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My God…..unspeakable atrocities committed against Syrian Christians – UPDATED May 9, 2013

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Before I begin, the photo below is extremely disturbing.  This photo is not suitable for children at all, nor those with sensitive consciences.  I found it extremely disturbing.

I have blogged about the ongoing and worsening plight of Christians in the Mideast many times.  It is an unbearable fact that our government has been backing forces in the Mideast which have been, and continue to, engage in a nightmarish persecution of Christians. The Obama administration, no stranger to persecuting Christians, drove Mubarak out of Egypt and helped usher the radical Muslim Brotherhood into power.  Attacks against Egyptian Christians have escalated terribly since these radical islamists came into power.

In Iraq, the idiotic US war to try to install a liberal democracy in a place where none has ever existed, amongst the most illiberal people in the world, instead engendered a huge increase in radicalism islamism and the brutal persecution of the ancient Christian (specifically, Catholic) minority.  3/4 or more of Iraqi Christians had to flee the onslaught of violence they were subjected to as a result.

And in Syria, home to the oldest Christian population in the world, Christians are being told by the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” really nothing but a puppet of Saudi wahhabist terrorists and the increasingly radical Turkish regime, that they may either convert, leave, or die.  Hundreds of thousands of Christians have already driven from Iraq, are now being subjected to new tortures, while Syria’s 2.5 million Christians are fleeing to Lebanon in droves.  They will soon run out of places to run to, at least in the Mideast, and the great islamist purging of Christians -aided and abetted by our government – will be complete.

I found the photo below on the Pertinacious Papist blog, accompanied by the following text:

A Chaldean Catholic in our community sent this image along with an email.  The image carried the caption:


In the email, the Chaldean correspondent wrote:

“Atrocities that the Muslim terrorists are committing in Syria. We have too help the Syrians and especially the Christians who are being slaughtered by these atrociously wicked terrorists. My heart is crying for what is taking place in Syria and unfortunately instead of the West taking action they sit idle and allow Syria to disintegrate and the Syrians be butchered.”

Of course the media doesn’t report these atrocities, it doesn’t serve their interests. And the is about nothing if not serving their own, especially political, interests. That’s one of the main reasons why this country has fallen so far. But, even more to the point, most in the media frankly hate Christians, many are fallen Christians themselves, probably burdened with all manner of whacked-out consciences, and so they try to pretend that muslims are sweet, innocent, and exotic “others,” others who have been put upon by the evil West and especially the Church, and certainly far superior to the “bible-humping” “Christofascist” psychopaths who love to pretend they’re so much better than everyone else and are who richly deserve everything they’re getting at the hands of the innocents they’ve so long oppressed.  Yes, oppressors like this:


I made the photo as small as I could. You can click on it to make it bigger if you are so inclined. This little girl was obviously raped horrifically before being brutally murdered.  I have studied the photo, as unpleasant as that was, and I believe it to be genuine.  Her torturers tried to cut off her left breast, but must have given up, for some reason.  There have been numerous reports from France, Sweden, Denmark, and other “Christian” countries, of young girls about this age being repeatedly gang-raped by groups of muslim men and boys.  Sometimes over twenty men take part in these attacks, and the physical damage alone can be beyond mention, but I’ll say one word: colostomy. All for failing to wear a burqa or hijab – in a Christian country!  Or at least a formerly Christian one!  If you don’t believe me, click here.

We must pray, pray, pray for these suffering Christians. And we must lobby our government to stop giving aid and comfort to those who would murder others simply for being of another faith. Not that it will do much good with our current muslim-in-chief, we still must stand for what is right and defend the many Catholics and other Christians suffering at the hands of these barbarians. And we must steel ourselves for a future where this kind of thing could be occurring in our country (I know, it already does, but thankfully rarely as of yet) on a near daily basis. Europe is likely to see more and more of the above as it becomes increasingly islamized.

And yet, we have Catholics, with very high authority in the Church, whose highest priority with regard to islam is to credentialize it via ecumenism.

Lord, have mercy on that girl, and on us.

UPDATE: So, I am told the photo is a fake, that the gory picture on the right comes from some demented horror movie. Apparently, either someone decided to just engage in a scam, or some pro-Syrian government partisans got a bit carried away and used a fake image to promote their cause.  I’m certain images rather like the above have occurred in Syria.  But this one is, so say the debunking sites, fake.  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Is this why Pope Francis does not distribute the Blessed Sacrament? May 9, 2013

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There is an interesting article by Sandro Magister regarding Pope Francis’ not distributing the Blessed Sacrament. It’s not exactly an original thought – I’ve heard it elsewhere – but it does have some evidence behind it.  The supposition is, that based on the Pope’s earlier writings, while he was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he does not distribute the Blessed Sacrament in order to prevent souls from being scandalized when they see some pro-abort or other public sinner receiving the Host from a high Church authority (my emphasis and comments):165111248

There is one particular in the Masses celebrated by Pope Francis that raises questions that have so far gone unanswered.

