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National Right to Life Conference to be held in Dallas June 27-29 May 14, 2013

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Get your pro-life on at the annual National Right to Life conference at the Hyatt Regency DFW June 27-29.  Registration is (yikes!) $95.  Couples get a $5 break. There is childcare available. You an register here.

There are many, many speakers, mostly a bevy of evangelical protestants.  But, Fr. Frank Pavone will apparently get out of his cell in Amarillo and be there, along with Brother Paul O’Donnell, FBP from Minneapolis.

Headliners include O. Carter Snead, Wesley J. Smith, Chet McDoniel, David Barton, and Reggie Littlejohn.  I know!

I will bet money they don’t talk about contraception very much.  But we’ll never be rid of abortion in this country, until all the churches oppose contraception and most of the people stop using it.  And it will take the Catholic Church getting serious about her opposition to contraception, again, in order to make both happen. But we’re not even there, yet.

Gosnell agrees to plea deal: life in prison, no appeal May 14, 2013

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Gosnell will spend the rest of his lifte in jail.  But he won’t get the death penalty, a mercy he denied tens of thousands of children he executed over the years:

Abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell has given up his right to appeal the verdict that found him guilty on three of the four first-degree murder charges he faced.

As a result, prosecutors have agreed to life terms in prison for the former abortion facility owner and he will now not face the death penalty.

Prosecutors agreed to two life sentences without parole, and Gosnell will now face sentencing Wednesday as opposed to next week, where he could have been subjected to the death penalty by a second jury. The prosecutors originally sought the death penalty because Gosnell killed more than one person and because of the age of the newborn babies involved.

They also agreed to the life sentences in prison because Gosnell’s age made it unlikely he would be executed before his appeals ran out, as he would die naturally beforehand.

“Gosnell is to be sentenced Wednesday in the death of the third baby, an involuntary manslaughter conviction in the death of a patient and hundreds of lesser counts,” AP reported.

…….Gosnell was found guilty of killing Baby A, Baby C and Baby D and found not guilty of killing Baby E. He was also convicted on hundreds of lesser charges ranging from infanticide to running a corrupt organization.

Gonell was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of patient Karnamaya Mongar, who died after a botched abortion. And he was found guilty on most of the more than 200 counts of violating Pennsylvania’s informed consent law.

In total, Gosnell was found guilty of 21 out of 24 felony counts of illegal abortions beyond the 24 week limit and found guilty on all but 16 of 227 misdemeanor counts of violating the 24-hour informed consent law……..

Which counts, collectively, would have resulted in his serving a 30 day suspended sentence, with 100 hours of community service.  I jest, but not much.

I did not think Gosnell would get the death penalty. And, as the article mentioned, even if he had, it’s very unlikely he would have actually been put to death by the state. I pray this reprieve he’s gotten will result in his sincere conversion.  I pray he learns to repent of his life of murder.  It’s amazing that he was only caught out because agents raided his place for dispensing bogus scripts for pain pills and other drugs. It seems even his millions made from murdering babies was not enough.  Greed, and pride, are the two primary drivers of the abortion industry.

I pray this case also results in all states passing laws requiring all abortion mills to meet the same sterility and other requirements as other outpatient surgical centers do. It is ludicrous that they presently do not, in almost all states.  These simple requirements will eat so much into the profit margins of abortion mills that most will shut down of their own accord.  Murdering babies won’t be nearly so lucrative as it used to be.

It remains to be seen what long-term impact this trial will have on the nation’s conscience. I fear we are so anethestized to violence and so addicted to contraception and its backstop, that it won’t make much difference at all.

Domine, miserere nobis!


A devastating post from Eponymous Flower May 14, 2013

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Wow, I saw this post at Eponymous Flower earlier today, and was just floored.  The context for the post was Minnesota – in spite of voting against state recognition of sodomites simulating marriage just last year, held yet another vote where the destruction of marriage was approved.  That has been the case in many states: continue pounding, pounding, pounding away, until either exhaustion or indifference sets in, and the forces of darkness win.  Of course, once that occurs, it’s set in stone forever, with nary a possibility of change.

But that was just the context.  In a few pics and a modicum of words, Tancred managed to tie together, very coherently, British satanist (and sexual deviant – that almost invariably goes together) Aleister Crowley, Barak Obama, Alfred Kinsey, and the whole cultural descent into darkness. Today, as rainbow flags dominate a major bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota, satan must be doing a victory dance.

