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How our cardinals do sin…. May 16, 2013

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Cardinals are the very princes of the Church. They are men given great Grace to elect the Pope, in addition to the torrents of Grace available through their ordination and then consecration as bishops.  But it seems so very few Cardinals cooperate with that Grace.  There has been the stomach-turning scandal of Cardinal O’Brien of Scotland, who resigned from his see in disgrace after numerous reports of depraved homosexual activity surfaced involving him, and men under his care, typically seminarians.  After this resignation, Cardinal O’Brien had esconced himself in the parish of his “lifelong friend,” a fellow priest.  When the Vatican began to intimate it would force Cardinal O’Brien to live a more retired and prayerful life than one of likely continued debauchery with his special “friend,” that priest-friend threatened to cause further scandal if his Cardinal-buddy were removed from his loving care.  Well, the Vatican wasn’t bullied by this threat, the Holy See just announced that Cardinal O’Brien is leaving Scotland.

Michael Voris has much more here, including additional details on the O’Brien scandal:

This homosexual crisis in the priesthood is, to my mind, the single greatest threat to the priesthood in its 2000 year history. Can men engaged in lives founded on lies and engaging in the most debauched of activities really have a valid vocation?  Do they really intend to confect the Blessed Sacrament, to change bread and wine+water into the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ?  The implications of this scandal are soul-rocking, to say the least.

And as if the scandal of Cardinal O’Brien was not enough (and we know he is far from the only homosexual cardinal the Church has been afflicted with in the past few decades), today we get word that Cardinal Dolan once again failed to speak Truth to power, once again caved when it came to standing up for what the Church believed when it might threaten his ego-boosting playing at politics with the governor of New York:

New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan warned Gov. Cuomo to be ready for a holy battle if he tries to strengthen state abortion-rights laws.

In an interview on an Albany radio station Tuesday, Dolan said Catholic bishops would be “as vociferous and rigorous as possible in our opposition” to the governor’s efforts.

Although Cuomo has yet to release an abortion bill, he’s announced plans to write into New York law protections now provided by federal court decisions like Roe vs. Wade…….
………..Archbishop Dolan said the conviction Monday of Philadelphia abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell on murder charges calls for laws that go the other way instead.
“I am in a bit of consternation as to why in a time when there seems to be kind of a sobering up about these horrors of the unfettered access to abortion, why in New York we are talking about even expanding it further,” Dolan said. [Because there is nothing more sacred to a leftist than a woman’s right to kill her child, you dolt!  They will sacrifice ANY other policy position to protect that one!  When will you guys in the American hierarchy figure this out?  THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE PARTY OF ABORTION, AND WILL BE FOR AS FAR AS WE CAN SEE IN THE FUTURE. NOTHING – NOTHING (short of an act of God, which you are deliberately frustrating with your cowardice) – WILL MAKE THEM CHANGE THAT!]
When asked how Cuomo could still consider himself a Catholic in good standing while also promoting abortion legislation, Dolan responded: “That’s something that I talk turkey with him about.”
Dolan spokesman Joseph Zwilling later said the cardinal did not mean to suggest that Cuomo would not be a Catholic in good standing if he went forward with the bill.
Emphasis from Rorate above. My rantiness below.

Oh, Cardinal Dolan, you pathetic worldling.

How can we otherwise think, Cardinal Dolan, that you care so very much more about the opinions of men, and especially powerful men, than you do about either serving Christ OR even protecting the unborn on a natural level, that you immediately take the most powerful weapon you have against these apostate Catholics off the table?  Cuomo is pursuing the most radical expansion of abortion in this nation at present.  All around the country, abortion is being rolled back by drips and drabs, but not in New Yack!  Oh, no, there, it’s a brave new world of baby slaughter for all, with the great Cardinal of New Yack talking turkey as the sewer drains overflow with blood!  And so you have to clarify “oh……I didn’t mean to imply still-living-in-sin-with-his-concubine Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t be a Catholic in good standing if he is directly responsible for dramatically increasing what is already by far the country’s highest rate of abortion!”  It wouldn’t be politic to do so, right?!