At the moment of communion, pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio does not administer it himself, but allows others to give the consecrated host to the faithful. He sits down and waits for the distribution of the sacrament to be completed. [And unfortunately, as has been seen, these assistants often give the Host to some standing and in the hand.  There seems to be some guidance to have people receive on the tongue, but it seems inconsistently applied]

The exceptions are very few. At solemn Masses the pope, before sitting down, gives communion to those assisting him at the altar. And at the Mass last Holy Thursday, at the juvenile detention facility of Casal del Marmo, he wanted to give communion himself to the young detainees who approached to receive it. [I pray that does not include the muslims who got their feet washed…..]

Bergoglio has given no explicit explanation of this behavior since becoming pope.

But there is one page in a book he published in 2010 that allows one to infer the motives at the origin of this practice.


At the end of the chapter dedicated prayer, the then-archbishop Bergoglio says:

David had been an adulterer and had ordered a murder, and nonetheless we venerate him as a saint because he had the courage to say: ‘I have sinned.’ He humbled himself before God. [This is a really, really important point in consideration of so many who seem to be of the opinion that sin is OK, because we all do it.  That is the line used by many homosexual advocates, for instance, who argue that since everyone sins, no one should be denied the Blessed Sacrament for their particular grievous sin.  But the point is that those who sin, but repent, are of course welcome. God loves a penitent man. But God loathes the proud.  Those who are proud of their sin, or ever worse, declare their particular cherished sin a “good,” are vastly different from the penitent man who confesses his sin and then receives the Blessed Sacrament, which will help strengthen him against further sin.  Those who are obstinate or proud in sin are rejecting God, claiming that God is wrong, that the Church is wrong, and that they, in their insurmountable pride, are right.  And they re-crucify Christ when they receive Him in that state.  But our world and Church are so incredibly fallen right now, many who call themselves Catholic cannot even distinguish between penitent sinners, and unrepentant ones] One can commit Bergoglio-Videla_thumb[6]enormous mistakes, but one can also acknowledge them, change one’s life and make reparation for what one has done. It is true that among parishioners there are persons who have killed not only intellectually or physically but indirectly, with improper management of capital, paying unjust wages. There are members of charitable organizations who do not pay their employees what they deserve, or make them work off the books. [. . .] With some of them we know their whole résumé, we know that they pass themselves off as Catholics but practice indecent behaviors of which they do not repent. For this reason, on some occasions I do not give communion, I stay back and let the assistants do it, because I do not want these persons to approach me for a photo. One may also deny communion to a known sinner who has not repented, but it is very difficult to prove these things. [In many cases, yes, but with certain notorious individuals, such as Church-persecuting, pro-abort Joe Biden, John Kerry, pretty much any  Kennedy, or Nancy Pelosi, their record, and their obstinance, are very clear. Until they PUBLICLY repudiate their many public sins, and do penance, they cannot be received. The fact that they do is one of the utmost scandals in the Church today, and probably not an insignificant aspect of their being so invincibly mired in the horrors of objectively mortal sin] Receiving communion means receiving the body of the Lord, with the awareness of forming a community. [That’s one aspect. I might highlight the communion with God and becoming one with Him, but move along…..] But if a man, rather than uniting the people of God, has devastated the lives of many persons, he cannot receive communion, it would be a total contradiction. Such cases of spiritual hypocrisy present themselves in many who take refuge The Inauguration Mass For Pope Francisin the Church and do not live according to the justice that God preaches. And they do not demonstrate repentance. This is what we commonly call leading a double life.”

As can be noted, Bergoglio explained in 2010 his abstaining from giving communion personally with a very practical reason: “I do not want these persons to approach me for a photo.”

