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First Vows at Carmelite Monastery with TLM! June 4, 2013

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And dangit, I’m going to be out of town and will miss the whole thing!

From MJD, another nun is taking her vows at the Carmelite Monastery in Dallas!  God be praised!  What a great gift for the Diocese!  No matter what you may think of the organization he founded, Archbishop Lefebvre was certainly correct when he said that every diocese needs it’s own seminary and it’s own Carmel.  I couldn’t agree more.  Whenever you find a very holy priest, it is almost certain that he has some good nuns praying their hearts out for him in a cloister somewhere.  At least, that’s what one good priest has said many times!

Here are the details:

You are invited to the Discalced Carmelite Monastery, 600 Flowers Ave. this Friday, June 7 at 10:00 AM. Traditional Latin Mass offered by Father Phil Wolfe, FSSP. [Did I mention a good priest above, something about nuns praying for him?]

Sister Faustina Maria of the Merciful Heart of Jesus, OCD will be professing her first vows.  You are welcome to say hello to Sister after Mass in the parlor.  There will be food and drink, too.  If you wish, you may bring Sister a gift, card or simply your prayer requests.

Or you may send a card to:

Sister Faustina Maria of the Merciful Heart of Jesus, OCD

600 Flowers Ave,

Dallas, TX  75211

A must read book if you want to know what communism is really like June 4, 2013

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When it comes to exposing the horrifically corrupt, banal, and evil nature of every communist state that ever has existed, or ever will exist, one needs to know only one name: Solzhenitsyn. Alexander Solzhenitsyn spent 8 years in the GULAG system of horrific forced labor death camps, for allegedly saying something critical of Comrade Stalin.  He wrote a number of books based on that experience, but the best, and most detailed, is the three-volme The Gulag Archipelago. I guess I got turned on to Solzhenitsyn based on Dr. Warren Carroll’s stirring praise for his books.  But I have now read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and have started The Gulag Archipelago, and I can say that Solzhenitsyn is an absolutely top-notch writer.  41tUl9JZcWL__SY300_

One point Solzhenitsyn makes clear from the beginning: the horrific repression of every human right, the total absence of charity, the use of terror and forced labor on an absolutely mammoth scale (tens of millions literally confined to death in forced labor camps), and outright murder of vast swaths of the population – in short, every violent, evil, repressive measure one can think of – were hardly an accident of specifically Soviet or Stalinish communism, but are of the very essence of communism itself!  Many in the West like to pretend that GULAGs only got started when Stalin came to power, or after some mythic period of communist purity and light early on in the revolution, but Solzhenitsyn terminates such fantasies with extreme rhetorical prejudice. The GULAGs and mass arrests started within hours of the Red cruiser Aurora’s guns firing, starting the Bolshevik Revoluion.

Every single country where communism has gained power has had its own version of the Gulag Archipelago.  All involve untold human suffering.  And almost all have had a very special animus for the Church, and faithful souls. It is unknown how many

Every stupid proto-communist university professor should be forced to read Solzhenitsyn over and over again, every day, for the rest of their lives.  The same goes for the foolish young minds they influence into thinking that communism is wonderful in theory, it simply hasn’t been put into practice right, yet.  Please.  Tell that to the women in China who have their babies taken away to be murdered after a forced 9 month delivery, or the tens of thousands languishing and dying even today in Castro’s squalid jails.  I have debated with people who even today swear that communism is just wonderful, it will be pure human paradise!, until you start to question them, and then the violent temper comes out.

The funny part is, every revolution devours its own. Save for a handful of the truly demonically evil and ruthless who rise to the top, the revolution always arrests, assassinates, or otherwise devours the revolutionaries.  Solzhenitsyn’s books are full of former high party officials shocked to now find themselves zeks – the name the prisoners call themselves – with very long prison terms.  Most of those don’t last very long in the frozen Siberian camps.51+hFvp7j6L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_

I should note that some of the same ground is covered by Fr. Walter Ciszek’s books, but with less of a sense of the grinding hopelessness and savage barbarity of the camps.  I did note with grim irony that Both Fr. Ciszek, and Solzhenitsyn, had the same exact diet, every day.

