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Rorate has had a most amazing series of posts on a private audience given by Pope Francis June 11, 2013

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I am sure many readers are already aware, but for those who are not, I feel obligated to make them aware of the contents of a private audience Pope Francis gave to a group of S. American religious leaders, which were published in Spanish on a hyper-progressive website called Reflection and Liberation. Rorate has picked them up and translated them into English.  There have been three posts so far, the final one containing what appears to be the full text.  It must be noted that this was a private audience, not intended for public viewing, and that the reports made are based on the notes and recollections of those present. As such, there could be some errors, but it does appear that at least one person was visibly taking notes while another may have had some kind of recording device.  Rorate is standing by the content of their posts.  I am going to re-post some of the content, which is the most interesting to me, but keep the commentary to an absolute minimum.

Each post has contained some, to put it mildly, revealing or interesting content. The first is here, wherein Pope Francis seemingly expresses grave concern – and perhaps more than that – regarding what would appear to be traditional-type Catholics as well as the extreme progressives (which would have almost certainly included those whom he was meeting with):

I share with you two concerns. One is the Pelagian current that there is in the Church at this moment. There are some restorationist groups. [This would appear to be a reference to traditionalist groups] I know some, it fell upon me  to receive them in Buenos Aires. And one feels as if one goes back 60 years! Before the Council… One feels in 1940  [The Holy Father was 3 in 1940.  Is this language consistent with a hermeneutic of continuity?] … An anecdote, just to illustrate this, it is not to laugh at it, I took it with respect, but it concerns me; when I was elected, I received a letter from one of these groups, and they said: “Your Holiness, we offer you this spiritual treasure: 3,525 rosaries.” Why don’t they say, ‘we pray for you, we ask…’, but this thing of counting... And these groups return to practices and to disciplines that I lived through – not you, because you are not old – to disciplines, to things that in that moment took place, but not now, they do not exist today… [It would seem they do exist, or else this comment would not have been made]

The second [concern] is for a Gnostic current. Those Pantheisms… Both are elite currents, but this one is of a more educated elite [Is this an assumption that the traditionalist practice is based in ignorance, or at least a lack of education?]  … I heard of a superior general that prompted the sisters of her congregation to not pray in the morning, but to spiritually bathe in the cosmos, things like that… They concern me because they ignore the incarnation!
In the second post, a report of the Holy Father addressing curial reform:
And, yes… it is difficult. In the Curia, there are also holy people, really, there are holy people. But there also is a stream of corruption, there is that as well, it is true… The “gay lobby” is mentioned, and it is true, it is there… We need to see what we can do…[Let us pray it is something truly significant, and final. I would also say the admission of a “gay lobby” is rather amazing in itself]
The final post, we are told, contains the entire text.  A brief excerpt from the beginning:
They [this would seem to refer to various S. American religious orders, where liberation theology and other, to put it mildly, problematic approaches to the Faith are rampant] will make mistakes, they will make a blunder [meter la pata], this will pass! Perhaps even a letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine (of the Faith) will arrive for you, telling you that you said such or such thing… But do not worry. Explain whatever you have to explain, but move forward… Open the doors, do something there where life calls for it. I would rather have a Church that makes mistakes for doing something than one that gets sick for being closed up……..
……The gospel is not the old rule, nor this Pantheism. If you look at the periphery; the destitute… the drug addicts! The traffic of people… This is the gospel. The poor are the gospel… [I know this is an off the cuff statement, given privately, but this is something that would really need to be fleshed out a great deal.  On the face of it, it seems a very reductive view of the Gospel, depending on how one defines “poor.”]
Every statement from a Pope, even ones given in private, have tremendous influence.  Historically, Popes were extremely circumspect in all their pronouncements, since they well understood that even minor nuances of language could have a huge impact if taken the wrong way.  I know this was never meant for public viewing, but it was meant to be heard, and by influential people who would then apply what they heard to many others under their direction/leadership.  So, I think it is worth reviewing and pondering on.  But I do acknowledge that Rorate seems to have made up its mind on this Pontiff from the moment of his election, based on their coverage of his actions as Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires.  So, make of it what you will.

