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Faithful Catholic with same sex attraction damns Detroits failure to close homosexual-promoting Dignity Mass May 9, 2013

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I have blogged of late on the ongoing situation in Detroit, where there is a Mass at a local Catholic college that caters to homosexuals, essentially confirming them in their sin. This Mass is sponsored by DignityUSA, a pro-homosexual rights group within the Church that is markedly counter to the Church’s belief regarding that lifestyle (for instance, they never counsel chastity, they openly embrace deviant sexual acts as normal and natural, etc).  We did hear some positive defense of marriage from Detroit Archbishop Vigneron recently, when he informed Catholics who have embraced heresy in supporting the homosexual lifestyle not to receive Communion, and the uproar that engendered in Detroit.

But a Detroit woman, who describes herself as “gay” but a faithful Catholic who has rejected that lifestyle, feels Arcibishop Vigneron is not doing nearly enough.  Since he allows this abusive, scandalous, illicit and possibly even invalid Mass to continue at the Marygrove College, at least one Catholic in Detroit is at the point of exasperation over the archbishop’s refusal to defend the Faith. I received the following anonymous letter sent to Archbishop Vigneron via a group of Detroit Catholics familiar with the situation.  The sentiment is certainly one I think many faithful Catholics share, if the language might be a bit on the strident side.  Here it is, it italics, with my comments:

I am a gay woman who is absolutely SICK of heart every time I encounter such blatant disregard for human life. If those who claim to represent Holy Mother Church would have resolutely proclaimed to me THE TRUTH years ago in solidarity, I may not have squandered 35yrs of my life in a far-off unholy land of loose living in SIN AGAINST the Holy King of the Universe. Over the years I was told innumerable times by dissident, unholy deacons and nuns that I was just fine to continue in my sin. NOW THIS!!!! How dare you, sir, allow this travesty to exist in your diocese, and not only allow all these souls to continue down the broad road to hell, but to personally escort them there yourself???? WE ARE PERSONS WHOSE IMMORTAL SOULS MATTER, AND WE DESERVE TO HEAR THE PAINFUL BUT HONEST TRUTH FROM OUR CHURCH NOT NICE DAMNING LIES!!!!  [This is the issue in a nutshell. To appease the world and the opinions of tragically fallen men, so many leaders in the Church have absolutely failed to proclaim Truth that is necessary for the salvation for souls. It is a problem, a scandal that has been a constant in the Church’s history: prelates who fear men more than God, or, perhaps more charitably, hold very deviant or erroneous views regarding pastoral approaches and how to reveal the Truth to counsel souls out of sin.  But this latter is very weak, since what we have seen is precious little counsel, and much affirmation] 

I thank God that He was able to sidetrack all the blatantly rebellious, hellish advice given to me by the servants of Satan within the Church, and lead me to the HOLY TRUTH despite their recalcitrance. I STRONGLY urge you, sir, to stand up for homosexuals and offer them the unadulterated, uncompromised truth of Christ and His Church, that they might find salvation and choose the virtues of chastity and purity. Be their LIGHT not the enforcer of their DARKNESS. Not only are you condemning them by allowing this mockery of Dignity masses, but you are condemning yourself as an evil wolf in shepherd’s clothing who cared NOTHING for the lives of the sheep.

How did you come to your position in the Church without believing in HELL, or the doctrines of the faith??? We are the CATHOLIC CHURCH, NOT Protestants free to make up truth as they please. And you, sir, are NOT Pope, and I pray to God, you NEVER are if this is how you treat the beautiful, holy treasures of your Church, casting them into the mud before swine as nothing. This is your present position in allowing this hellish sham to continue. I pray you realize your own great sin, repent, and take the stand a TRUE disciple of Christ needs to take. SAVE US! STOP CONDEMNING US!!!

A TRUE Disciple of Christ,

Wow. That’s pretty hard. I’m out of time, off to Ascension Mass (Holy Day of Obligation, you MUST GO!), but what do you think of this?  Too harsh, or spot on?  I find it fascinating to see a soul so pained by failing to get that affirmation from the Church she needs, which does nothing but confirm constant Church belief, rather than be fed pretty lies that could, and most likely will, lead to eternal damnation?

How have we fallen so far?


1. TG - May 9, 2013

Wow, is what I said. She also needs to send letter to the US conference of bishops. God bless her and help her. Our Lady, pray for this woman.
(I’m so sick of these gay masses. What about people that are in second marriages? You don’t hear them whiney and wanting their own special mass. The homosexuals can attend regular mass like everybody else unless they want a group exorcism.)

2. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice - May 9, 2013

Wow, indeed. Awesome letter, and may God continue to bless her. A woman after my own heart, as far as just letting it fly out on the page!!