Do you know, Cardinal Dolan, what an unthinkable insult that is to all those Catholics who DO strive to live submissive to the mind of the Church?  Do you know how much scandal such statements cause?  Do you know how much those statements undermine your own authority?  Do you really expect the Catholics of the United States to believe that you, or ANY of your brother bishops, would really go to jail over something like the HHS Mandate, when you can’t even bother to defend the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament or tell a radically anti-Catholic catholyc that he is outside the Body of Christ?  What on earth would make us believe, you, Cardinal Dolan, as head of the USCCB, would incur so much as a hangnail to defend the Church?
But the real question is, why does Cardinal Dolan hate Andrew Cuomo so much?  Why does he want him to go to hell?  Why does he continue to allow Andrew Cuomo to publicly apostasize and, even worse, blaspheme the Holy Spirit through his sacrilegious reception of the Blessed Sacrament?  Why won’t he have even a bit of compassion on poor Andrew Cuomo’s soul, and try the last bit of medicine an interdict or excommunication could provide?  At least then, millions of souls would cease being scandalized by the head of the USCCB’s failure to defend the Faith.
I don’t think Cardinal Dolan is a homosexual. But he sure acts like one.
Any minute, attack dog Broadway Bill Donahue will swoop down to tell us just how exemplary is Cardinal Dolan’s leadership in this moment of crisis, while excoriating anyone with the temerity to question it. He just got off the phone with him, don’t you know.


1. TG - May 16, 2013

It just seems things are just getting worse in the Church. Catholic Answers would get on you too for criticizing a priest. They did me when I said a book of The Dialogue by St. Catherine of Sienna should be sent to bishops and priests. If you’ve read it, you know that God tells her how hard he is going to judge the clergy.

tantamergo - May 16, 2013

Catholic Answers is staffed by people whose livelihoods are dependent, for the most part, on the good will of bishops. Thus, they don’t like any such criticism.

The Church is in dire straights. There need to be voices that cry out in the wilderness, calling pastors to account for their manifest failures to shepherd the flock. I understand some people are not comfortable with that. And I’ll admit, seeing Dolan, yet again, cave on his core responsibility to defend the Faith, made me pretty hot. So I may have been a bit strong. But it is not valid to claim that the Holy Spirit could not be working through these criticisms, and I think the overly docile attitude of the vast majority of the lay faithful has been a huge part in allowing this crisis to become so all encompassing, and last as long as it has. But I do pray regularly that I am not overstepping the bounds of reason.

2. Exoricists needed.. - May 16, 2013

T.G and Tantamergo’s remarks rightly illustrate how the Catholic-Right Establishment (Catholic Answers, Ignatius Press, EWTN, Ave Maria media, etc..) has totally caved to pay bills.

If the Church is to be saved from the prophesied chastisements it will only be because of venues such as these that spoke truth to power and reminded clerics, not of their smug supposed-divinity, but of the AWESOME AND AWFUL ACCOUNTABILITY before GOD they have.

If God is to have Mercy on the majority of humanity it may very well be at the expense of every cowardly cleric where God’s Justice can be fully exhausted.

The Sheep forgiven because of the mammon-worshipping, cowards masquerading as Shepherds.

Our Lady, Queen of All Patriarchs, Queen of All Apostles, Pray for us..

3. George - May 18, 2013

No offense intended to the faithful Irish but do you notice the last names of most of the Bishops in the U.S. Talk about a lavender mafia. Can there possibly be an Irish mafia, headed by Cardinal Dolan, et al.?

tantamergo - May 20, 2013

Yes, I was talking with a priest about this the other night. It’s like the Vatican thinks that only Irishmen are fit to be American prelates, because they speak English? It is certainly a bunch of boyos. And this frequently has fed the problem of heresy/indifference.

4. TG - May 20, 2013

I think the Irish (at least in the northeast) are mostly democrats with a deep loyaltyand can’t let go of that party, kind of like hispanics (except for me, of course). We should all just be Catholic and follow the party that promotes our values.

5. No, Cardinal Dolan is not being patiently prudent in failing to publicly condemn NY Gov. Cuomo | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - May 21, 2013

[…] I posted on NYC Cardinal Dolan’s latest failure to defend the Faith last week.  This story, wherein Cardinal Dolan stated he would “talk turkey” with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo over the governor’s repeated heresy, even apostasy, and then quickly walked back even this – it wasn’t even criticism, was it? – implication of concern with the governor, stating through a proxy that Cuomo remained “a Catholic in good standing?”  Good Lord, who is not, then, a Catholic in good standing?  Judging from this, I am virtually certain Cardinal Dolan subscribes to the papally condemned theory of universal or near-universal salvation, the so-called “fundamental option.” There is no other way to explain his behavior, unless he is just a radically indifferent modernist, which is just another way of saying the same thing. […]

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