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski on the banality of a perfectly “understandable” liturgy June 11, 2013

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And I thought I had written strong comments on the Novus Ordo Mass!  Dr. Peter Kwasniewski is a professor at Wyoming Catholic College and writes pretty extensively in a number of publications like Latin Mass Magazine.  He has been posting of late at Corpus Christi Watershed, which organization produced the gorgeous St. Edmund Campion Sunday MissalThis recent post on the main drive behind the revolution in (or destruction of) the Roman Rite – the idea that the transcendent, beyond-human and mystical Mass had somehow to be made “understandable” – was of particular interest.  I add emphasis and comments along the way:

THE CLAIM that the common people, before Vatican II, did not understand the Mass—that they no longer understood what it meant, the significance of its rituals and prayers, and so, as a result, the liturgy had to be updated, modernized, simplified—can be decisively refuted.

First, as is well attested in writing and photographs, all over the world there were immense numbers of Catholics who loved the liturgy and attended it as often as possible—including ordinary peasants and manual laborers. Whatever they cognitively derived from the exact prayers or gestures is insignificant compared to the overall shape, the seriousness and focus, the opportunity to adore in fear and trembling, which the sacred liturgy provided for their spiritual lives………[I can attest to the fact that I never felt profoundly moved or impressed with usual Mass that is offered at 99% of all parishes in the country – the vernacular Novus Ordo. It was virtually indistinguishable from what I had experienced as an episcopal, and was frankly most often even LESS reverent and spiritually edifying that many episcopal services, as at least we knelt for episcopal pseudo-communion!  But when I started to assist at Latin Novus Ordo Masses offered in a very reverent style, fully according to the rubrics and with no abuses, plus use of EP1, chant, incense, etc, I began to develop an increasing love for the Liturgy.  It was when I became exposed to the Traditional Mass, however, that I was simply blown, blown away. It is inconceivable to me to go more than a few days without assisting at Mass and receiving the Blessed Sacrament. Such an incredible gift!]

Second, due to the Liturgical Movement in its original fervor, countless missals and prayer books were published and disseminated, containing clear translations of, and often meditations based on, the prayers and gestures of the Mass. As Joseph Ratzinger recollects in Salt of the Earth, there were even “graduated” missals for children, so that at each stage of their maturity they could take one further step in intimacy with the Church’s grand liturgy. [These are still available. My children have them!  But I have found that even 8 or 9 year olds can follow the adult missals easily.  This is not rocket science.]  People everywhere grew familiar with the Mass, its calendar, ritual, processions, and music, in a far deeper way than anyone now does with the Novus Ordo; the liturgy grew into their hearts, it took root there and found a permanent home. [I cannot agree more] There was never a lack of opportunities for the faithful to enter into the letter and the spirit of the liturgy. A particularly fine example of the resources made available in the nineteenth century would be The Liturgical Year by Dom Gueranger, which continues to nourish readers today. [It certainly nourishes ME everyday!  I love it!  Even though the entire set is expensive, I really believe every Catholic home should have The Liturgical Year.  It is transformative in one’s understanding of the Mass, of the various liturgical seasons, and of the lives of the Saints.  It would make a great Christmas gift to a pious family.]

And a last point should be recalled, in our era more than ever, when preaching has reached an all-time nadir in both content and style. If there was occasionally some failure to understand or appreciate the spiritual-theological depths of divine worship, this was chiefly the fault of priests and bishops. [This point cannot be emphasized enough]  It is their duty to preach about the liturgy no less than about Sacred Scripture and Catholic doctrine, and, in the preconciliar period, faithful priests did just that—witness Romano Guardini’s beautiful Meditations Before Mass, intended for and well appreciated by the “people in the pews.” We see here the pastoral solicitude urged by Pope Francis when he tells pastors to feed their flocks.

A concerted, widespread effort to preach the Mass in all its richness would have sufficed for stirring up a profound renewal of the participation of the faithful at the time of the Second Vatican Council and into our times. This prudent and courageous approach appears never to have been even considered; [No! It was considered! Not at the Council, but before!  In fact, this was precisely the ENTIRE reason for the founding of the 20th century Liturgical Movement. It wasn’t founded to destroy the Mass, or “reform” it virtually out of existence!  It was founded to improve people’s involvement at Mass and the edification they received from it. The early liturgical movement NEVER intended to make any but the slightest changes to the Mass, at most. I would say even that was a stretch.  The real intent of the movement, throught it’s first 20 years or so, was simply to educate souls in the glory of assisting at Mass. But that was hard work, often unrewarding, and did not demonstrate immediate results. Plus, an influx of modernist academics kicked out of theology schools after Pascendi brought a huge change in   the choice was made, instead, to simplify to the point of infantilism, so that there would be nothing that needed explanation—which is to say, nothing of mystery, nothing profound, nothing transcendent, nothing rooted in ageless tradition. The reformed liturgy represents the final capitulation of the priesthood to the democratic spirit of modernity: the priest gave up, or was practically compelled to give up, his role as teacher and ruler. As the sociologists and anthropologists were saying back in the seventies, those who take away the density of ritual and the solemn beauty of the ineffable will not gain more worshipers; they will merely give them more reasons to go away and find something more interesting to do. [Which is precisely what has occurred, is it not?]