I don’t want to steal too much of Tancred’s thunder – you really must go to his site to see the whole thing – but he made clear how perverse conceptions of “love”, which really mean unbridled, depraved lust, have become accepted first by our elites, and then foisted on the rest of us until we now face cultural armageddon.  As a certain famous nun once said, if God doesn’t chastise America for what we’ve become, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.  A couple of photos from Tancred’s post:


Obama sporting an Aleister Crowley T-shirt – apparently, he’s not a muslim at all, but a satanist.

Then, a photo showing the prophet of perversion himself, Alfred Kinsey – whose lies were propagated by the media as great scientific revelations, and whose “research” included the most unethical, soul-destroying acts imaginable – posing with Kenneth Anger, another satanist and purveyor of high brow homosexual filth in the 50s and 60s, at the “house of Crowley:”

Kinsey and Anger

Kinsey was a very, very distrubed man. And his research was almost totally bunk, drawn from terribly biased pools of depraved individuals, especially prison inmates, whose sexual escapades he then pretended applied to the general public. But the public, through the media, accepted his claims with little protest.

I don’t know if Kinsey was a satanist himself, but he was certainly one of the most destructive personalities of the last century. His research is still accepted among many “progressive” academics as Gospel.  Shocking, I know. It’s amazing how much progressives love to elevate themselves over the hoi polloi for their sharp, analytical minds and “reality-based” thinking, always referring to conservatives as scientific illiterates. But the truth, as we see with regard to global warming cooling climate change weather, is really quite different.

Boy, Kinsey looks like Karloff playing Frankenstein.  Sometimes, photos capture images from the soul.

We are in the deepest of trouble, my friends.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!  St. Michael the Arcangel, defend us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschooling Conference June 28-29 May 14, 2013

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The annual Immaculate Heart of Mary homeschooling conference for North Texas will be held June 28-29 at the Arlington Convention Center.  The main website for the conference is here.  Speakers include:

  • Fr. Shenan Boquet, head of Human Life International
  • Dr. Michael Foley, traditional Catholic and Baylor professor, whose articles are published in many traditional publications like Latin Mass Magazine
  • Mr. Andrew Pudewa, who is the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Mrs. Virginia Seuffert, a long term homeschooling mom

Admission is free. All details in the flyer here.


The continuing scandal of Cardinal Roger Mahony May 14, 2013

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This is what comes of elevating unworthy men to positions of great power and influence. This man is a disciple of Cardinal Bernadin, and shows every day just what a damning association that is:

The Los Angeles Times expresses confusion, as we all should, about what the heck is going on in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Three months ago, Archbishop Gomez relieved his predecessor, Roger Cardinal Mahony, of “public duties” in the Archdiocese, including, according to a spokesman for the Archdiocese at the time of Archbishop Gomez’s announcement, celebrating the sacrament of confirmation. [Well, Archbishop Gomez caved within a day, reinstating Cardinal Mahony’s faculties. This was after direct threats from Mahony and his very wealthy supporters (I shudder to think of the state of the souls that would willingly, and viciously, support this man) regarding retaliation against Gomez, intimating they would reveal what Gomez knew and when regarding handling of various abuse cases. This threat apparently worked, and well. Gomez has been totally silent on the matter of this disgraced cardinal since then]  At the moment, however, the Cardinal is traveling around the Archdiocese celebrating that sacrament “every week” (his own words) and telling those who question him about it to “go home now” (his words). Meanwhile, Archbishop Gomez refuses to comment.

Cardinal Mahony’s mishandling of his clergy’s abuse of children boggles the mind and saddens the heart.  A decade after Cardinal Law was pressured into resigning for his own mishandling of such abuse, Mahony continued the mishandling right up until he submitted his resignation as required at the age of 75, and his successor, who surely knew much or all of what Mahony had done to hide the abuse, distanced himself and the Archdiocese from Mahony only when files Mahony had endlessly litigated to keep secret became public. Two years Archbishop Gomez waited, and when at last he relieved Mahony of his “public duties,” he did so only for purposes of a phony publicity stunt, it would now seem.