Given the direction our country is headed, I can’t think of a secular author one would better spend time with.  I highly recommend any of Solzhenitsyn’s books (you might also want to try The Cancer Ward).  I rarely read secular books anymore, but Solzhenitsyn actually incorporates quite a bit of Christian spirituality into his works. But they are, at least mostly, secular in nature.  But still, excellent.

I did not think it possible for me to hate communism any more than I already did. I was wrong.

Just how dead is the country I knew as the United States of America? June 4, 2013

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Have you been following the massive IRS persecution of political opponents scandal?  Do you have any idea how all-encompassing and invasive it was, how the Obama Administration and the demonrat party generally is using the coercive powers of the state to destroy political oppostion?  The National Organization for Marriage just testified under oath in a Congressional investigation today that the IRS leaked their highly confidential donors list to Human Rights Watch, a radical sodomite lobby.  This has happened to several conservative organizations. The left-wing recipients of this proprietary information then turn around and do all they can to make miserable the lives of their political opponents.

Pro-life groups were specifically targeted, and even asked for the content of their private prayers, while beings told to pledge never to protest outside a Banned Parenthood.  Private citizens engaged in normal political activity have been made the subject of repeated, invasive, threatening, and, in the end, very expensive investigations by multiple federal agencies.  In a phrase, the democrats have turned the state’s power of the sword against any political opponents.  If anyone thinks the Republicans in Congress will muster forces to undo this persecution, or that this latest scandal will hurt Obama in any significant way, well, you’re much more optimistic than I am.  Bread and circuses is what it’s all about nowadays.

And how this.  The state of California is deliberately writing tax law to crush conservative opposition:

Last week, the State Senate voted to revoke the nonprofit status of  any group within the state that does not allow full participation of  homosexuals, a move aimed directly at the Boy Scouts of America. [Think about that. The legislature of the largest state in the country has passed a law deliberately targeting one particular group for holding “wrong” beliefs.  And these beliefs were held by the vast majority of their fellow countrymen and many of the same legislators just a few short years ago!  What is happening is a feverish eruption of evil]  According to the Associated Press, the bill “would require those  organizations to pay corporate taxes on donations, membership dues, camp fees and other sources of income, and to obtain sellers permits and pay sales taxes on food, beverages and homemade items sold at fundraisers.”

If further proof was needed that the BSA’s partial surrender on the  homosexual issue only emboldened their opponents, here it is. Compromise is not in the left’s vocabulary. Not until Dan Savage is taking your  son camping  [and “sharing” his sleeping bag] will they be happy, and probably not even then.

The thread that connects California’s proposed tax policy with the  IRS scandal of recent weeks is the unmistakable trend toward weaponizing the tax code. What was once a neutral instrument used for the purpose  of collecting revenue for legitimate governmental functions is now  employed to punish behavior that powerful people don’t like. Lois Lerner of IRS infamy had a concealed carry permit but the State of California  is carrying theirs right out in the open.

… The precedent is chilling. The tax code could be used to punish  churches that don’t recognize same-sex marriages or prefer only male  clergy. Religious organizations could be required to include atheists.  Liberals should worry too. If California can point the muzzle of their  tax code at the Boy Scouts for refusing to allow homosexual adult  leaders, Arkansas can do the same thing because the BSA now permits  homosexual youth. It would be just as wrong for socially conservative  states to use their tax code to punish groups it doesn’t like. This one  trend that’s bad for goose and gander alike.

When Richard Nixon tried to use the IRS to target political opponents as part of his general paranoia, it, along with Watergate, was the scandal of the century (this week) and the gravest threat to the Republic since the civil war.  Now, the media, completely politicized and open agents of a socialist worldview, can’t be bothered to see even a slight threat in this massive targeting not of a handful of high level opposition political operatives, but tens or hundreds of thousands of mom and pop apple pie Americans.

The left has completed its long march through the institutions.  They stand on the verge of total victory.  I cannot believe how much this country has changed in the last 20 years, but the very visible changes which have occurred in that time were made foregone conclusions by the less visible changes that were worked in this nation in the period ~1930 – 1990.  When the nation’s laws were slowly but irrevocably divorced (heh) from the moral law, the resulting trend towards will to power and government by fiat was made irresistible.  That nibbling away at the moral law – no fault divorce, legalized fornication, contraception, legalized sodomy, abortion, now homosexual simulation of marriage – has conditioned Americans to immorality.