I want to expand on one point some more, because I think it is key.  I have seen shadows of evidence for what I am about to say in other sources, but reading The Organic Development of the Liturgy really convinced me, that the revolution in the Liturgy occurred for two reasons.  The first was the apparent failure of the Liturgical Movement – so called – to dramatically improve lay participation in Mass. I think this initial goal was greatly undermined by the second reason, which was a self-interested assumption by modernists who entered the liturgical movement 20 years after its initiation that the laity were simply too stupid to understand the Mass as it then was, and that it had to be radically changed – “reformed” to some, destroyed to others – in order to “reach” us dead-eyed rubes.  I blogged on this facet recently.

As a friend of mine has put it many times, the Church opted for revolutionary approaches because so many shepherds of souls did not want to do the hard work, slow, often apparently (but, I think, only “apparently”)  unrewarding of catachesis. Instead, there was a very loud call (from a few, but very influential, individuals) for radical changes and “big programs” that were glamorous and often career-enhancing, but wound up being some of the most spectacular failures – pastorally, liturgically, theologically – in the history of the Church.  But to the extent that there was a failure to achieve the original goals of the liturgical movement – improving the average parish Mass experience and the benefit the laity derived from that – I agree with Dr. Kwasniewski that the prime reason was a failure of catachesis, and more fundamentally, a deep-seeded resistance to do that very necessary type of work.

And I’m afraid the situation is in fact much worse today than it was 50 or 60 years ago. So many of our shepherds spend far, far more time on parish administration, basically running their little branch of the “American Patriotic Church,” than they spend on catachesis, the Sacraments, or fostering the interior life in souls. As such, they hand off catachesis on all manner of subjects to lay people of often dubious quality themselves (there are, of course, some that are wonderful), and, very distressingly, even more dubious orthodoxy.  Of course, 50 years of abysmal seminary formation has not exactly equipped our clerics to be present-day equivalents of Joseph Clifford Fenton and Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange.  But ultimately I think it very important to get priests to start doing much more of the heavy lifting of catachesis.

In sum, I share Dr. Kwasniewski’s conclusion that those of us who treasure the Mass must do our part – and maybe even more than our part – to inculcate in others a similar love of both the theology behind the Mass and the Ars Celebrandi – the actual conduct of the Liturgy.  Perhaps reading Dr. Boyd’s book would be a good place to start, to light the fires of our zeal!  May God be merciful to His Church!  May He restore the great worship that was so efficiacious of Grace and produced so many Saints for so many centuries!  And may we all pray for our priests and bishops with the utmost possible zeal!

Dr. Jay Boyd has another new book! June 11, 2013

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She’s determined to shame me!  I’ve had a number of people tell me “Shut up already!  Write a book!”, but I’m too lazy and disorganized.

But, seriously, Dr. Jay Boyd, whose book Trojan Horse in the Catholic Bedroom on NFP abuse in the Church I blogged on earlier in the year, has another book out.  It’s entitled Zeal for Thy House: Suffering Through Mass, and as the title says, it’s about the suffering faithful souls endure at the subpar Masses that are so widespread in the Church today.  It is available through Amazon and Kindle (but I repeat myself), as well as in discounted form at CreateSpace.

Here is a brief synopsis:

In this book, Dr. Boyd hopes that those who experience pain and suffering at the Masses offered at their parishes will find some solace in knowing that they are not the only ones! It is helpful to recognize that we are not alone in the battle to have liturgies properly celebrated.  The pain and suffering is real, and it is justified by the fact that the Church has shown us clearly how the Mass – whether the old form or the new form – should be celebrated. We are not wrong or “divisive” if we voice objections and concern when the rubrics of the Mass are ignored or altered to suit the personality of the celebrant or, in some cases, the “liturgy committee”.Whether the abuses and missteps are intentional or made through ignorance, the pain and suffering of those who desire good liturgy is legitimate, and deserves to be heeded.

