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St. Joseph added to Novus Ordo Eucharist Prayers June 18, 2013

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I have to admit, I have a great devotion to St. Joseph, so my natural inclination is to be very pleased with the development Fr. Z and other sites are reporting, which is that the Vatican has decreed that St. Joseph is to be added to Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV.  Given what I have come to learn about organic development in the Liturgy, however, I am forced to recall that it was a different addition of St. Joseph’s name, to a different Eucharistic Prayer – the Canon – that really opened the floodgates to liturgical reform/revolution.  Perhaps this is a bit of coming full circle, and a return to more organic liturgical development:

Have you seen the news?  Decades after John XXIII placed the name of Joseph in the Roman Canon, it seems that the name of the great Patron of the Dying, Terror of Demons, will be in the Eucharistic Prayers II, III and IV in the 3rd edition of the Missale Romanum.

I received a copy of a document from the USCCB which communicates the decree – Paternas vices (Prot. N. 215/11/L) – of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

The Latin shall be:

II: “ut cum beáta Dei Genetríce Vírgine María, beáto Ioseph, eius Sponso, beátis Apóstolis”

III: “cum beatissíma Vírgine, Dei Genetríce, María, cum beáto Ioseph, eius Sponso, cum beátis Apóstolis”

IV: “cum beáta Vírgine, Dei Genetríce, María, cum beáto Ioseph, eius Sponso, cum Apóstolis”

The English:

II: that with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with Blessed Joseph, her Spouse, with the blessed Apostles

III: with the most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with blessed Joseph, her Spouse, with your blessed Apostles and glorious Martyrs

IV: with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God with blessed Joseph, her Spouse, and with your Apostles

I guess there is some question as to when this decree is to be implemented. Some are saying immediately, others at some unspecified date.

I will guess this change was actually begun under Pope Benedict, since the Vatican doesn’t usually move very fast.  3 months would be pretty quick for Pope Francis to have accomplished something like this. But no matter.

Well, it’s hard to say no to more glory for St. Joseph:

St_ Joseph


Michael Voris has a good video on the homosexual crisis in the priesthood June 18, 2013

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I’ve written a number of posts in recent weeks regarding further revelations of the prolific presence of homosexuals in the priesthood. In fact, I wrote one such post that generated a good deal of interest last week.   Michael Voris, as he so often does, has put many of the disparate pieces together into a watchable and informative 9 minutes.  It is easy at times to get lost in the weeds and forget the big picture.  One of the strengths of video as a format is the ability to convey that big picture in a cohesive and time-efficient manner.  And Michael Voris is very skilled at showing the real world consequences of this aberrant sexual inclination (and behavior) in the priesthood, consequences which have been tightly intertwined with the general collapse in the practice of the Faith over the past several decades.

St. Thomas Aquinas, among others, opined that public heresy is invariably a manifestation of private sin. We have had so very much public heresy in the Church in these past 50 years, with a disturbing amount of that coming from the priesthood itself. I think it time we recognize that the very disordered nature of so many of our priests is one of, if not the, prime driving factors in this mass heresy.  It is really unprecedented in the history of the Church, for so many priests (and bishops) to be so wrong about so many things. We must pray for them, yes, but we must also take action, including insisting that our shepherds adhere to and boldly promote the timeless truths of our Faith.  I think we have also come to the point that we must pray that our bishops have the wherewithal to remove those unrepentant “dissenting” or heretical priests from the ranks of the priesthood.

On a related front, this other video discusses how the crisis of heretical homosexual priests is exacerbated and covered up for by many in the “for profit” Catholic media (including many blogs, especially those whose authors go on the speaking circuit, where they must have that cherished and lucrative label of “approved” by their local ordinary).  These professional Catholics, as Pope Benedict called them, refuse to cover the stories that make their episcopal sponsors uncomfortable. So, they cover this subject of homosexuals in the priesthood as little as they can.  I do think it important that Michael alluded to the fact that EWTN and their allied programs and talent are especially diligent in ignoring these stories.  The EWTN of today seems a very far cry from the thorn in the side of so many prelates that Mother Angelica’s network used to be:

Wow, he really lets ’em have it! And I think that critique of the mainstream Catholic media is a good and necessary thing.

Michael Voris is a living repudiation of the seeming fear that so many “professional Catholics” have that they must go along to get along with the episcopal status quo, otherwise no one will hear the many good things they have to say on topics related to the Faith.  Michael Voris reaches millions, without playing the USCCB-approved game. Little wonder, then, so many in the professional crowd despise him.  But Voris and numerous bloggers have proved that it is possible to be successful Catholic alternative media sites without embargoing certain topics.  Perhaps there is another explanation………

What do you think of the term “American Patriotic Church?” Is it a deliciously impudent comparison to the heretical, schismatic, and communist-party dominated “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church,” or an unfair swipe?