Which is a good point.  And while I admire the Holy Father for denying at least this ultimate commission of this horrific scandal, I think it would be better in so many respects (I can think of 7 or 8 off hand) if certain individuals were simply denied the Blessed Sacrament and/or formally placed under interdict, if not excommunicated. For the scandal involving certain individuals has reached such epic proportions, and so many souls literally fall away from the Faith over it, that merely denying them a photo-op may not be a sufficient work of justice. It is also unjust to those who continue to receive unworthily, as they are not given, in charity, the Church’s salutary medicine of the strongest reproof, in the hope it will shock them out of their sinful actions.  It also places those subordinates who distribute the Blessed Sacrament in a very precarious position, not being certain they will be supported should they deny the Sacrament to some unrepentant sinner, and leaves them with the impression they have to provide Our Lord to everyone, no matter how infamous they may be.

If the supposition is correct, then I pray Pope Francis’ current method of dealing with this scandal is just a first step, which will be followed by more vigorous actions to protect the sanctity of the Sacramentl, prevent scandal among the faithful, and stop the grave self-injury souls are committing by receiving unworthily.  I pray at some point there will be a prelate, any prelate, who will demand public repentance from one of these notorious lay people, and will take some formal action to terminate their sacrilegious reception of the Real Body and Blood of Our Lord.

Check out this church May 9, 2013

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This is San Cayetano parish from Guanajuato, Mexico.  It was built in the 18th century by a Spanish count who owned a local silver mine.  Lord, I pray our wealthy Catholics may have such generosity today, and that our Church will build structures like this again, that reveal an inkling of the glory of God and His magnificence!  Pics courtesy New Liturgical Movement:

Iglesia de San Cayetano

Boda Tradicional en San Cayetano 4

Padre Romo Predicando desde el pulpito 2

I loved the raised pulpit!  I think it’s awesome!  Every parish should have one.  And look, original, GOOD religious art!

Boda Tradicional en San Cayetano 3

Just an absolutely stunning parish.  Simply incredible. What a great blessing.  The reredo blows away about anything I’ve ever seen. I am certain that is precious metal.  Unless the original was stolen during one of the many persecutions against by the left-wing government or the country’s many revolutions.

This is one of a very few FSSP parishes in Mexico.  Many beautiful former churches in Mexico have been turned into secular structures, often by government force. Some sit empty.  We should move one up here to Dallas!  That’s a “brick by brick” effort I could get behind!  Woot!

Prayer request May 9, 2013

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Please pray for a friend of the family who was bitten by a copperhead snake last night.  She did not even know she was bit until much later. She had to go to the hospital and has been in intensive care.  She has 6 children, the oldest of which is 8, and is a recent convert to the Faith who is really struggling with opposition to her conversion within her own home.  So, would you, in your charity, pray for Lydia C and her recovery and continued conversion?

She also has a son with severe development disabilities.  He is in need of almost constant care. That, coupled with twin babies, means this mother has her hands terribly full.  Perhaps you could also add William C. to your prayers, for a miraculous healing, and for the conversion of Lydia’s family?

Many, many thanks!

Novena to the Holy Spirit starts tomorrow May 9, 2013

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Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended from heaven to the disciples hiding in the Upper Room, is a week from this Sunday.  Tomorrow marks nine days from that awesome event, which began Christ’s Church on Earth.   The Novena to the Holy Spirit begins tomorrow.  Would you, in your charity, consider praying this Novena for any of a number of intentions – the end of abortion (especially the demand for abortions), for more vocations, for improved marriages and an end to so many divorces, for all Catholics accepting and practicing to their best ability all the doctrine of the Faith, for the reunion of all our separated brethren into the Body of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, for an end to contraception use and bigger Catholic families, and/or for the piety and orthodoxy of our priests, religious, and bishops?

Novenas are such a distinctively Catholic form of prayer.  They are wonderful ways to make offerings to God and to strengthen our Catholic identity.

I think it would especially beneficial and meritorious for fathers to lead their families in this Novena. Family prayer has been, for many Catholics, one of the core aspects of their spiritual life.  I pray more families spend time together in prayer.   Like Fr. Peyton used to say, the family that prays together, stays together.

We have actually become a bit remiss in this over the past few weeks. Because of various things making us very busy, I have begun to pray some of the things we did as a family on my own.  No more. It’s critical.  God willing, tonight, we’ll have prayer time again.

Dominus vobiscum!


It’s Ascension Thursday May 9, 2013

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And it’s been a very messed up day. I fried my smart phone last night.  I think it may be fixed, but I lost the morning getting it taken care of. That’s why I didn’t have the early morning reminder post about Mass today I wanted to do.  So, here it is.  I am also running around with my head spinning, as I just got my rear handed to me by my priest/spiritual director over a matter in which I have been gravely in error. I was very disappointed to still find so much error running around in my head. And yes, it’s on a subject I’ve blogged on, but it’s not what I would call anything core to the Faith, just revealing of very distorted thinking.  Certainly the inheritance of my protestant upbringing and latent paganism. More on that, possibly, later.  Not today. I’m still processing.

