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St. Augustine refutes protestantism……. June 3, 2013

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….over 1000 years before Luther was born!  Some quotes below from Augustine’s writings against the Manicheans. It is very interesting to me how the same old errors keep coming up over and over again throughout the history of the Church.  All Luther did was repackage some old heresies, express them with great violence, win over a few princes with enticements to freely sin without repercussion, and protestantism was born.  This particular bit below explains why Catholics ask for the intercession of Saints and/or Martyrs (from pp. 58-59 of The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. III):

“A Christian people celebrates together in religious solemnity the memorials of the Martyrs, both to encourage their being imitated and so that it can share in st-augustinetheir merits and be aided by their prayers. [Thus, St. Augustine explodes the protestant idea that Catholic invoking the intercession of Saints is somehow idolatrous.  In fact, such has been practiced since the very earliest Church, and was practiced by Jews. Protestants like to pretend such invocations are “un-biblical,” but that is only because protestants excluded Maccabees from their Bible, and because they ignore or greatly changed the plain meaning of several other bits of Scripture. But even if Scripture had been utterly silent on the intercessory prayer of the Blessed in Heaven, it would make no difference, because the Church always believed such through Tradition dating from its earliest days.  If protestants believe the pure Christian Church went wildly astray, it went astray during Apostolic or within a generation of Apostolic times]  But it is done in such a way that our altars are not set up to any one of the Martyrs – although in their memory – but to God Himself, the God of those Martyrs. Who, indeed, of the presiding priests assisting at the altar in the places of the Saints ever said “We offer to you, Peter, or Paul, or Cyprian?”  What is offered is offered to God, who crowned the Martyrs……..That worship, which the Greeks called latria  [the very highest form of love/worship.  Beneath that is dulia, which is the love and honor accorded the Saints. The Blessed Mother falls in between with hyperdulia.  Agape is brotherly love between men, which is human but can have a supernatural aspect, and we should all know what eros is] and for which there is in Latin no single term, and which is expressive of the subjection owed to Divinity alone, we neither accord nor teach that it should be accorded to any save to the one God.”

I also thought this bit was great.  The LCWR should be forced to write this on a chalkboard 100 times a day.  But it also applies to protestants and, sadly, most Catholics today:Saint_Augustine_Hippo

Tell us straight out that you do not believe in the Gospel of Christ; for you believe what you want in the Gospel and disbelieve what you want.  You believe in yourself rather than in the Gospel.

Of course, that is the perenniel temptation of man, to decide for ourselves what to believe and practice regarding the Gospel.  And, we all probably fail in regard to a full or true practice of what the Gospel proclaims on a regular basis, But there is a fundamental difference between trying, but failing, to practice what the Gospel as it has been revealed by Christ through the Church, and pretending one has the authority to decide for themselves what to believe and practice. That is the root error that has unwound Christendom for the past 500 years.

My head will explode if members of the hierarchy take part in “celebrations” regarding the 500th anniversary of the great protestant revolt/heresy in 2017.

St. Augustine with a tonsure!  Sweet!

St. Augustine with a tonsure! Sweet!


1. tg - June 3, 2013

I like this “Tell us straight out that you do not believe in the Gospel of Christ; for you believe what you want in the Gospel and disbelieve what you want. You believe in yourself rather than in the Gospel.” I wrote it down and will use it if I get into any argument on the gospel.

2. Marguerite - June 4, 2013

My protestant friends always ask me to pray for them. I guess they are practicing idolatry and don’t even know it!

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