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Did von Baltasar always plan a revolution in the Church? May 24, 2013

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My good friend and reader Steve B pointed out to me an excerpt from Dr. Ralph Martin’s explosive (in terms of blowing up errors) new book, Will Many Be Saved, which discusses the Church’s traditional beliefs regarding the number of the elect, and takes a very critical view of the modernist pretensions towards “universal salvation.”   This view became very popular in the 2nd half of the 20th century (and sadly still is), and it’s chief proponent was the curiously popular Hans Urs von Baltasar.  Von Baltasar was unquestionably modernist, and was one of the voices pushing for a radical restructuring of the Church from the 50s on.  But it was not until I read this excerpt from Martin’s book that the depth of his desire for a radical reformating of the Church hit home.  The following text is from p. 166 of Martin’s book, and consists of a quote taken from Eberhard Busch’s book Karl Barth: His Life from Letters and Autobiographical Texts, pp. 361-2.

This quote below is a direct statement quoted by Busch in his book on Barth – confusing, I know!

There is some indication, as one might expect would be the case, of Balthasar himself being more open about what he privately held with those he supposed would be sympathetic to his views, and more guarded in his published writings. [Which tends to be the case with revolutionaries. If the public or those in authority knew what they really thought, there is (or was) a strong probability that they would be removed from their position of influence. Thus, better to be circumspect and work behind the scenes as much as possible to advance one’s agenda]  Barth’s biographer, Eberhard Busch, relates several such conversations between Barth and Balthasar, who lived in proximity to each other in Basel.  In a conversation with Barth, Balthasar is reported as saying:  “That’s all right, at last we’re quite alone and one can say what one thinks.”Busch further reports on the basis of Barth’s recollections:  “Balthasar first remarked: ‘The dogmas is that hell exists, not tht people are in it.‘ [Ummm…….I would argue that the Church believes that there are souls in hell. That was certainly the view held by the overwhelming majority of Doctors, Saints, and theologians for 2000 years]  At any rate, on these evenings Barth discovered to his amazemant a Catholic theologian who, he said, ‘envisioned a kind of reformation of the Catholic Church and of a Catholic theology from within.  And now I was to be introduced like a new Trojan horse to bring it about (against Thomas and also against Augustine!)’

That Trojan Horse line is sure to set traditional Catholics hair on end, evoking Dietrich von Hildebrand’s classic study of the revolution in the Church, The Trojan Horse in the City of God. Now, the above is a quote of a quote, but is certainly very interesting. It definitely goes along with what actually occurred in the Church, where a Council was held and then, to many minds, hijacked to produce a result far different from the original intent. And there were certain players who helped bring about that result, von Baltasar being one of them. That he later recoiled from what he had helped bring about and adopted a more orthodox viewpoint is immaterial: as the revolution was coalescing and then actually occurring, he was definitely one of its main ideological supporters.

And, as my friend Steve B maintains, there is probably no more root, nor more disastrous, error in the Church today than that of universal salvation.  For if all are saved, then things like Dogma, Liturgy, Authority……..they don’t really matter any more, do they? How many former Catholics fell away from the Faith after becoming infected with this kind of thinking? How many nominal Catholics who remain regularly engage in grave sin due to their being taught that it doesn’t matter, since everyone short of Stalin or Mao goes to Heaven?

And, if you want to produce a “one world” universalist, indifferentist religion, sources of division are going to have to go.  The idea that those outside the Catholic Faith are, at the very best, in a very perilous state with regard to salvation, was one of those very divisive beliefs.  On a human level, if you want to produce a revolution in people’s thinking, in their actions, and in the makeup of the culture itself, getting them to believe that, contrary to 2000 years of doctrine, no one really goes to hell, is a very good place to start.

Unfortunately, von Baltasar’s beliefs, which Dr. Martin shows to be totally counter to the Tradition, are very widely accepted, even by many in the hierarcy. Or especially by many in the hierarchy. If you wonder why error, heresy, and even apostasy are so rarely dealt with in a just manner, well……if you’re a bishop or cardinal, and you believe everyone goes to Heaven, would you stick your neck out to impose an ecclesial penalty on a heretical Catholic politician, when, in the end, it doesn’t make any difference?