The left accrued great power by subverting and then dominating institution after institution in this same period – academia, schools, the media, unions, government agencies, etc.  The will of private citizens means less and less, even if expressed with great vehemence and in great numbers. Leftist-dominated institutions now have the predominant say in what occurs in the affairs of the nation, and there is no well-spring of religious driven morality to push back and say that “might makes right” will not stand.  “Democracy,” as such, means very little any more. The left can mobilize very large forces of basically paid activists (most frequently paid for by us, the taxpayers!), overwhelming the efforts of individual private citizens to organize and get their voice heard.

This latest persecution is just the beginning. I fully expect that, like Canada and much of Europe, many forms of speech we now take for granted will be made illegal, or at least involve massive hassle.  The politico-economic system of this country will continue to drift steadily leftwards, even as the economy continues to implode. But with leftist dominance of the media portals used by low-information voters, the blame will be constantly shifted to enemies of the dominant ruling oligarchy, meaning conservatives and others who oppose the socialist workers paradise.

Pray like mad.  The times are going to get a lot rougher.  We are way past the point of turning things around.  We are in damage-limiting and life-saving mode, now.

Cardinal DiNardo lets methodists use Houston Cathedral for fauxrdination June 4, 2013

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As reported by Rorate. Just so you know, the United Methodist Church disagrees with the Catholic Church on a whole host of issues, ranging from their support for state recognition of homosexuals simulating marriage, to abortion, to contraception, to divorce and remarriage, to the nature of the priesthood, to what constitutes a Sacrament, to the Real Presence in the Eucharist, to………ad nauseum.  A few pwecious photos:



Just exactly what role does the spouse/girlfriend/lover play in the ordination of methodist ministers?  Do they splay out on the ground face down like Catholic priests?



As Rorate further notes, a very short time ago in the history of the Church, the idea of doling out space for a protestant simulacrum of a Catholic Sacrament (they don’t even think it IS a Sacrament!) would have been beyond unthinkable. A Cathedral is not just another space. It has enormous meaning and significance.  To dole it out to members of a competing sect, a sect which has made a point of attacking the beliefs of the Church for centuries and is now so far gone to the zeitgeist that it is a suicidal race to the bottom with the episcopals – well, it would have been viewed as being just about as sinful as paying for your employee’s abortions.  And we know the Church would never, EVER do that, right?  Oh………..f—…….

Rorate even quotes from a very significant, if totally ignored, encyclical of Pope Pius XI from Mortalium Animos:

So, Venerable Brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics: for the union of Christians can only be promoted by promoting the return to the one true Church of Christ of those who are separated from it, for in the past they have unhappily left it.


As a former methodist, I am just scandalized to death by all this.

Cardinal Ravasi – stop building ugly churches! June 4, 2013

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Ugly, modernist, and devoid of any uplifting character reminiscent of Grace!  So says Cardinal Ravasi, who has apparently taken a break from making confusing, nebulous statements regarding marriage and sexuality.  Stick to architecture, cardinal!

Believe it or not, we actually don’t have things as bad in the US as they do in Europe. There, the modernism – theological, liturgical, AND architectural – is truly run amok.  A sampling:



Foligno. Poor St. Angela, to think how she suffered, and now to face this!


Even Rome is not immune:


This is one of the winners of a church design contest for new parishes in Rome. It appears things will not be getting better there anytime soon:


Not that the US is entirely immune.  The disaster below is from the disastrously modernist St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN.  It is no coincidence that modernist architecure goes with modernist, abusive liturgy, modernist, error-filled theology, and sex abuse.  St. John’s has been a locus of all of the above:


You know, there was a simple formula that worked well for many centuries to express important elements of the Faith, provide a dignified, glorified environment for the Mass, uplift souls, speak of the glorious mystery of God, and edify souls.  It seems that in today’s Church, anything and everything is permitted, even encouraged, except to build churches in that traditional style.  Don’t worry, it will change.  Cold concrete monstrosities like the above will not last.  They won’t last to the end of this century, more than likely.  But this will:


A church in Oaxaca:


So NOW Cardinal Kaspar’s statements regarding Vatican II being intentionally vague and open to interpretation are big news! June 4, 2013

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All it took was Michael Voris covering it, and now it’s big news!  Sheesh, why didn’t I think of that a month and a half ago when Boniface and I and others were covering the very liberal Cardinal Kaspar’s statements regarding Vatican II?!  Suddenly, everyone is talking about Cardinal Kaspar’s comments:

Folks, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Cardinal Kaspar is far from the first prince of the Church to make these kinds of statements. I did a comparison post last year between the words of one cardinal regarding Vatican II, vs. those of another.  Competing statements and radically different interpretations made within days of each other, both by highly placed curial cardinals.  One, a great liberal, says ALL of Vatican II is absolutely dogmatic, even the very nebulous stuff which is impossible to even understand as dogma, while another says major documents like Dignitatis Humanae and Nostra Aetate are not dogmatic at all.

Even the supreme leadership of the Church, people who, ostensibly, spend all day every day thinking about these kinds of things, thinking about the Church and the Council and all that, cannot come to even a basic agreement on which parts of the Council must be “accepted” in some dogmatic sense by faithful Catholics, and which can be argued about and discussed and even doubted.  How on earth are poor lay people going to comprehend these things?  How are we to understand what to tell our protestant fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers – are they probably saved, or probably doomed?  How are we to comprehend the Church’s incredible shift in its relations with the Jews, or collegiality, or all the 10,000 other things that changed?

The Church is One.  The Church must be One, or it is false. For the Church to be One, what was taught as True yesterday, must be True today.  Vatican II took an incredibly well developed and clear doctrinal system, and turned it upside down and inside out.  There is no unity in the Church on what all the various documents of Vatican II mean, what doctrinal authority they have, and how they must be understood in practice. We are told they must be “accepted,” but what does that mean?  De fide?  But so many statements of Vatican II are not even doctrinal statements, they are pontificating of a very pastoral nature – just sort of philosophizing about man and the mid-20th century and all that.  How is that dogmatic or doctrinal?  How can they be “accepted?”  They don’t even propose a truth or reject an error!  Have you read Guadium Et Spes, the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World?  Probably 90% of it is non-dogmatic, just flowery language and much philosophizing.  Even the documents themselves sometimes seem to hold contradictory statements.

I know Pope Benedict XVI said that we must understand Vatican II in the light of Tradition, and I of course fully agree, but then the Italian Episcopal Conference turns around and says, now that Benedict is safely out of office, the “ecclesiology of the Old Mass (Traditional Latin Mass, “Tridentine” Mass) is not compatible with Vatican II.”  That is a statement of complete rupture. In fact, Pope Emeritus Benedict’s continuity vision of Vatican II most likely remains today, and was almost certainly in the entire period 1970s-90s, very much a minority view – even within the hierarchy.  But how can the Church suddenly redefine was is true, 2000 years into its life?  That so many people in the Church believe that immense shift is not only possible, but desirable and vitally necessary, is the most stunning thing of all.

I would dearly love to “accept/practice/understand Vatican II in light of Tradition,” but I have yet to find a source that compellingly examines all the documents of Vatican II and provides for their understanding in that holy light.  I agree very much with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, that the Church desperately needs a “new Syllabus” or codification of all the errors that have come into being since Vatican II, and Magisterial statements that firmly end all the disparate interpretations of the last Council. But based on Cardinal Kaspar’s analysis (and he is a HUGE progressive!), such may be very difficult, since the documents were – according to him –  intentionally made vague and open to interpretation.

50 years on, this is where we are at. A Church that remains severely divided and at war with itself over the meaning and interpretation of the Council. The Chuch cannot evangelize and serve souls well, because She no longer knows who She is.  The laity are hopelessly confused and split into hostile camps.  None of this can be what God intended.  There is only one entity that thrives on confusion, conflict and chaos.  The smoke of satan indeed entered the Church, through windows intended to allow in “some fresh air.”