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A devastating post from Eponymous Flower May 14, 2013

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Wow, I saw this post at Eponymous Flower earlier today, and was just floored.  The context for the post was Minnesota – in spite of voting against state recognition of sodomites simulating marriage just last year, held yet another vote where the destruction of marriage was approved.  That has been the case in many states: continue pounding, pounding, pounding away, until either exhaustion or indifference sets in, and the forces of darkness win.  Of course, once that occurs, it’s set in stone forever, with nary a possibility of change.

But that was just the context.  In a few pics and a modicum of words, Tancred managed to tie together, very coherently, British satanist (and sexual deviant – that almost invariably goes together) Aleister Crowley, Barak Obama, Alfred Kinsey, and the whole cultural descent into darkness. Today, as rainbow flags dominate a major bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota, satan must be doing a victory dance.

I don’t want to steal too much of Tancred’s thunder – you really must go to his site to see the whole thing – but he made clear how perverse conceptions of “love”, which really mean unbridled, depraved lust, have become accepted first by our elites, and then foisted on the rest of us until we now face cultural armageddon.  As a certain famous nun once said, if God doesn’t chastise America for what we’ve become, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.  A couple of photos from Tancred’s post:


Obama sporting an Aleister Crowley T-shirt – apparently, he’s not a muslim at all, but a satanist.

Then, a photo showing the prophet of perversion himself, Alfred Kinsey – whose lies were propagated by the media as great scientific revelations, and whose “research” included the most unethical, soul-destroying acts imaginable – posing with Kenneth Anger, another satanist and purveyor of high brow homosexual filth in the 50s and 60s, at the “house of Crowley:”

Kinsey and Anger

Kinsey was a very, very distrubed man. And his research was almost totally bunk, drawn from terribly biased pools of depraved individuals, especially prison inmates, whose sexual escapades he then pretended applied to the general public. But the public, through the media, accepted his claims with little protest.

I don’t know if Kinsey was a satanist himself, but he was certainly one of the most destructive personalities of the last century. His research is still accepted among many “progressive” academics as Gospel.  Shocking, I know. It’s amazing how much progressives love to elevate themselves over the hoi polloi for their sharp, analytical minds and “reality-based” thinking, always referring to conservatives as scientific illiterates. But the truth, as we see with regard to global warming cooling climate change weather, is really quite different.

Boy, Kinsey looks like Karloff playing Frankenstein.  Sometimes, photos capture images from the soul.

We are in the deepest of trouble, my friends.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!  St. Michael the Arcangel, defend us!


1. TG - May 15, 2013

That picture of Kinsey and the other guy looks so evil. The shadows look like demons over them which I am sure there was. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in this battle. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

2. Exoricists needed.. - May 15, 2013

You look at the occult, at any time in history, and you see the same things. Sodomy, rape, terror, murder.

Secret societies progress initiates, with greater acts of depravity, as the aspirations of the “worthy” individual grow. These acts often involve sacrilege, mostly against The Blessed Sacrament, acts of terror, rape, and murder of both adults and children, and voluntary acts of submissive sodomy. The reward is power, influence, success, and fame.

This lists includes very famous politicians, entertainers, and celebrities. Many of the past, but almost all of those known presently.

Become familiar with occult signs, symbols, terms, gesticulations, and history. Frequent any SRA (satanic Ritual Abuse) support group site. Peruse one of the 1500 covens on the internet. Become familiar with Freemasonry, know your enemy more than he knows himself. The esoteric nature of these organizations is merely nonsense to rationalize every abominable act. These are fables they learn to justify evil as all reprobates do. Keep your mind open.

The Church is not immune. Malachi Martin, some 15 years ago, suggested as much in his novel, “Windswept House”. Fr. Martin died mysteriously. Any one who sheds any meaningful light on this subject dies mysteriously or is “suicided”.

The enemy is not an idiot. There is only ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC Church. Bank-robbers rob banks because that’s where the money is. Christ chose Judas for a reason.

The Petrine Primacy has been neutered by the novel V-2 notion of “collegiality” invented by the young modernists in attendance there. The Charism of Infallibilty is minimist. It’s not the papalotry the Catholic-Right Establishment would have us believe.

Peter cannot teach error when he pronounces as Peter, but that is no guarantee of sanctity or infallibility when he does not teach as Peter. Just as we had the loathsome Honararius, Liberius, or Alexander VI as popes we could have a freemason or sodomite one as well.

Such a pope couldn’t proclaim error. The Holy Spirit wouldn’t allow it, but all other unthinkable, unmentionable things COULD happen.

The Church did not obey Our Lady of Fatima in 1960. It has been reaping the whirlwind ever since.

All The Church is, these last 50 years, she’s asked for by catering to modernists, the world, and the flesh.

The only glaring weakness the enemy has is his thirst for public approval. The great ape of God needing mock adoration. The more light shed on his corruption the better. The vomit-King is comfortable in shadows.

Stay close to Tradition and expose evil, no matter where it resides..

St. Teresa of Avila was once asked if she would risk her own salvation to save a soul. She answered, “Yes!”

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us..

3. TG - May 16, 2013

Wow. That sounds like what my nephew says about the Illuminati. I read Windswept House and I believe it. A reporter I correspond with told me he had interviewed the woman Agnes (the abused child character in the novel). She said Father Martin exaggerated a bit but it was true what happened to her. After all the scandal and abuse in the church and the weakness of our shepherds, any rational person should be able to realize that Satan has infiltrated the church. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

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