Something for you to ponder over this long weekend.

Congratulations to the Benedictines of Mary! May 24, 2013

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Congratulations to the Benedictines of Mary Queen of the Apostles for having the top selling classical record in the country!  This is the second time they’ve done so!

“Angels and Saints at Ephesus,” a new album released by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, has debuted at the top position on the Billboard traditional classical albums chart.

“Advent at Ephesus,” an earlier album, also reached the top position on the chart.

Founded in 1995 and invited to the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph at Bishop Robert Finn, the community worships using the extraordinary form of the Latin liturgy

The Benedictines have now released several of their chant CDs and they are all top notch.  It is very calming to listen to their glorious chants. My wife and I have found it helps settle the kids down when they are getting a bit wild. That, and large doses of valium.  They sleep for days!

Just kidding.  But the chant is truly sublime, and you should really consider, in your charity, supporting this great, traditional religious order that is growing by leaps and bounds by buying their CD! They also make wonder traditional vestments, like sets of roman chasubles!


Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles 4

Texas legislature passes law permitting Nativty scenes in schools May 24, 2013

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This can sort of be viewed as a good thing, although I can remember a time when local schools didn’t have to depend upon state government to “allow” them to recognize a holiday celebrated by virtually all students and their families.  We have fallen so very far:

By margins of 145-2 in the state house and 29-0 in the state senate, Texas has passed legislation permitting public schools to display “a menorah or a Christmas image such as a nativity scene or Christmas tree, if the display includes a scene or symbol of more than one religion; or one religion and at least one secular scene or symbol.”

“A display relating to a traditional winter celebration may not include a message that encourages adherence to a particular religious belief,” the legislation stated.

In addition, the law provides that “a school district may educate students about the history of traditional winter celebrations, and allow students and district staff to offer traditional greetings regarding the celebrations, including: (1)’Merry Christmas’; (2)’Happy Hanukkah’; and (3) ‘happy holidays.’”

We actually had Christmas parties at school when I was a kid!  I think that pooped out in middle school.  I don’t know if that was because of some lawsuit, or what.  It did seem displays of Christianity became more verboten as my time in school wore on, and that by senior high school, it was pretty much ignored.

Well, it’s a sign, but I’m certain lawsuits are already being filed.

St. Augustine on works and Grace May 24, 2013

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I found the following quotes – very apropos given the developments of yesterday – on works and Grace.  These are from Faith of the Early Father Vol. III.

I haven’t time for much comment now, I’m off to Mass. But here are the quotes:

What then? Is it that no works can precede faith, that is, that prior to faith no works can be given a “well done?” For those very works, which are said to have been done prior to faith, although they appear to men to be praiseworthy, are really in vain. It seems to me that they are like the great power of the swiftest runner, whose race, however, is on the wrong track.

Grace is gratuitously given. For if it were not gratuitous, it would not be Grace. But if it is Grace because it is gratuitous, nothing on your part precedes it for the sake of which you might be receiving it. For if some good works of yours preceded it, you were receiving a payment, not a gratuitous gift. But the only payment that is owed us is punishment.

And one more quote on a different subject, this one on what it means to be a faithful Catholic:

Let us then love our Lord God, let us love His Church; Him as a Father, Her as a Mother, Him as a Master, Her as His Handmaid; for we are children of the Handmaid herself. But this marriage is held together by a great love; no one offends the one and gains favor with the other. No one can say: “Certainly I go to idols, I consult demoniacs and fortune-tellers [or I use new age centering prayer, or enneagrams, etc]; but I do not abandon the Church of God. I am a Catholic.” While clinging to your Mother, you have offended your Father! Anotehr says likewise “Far be it from me. I consult no fortune-teller, I seek out no demoniac, I look to no sacrilegious divinations, I do not got to the worship of idols, nor do I bow down to stones; but I am in the party of Donatus. [Donatus being a heretic] ” Why does it profit you not to have offended your Father, when He will vindicate your offended Mother? Waht does it profit you to confess the Lord, to honor God, to preach Him, to acknowledge His Son, to confess teh Son seated at the right of the Father, if you blaspheme His Church? Cling, then, beloved, cling all with one mind to God our Father and to the Church our Mother.

Way to go, St. Augustine!