Dr. Boyd also wants to encourage those who suffer through Mass to cling to the hope that brighter liturgical days are ahead. To that end, included at the end of each section of the book are a few “Glimmers of Hope”. All is not lost! The gates of Hell will not prevail! Hope springs eternal!
—————————End Quote—————————
I would also add, that I think this book will inspire souls not only to continue suffering through bad liturgies, but to fight harder for better ones!
You can also read the epilogue at Jay’s blog here.
Get the book!  I am certain you will enjoy it!  NFP: Trojan in the Catholic Bedroom was a very good book, which I also highly recommend, in case you are one of the two people who hasn’t bought one, yet.  Be sure to order at least one copy for every family member!  You don’t want people falling into vice, fighting over possession of just one copy!
Way to go, Jay!  I’m very proud!
As for me, be on the lookout for my massive 7 volume, 10,000 page tome A Catholic Rants Incoherently by Tantrum Q. Blogo, with a forward by Roger Cardinal Mahony!  He’ll do anything for $500!

Prayer request for Jim Middleton June 11, 2013

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As longtime readers may know, I was very fortunate to have been on a rabblerousing Catholic radio show with Vicki and Jim Middleton for over a year, off and on.  The best part, was the time I got to spend with Vicki and Jim.  Vicki, God rest her soul, passed away about 11 months ago.  I know Vicki’s passing has been very difficult for Jim.  This past Friday, he had a heart attack.  He was in ICU over the weekend and had some continued problems.  Apparently, he’s doing better today, but nonetheless, would you, in your charity, please pray for Jim?  He’s endured quite a lot in the last  year, and I know he must miss Vicki terribly. We all do.  She is on our minds frequently.

Thank you and God bless you!

IRS tells pro-life group: “Keep your faith to yourself” June 11, 2013

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America, America, God shed his Grace on thee………Too bad a protestant wrote that song, no wonder we’re seeing the rapid transition from republican government towards socialist oligarchy.

In yet another IRS scandal, an IRS official was caught on tape telling a pro-life group that if they wanted the coveted 501(c)3 charitable tax exempt status – the same status that most entities of the Catholic Church operate under – they had better keep their faith to themselves.  That is to say, our bureaucratic overlords will, for now (strictly for now) tolerate “private” practice of the Faith in homes, and, if we must be crazed fundamentalists, even in our churches, but outside of that, you better not even breathe a word of that Bible-humping Christofascism “publicly,” if you know what’s good for you:

The IRS scandal is deepening as a new tape has been released today showing a disturbing phone call the Internal Revenue Service placed to a non-profit organization.

Alliance Defending Freedom, a pro-life legal group, made the audio available today of IRS officials telling a group that provides support to women in abusive pregnancy situations to keep its faith to itself. In the recorded phone conversation, an IRS agent lectures the president of the organization about forcing its religion and beliefs on others and inaccurately explains that the group must remain neutral on issues such as abortion.

ADF is providing legal representation for the group — which did not receive its tax-exempt status until last week after waiting nearly two and a half years after applying for it. [Imagine that!  The story breaks, and all of a sudden they’re approved!  It’s a miracle of justice!  What convenient timing!]

……ADF tells LifeNews that, in January 2011, Pro-Life Revolution, which operates from Texas under all three purposes for whcih religious groups can obtain nonprofit status, filed an application for tax-exempt status with the IRS. Four months later, the IRS sent a letter requesting “more information” and an explanation of how the organization’s activities are educational or charitable even though IRS rules specify that an organization need only operate for “one or more” of the three exempt purposes. President of Pro-Life Revolution Ania Joseph nonetheless replied and answered the IRS’s questions.

ADF indicates Joseph received a call from IRS Exempt Organization Specialist Sherry Wan in March 2012.

Wan told her that, in order to obtain a tax exemption, “You cannot force your religion or force your beliefs on somebody else…. You have to know your boundaries. You have to know your limits. You have to respect other people’s beliefs.” [there is a tape of the conversation at LifeNews.]

Things are spinning out of control much faster than I thought.  We are witnessing massive persecution for religious and political purposes on a scale never seen before in this country’s history.  But I agree with Iowahawk Dave Burge, I am willing to bet money not one single IRS employee will serve any prison time.  And certainly not anyone even close to Obama.  What a joke.  That’s actually the saddest part: we’ve become so used to the corruption and abuse of power – just in a few short years! – we actually expect it.  This republican form of government seems to be collapsing around us.

So, I’m left wondering what the American GULAG Archipelago will look like?  Mostly camps in northern Alaska?  Will the standard bread ration be 24 oz a day, along with some thin gruel, for heavy labor gangs, just like in Stalin’s camps?  Will we build the great, but totally useless, Obama Canal from the Barents Sea to the Arctic Ocean with nothing but pick axes and wheel barrows?