Anyway, it’s Ascension Thursday, get thee to Mass.  There are still Masses available in the Diocese, even though it is now mid-afternoon.


Faithful Catholic with same sex attraction damns Detroits failure to close homosexual-promoting Dignity Mass May 9, 2013

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I have blogged of late on the ongoing situation in Detroit, where there is a Mass at a local Catholic college that caters to homosexuals, essentially confirming them in their sin. This Mass is sponsored by DignityUSA, a pro-homosexual rights group within the Church that is markedly counter to the Church’s belief regarding that lifestyle (for instance, they never counsel chastity, they openly embrace deviant sexual acts as normal and natural, etc).  We did hear some positive defense of marriage from Detroit Archbishop Vigneron recently, when he informed Catholics who have embraced heresy in supporting the homosexual lifestyle not to receive Communion, and the uproar that engendered in Detroit.

But a Detroit woman, who describes herself as “gay” but a faithful Catholic who has rejected that lifestyle, feels Arcibishop Vigneron is not doing nearly enough.  Since he allows this abusive, scandalous, illicit and possibly even invalid Mass to continue at the Marygrove College, at least one Catholic in Detroit is at the point of exasperation over the archbishop’s refusal to defend the Faith. I received the following anonymous letter sent to Archbishop Vigneron via a group of Detroit Catholics familiar with the situation.  The sentiment is certainly one I think many faithful Catholics share, if the language might be a bit on the strident side.  Here it is, it italics, with my comments:

I am a gay woman who is absolutely SICK of heart every time I encounter such blatant disregard for human life. If those who claim to represent Holy Mother Church would have resolutely proclaimed to me THE TRUTH years ago in solidarity, I may not have squandered 35yrs of my life in a far-off unholy land of loose living in SIN AGAINST the Holy King of the Universe. Over the years I was told innumerable times by dissident, unholy deacons and nuns that I was just fine to continue in my sin. NOW THIS!!!! How dare you, sir, allow this travesty to exist in your diocese, and not only allow all these souls to continue down the broad road to hell, but to personally escort them there yourself???? WE ARE PERSONS WHOSE IMMORTAL SOULS MATTER, AND WE DESERVE TO HEAR THE PAINFUL BUT HONEST TRUTH FROM OUR CHURCH NOT NICE DAMNING LIES!!!!  [This is the issue in a nutshell. To appease the world and the opinions of tragically fallen men, so many leaders in the Church have absolutely failed to proclaim Truth that is necessary for the salvation for souls. It is a problem, a scandal that has been a constant in the Church’s history: prelates who fear men more than God, or, perhaps more charitably, hold very deviant or erroneous views regarding pastoral approaches and how to reveal the Truth to counsel souls out of sin.  But this latter is very weak, since what we have seen is precious little counsel, and much affirmation] 

I thank God that He was able to sidetrack all the blatantly rebellious, hellish advice given to me by the servants of Satan within the Church, and lead me to the HOLY TRUTH despite their recalcitrance. I STRONGLY urge you, sir, to stand up for homosexuals and offer them the unadulterated, uncompromised truth of Christ and His Church, that they might find salvation and choose the virtues of chastity and purity. Be their LIGHT not the enforcer of their DARKNESS. Not only are you condemning them by allowing this mockery of Dignity masses, but you are condemning yourself as an evil wolf in shepherd’s clothing who cared NOTHING for the lives of the sheep.

How did you come to your position in the Church without believing in HELL, or the doctrines of the faith??? We are the CATHOLIC CHURCH, NOT Protestants free to make up truth as they please. And you, sir, are NOT Pope, and I pray to God, you NEVER are if this is how you treat the beautiful, holy treasures of your Church, casting them into the mud before swine as nothing. This is your present position in allowing this hellish sham to continue. I pray you realize your own great sin, repent, and take the stand a TRUE disciple of Christ needs to take. SAVE US! STOP CONDEMNING US!!!

A TRUE Disciple of Christ,

Wow. That’s pretty hard. I’m out of time, off to Ascension Mass (Holy Day of Obligation, you MUST GO!), but what do you think of this?  Too harsh, or spot on?  I find it fascinating to see a soul so pained by failing to get that affirmation from the Church she needs, which does nothing but confirm constant Church belief, rather than be fed pretty lies that could, and most likely will, lead to eternal damnation?

How have we fallen so far?