  Whereas a WWII aircraft might weight 10,000 lbs, by 1960 there were 70,000+ lb aircraft operating from carrier decks. And speeds went from a max of around 400 mph to 1500+ mph. These huge jets landed at twice the speed of the previous propeller driven planes. All that drove aircraft carrier development to larger and larger ships, culminating with the American nuclear powered Enterprise and Nimitz classes, ships of 1100 ft length and over 90,000 tons displacement.

Amazingly, in spite of the enormous changes in aircraft and aircraft carrier technologies, the tiny light fleet carriers inherited from Britain continued soldiering on well into the 1980s (and some, way beyond that).  The ships, with tiny, 700 ft x 100 ft flight decks (compared to 1100ft x 250 ft for an American supercarrier) and very low speeds (24 kts max vice 33+ for a supercarrier), continued to operate heavier and larger jet aircraft until their eventual demise.  The difference in size can be appreciated by bow-on shot of HMAS Melbourne in company of USS Midway (CV-41) – the smallest of the American supercarriers.


Operating high-speed aircraft like the A-4 Skyhawk from a tiny deck like this was, to say the least, adventurous. The aircraft you see on deck, S-2 Tracker piston-engine anti-submarine warfare aircraft, literally barely fit when landing, with only a few feet of clearance between the wingtips and the island.  Many American and even British pilots (the Brits having larger carriers, but nowhere near as big as American ones) refused to try to land on these tiny ships. But the Aussies did, and for decades.  But losses were very heavy.

Melbourne was always considered an unlucky ship.  She sank two other ships in collisions – one of her own navy, and one of the USN.  As I said, loss rates were high. And the ship, designed to operate in the North Atlantic and Arctic waters, was designed without air conditioning. Temperatures in the engine rooms could reach 170 degrees.  She was always a very uncomfortable, crowded ship. But, she served for nearly 30 years, and gave Australia a unique fixed wing carrier capability unequaled in the region.  Since Melbourne’s retirement in the mid-80s, Australia has not managed to field another carrier.

In contrast, the other ship in the photo above, USS Midway, was always considered one of the luckiest, most blessed ships in the fleet. She had an incredibly storied career. You can witness the advances in aircraft carrier development in photos by observing the changes to Midway between 1945 and 1969. When she was commissioned right at the very end of WWII, at 900 ft length and 45,000 tons, she was by far the largest carrier in the world:


But, she still had the straight, or “axial” flight deck arrangement, where aircraft took off and, more critically, landed, directly along the long axis of the ship.  This was very dangerous, because aircraft already landed were parked at the bow of the ship, and an aircraft landing later that had an accident could wind up sliding into dozens of aircraft parked at the bow. This happened on more than one occasion, and the losses were terrible.

So, in the mid-50s, Midway put in for a refit to add an “angled deck”, which added a protrusion on the port side of the ship to allow aircraft to land at an angle, so that if they overshot they would merely fall overboard, and not wreck the entire carrier air wing:


Bah, in the original post, I got fooled by CV-14 Ticonderoga!  Sorry for the mistake, but upside down, the 14 read as 41! I thought the angled deck looked too small.

But as aircraft got still bigger, heavier, and faster, even this change was not enough.  So, Midway was put in for the infamous SCB.101.66 refit, which would rebuild her from the hanger deck up as a supercarrier. It was the most intensive refit any US Navy ship ever underwent, and it resulted in massive cost overruns:


Needless to say, taking a ship that originally was much narrower, and displaced tens of thousands of tons less, and adding all that huge topweight associated with increasing the flightdeck from 2 acres to 4, absolutely shreded the ship’s handling characteristics. Whereas Midway had been rather nimble before, now she was a wallowing cow.  She sat several feet deeper in the water than she had before.  As more and more weight accumulated, her trim characteristics got worse and worse, until in the 80s she was put in again to try to correct her handling problems. Huge blisters were added to the side of the hull, but they actually made the problem worse.

By that time, Midway was homeported at Yokusuka in Japan. The ship was turned over to Japanese shipwrights, men who stunned the US Navy with their incredible skill and professionalism, and the handling problems were at least somewhat improved.  It is said that one of the reasons Midway lasted so long in service, nearly 50 years, was due to the skill of the Japanese who serviced her for the last 10 or 12 years of service.

Midway developed such a legend in the Navy, that there came to be a term for her exploits: Midway Magic. Some fer instances: Midway only had two catapults, vice the 4 on most supercarriers, but she would routinely launch as many aircraft with her two catapults, in the same amount of time, as those with 4. She had some operational exploits which were the stuff of legend, like NORPAC ’82.  Her air wings in Vietnam had one of the highest, if not the highest, kill-to-loss ratio of all the many carriers that served in that war. Throughout the war, Midway lost relatively few aircraft.

Midway was finally retired in 1992, after 47 years of service. Far, far longer than any other WWII carrier.  Always a lucky ship, instead of being scrapped or sitting in boneyard limbo forever like many of her sisters, she is now a museum in San Diego, CA, and one of the most popular attractions in that city.

This pic provides a nice overview of the change in Midway’s flight deck:


One more photo to show the advance in carrier design. This photo was taken at the now sadly closed Naval Air Station Alameda in San Francisco.  SanFran used to be a great navy town, until they decided to go insane.  It’s from 1974.  From left, CV-43 Coral Sea, very similar to Midway but slightly younger, then the last two WWII Essex-class with very small angled decks (any naval historians know why the angled deck was so small?  Couldn’t it have been larger if they offset a third elevator to port abaft the island and taken other topweight balancing measure?  They just look so small!) CV-19 Hancock and CV-34 Oriskany, probably my all time favorite carrier, then finally, CV-65 Enterprise, the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier and, for a long time, the largest ship in the world. The Enterprise flight deck is 3/4 of an acre larger than Coral Sea or Midway’s, and over 2 acres larger than the Essex class, even after the angled deck was added with the SCB-125 refits!  Over 4 1/2 acres!


Alright, now some sequitur stuff.