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US government plans to accelerate destruction of Catholics in Mideast? May 30, 2013

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Certainly, no one in government – publicly, at least – would admit to having as a policy objective the final destruction of Christianity in the Mideast, but they sure take an awful lot of policy steps that, to anyone with eyes to see, help to bring about that goal.  Just in the past day, disastrously egotistical Republican John McCain has gone to Syria and visited with some of the rebel factions – it appears he “accidentally” had his photo taken, smiling, with radical islamists who have been involved in kidnapping and likely the murder of their religious opponents.  Even if that was truly unintentional, McCain is in Syria giving aid and comfort to the rebels, most of whom are radical islamists who have made plain to the Christian community of Syria – over 2.5 million souls – that they will no longer be welcome in the country if they take power, and have already destroyed many churches and violently persecuted many Christians in the territories they control.

And now Obama is asking a Pentagon already near prostrate over the effects of the sequester (about 1/3 of USAF tactical aircraft and pilots are furloughed right now due to lack of funds) to draw up plans for more endless war a no fly zone over Syria, to help facilitate the destruction of the Assad regime. A regime, which, in spite of its numerous atrocities and evil acts, has tended to be very moderate and tolerant of Syria’s large Christian minority.

Already the media machine is getting geared up to encourage direct US involvement in this war.  The WSJ had an execrable op-ed by some figures at the American Enterprise Institute that fantasized that Syria’s rebels are not islamists, that ending the war is the way to prevent further destabilization in the region (rather than greatly accelerate it), and that there is a moral imperative to remove Assad, as he is such a terribly wicked man.  He likely is, but, unfortunately, the radical Al Queada affiliated groups who will replace him will be even worse. And if you want to see Jordan fall into the islamist camp, insure an Islamist win in Syria.  The analysis totally ignored the impact all this will have on the Christian community in the Mideast.

It is a sign of the moral bankruptcy of the present ruling oligarchy of this nation that it has fallen to Russia, under former KGB agent Putin, to take up the mantle of the defense of Christians in Syria.  Such has at least been proferred as a substantial reason for their support of the Assad regime.  It may be bunk, but it’s more than the near total disregard for the plight of that community that has been US policy up to this point.

I have actually been stunned by the rank amateurness of the analysis and recommendations that have come out of both the Obama administration and the major non-governmental foreign policy and defense groups that have been quoted in the media. No one is talking about Turkey, and why they are driving all these regime changes around the Mideast. We are seeing Turkey quietly build up effective control over almost all the nations that surround Israel and most of the North African littoral.  Why are they doing that? What is their game?  I can say, their game appears to be a very smart, very low key radicalism that seeks to transform the entire region from one of moderate regimes at least somewhat tolerant of Christians, to dedicated islamist regimes with a vile hatred and willingness to persecute Chrisitans. If you have read Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan’s comments of late regarding Christianity and the moral collapse of the West, I think you can see a man who has great disdain for Christianity.  And I think he is playing a very smart game to reconstruct the Mideast into a series of weak islamist governments dependent on Turkish patronage.  A sort of 21st century Ottoman Empire, not one of direct possession of land, but of indirect control.

And we, in our stupid blindness, have repeatedly helped him do so, from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya to Syria and probably Jordan to follow.

Yay.  I expect this from our muslim in chief, but I have no idea why any supposed conservatives would be falling for all this.  I guess they just can’t stand going without a war for 5 minutes.



1. tg - May 30, 2013

Thanks for the analysis. Didn’t know that about Turkey. “going without a war for 5 minutes” – so true of RINO’s. I wish McCain would just retire. I’m glad to see Ted Cruz challenging him.

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