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Michael Voris has a good video on the homosexual crisis in the priesthood June 18, 2013

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I’ve written a number of posts in recent weeks regarding further revelations of the prolific presence of homosexuals in the priesthood. In fact, I wrote one such post that generated a good deal of interest last week.   Michael Voris, as he so often does, has put many of the disparate pieces together into a watchable and informative 9 minutes.  It is easy at times to get lost in the weeds and forget the big picture.  One of the strengths of video as a format is the ability to convey that big picture in a cohesive and time-efficient manner.  And Michael Voris is very skilled at showing the real world consequences of this aberrant sexual inclination (and behavior) in the priesthood, consequences which have been tightly intertwined with the general collapse in the practice of the Faith over the past several decades.

St. Thomas Aquinas, among others, opined that public heresy is invariably a manifestation of private sin. We have had so very much public heresy in the Church in these past 50 years, with a disturbing amount of that coming from the priesthood itself. I think it time we recognize that the very disordered nature of so many of our priests is one of, if not the, prime driving factors in this mass heresy.  It is really unprecedented in the history of the Church, for so many priests (and bishops) to be so wrong about so many things. We must pray for them, yes, but we must also take action, including insisting that our shepherds adhere to and boldly promote the timeless truths of our Faith.  I think we have also come to the point that we must pray that our bishops have the wherewithal to remove those unrepentant “dissenting” or heretical priests from the ranks of the priesthood.

On a related front, this other video discusses how the crisis of heretical homosexual priests is exacerbated and covered up for by many in the “for profit” Catholic media (including many blogs, especially those whose authors go on the speaking circuit, where they must have that cherished and lucrative label of “approved” by their local ordinary).  These professional Catholics, as Pope Benedict called them, refuse to cover the stories that make their episcopal sponsors uncomfortable. So, they cover this subject of homosexuals in the priesthood as little as they can.  I do think it important that Michael alluded to the fact that EWTN and their allied programs and talent are especially diligent in ignoring these stories.  The EWTN of today seems a very far cry from the thorn in the side of so many prelates that Mother Angelica’s network used to be:

Wow, he really lets ’em have it! And I think that critique of the mainstream Catholic media is a good and necessary thing.

Michael Voris is a living repudiation of the seeming fear that so many “professional Catholics” have that they must go along to get along with the episcopal status quo, otherwise no one will hear the many good things they have to say on topics related to the Faith.  Michael Voris reaches millions, without playing the USCCB-approved game. Little wonder, then, so many in the professional crowd despise him.  But Voris and numerous bloggers have proved that it is possible to be successful Catholic alternative media sites without embargoing certain topics.  Perhaps there is another explanation………

What do you think of the term “American Patriotic Church?” Is it a deliciously impudent comparison to the heretical, schismatic, and communist-party dominated “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church,” or an unfair swipe?


1. Llawanga - June 19, 2013

The most elucidating media presentation I have ever seen. Courageous, heroic, and faithful. Outstanding! Thank you, Jesus! 2 billion dollars of our money! Thousands of children raped! Sodomites! The cowardly Homophile “Career catholic” and “lap-dog professional” apologists who use the Faith as a ruse to protect their income. Mammon-worshipers protecting a “brand” rather than support The Mystical Bride of Christ! Will it matter before Him if you had The Hireling’s approval? What will come of your self-serving fidelity to the blind-guide then?

We can’t evangelize anything until our Own House is in order! Otherwise we are fools, cowards, or accomplices!


2. Richard Mazyck - June 19, 2013

Deliciously impudent! This cat hits the BEAR on the nose! Other than the writings of the Apostles, Fathers, Doctors and other saints and the Councils, Mike Voris is one of the few voices that really encourages me to “man-up” and jump into the fray as I lean closer and closer into seeking reception into the Catholic Church.

Catechist Kev - June 19, 2013

Come on home, Richard!

Don’t mind the mess and, when you get here, don’t be afraid to point out, then take out, the trash like Mr. Voris (as best you are able, anyway!). 😉

Prayers for you, sir.


3. tg - June 19, 2013

I look forward to watching Michael’s video. I play them while I read the other emails. I enjoy them and may start to give a donation.

4. Michael P. Mc Crory. - June 19, 2013

Michael Voris is so needed in the Church today. He is a treasure. I pray daily that he stays the course. One can’t be so right about so many things, as he is, without a great dollop of the Holy Spirit every time he speaks and as often as he does.
I urge all his fans to keep letting him know how much he means to us all. Let’s not take such a great gift for granted.

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