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The media is starting to freak about Pope Francis May 21, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, episcopate, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, manhood, Papa, scandals, secularism, true leadership, Virtue.

You mean, he like, really believes in the devil?  Doesn’t he know it’s the 21st century and, like, nobody believes in that anymore?

Pope Francis gave an extensive blessing to a very ill man.  The man responded in a rather unusual way, audibly groaning and seeming to shudder, before semi-collapsing back into his wheelchair.  Numerous media outlets immediately lept to the conclusion – ZOMG!  Exorcism!  Which, no way, not a formal one anyway, but certain prayers and blessings can be quickly applied with have the effect of a minor exorcism – they will drive away demons oppressing a soul lightly.  I’m not saying that’s the case here, and blessings like this from this Pope are nothing unusual.  But what has been unusual is the revealing reaction of the media, which seems to be increasingly upset that a man they expected to be “their guy,” or at least friendly to their conceits and worldview, is turning out to be just what they fear and loathe the most: a Catholic. He may be a Pope with very different interests and approaches to the Faith than the last few, and who knows what the future may hold in terms of his actions or emphases, but he is demonstrating such dyed in the wool Catholicism it is giving the media paroxysms of fear and doubt. To which I say, yay!

I, for one, am glad this Pope places such a strong emphasis on relaying to the faithful and the world – for the Pope is responsible not just for all Catholic souls, but all the souls in the world – the dire reality of satan and the forces of evil that are constantly prowlling around, looking for unwary souls to devour. May he continue to do so, and clearly link the amoral acts of so many of his sheep – contraception, divorce and remarriage, divorce, unnatural sex, etc., etc. – with both the influence of satan AND the consequences of sin: death for the soul, and eternal torment.

As for the world, we know it will always be against us. “But fear not,” Our Blessed Lord says, “for I have overcome the world!”

Indeed, He has.


1. tg - May 21, 2013

I read the article on Newsmax. They’re conservative so it wasn’t critical but I can image what the liberal outlets are saying. Maybe other bishops and priests will start talking about the devil again. God bless our Pope.

2. Exoricists needed.. - May 21, 2013

If Francis is interested in the devil and exorcisms he need look no further than The Curia and the certain members of the College of Cardinals!

The developmentally disabled, the chronically ill, or those near death are most like the Saints or the Suffering Savior. Bergoglio is in the habit of dropping to his knees at “inter-faith” “charismatic” revivals and asking for the “blessings” of any so-called religious there, much as he did awkwardly upon being elected Pope from The Faithful gathered in St. Peter’s on 3/13/13.

There are many pictures of Argentina’s equivalent of “televangelists” laying hands on Bergoglio. (Please see “romancatholicworld.com”, “The Remnant”, and Catholic Family News for more info.) Francis bragged recently that he was the one who introduced the “charismatic renewal” to Argentina. Please see the UNITY PUBLISHING site for full accounts of the movement. Bergoglio favored “same-sex” unions in Argentina. Francis is constantly demeaning Tradition and denigrating those concerned with the state of The Church. Jesuits may be evil, but they are never idiots, yet Francis continues to condescend to The Faithful as if we’re all in need of yet another re-education camp, mirroring a post v-2 1970’s catechesis, void of all Doctrine and Dogma, but heavy on hippie social justice.. Vatican 2 never condemned communism, Besides islam, no human machination has martyred more of The Faithful than communism…This week we have been treated to the rhetoric of class warfare that, left alone and itself, is no different from what that great champion and philosopher of Human liberty and Dignity, Barack Obama, might have said. That is why The Left has spent no time fishing the history of 1970’s Argentina. They know they have an ally in Rome after enduring a decade of the reform-minded Ratzinger.



tantamergo - May 21, 2013

I think that’s going way too far. I haven’t hesitated to criticize Pope Francis, even to the cost of some personal relationships, but saying he’s a source of inflicting the demonic on others is unsubstantiated and unfair.

I don’t have the time to refute this properly, I’m excising some of the comment.

I should add, I am aware of all the criticisms, but some of the most egregious were made before he became Pope.

3. JOSE DENIS - May 22, 2013

I’m not sure if this was an exorcism or just a Charismatic being told to sit down and shut up!

tantamergo - May 22, 2013

Now that, would be funny.

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