3. WI Catholic - May 12, 2013

So many thoughts go through my mind as I read this woman’s letter, and I know that many of us could write the same thing about no fault forced, unilateral divorce has destroyed many valid marriages, and how often priests have not stood with deserted spouses working hard to live 1Cor 7:10-11. Many of those priests actually told their spouses it was OK to file for divorce, and promised to assist with the Nullity petitions, often helping the one leaving the marriage to prepare for that second marriage with their ‘new partner’ before divorced ever took place. Perhaps they, too, had been lied to about an affair, or the status of the lawful marriage.

Instead of standing firmly against divorce, at least here in the US, the Tribunals insist on a divorce before looking into the marriage… than assuming that means that reconciliation is not possible. Had they, and everyone stood by that first marriage and spoke the TRUTH, as taught in our Catechism and according to Canon Law, as well as so MANY papal documents and Rotal addresses, etc, perhaps things would be different today.
Just some listed here:

All first marriages between two Baptized individuals, male and female are Sacramental. All first marriages where one or both are not Baptized are natural marriages. But ALL first marriages are considered to be VALID (other than those of Catholics that did not have proper Form) until proof of invalidity is found. And as a result, all should be guarded and protected by the Church, including teaching 1Cor 7:10-11.

Instead of heeding God’s words “I hate divorce” of Malachi, and Jesus’ teaching on the subject, the ‘grounds for nullity’ have been made much more far reaching than at any time in the history of our Holy Church. Instead of following the example of St Thomas More who stood by Catherine, they have acted like those Bishops who stood by Henry as he divorced her, married his mistress, and then had another four subsequent “marriages” — by divorcing or murdering those five women while keeping Catherine imprisoned until she died. .

Those first spouses, who, (even after being deserted by their mate, and forsaken by the very clergy that are supposed to teach Truth boldly) stand firmly and fight to defend the validity of their marriage, find themselves alone, often scorned, told that they are unforgiving and rigid, “stuck”, etc and told to ‘get on with their lives”…

Respondents are not treated as though they are married in God’s eyes and the Church. They are called ‘former spouses’ by the very Tribunals of the Church that teaches that divorce is ‘grave’ matter (SIN), and that marriage is truly unable to be put asunder by anyone until death. Instead, a very false spirit of compassion has caused an entire generation or more to assume that everyone has a right to “an annulment” and a subsequent marriage. Few, if any, are ever prepared for a VALID verdict when they fill out the paperwork for the Tribunals, and even when no Null verdict can be rendered, they are NOT told to end current ‘relationships’ and follow 1Cor 7:10-11 which St Paul tells us is a command of the Lord…. and continue to live in what Jesus clearly labeled as adultery in Matt 5:31-32, Matt 19, Mark 10, Luke 16:18, and

FEW seem to recall these words that JPII has written:

But it is also proper to recognize the value of the witness of those spouses who, even when abandoned by their partner, with the strength of faith and of Christian hope have not entered a new union: These spouses too give an authentic witness to fidelity, of which the world today has a great need. For this reason they must be encouraged and helped by the pastors and the faithful of the church.
~~FAMILIARIS CONSORTIO Pope John Paul II 12/15/1981 (Sec 20)

Yes, MANY of us could re-word her letter just a little bit, and submit it ourselves on the topic of Indisollubility/Validity of First Marriages vs Divorce/Nullity, for MANY are being deceived and someday may learn that the hard way themselves… I applaud her courage, and agree with her completely.

St Thomas More, pray for us.
God bless

tantamergo - May 14, 2013


First, I’m sorry your comment got delayed. Comments with links go into spam, and I have to fish them out. I cannot get WordPress to do anything about this.

Secondly, I feel your pain. I have written on this subject extensively. Search “tribunals” and you’ll see a number of posts on the subject. I am terribly scandalized by the situation involving divorce and remarriage in the Church in this country, and I feel the tribunal industry is out of control (and these are a substantial source of income for many dioceses).

And, yes, I have heard the horror stories about those who contested these tribunal decisions, how they are mistreated, while their adulterous spouse is allowed to carry on as if nothing happened. I pray they are right, for if they are wrong, if God does not view the marriage as dissolved as these fallible men and women do, then so many souls could be the gravest of peril.

But divorce has become as American as apple pie, and the Church in these United States has, for far too long (witness Pope Leo XIII’s declaration of the heresy of Americanism in 1893!) gone along with the culture. Those who oppose the culture are ostracized, persecuted, and excoriated, as you said. I can’t imagine the suffering that causes.

Please be assured that I personally pray that this nightmarish scandal end, and that marriage be defended by the Church in this country, every day.

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