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Fr. Rutler reassigned in NYC June 20, 2013

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I haven’t posted as much from Fr. George Rutler as I should have. He’s a convert from episcopalianism, like me.  He’s a very erudite man.  And he’s been building up quite an orthodox parish in NYC for years.  He has been pastor of Our Savior, a beautiful church, for 12 years. Well, no more. He’s been reassigned to a St. Michael’s parish by Cardinal Dolan:

Fr. George Rutler, pastor of the vibrantly orthodox Church of Our Saviour in midtown Manhattan, is being reassigned to St. Michael’s Church in Hell’s Kitchen

At the link, we get some garbage from George Weigel about “evangelical Catholicism” and why Rutler should not have been moved.  Is there a button george_rutlerwhere I can make Weigel shut up?  Cuz I’d really like that button. Him, and Dr. Jeff Mirus, who just declared opposition to the shamnesty being foisted on us immoral. In fact, he declared immigration laws and any opposition to immigration in general immoral and un-Catholic.

But I digress. The reason this irks me, is because I really hate the post-conciliar canon law which permits bishop’s conferences to set term limits for priests. I know there are people who argue that this can be a good thing, as it allows bad priests to be moved around (here’s my solution: remove bad priests from ministry) and keeps “unhealthy” attachments from growing between parishioners and priest.  Because, you know, it’s a bad thing to be too close to your dad.  Yikes, who would want that?

I’m a selfish person, and when I’ve got an awesome priest, I want him to stay where he’s at.  I want a priest who knows me and my kids and my grandkids IMG_1442and becomes part of our family.  There was a little parish down in the Hill Country that had the same priest for 46 years.  He was a rock for the entire town. That used to be very common before the Council.  No one talked about moving around St. John Marie Vianney.  He raised up who knows how many Saints in Ars.

But that little parish in the Hill Country, the one that kept the altar rail because that old priest would never permit Communion in the hand, hasn’t been the same since he passed. It will probably be closed in the next decade. Short priest terms and constant moving around has furthered the tendency for many priests to act not as spiritual fathers to the souls in their care but to act as impersonal local managers of CatholicCo mulitnational corporation.  It’s diminished the rold of the priesthood. And it’s also been a vehicle for unscrupulous bishops to punish orthodox priests by banishing them to undesirable parishes.

I’m not speaking of Fr. Rutler’s situation specifically, but in general, I’ve had enough of it.

Below are pictures of Fr. Rutler’s parishes, old and new.  The new one is much smaller, but I’d be danged proud to assist at a TLM in either!




1. D. Morgan - June 21, 2013

Moving Priests around allows for the further influence of Pastoral committees led by the laity to really run the Parish. A further protestantizing of our Catholic Faith. If Father is a short timer, then why will He expend the energy to fight an out of control heterodox Parish council?

and ditto your comments on Wiegel and Mirus!

tantamergo - June 21, 2013

THAT is a great point! A huge point! I have personally seen it! That little parish in the Hill Country is now dominated by very liberal lay people, who have run off multiple priests. That’s why it’s a mission parish now, the archdiocese got sick of the people rejecting all the priests assigned there. It’s because the liberals running the show find a priest “obstructive” of their agenda. That happens all over the place. Priests change, but the bureaucracy remains the same. Thus, even when a very orthodox priest is assigned, things change very slowly at best.

One local orthodox priest’s solution was to fire all the lay staff and volunteers at the parish he was newly assigned to. It worked wonders for clearing the deck for a thoroughgoing overhaul of the parish, which was badly needed. But such made him persona non grata, of course.

2. Neumann - June 21, 2013

Dolan’s Reign-of-Terror continues…

3. Davivd - June 21, 2013

Could Fr. Rutler have legitimately resisted the transfer if he wanted to?

4. Bil Russell - June 21, 2013

Father Rutler, besides all his other accomplishments, is probably the only priest in the history of New York to be a product of both the ivy League and Oxford. So they send him to Hell’s Kitchen. Cardinal Newman would smile.

5. Marguerite - June 21, 2013

I went to Our Savior Church every day when I worked in Manhattan and also attended Fr. Rutler’s Sermons each Good Friday. He is an outstanding priest and renovated Our Savior to give glory to God. He offers the Latin Mass on Sundays. I spoke with him once about a very serious matter and believe his good counsel and prayers brought about the successful outcome of the situation. He is a very special priest– dedicated, devoted and above-all holy.

6. Julie @ CT Catholic Corner - June 21, 2013

Brava! I completely agree. I have had FOUR priests in my small parish in the last SIX YEARS! As soon as we get to know them, our Bishop moves them somewhere else. I am tried of it.

7. tg - June 21, 2013

A very orthodox priest told me had to retire early because the parish council ran him off. This surprised me because the church is out in the country and I thought all the people would be more traditional. The parish council told his job was just to say the Mass and perform the sacraments. He was a good preacher and always preached the truth which I know a lot of people didn’t like. Later he assisted at my parish in Temple for many years after retirement. He finally retired when the changes to the Mass were made because he said he was too old to learn. He was also a good confessor. I remember one time I actually felt like it was Jesus talking to me. Please keep him in your prayers as I learned he has cancer.

8. Frank - June 22, 2013

Did you ever consider that the Lord is ultimately in control and that Fr. Rutler will do good wherever he goes!

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