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Mary our Mediatrix May 15, 2013

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Sorry for low posting today. I was stuck in a training session of the most dubious merit and had no access to teh intrawebs.  I have been intending to do some posts in honor of our Blessed Mother during this month of May, Mary’s month.  I’ve done a couple, but here is one more, with some Saints extolling our Blessed Mother’s role as Mediatrix of All Grace. This is taken from Divine Intimacy, day 185, p. 537:

St. Ephrem of Syria, 4th Century: O Blessed Lady, most Holy Mother of God, full of Grace, inexhaustible ocean of the intimate divine liberality and gifts of God, after the Lord of all, the Blessed Trinity, you are Lady of all; after the Paraclete, you are hte new Consoler of all; and after the Mediator, you are the Mediatrix for the entire world. Behold my faith and my desire inspired by Heaven; do not despise me although unworthy, neither let the ugliness of my sins suspend the immensity of your mercy, O Mother of God, O name which surpasses all my desire!

St. Bernard of Claivaux, 12th Century: O Mary, God has given you the plenitude of all His benefits, to show us that all hope, all Grace, all salvation come from your superabundance. Grant, therefore, O Mary, you who have found Grace and have given us life, that through you we may approach your Divine Son. O Blessed Mother of Salvation! Grant that through you we may receive Him who was given to us through you. Let your spotless purity excuse before His eyes the faults of our malice. May your humility, so pleasing to God, obtain pardon for our pride! May your immense charity cover the multitude of our sins, and may your glorious fruitfulness make our good works fruitful!

O Lady, our Mediatrix and our advocate, reconcile us with your Son, recommend us to your Son, present us to your Son! You are blessed by the Grace you have found, by the privileges you have merited, by the mercy you have brought to the world. Obtain for us that Jesus, who through you deigned to share our infirmity and our wretchedness, may grant us also through you a share in His Glory and in His Beatitude.

——————-End Quote———————

Our Lady!  Have mercy on us!  Pray for us in this time of darkness and wickedness!  Strengthen our souls!  Implore God’s Grace for us!  May we always cooperate with that Grace, and emulate you by having perfect conformity with God’s Will!

But we are so fallen and disfigured!  Without your prayers we are lost!  So please have mercy on us, Blessed Mother!  Intercede always for your children!