Only the Pope can discipline a Cardinal, but Archbishop Gomez has jurisdiction over the confirmation schedule in his own Archdiocese.  We can hope that Pope Francis will ground Cardinal Mahony and turn off his self-serving blog.  We can also hope that Archbishop Gomez will do right by the faithful of his Archdiocese and *in fact* relieve Cardinal Mahony of his public duties in the Archdiocese.  Members of the hierarchy need to stop scandalizing the faithful.  Enough already.  It is Cardinal Mahony who should “go home now.”  If Pope Francis seeks to “rebuild” the Church, Cardinal Mahony’s public presence is only impeding that all-important work.  Public penance for the Cardinal would be a help to that work on which turns, after all, the salvation of souls.  Archbishop Gomez’s integrity is on the line here as well, and the jury — including in the form of the LA Times — is observing the evidence as it pours in.

I’m not surprised at all by Gomez’ failure to act, nor his moral cowardice. I’ve never been terribly impressed by him.  The difference between San Antonio and LA is essentially nil. Both are extremely liberal dioceses.

Mahony has one of the most mammoth egos I’ve ever seen.  This man – like his mentor, Bernadin – is utterly cocksure he can do no wrong, that he is always in the right, and gives no appearance of even a slight degree of real repentance for his crimes. Yes, he continues to cause scandal by his very presence.  And if he were to be present to confirm one of my children, my children would get confirmed somewhere else.  He is as utterly unlikeable figure as there is in the Church today.

But, he still has a soul, and will face his individual judgment.  His towering ego and overweening pride reveal him to be a man who treats “working out our salvation with fear and trembling” with disdain.  I am afraid Cardinal Mahony might be in for a terrible surprise. Certainly, there is nothing in being a cardinal that gives assurance of piety, let alone salvation – the Church has had some disastrously immoral cardinals.  Thus, all the more does he need prayers, unworthy of them he may be. In fact, it is his very unworthiness that makes it all the more imperative to pray for him.  And given what an ugly character he is, sincere prayers on his behalf are sure to be very meritorious of Grace and virtue.

Of course, also pray for his many victims.  The pain they must endure at the sight of this man getting off utterly scot free must be horrifying.

“A Manifesto of the Catholic Laity” from 1943 May 14, 2013

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We are frequently told, by various figures in the Church ranging from local parish priests to numerous bishops, and even various authority figures in Rome, that the old Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, was a very bad thing. Nobody understood anything.  The people sat there blithely thumbing their stupid beads, while the priest rushed through Latin he didn’t understand, with the total effect being that nobody was edified at all by the experience, ever. I exaggerate, butEaster_Vigil_TAR_2013 not much.  There is no question there are very strong impressions given that the Mass prior to the massive changes of the late 60s was gravely deficient, did not form souls well in the Faith, and generally was disliked by the laity, who rarely understood at all what was going on.  Now, even if this widely presented view were true, one could see in this perhaps less a problem with the Mass itself, but a significant failure of catachesis, but be that as it may.  That is the view that is presented, when arguing that the changes made to the Mass that resulted in the Novus Ordo were very necessary, in order to get at least some modicum of involvement from the people in the Mass.

The problem with this view is that, it doesn’t square well with the historical record.  The simple fact of the matter is, there was virtually no clamor from the laity for a change to the Mass, at any period during the 20th century. As I have already addressed on this blog, even 10 years after the introduction of the Novus Ordo, a national survey reported in a secular newspaper showed the vast majority of Catholics preferred to return to the Traditional Mass!  In fact, the entire “liturgical movement” was driven by academics and liturgical “elitists,” if you will, people who made study of the Liturgy their life’s work, and who became convinced, for various reasons (but, principally, a widespread acceptance of modernism among this elite), that the Mass was sorely deficient and Florencia+6simply must change.  In having read a number of books on the subject now, following the arc of the liturgical movement of the 20th century, it is apparent to me that the imperative to change was a self-fulfilling prophecy, with excessive focus on change leading to loss of pastoral sensitivity (or misplaced sensivitiviy), and the entire movement devolving to a sort of zero-sum game where all the problems in the Church would be corrected if only the Mass could be changed, and radically!  And thus, we got what we got.

