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For those who had questions regarding the Regina Caeli/Angelus changeover May 23, 2013

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I posted on Monday about some upcoming events in the life of the Church. One of those was a reminder to change over from praying the Regina Caeli for the Angelus on the Saturday before Trinity Sunday. The Regina Caeli stops after the noon prayer.  Some wondered why that was, because most sources today say that you should switch back to the Angelus the day before Pentecost, one week earlier.  Well, I have the answer.

The traditional practice is still to pray the Regina Caeli until the day before Trinity Sunday.  That is because the Octave of Pentecost still exists in the traditional calendar, and an octave treats the entire 8 days as a continuation of the Holy Day, in this case, Pentecost.  But the changes to the calendar made for the Novus Ordo after Vatican II eliminated the Octave of Pentecost.  So, there are not an extra 7 days of praying the Regina Caeli in the new calendar.  But it remains in the old.

Fr. Z loves to tell the apocraphyl story of Pope Paul VI ostensibly crying when he went to go put on his white vestments for WhitMonday, only to find out that it no longer existed and he was to wear green. I’ve always found that story highly doubtful, since Paul VI very carefully reviewed and participated in the formation of both the new Mass and the new calendar.  But it seems to make sure Fr. Z feel better.

Anyways, in sum, the traditional practice is to continue the Regina Caeli until Saturday noon before Trinity Sunday – this Sunday – while the Nervous Urdu practice is to switch back to the Angelus the day before Pentecost.  Either is valid, at this point in time.



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