“Fortnight for Freedom” begins June 21 June 18, 2013

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I’ve already made known my views regarding the upcoming Fortnight for Freedom which runs from June 21 to July 4. This is the second such major effort by the USCCB to oppose the HHS contraception mandate, which goes into effect in August.  At present, the court situation is very muddled so it remains unclear to what extent, if any, the Catholic Church must comply.  And given the looming proximity of the date, it has seemed a bit strange to me that we haven’t seen more statements about just what concrete steps the bishops plan to take in opposition to this violent assault on both morality and the rights of the Church.  My sinking feeling is that we will see Catholic dioceses paying for contraception before too long, as the Archdiocese of New York already does (and abortion, too!). How many other dioceses are already paying for contraception in their private insurance plans is unclear, but the likelihood is that many do, since most private insurance plans cover contraception – and abortion.

Nevertheless, the effort continues apace.  One major diocesan event is on June 29 at St. Patrick’s in Dallas.  This is a 5pm Vigil Mass with a special “fortnight homily,” followed by a dinner program on religious liberty.  You can get all the details here.  The diocesan website for the Fortnight for Freedom at present lists a paucity of planned parish events for this “Fortnight.”  At present, only St. Joseph in Richardson has an event planned, if the diocesan website is any indication.  But perusing some parish websites has indicated there may be other, less formal activities ongoing, like “patriotic Rosaries” or special Adoration times.  But unless my memory has failed me again, it seems to me like there is much less push this year for this effort than there was last year. I know last year, when the news was fresh, there was a lot of interest and activity.  This year just feels a bit more pro forma, fi you will.

But, there you go, you can get your Fortnight for Freedom on.  Or, you can join Louis Verrecchio’s effort to promote the Social Reign of Christ the King!  How about both?!


12 realistic reforms the Church could implement right now? June 18, 2013

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Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam should post more often, because his posts are almost universally awesome.  His most recent post posits twelve “realistic” reforms the Church could make right now to dramatically improve various aspects of the Faith.  He looks only at “realistic” reforms, because hoping for things like the abolishment of the Novus Ordo, or the excommunication of every pro-abort Catholic in public life, are unlikely to occur.  According to Boniface.  I, for one, continue to hold out hope for Pope Hammer I and his Cardinal Secretary of State Torquemada to lay waste to all the leftism in the Church.

No, I do agree, there are many things I’d like to see happen, but they may not be very realistic. So let’s look at Boniface’s list (I list his item, then briefly describe what he has in mind, along with my thoughts, which you probably don’t want to see, but I’ll subject you to them, anyway):

1. Eucharistic Fast and Manner of Reception Increase fast back to 3 hours and eliminate all indults for Communion standing and/or in the hand.  I pray for both daily, and think there is a reasonable chance both could occur, at some point in the future. With this Pope, I am very dubious.  I do note that eliminating Communion in the hand would automatically terminate the scandal of EMHCs.

2. LatinA new mandate for at least 2 years training in Latin for all seminarians, plus a Motu Proprio demanding the use of Latin in all fixed parts of the Mass.  Again, I fully support both, and actually pray for 3 years Latin in seminary every day, and for the restoration of Latin to the Mass.  Will they occur?  Meh.  Not until a certain generation or two passes from the scene.

3. Restoration of Chant (Again)Calls for a new papal instruction returning Chant to use in the Mass along with banning of certain instruments required for stupid folk music – guitars, drums, keyboards, pianos, etc.  It is a sad commentary on the Church today that this even has to be proposed as a “dream-like” realistic reform.  Sheesh!

4. Location of Tabernacle and Posture at MassBring the tabernacle back to a central location behind/on the altar!  Who could argue with that?  Except two generation of progressive priests and bishops who still run pretty much everything in the Church!  Of all the reforms, this is really the most obvious, and should be the most simple to make.  Can’t we at least recognize our Eucharistic Lord in a notable location, not in some side closet like at Prince of Peace?  I do note that churches built or redesigned in the last 10 or 12 years in this Diocese have put the tabernacle more or less where it belongs.

5. Reaffirm Episcopal Authority in Cases of Private Revelationsbasically, Boniface doesn’t like or believe in Medj or Garabandal, which are subjects I’ve avoided as much as I disbelieve them to be vaild apparitions. This one doesn’t move me that much, I’ll leave it at that.

6. Cease Interreligious Events – Boniface just wants the Pope to stop doing these damaging and confusing interreligious events. No more Assisis. No more messages about Ramadan or Hinduism.  I very much pray for this one, but nothing cuts to the core of the post-VII Church like the ideology of ecumenism.  This will be one of the last to go, I’m afraid.