But, again, history shows that far from being disinterested in the Mass, or desiring it to change, many of the laity, and very likely the same large majority reported in the late 70’s poll linked to above, were very attached to the Traditional Mass and did not want it to change at all. They were in fact put off by the liturgical movement and the effort to foist changes on “their Mass.”  Specifically, there was an article in the July 17, 1943 edition of the The Tablet in England, regarding a “Manifesto” produced by lay English Catholics regarding the radical changes being discussed, even then, regarding the Mass.  Far from favoring changes, or supposedy hungering for Mass in the vernacular, which was the sine qua non of the post-conciliar liturgical reform, these Catholics were very offended at the changes being discussed, and wanted it to be known that they loved the Mass, they loved it in Latin, and just wanted it to be taught better (from Dom Alcuin Reid’s The Organic Development of the Liturgy, note 109 pp. 92-93, I add emphasis and comments):

We, the undersigned Catholic layfolk, desire…….to make known our true feelings with regard to the present controversy concerning the language used by the Church in her public worship. We utterly repudiate the subversive efforts that are being made to discredit the use of the Latin Liturgy [So, even decades before Vatican II, the laity were aware of the “subversive” efforts of elites to change the Mass and attack Latin, and impose undesired top-down changes to the Mass, in contrast to natural, organic development, from the bottom up] , a precious heritage brought to the English people by St. Augustine of Canterbury from our glorious Apostle, St. Gregory the Great, and which we are proud to have preserved intact these fourteen hundred yeas, even throughout the hardships and dangers of the penal times. We therefore protest that we are oppposed to all attempts to tamper with this venerable Liturgy, or to substitute for it a copy of any non-Catholic rite, however beautiful and impressive. [It also seemed these well-informed laity had picked up on the protestant overtones to many of the proferred changes] We strongly resent the implication that we and our children are not sufficiently intelligent to understand the simple Latin of the Mass, and we declare our readiness to do all we can to equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge so as to be able to take a more active and intelligent part in our parochial Mass. [Thus, a reaction to the elitist attitude which assumed that the laity were too dumb to understand Mass in a language other than their own] We also respectfully petition our bishops to use their authority to make the teaching of simple liturgical Latin obligatory in all our Catholic schools, since we are convinced that such instruction would be of immense spiritual and intellectual value to our children and would help them to realise more vividly the supra-national character of our Faith. [I’m very impressed with this statement – these folks understood that Latin makes the Mass universal, instead of hundreds of different translations and millions of “inculturating” acts, which makes even Masses in the same town often differ radically from one another, let alone the differences between nations] Finally ,we very humbly beg our Clergy to help our efforts by a distinct and deliberate enunciation of all the words of the Liturgy, so as to make it possible for every one of us to beocme more at home with the spiritual language of our Holy Mother Church, and thus to assist at her public worship with greater understanding and devotion. [An exhortation to priests to pronounce the Latin better]

Jerome_Funeral of_BASTIANI, Lazzaro.jpgI am singularly impressed by this statement. Dom Reid does not go into detail on how many signatures it had, but it seems at least some in England understood quite clearly, even in 1943!, the nature of the changes the liturgical movement had come to favor and the dangers those changes posed. They also understood the unstated assumption that the laity were simply too stupid to follow along in a “foreign” language.

But I think the most important element, is the call to better education.  And I think that is really the core of what went wrong with the Church in the mid-20th century.  Instead of focusing on the very hard, often dreary, often frustrating work of catachesis and evangelization, many in the Church leadership came to favor big programs – rather like how our governments have acted since that time – that will magically solve all problems, and accomplish the tasks of evangelization and catachesis for them.  That is to say, instead of slogging in the trenches, it was much more sexy to many elites to exercise their power and demonstrate their brilliance by imposing top-down changes of various sorts.  And certainly, since Vatican II, the Church has been enamored of big programs. The Mass, the perennial “new evangelization,” calls for sweeping governmental reforms and the establishment of super-national forms of governance, top-down forms of charity, proliferations of offices and dicasteries and congregations and committees – all have been presented as solutions for “problems,” which are really best dealt with on the local level, by encouraging hard work by priests and bishops to form their people in the Faith!  But, for whatever reason, that simple call, which was what sustained the Church through thick and thin for centuries, is the one thing it seems our leaders are most reluctant to do.  priesthood3-3

None of which is to say there aren’t individual priests and bishops who do an exemplary job at catechesis and evangelization, it’s just that such are exceedingly rare. And it seems the people of England, 70 years ago and 20 years before the Second Vatican Council, knew this very well.  It is a pity their call was not heeded.

I pray this era of big programs may end. I pray we can get back to focus on grass-roots evangelization and especially catachesis.  But I hear so many horror stories about parish catechetical programs. Very often, what is taught is a barely disguised protestantism, at best. Sometimes, it’s much worse than that.

I hope to do another post on this subject either later today or tomorrow.  Even early members of the liturgical movement itself recognized that big programs of severe, top-down changes, were no panacea for the collapse in the practice of the Faith already well underway in the first half of the 20th century.