7. Encyclical on Catholic MissionsAn encyclical is desperately needed to revitalize “Catholic Missions,” which are neither Catholic nor missionary much anymore. This encyclical must stress that the primary role of the missions is to win souls for Christ, and not engage in silly and pointless feel good progressive ecumenism.  Again, the fact this even has to be said is depressing.  I think the only real way to rebuild Catholic missions is to suppress most of the current orders and start from scratch.  That’s how lost they are. But an encyclical would not be a bad starting point.

8. ExorcistsAn encyclical should be produced calling for at least 5 exorcists per diocese.  I think this will be increasingly important in the future as our culture collapses and the forces of evil are more and more unchained.

9. New OrdersPope should make a sweeping call for a new generation of traditional or observant religious orders. I don’t know if this is the Pope’s purview, so to speak. I mean, he could make the call, but I think the building has to come from the ground up. I’ve had enough with grand, top-down plans and “big programs.” But as for the revitalization/restoration of religious life, this is one of my most dear prayer intentions.

10. Reinstate the Oath Against ModernismSelf explanatory. It will also never happen. It would be too obvious a refutation of VII.

11. Bring out the TriregnumReturn to all the great Papal regalia of the past, including sede gestatoria, tiara, etc.  The only thing the post-VII Church cherishes more than ecumenism is the idea of a humble, “pilgrim” Church.  I don’t see these happening anytime soon, as much as I would like them to. But I don’t think they’re really crucial for reform of the Faith. I would have left this one off, as well as #10.

12. Interpretive Norms for the Documents of Vatican II –  Benedict XVI identified the hermeneutic of rupture as a major problem in how the modern Church views Vatican II. Towards the end of his pontificate, he even said that the true Council had been swallowed up by a “Council of the media” that obscured the true vision of the Council Fathers. If this really is the case, then why not issue some interpretive norms for the documents of Vatican II so there is no room for theologians to posit theories of rupture? Sadly, interpretive norms are needed not only for one phrase in one document, but for the entire Council. This last is the most important of all. I have long agreed with Bishop Athanasius Schneider and many other tradition-friendly individuals that the Council has to be clarified, if not in theory, at least in practice. That is to say, the clarification need not say “The Council was muddy here and here and here (though it was!!)”, but it could say “there have been widespread faulty interpretations/implementations of the Council,” and then both preserve the cherished (though, in some sense, baseless) “sanctity” of the conciliar documents, while at the same time effecting an incredibly necessary reform.  I pray there would be special focus in this on reconciling pre-conciliar beliefs regarding Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and the conciliar statements on relations with both separated Christians and other faiths.

Boniface also asks for suggestions for additional reforms.  I would replace 9, 10, and 11 with the following:

9. An encyclical on Confession, strongly exhorting all bishops to insure that every parish has Confession available every day – And, in my dream of dreams, there would be at least 2 hours of Confession every day, at different times.  But even if it be 20 minutes, that would be a great improvement. This Sacrament MUST be stressed for the return of traditional piety.

10. A further Motu Proprio on the TLM – Even Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae should be “strengthened,” by a further exhortation strongly requesting TLM in at least every deanery of every diocese 365 days a year, and in every parish at least once every Sunday. This could be arrived at gradually, since it will obviously take much time to train priests. One strong provision of the Motu Proprio should be to insist that all seminarians be formed to offer the TLM. To set and example, the Holy Father would offer regular TLMs. I won’t hold my breath, but I will continue to pray.

11. An encyclical on the proper offering and ends of the Mass – this would tie together items 1-4 and 10. This encyclical would, I pray, strongly reference Mystici Corporis Mediator Dei and reflect on the Eucharist as ultimate focus of the supernatural life of the Church. It would strongly exhort all Catholics, and especially those entrusted with the sacred role of shepherd, to constantly expand and improve their knowledge and practice of the most Sacred of Rites.  This would go very far to improving general piety, by re-instating proper respect, adoration, and cultus for the Eucharist.

I’d also throw in two more:

13. An encyclical on the proper study of and understanding of Sacred Scipture, highlighting its Divine origin and inerrancy. I pray there would be great focus on annihilating modernist revision to Scripture.

14. Some papal excommunications of notorious heretics/apostates – I guess I said at the beginning this may be unrealistic, but I’m really not convinced. If the Faith is to mean anything, those notorious public heretics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden must be called to account, if for no other reason than the good of their souls.

Long post.  But what do you think?  Are these ideas reasonable, far-fetched, or are there other very important ones that have been missed?  Make sure to go to Boniface’s site and read his reasoning for his selections, there is much good thought there.